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The Best Shoes For Walking Outdoors

Sara Fletcher
Published 12:34 am

The Best Shoes For WalkingIn today’s busy society finding time to get to the gym or simply being active can sometimes be a huge part of the challenge. If you are like me then you could probably stand to lose a few pounds. While it can be hard to get to the gym, there is something else that can be done instead; perhaps whilst on lunch break at work, or perhaps after you get home, or even before attending to your busy day to day activities. You could be doing this any number of times throughout the day. You could be, and should be walking.

In this article we discuss further in depth the benefits of walking, and just as important as the exercise itself, we review some of the best walking shoes which are available for sale right now on the market in 2017. We regularly update our list based on new releases so rest assured we present you information from up-to-date manufacturers and their products.

The Top 10 Shoes For Walking Compared

#Brand / Reviewed ModelMen/WomenTypeUpperSolePrice
1Skechers Go Walk 3WomenSlip OnFabric & SyntheticRubber
2ASICS Gel QuickWalk 2WomenSneakersSyntheticRubber
3Skechers Go WalkWomenSlip OnTextileManmade
4RYKA SkyWomenSneakers Leather & SyntheticRubber
5RYKA Radiant PlusWomenSneakersMesh & LeatherRubber
6Reebook Work N CushionMenSneakersLeatherRubber
7Rockport EurekaMenCasual ShoeLeatherSynthetic
8Propet Life WalkerMenSneakersLeatherRubber
9New Balance MW577MenSneakersLeatherOther
10New Balance MW411V2MenSneakersSyntheticRubber

Why Walk?

First let’s tackle one of the most commonly asked questions. Why should you be going for regular walks? Well first and foremost it is important for your health to be active. It is recommended to be active for at least thirty minutes a day; do this all at once or even break it up into intervals. Walking has many benefits, a few of them include weight loss, lower blood pressure, and even a happier outlook on life. Everyone can walk because it simply takes two feet, and in today’s world it’s even possible to chase little pocket monsters whilst going for a walk. Let’s face it, Pokemon Go has become a worldwide sensation that allows one to walk and have fun with friends at the same time.

Who Should Walk?

Health Benefits Of WalkingEveryone should be walking as much as possible, and if not then I have one question for you. Why are you not making the most of this simple exercise? In this day and age where a large majority of office based workers are sat down all day, or where kids are not as active as they used to be, it’s a great benefit for us all to get up and use our legs to walk a little more than we do. It can be integrated into anyone’s work, home or social routine. For example, if possible, walk to work instead of using a car or bus. Perhaps take a stroll to the grocery store instead of using the SUV. Or even try going for a walk with friends instead of sitting in front of the TV. Just imagine, the average person can walk one mile in 20 minutes, which is a fraction of ones day. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and everyone should try to make the time for a mile or two everyday.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Walking?

There are many benefits of walking, but first and foremost, an active walker will become a much healthier person. Scientists have proven that walking reduces your chances of getting type 2 diabetes. By walking at least thirty minutes a day there’s scope for strengthening not only leg muscles but also heart muscles. Research has shown that walking can help brain muscles as well. For postmenopausal women, taking a stroll at least one mile a day has been proven to decrease the rate of bone loss from the legs. Cardiovascular improvement is another one of the key benefits of walking. Some studies have shown that it can also reduce women’s risk of breast cancer. While some newer studies have emerged that suggest regular walks can reduce men’s risk for colon cancer. As with all forms of exercise, walking also can increase sex drive for both men and women. It has also been known to improve mood, thus making you a much happier person overall. So, it’s evident that the positive benefits of walking are not only physical, but mental too.

What Are The Best Shoes For Walking?

A valid and frequent question we get all too often is “which are the best walking shoes?” Well, there are several types we can discuss. I believe that comfort should be the first and foremost when selecting any type of footwear but especially when picking for this exercise. Just like picking the right tool for the job, it can be important to pick the right shoe for the right activity. You wouldn’t use a hammer to place a screw into the wall. So it wouldn’t make sense to use ballet shoes to go for a walk. Walking is often done on uneven surfaces so it is important to consider a pair of good shoes with plenty of traction. Doing your research before buying  is extremely important and there are several factors to consider before making your final purchase.

When it comes to purchasing a pair of the best walking shoes for women or men it can be overwhelming at first. The first thing to consider is the shoe size. It is important to consider that sizes can vary depending on the country of origin. The level of comfort varies from shoe to shoe but better to research comfort level before making a final decision. They should fit snug as a bug, but not too tight and definitely not too loose. Most of the best shoes for walking offer a venting system so that feet do not become so sweaty. The biggest step when purchasing good walking shoes is research. It’s important to know the material of the upper or sole, and perhaps even the weight.

In our walking shoe reviews below, we discuss and evaluate the top 10 for sale at the moment, taking into consideration properties and qualities mentioned above. Hopefully they are helpful and aid in your quest for a pair of comfortable shoes which can be cherished for many strolls ahead.

Top 5 Walking Shoes For Women

Skechers Go Walk 3

Skechers Go Walk 3It should come as no surprise that the Skechers Go Walk 3 are possibly one of the best walking shoes around; if you consider the name they have made for themselves, Skechers specializes in high quality and affordable prices of everyday footwear, and the Go Walk 3 is no exception to this rule. The company used a very particular combination of imported synthetic fabric to create an experience unlike anything that your feet have ever felt. It comes with a rubber sole which provides a great deal of traction, and has a pull tab cutout at the heel which will make sure you never have a problem getting your foot to fit securely into the slip-on shoe. The sock liner has been made using a microbial treated material, and the resalyte foam midsole offers an incredible amount of comfort and support which is paramount however long or short your walk is. Also, the cushioned foot bed was created using an Ortholite material for added comfort. It is hard not to be impressed with what they did with this one, and what’s great is there is both a men’s and women’s variant available in an abundance of colors.

ASICS Gel QuickWalk 2

ASICS Gel QuickWalk 2ASICS while better known for their top rated running shoes, has entered the market with these amazing women’s walking shoes that anyone would be proud to wear. They used an imported synthetic material that dries quickly when wet and will not fade. The rubber sole offers traction on even the most uneven surfaces, whilst the heel being a decent 1.25 inch thick is high enough to avoid puddles and protect against protrusions. Offering a mesh material that functions as a venting system for your thankful feet, the padded tongue is also made of a breathable material. The most comfortable insoles by a mile, they offer support and a cushioned padding, but ASICS even made sure that you can use your orthotic inserts with these too. The heel support is worth noting because it is simply amazing. The stability offered by the QuickWalk 2 is unparalleled and make you think you’re strolling up in the clouds.

Skechers Go Walk

Skechers Go WalkSkechers is a name in the business that has almost become the standard when it comes to quality and affordability since the creation of the company in 1992. Skechers decided to manufacture the the Performance Go Walk using a blend of fabric and synthetic materials. One of the best walking shoes for women in 2017, these hugely popular slip-ons are designed for easy use and accessibility; the upper portion is a knit pattern with a zig zag stitching and there is also a sock liner for the foot bed that has been treated using microbial substances. They used a rubber sole which is almost standard, because it ensures the wearer has utmost grip at all times through different climates. For improved support, they placed an ortholite cushioned pad that was designed for the abuse of plentiful daily strolls. The midsole is of a foam that was designed to add unrivaled comfort for the wearer, and the outsole is flexible enough due to the integrated technology called GO impulse sensors. Skechers offers the Go Walk in standard and extra wide widths, and for personalized styling you can purchase it in twelve different colors.


RYKA SkyFor the creation of the RYKA Sky, the household name brand has employed the use of a blend containing leather and synthetic material for the upper whilst the rubber sole is in place for support and traction. The outsole is designed for long lasting durability and an extreme amount of traction no matter the environment that you might find yourself in. This stunning pair of women’s walking shoes features a laced up feature that still allows for easy slip-on use. The mesh offers breathability for your feet that will keep them cool during the hot days and long strolls, and also offers support and stability for even the most active wearer. RYKA decided to employ the use of memory foam for the sock liner which will imitate floating whilst also contouring to the shape of your feet for utmost padding. The midsole is created of a lightweight mold using an EVA material with a TPU midfoot shank. RYKA offer these in six different color variations so that you are sure to find the right color to express yourself.

RYKA Radiant Plus

RYKA Radiant PlusWhen it comes to RYKA, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything other than extremely comfortable and stylish. Known for making some of the best shoes for Zumba and other indoor activities, when it comes to walking outdoors, they still reign top of their game. For the Radiant Plus, they used a combination of imported leather and lightweight fabric to make these suitable for everyday use. The sole is rubber and designed in a wavy like pattern which aids in water and dirt dissipation for stability and control through all terrain. The heel is created of IHG mold which helps with shock absorption for that all important protection against joints. RYKA used a technology called Precise Return cushioning insole which does a great job at providing a serious amount of padding and comfort for even the fussiest feet. If all of that wasn’t enough the Radiant Plus comes in seven different colors so you can make sure to pick the right one that fits your personality. It is worth noting as well that these also come in standard and wide width sizes.

Top 5 Walking Shoes For Men

Reebook Work N Cushion

Reebok Work N CushionReebok, a company that makes you think of sports, is a company that has been in the footwear industry for quite some time. When Reebok sets out to create anything they do so with the intention of making it one of the top rated among its peers. The Work N Cushion is no exception. It was manufactured using an imported leather that offers protection for your feet, and beneath is the rubber sole designed to provide a great deal of traction for anything you come across. The outsole is composed of an oil and slip resistant material for added traction too. The heel is a standard height of 1.25 inch. Being a low cut design it has a sleek look but still offers plenty support for your ankles to prevent injury. Reebok decided to add DMX ride technology for a more comfortable feel upon wearing their sneakers. Considering the innovation and sleek design, this is one that easily qualifies as more than just a pair of good walking shoes but more like those reigning near the top.

Rockport Eureka

Rockport EurekaRockport, a company that is no stranger to creating sleek looking footwear for everyday use has presented us with something amazing, the Eureka. This trendy pair of casual walking shoes is made of an imported leather material which adds to the class and overall quality that they are well known for. The lace up design of the Eureka ensures that you fit them to your own comfort level. There is a supportive and well-gripping sole which is made using a synthetic material that helps one glide through even on the longest walks. The foot bed was designed using a latex foam that your feet will be sure to thank you for, which also combines with the moisture wicking mesh lining inside which will keep your feet dry no matter the situation. The Eureka also offers a very thick interior padding which adds to the entire comfort of the shoe. If sneakers aren’t your thing, these are one of the best walking shoes for men of all ages; not only do they look amazing but feel amazing too.

Propet Life Walker

Propet Life WalkerWhile perhaps not a company everyone has heard of before, Propet USA is in fact a pioneering manufacturer and supplier of high quality niche footwear. Propet versions such as the Life Walker are certainly worth considering if you are shopping for a pair of men’s walking shoes. This leather synthetic version is slightly different to the other reviews here considering it offers a hook and loop strap on design for snug fitting, also making it suitable for easy on and off access. If you are an active walker then these lightweight pair (12 oz) are designed to keep you going for long periods of time. There are no seams along the insole which provides an extra addition for your comfort and one less flaw which usually causes irritation. Overall these contain a great deal of innovation and thought, combined to create a pair of very good walking shoes for those that may not want a lace up system but still yearn for a snug fit for their feet.

New Balance MW577

New Balance MW577The New Balance MW577 are a stylish and popular choice which comes in two different colors being black or white, and featuring their famous embroided New Balance logo on the side. The mid sole was crafted using innovative ABZORB cushioning materials, and the outer sole was designed to provide an unparalleled amount of grip for the wearer. The foot bed is specifically designed for the activity of in discussion, whilst the outsole features a strike path to improve gait, something which your feet will surely thank you for especially on the longer strolls. It is the small attention to details that really makes New Balance shoes as high quality as they are. The MW577 comes in both wide or standard width making it appeal to feet of all shapes and size. If you are in the market for a pair of the most comfortable walking shoes, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not looking into these.

New Balance MW411v2

New Balance MW411v2New Balance makes it on the list again, simply because when it comes to the best shoes for walking they are a company that have been making quality footwear for years and have really come far in their research and development. With that, here is the MW411V2; it comes in five different color variations that range from black, white, and grey coloring. It consists of an imported synthetic supportive material, with the rubber sole offering protection for your feet, ankles and knees, as well as the all important traction. Like all of their sneakers, these were designed to fit snugly, not too loose and not too tight. It comes in either standard width or wide for added comfort and flexibility dependent on your feet size and shape. The sleekness of the MW411v2 ensures that you can wear these no matter where you are going; they have a very modern design that is sure to catch the attention of others.

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