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Biotin Shampoo Adds Strength, Shine and Volume To Your Hair

Sara Fletcher
Published 12:57 pm

Has your hair become dull and lifeless? Does it seem to be getting thinner by the week?

Do You dream of running your hand through thick and silky hair without worrying about your hand being covered in strands when it emerges?

If so, then it’s time that you looked into biotin shampoo.

I was skeptical before giving biotin infused shampoo a try but let me tell you, the results will blow you away. It takes patience and dedication but I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying out different biotin shampoos and my results have been extraordinary.

If you’re ready to transform your hair, keep reading for my biotin shampoo reviews and recommendations.

Quick Comparison

Product Name



Editor Rating

PURA D’OR Anti-Hair Loss (Gold Label)

16 fl oz


PURA D’OR Hair Loss Prevention Therapy

16 fl oz


VITAMINS Gold Label Hair Growth Shampoo

10 fl oz


Art Naturals Hair Growth Therapy

16 fl oz



10 fl oz


Art Naturals Hair Loss Prevention Therapy

16 fl oz


Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

16 fl oz


Mane N’ Tail

12 fl oz


Wick & Ström

12 fl oz


Organix Thick And Full

13 fl oz


Jason Pure Natural Shampoo

16 fl oz


PURA D’OR Anti-Hair Loss (Gold Label)

I love all natural products and this shampoo met all of my requirements and then some.

It’s certified organic and contains no chemicals or parabens. It’s color safe as well.

It promotes a healthy scalp, which is truly the key to reversing hair loss.

I loved how clean and fresh my hair smelled after using this shampoo.

After about a week of using it, I noticed that there was less hair left in my hands after shampooing and conditioning.

biotin shampoo PURA D'OR Anti-Hair Loss (Gold Label)Buy for $$$ on Amazon

After another week, I knew that my hair was stronger. It also had much more body and bounce.

PURA D’OR Hair Loss Prevention Therapy

This biotin shampoo for hair growth is the real deal.

It’s been clinically tested and proven to prevent hair loss due to breakage.

I believe this is the cause for my thinning.

If your hair isn’t healthy, it can be prone to breakage so you might be losing more hairs per day than you should. It then starts a cycle that you just can’t win.

So when I started using this shampoo, I was incredibly optimistic.

biotin shampoo PURA D'OR Hair Loss Prevention TherapyBuy for $$$ on Amazon

I will say that I had to use a bit more shampoo than I normally would but that just proves that basic shampoos are full of fillers.

After about a month, I began to notice that my hair brush wasn’t full of hair like it normally was. I felt like I could use heated styling products again without damaging my hair.

I used this shampoo for several months, long enough to notice new growth that began to thicken my hair since I wasn’t losing handfuls every week in the shower.

VITAMINS Gold Label Hair Growth Shampoo

This biotin shampoo has a little bit of everything, like caffeine, coconut oil, keratin and castor oil, which all come together beautifully to regrow hair and prevent thinning.

In fact, clinical trials with Gold Label Hair Growth Shampoo show a 168% increase in follicle regrowth and 60% less thinning.

If that doesn’t convince you to give this shampoo a shot, I don’t know what will.

I couldn’t believe how quickly this shampoo seemed to work.

biotin shampoo vitamins gold labelBuy for $$$ on Amazon

 The first time I used it, my hair felt and looked healthier than it had in weeks.

I also loved that this shampoo had a great lather, which many biotin shampoos don’t. It really left my scalp and hair feeling clean and refreshed.

Art Naturals Hair Growth Therapy

This shampoo is priced very fairly and prevents thinning and shedding while adding body, thickness and volume to your hair.

So even if you don’t have new growth yet, you can still experience more volume and increased confidence.

This biotin shampoo for hair growth only uses natural ingredients that work to create ideal scalp conditions. They also strengthen and preserve existing hair to limit shedding.

biotin shampoo Art Naturals Hair Growth TherapyBuy for $$$ on Amazon

I loved how shiny this shampoo with biotin made my hair.

My friends noticed immediately that I was using something new.

Just be sure to allow the shampoo to sit for several minutes before rinsing out for best results.


Alopecia can be a seriously debilitating condition.

I have a friend who suffers from this and her self esteem really took a hit when her hair started falling out faster.

I came across this biotin shampoo in my research and automatically recommended it to her as doctors do suggest it to their patients with alopecia.

biotin shampoo vitaminsBuy for $47.99 on Amazon

While nothing can cure alopecia, she did notice a drastic difference and still uses the shampoo to this day to help prevent loss.

If the price of this shampoo worries you a bit, just remember that you only need to use hair loss shampoo on your scalp. You’ll still experience results without wasting shampoo.

Art Naturals Hair Loss Prevention Therapy

Does hair loss run in your family? O maybe you’re pregnant and want to prevent postpartum hair loss.

Whatever your reasons, using a hair loss prevention shampoo with biotin is a great idea and Art naturals makes a great one.

It features plenty of herbal ingredients, like argan oil, whole oat and rosemary and can be used to both restore thinning hair and prevent it from happening in the first place.

biotin shampoo Art Naturals Hair Loss Prevention TherapyBuy for $18.00 on Amazon

If you want to take the right steps in keeping your hair looking youthful, I highly recommend this shampoo.

It smells great and can really make a difference in the health of your hair.

Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Art Naturals really has a great line of hair loss products and this combination is just another example.

With ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, peach and avocado, you know that you’re getting a great smelling product packed full of natural ingredients that all work together to strengthen your hair and promote healthy growth.

biotin shampoo Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and ConditionerBuy for $$$ on Amazon

When you first start using the shampoo, don’t be upset if your hair seems a little dry.

Mine felt dry for about three days but quickly reversed, thanks in part to the highly moisturizing conditioner.

Once you get past the transitionig period, your hair will feel incredibly moisturized and you’ll notice less shedding in only a couple of weeks.

Mane ‘N Tail

I am in love with this shampoo and conditioner.

The price is right, I’m happy with the ingredients and most important of all, they work.

The micro-enriched protein formula really cleans your hair while leaving it soft and shiny.

I found myself playing with my hair like a little girl when using this shampoo and conditioner just because I couldn’t believe how soft my hair felt.

biotin shampoo Mane 'N TailBuy for $$ on Amazon

This product has been around for decades, which speaks volumes regarding its effectiveness.

In only a week or two, you’ll notice less hair loss. But right away, you’ll notice more volume and healthier hair.

Wick & Ström

This shampoo left me a little speechless. It really ticks all the requirements.

It works right away, it’s made to give you exceptional hair loss prevention, smells great and cleans and invigorates the scalp. It has caffeine, biotin, aloe and saw palmetto extract.

This really is the perfect blend of vitamins, nutrients and extracts. I noticed results on my first try.

biotin shampoo Wick & StrömBuy for $$ on Amazon

I thought my scalp was clean before but this shampoo seemed to get areas cleaner than they’d ever been.

I noticed a tingling when using this shampoo, which wasn’t very common with the others. It really made me feel like the shampoo was working, which was motivating.

My husband is still using this shampoo because of how much it has helped him reverse his male pattern baldness. His hair almost looks like it did in college!

Organix Thick And Full

You don’t need to pay crazy and insane prices if you want to use a biotin infused shampoo.

I love Organix shampoo, especially their Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen version.

Your hair will feel thicker and fuller after just one use. It’s made for any hair type and comes in at under ten bucks.

biotin shampoo Organix Thick And FullBuy for $$ on Amazon

And even though the bottle is a little on the small side, you only need a small amount to cover your entire head in lather.

I would really recommend this biotin and collagen shampoo for anyone with fine hair. It won’t weigh your hair down.

You’ll notice more volume right away, according to tons of OGX shampoo reviews and my own experience.

Jason Pure Natural Shampoo

Here’s another incredibly affordable hair loss shampoo that works.

Jason shampoo is all natural and gently cleanses your hair while strengthening weak and damaged hair, thanks to biotin and vitamin B5.

Once your hair is stronger, it will appear healthier and shinier.

If you have split ends, the ginseng and lavender extracts will help to mend them and prevent them from happening in the first place.

biotin shampoo Jason Pure Natural ShampooBuy for $ on Amazon

This shampoo was very gentle on my scalp and the smell is great. It definitely has a unique consistency that takes a bit to get used to.

For some, it’s difficult to rinse all of the shampoo out when they first start to use it. But once you adjust, you’ll notice your hair strengthening and feeling thicker.

If you’re on a budget, this is a great shampoo to try.

What is Biotin Shampoo?

Biotin is a vitamin of the B complex. It’s found naturally in many foods, like egg yolk, liver and yeast.

Biotin typically helps the body convert food into energy but it also helps with many other body functions, like hair and nail growth.

It’s not uncommon for people, especially women, to be deficient in biotin. Adding more to our diets can be beneficial but it also helps to add it to beauty products that target problem areas.

Shampoo that has been infused with biotin packs some powerful advantages, especially if you suffer with thin or weak hair.

Biotin shampoo is full of amino acids that can benefit both the hair and scalp by increasing circulation and repairing existing damage.

These shampoos can help to provide you with thicker hair and improved volume because of their high collagen content, all while helping to boost hair growth.

Does Biotin Shampoo Work?

There are currently no scientific studies focused on the benefits of biotin shampoos for hair loss. However, many people (including myself) have experienced amazing hair benefits when using biotin.

I noticed that my hair seemed to improve almost instantly. I noticed that my new growth was stronger, silkier and shinier.

I will warn you against making one of the many mistakes that new users of biotin tend to make. Don’t associate higher dosages with better results.

Taking additional supplements or adding a ton of biotin to your shampoo will not result in faster growth.

The most crucial ingredient when working with biotin is patience.

If you’re looking for a way to grow healthier, stronger hair, biotin is a perfectly safe and effective supplement to try.

Biotin Shampoo Benefits

Biotin offers plenty of benefits for your hair, some of which you might not realize. Take a look at this impressive list of biotin super powers.

  • Slow down hair loss by strengthening existing strands.
  • Heal and prevent split ends.
  • Can be used in combination with other treatments to slow down hair loss due to Alopecia.
  • Unblock hair follicles and allow new growth to begin again.
  • Help regulate the production of sebum, either moisturizing dry hair or preventing oily hair.

Does Adding Biotin to Your Shampoo Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Biotin won’t necessarily make your hair grow faster.

But if you are suffering from damaged hair or find that you’re left with small clumps in your hand when you shampoo, biotin can help to heal your hair and stop excessive hair loss.

If you want your hair to grow faster, consider adding biotin to your routine along with improving your diet and improving your hair care habits.

Keep in mind that with long term use, you will experience stronger, longer and thicker hair with biotin hair growth products as they stimulate hair growth and improve hair elasticity and moisture.

When Should I Start to See Results?

Results will vary between individuals but based off of my personal results, you can expect to see significant improvement in a few months.

It is recommended that you use biotin for at least four to six months for optimal results.

There are a few other things that you can do to increase the quality of your results, such as following a healthy diet and exercising routinely.

Make sure that you’re consuming enough water every day and limit sugary drinks, caffeine and alcohol.

If you focus on making your entire body healthier, you can expect better hair as well. It all starts on the inside.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Biotin is an extremely safe supplement to use for your hair health compared to other treatments available. But like anything that you put in your body, there are possible side effects.

They are luckily rare and are more common when biotin is injected into the body.

Oral consumption or adding biotin to your shampoo or other hair products is generally tolerated by the large majority of users, including children and pregnant and lactating women, as long as proper dosage instructions are followed.

It is always advised to speak with your doctor before adding biotin to your daily routine.

The following biotin side effects are rare but do keep an eye out for them while using biotin.

  • Acne: Some individuals do notice an increase in acne while using biotin, especially along the jawline and on the chin. If you notice an increase in acne while using biotin for your hair, try decreasing the dosage.
  • Allergies: It is not common to have an allergy to biotin, especially since it is something that we consume in our diets, but it can happen. If you develop an itchy rash, experience nausea, a swollen face or throat or chest pain and tightness, consult a medical professional. Biotin allergies are more common in those allergic to cobalt and vitamin B12. If you are allergic to either of these substances, use biotin with extreme caution.
  • Miscarriage: While rare, large doses of biotin have been linked to miscarriage. The reasons are unknown. If you are pregnant and want to add biotin to your health regimen, speak with your doctor to determine your individual risk factors.
  • Medical Interactions: If you are currently on any medications, it’s best to consult with your doctor to make sure that there won’t be any adverse reactions. Biotin can have an effect on certain medical conditions and disorders, like high cholesterol, seizures and diabetes. Biotin has been shown to slow down the response of certain medications, especially those used to regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The risk increases with higher doses of biotin. These medical side effects are incredibly rare though and should not deter you from giving biotin a try, as long as you are cleared by your doctor.

Biotin is a fabulous supplement that can be used to grow and strengthen hair, giving you luxurious and thick hair in only a matter of months.

If you’re tired of dealing with thin and lifeless hair, give biotin a try.

It’s easy to use, whether you buy a shampoo with biotin or add it to your shampoo of choice, and provides amazing results that you can curl, straighten or braid!

Get back your style with biotin. It’s one of the best!

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