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Remote Control Helicopters with Camera

Sara Fletcher
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Aerial photography has been super famous and gained so much popularity during these days. That is why most RC helicopter and drone manufacturers have upped the level of mounting cameras into helicopters. Not only helicopters but also other RC aerial vehicles. The recent and forever changing progress in technology is very drastic and growing. Because of that, there has been a huge rise in the use and production of remote control helicopters with camera. Other than being great gadgets to capture important moments,  remote control helicopters are also fantastic to keep the user entertained, young and old alike.

More about remote control helicopters with camera

These aerial vehicles mounted with cameras come in different sizes and unique features. With the vast choices in the market today, picking one to match your preferences can be a bit of a challenge. Most choices will depend on the type of quality of videos and picture that you want, also when it comes to the ease of usage and maneuverability. It is important to know that RC helicopters can be a bit of challenge compared to the quadcopters. But worry not, since most of the RC helicopters are also equipped with features to help make flying easy. Remote control helicopters with camera, allow the users to monitor a wide range of area from any location. To easily understand RC helicopters with camera, one has to think of eyes with no boundary. Like an eagle, for example, RC helicopters give you a glimpse of what is happening beneath.

Best remote control helicopter with camera


UDI U13A RC helicopter camera

remote control helicopters with camera

The UD13A is the best choice when it comes to an excellent quality helicopter with the camera. It has an inbuilt gyro to keep the helicopter as steady as possible during flight. It has durable blades mounted on an aluminum built chassis. The aluminum material makes the copter lighter and easier to pilot. The mounted camera comes with a 640×480 resolution. Its built-in camera offers great pictures and awesome videos. We totally love how the UDI U13A is capable of taking clear, high-resolution pictures and videos. This RC helicopter might be quite expensive but it is truly worth the price.

More to love:

This helicopter is fantastic even for indoor flying. Its flexibility and sleek design can effectively record videos at any angle. The mainframe has been made from metal making this RC helicopter very durable. It can survive different crashes and bumps and can be utilized for rough applications as well. In any case, this UDI drone is a great choice and it is well made. This also offers a great range, so this helicopter with camera is always a good choice. The battery also has an overcharging protection to enable the helicopter to last longer. The UDI is not only equipped with a super great camera but also built to be easily controlled.


Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches

Product weight: 2.2 lbs

World Tech Toys Nano Gyro Metal Spy Copter

The World Tech Toys helicopter is an RC camera helicopter created with a light metallic body. The remote control helicopter comes with a high-resolution camera comes with two protection plans. With an inbuilt gyroscope, this remote control helicopter is steady enough to capture an uninterrupted live view and clear pictures. A good bird’s eye view perspective is made possible with a 3.5CH camera installed beneath the cockpit. This RC helicopter features great moving abilities and steady hovering. The in-built gyroscope is very helpful when it comes to maintaining the helicopter’s stability. With this features, the pilot can enjoy more of flying without worrying too much about crashing. 

More to love:

Thia Nano Metal  Spy Copter looks so good and is ready to be used right out of the package. It comes with a battery that is rechargeable and a charger. All you will need is 6 double A batteries for this unit to get flying. This spy copter is indeed all set to fly and spy. This fascinating remote control helicopter is built with a totally Hi-Resolution Digital Camera for great videos and photos all equipped into a Nano-Sized RC drone. Its camera is stealthily built-in under the cockpit, so you do not need to think about about as to where the camera should be placed. This RC helicopter also boasts its awesome capability to hover in a very steady manner, also in moving forward, backward, up, down, and in turning. This RC helicopter is truly a good choice.


Dimensions: 19 x 3.5 x 7. 5 in.

Product weight: 1.1 lbs

WLToys S977 RC Metal Gyro Helicopter

This is among on the best remote-controlled helicopter with a live HD remote control helicopter camera. It is equipped with a strong receiver and transmitter, this drone maintains an excellent connection between the user and the drone which makes flying so smooth and easy. It has an inbuilt hi-tech gyroscope that aids in keeping the helicopter as stable as possible. The S977 is also a well-loved helicopter with camera that gives very impressive work and much better functions. This affordable helicopter lets you enjoy an air time of ten minutes. The built-in camera has a 130-megapixel resolution, so it offers great photos and amazing videos.

More to love:

For a good amount of fortune, you are  able to have a nice drone which is created with updated technology.  It boasts a neat design which is very modern  and great specs which are very interesting and functional. This drone is also created using light materials during the development process.Being very light, this unit gives you easy flying and amazing aerial actions. Despite being lightweight, this helicopter is indeed very sturdy and durable. You will worry less about damaging it when you’ll crash it. It boasts durable and powerful rotors and blades.

Flying capabilities of this helicopter is truly better and easy, so flying this unit will be great. It also has flashlights for a wonderful night flying.


Dimensions: 13. 4 x 11. 2 x 3. 7 in.

Product weight: 1.1 lbs

Odyssey Flying Nightwalk Helicopter  

This Flying Nightwalk is not just great-looking, people also love that this unit is built with a great intelligent system to help you fly smoothly. With that awesome feature, flying becomes fun, simple, and easy. This helicopter comes with an in built camera and a memory card. With this, you can already begin with shooting videos and take awesome aerial shots as soon as you have this unit. The helicopter’s camera gives off a resolution that can be good enough. This drone can be utilized for various events. Also, this helicopter is built with LED lights, at the front area of the unit so flying at night will still be great.

More to love:

This RC helicopter with camera can be safely used by children aged fourteen and above. Although this may not be a great option for the younger ones because of its smaller parts, this can still be easily used and controlled by little kids under adult supervision. The materials used are super lightweight and also very sturdy. This helicopter is indeed resistant and sturdy too. Flying this unit will create tons of enjoyment and you’ll surely have amazing aerial videos and pictures. It has a flying time of around 15 minutes, that is more than many units in this category can offer, especially with this affordable price range. The Nightwalk is also a very affordable and great helicopter choice.


Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 6 inches

Product weight: 1.2 lbs

More RC helicopters with camera

SkyCo M6R RC Helicopter  

This one is still a good quality helicopter with camera used to take pictures and videos from an aerial view. Its metal alloy frame with elastic blades and flybar make the helicopter sturdy and durable enough to endure crash. The SkyCo is also a great choice when it comes to buying a good helicopter with camera. It has a dimension of 15.75 x 7.7 x 4 inches and weighs only 1.06 lbs.  


Haktoys ATS S735C Helicopter

The Haktoys is also a suggested helicopter with camera for the hobbyists. It has slow-fast adjustable speed modes and can withstand up to 5 mph breezes. The helicopter features multi-color LED lights making it good to fly even at night. It has a flight time of 12 minutes and charging time of 2 hours. The camera of this helicopter is also decent with a video recording capability.  It has a dimension of 30 x 5.5 x 10 inches and weighs 1.3 lbs.


Helicopter with camera – Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy a helicopter camera for the first time. Or you just want to add another one to your collection, reading a buying guide will be truly helpful. If you plan to purchase a helicopter built in with a good camera, you must observe some factors that are considered as very significant. If you buy a helicopter with awesome features, you’ll surely have a great item that offers tons fun and is very fascinating to use. Additionally, it should be sturdy and hard-wearing, so it may survive bad landings and even rough use. The important factors and features that will need to be considered are:

Flying time.

The time on air is a very significant feature to be considered. An longer flying time will result to fun and interesting flying, obviously. The charging time should not be extremely much longer than the flying time. Most helicopters have an average of a 30 minute flying time, and that is ideal enough.

Great materials

RC helicopters are normally minute and lightweight. However, despite their size and weight, they are and should be made with durable materials. It is important that they are made with high quality materials since bumps and being hit are very unavoidable. Some drones are fabricated from metal. They mostly will be the greater choice, basically since they are very durable compared to plastic units.

Charging time

Charging time is considered to be not as significant as all the others, but it’s important to purchase a helicopter with camera that boasts a shorter time to charge the battery. Once you buy a helicopter with a time to charge of 40 minutes, your device will be prepared to use it quickly, lesser charging time is truly an awesome choice than those with longer length of charging time.

Camera resolution

The camera resolution plays a very significant role for drones. It is safe to say that there are little to no drones that have great resolution that are comparable to high-end cameras. Keep in mind that these are designed to be toys or cameras for surveillance. However, there are great models and units that offer cameras that will cater your demands. The best helicopter, in this instance, is the unit that has a great camera. Remember that its battery that offers power to the rotors will also power the capturing lens, so check and ensure that it works great and the  has a very powerful battery.

Controls and transmission

Helicopters are indeed bit challenging to handle than other flying remote control units, so they equally spark interest but are also complicated and a bit difficult to operate. You may need some extra time and effort to get used to the techniques on how these helicopters will actually operate. In that case, make sure that you familiarize and practice a lot. They surely provide you with great flying potential, so they’re the best option for people who desire something extra special and unique.

Display/LCD display

Many helicopters with camera come with LCD screen displays built in their controllers. This is an attribute that is truly very helpful and something you may need. However, this drone feature is not mandatory but it will truly make a unit very hi-tech and more fascinating. Budget-wise, drones with LCD  displays will make the drone more pricey but better.

Connection and connecting procedure

Drones that are able to connect to a phone or tablet will allow you to see a real time transmission on your handheld device. A downside of this feature is  difficulty in connectivity, they can become more complicated and can consume time. The more updated and latest units however, can be very easy to connects, although they can become very pricey.

Storage or memory chip

Memory chips or cards are popular among helicopters and drones. They will let you store more photos and let you record quite a longer clip or video. A 1 or 2 GB will be a great deal enough for quite a decent number of images and videos to be stored. Files captured using your drone will also be smaller in size because they do not have a very high resolution.

Source: MyDroneLab

RC Helicopters with camera FAQs

What are remote-controlled helicopters with cameras and what are they used for?

These drones or RC helicopters basically look like the regular ones, only that they are mounted with cameras. Most RC drones or helicopters even use HD cameras for high-resolution videos and high-quality images. Some allow you to receive a live feed video of whatever the camera points at. These helicopters capture both videos and images of things from an aerial point. RC helicopters with camera are often used to capture and record events, surveillance purposes, and other tasks that may require aerial shots and videos.

Are RC helicopters worth the money?

RC helicopters, especially with camera, are worth every cent. There are countless benefits that you can get from these gadgets. And it with every penny you spent, you’ll surely get a corresponding feature or benefit. Not only that these RC aerial vehicles can offer you tons of fun, but also let you capture the most memorable moments of your life. Nothing is more precious and priceless than being able to keep and store great memories through good videos and pictures. This makes  RC helicopters worth every penny.

What if the RC helicopter goes out of range?

As long as your RC helicopter won’t get stuck somewhere, you should have no fear of losing it. This is because most RC helicopters are equipped with an RTL feature. The RTL or Return-to-Land mode will allow your RC helicopter to return to the same place where it started its flight. So if you are sure that you’re helicopter did not crash into some huge tree or building or grabbed and hit by any other person, it will surely return to you.

What are the legal concerns?

We all know that each law will vary from state and state and every one of use shall follow these rules governing the use of RC helicopters with camera. The standard rules governing the use of these RC helicopters include:

  • Pilots are expected to fly their copters at least 5 miles away from airports.
  • Maximum permissible flying height is 400 feet.
  • Yield the right of way to all human-carrying aircraft.
  • Do not exceed a takeoff weight, including fuel, of 55 pounds.
  • Avoid hovering over unprotected people, especially kids, vehicles or structures.
  • Always stay in control during the whole duration of the flight, and maintain visual contact without enhancement.

What if the RC copter runs out of battery during flight?

This issue can be most likely similar to the above-mentioned. This will be mainly dependent on the built-in features of your RC helicopter. According to the features of your aerial vehicle, it may either engage the RTL mode or land at that point. However, don’t stress yourself on worrying too much as your controller will always warn you before your battery runs out or drains totally.

What is the best drone for me to buy?

Just like any other gadget out in the market today, RCs helicopters also vary in size, price, and functionality. Before you buy any remote control helicopters with camera, consult the experts. You can also read guides to find what suits your needs and budget best. And keep in mind that there are also things and features to be considered when buying one.

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