At Home Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair: Everything You Need To Know

Many curly-haired girls avoid keratin treatments simply because they don’t believe the treatment will do anything for their hair. But this isn’t necessarily the case.

While these treatments might be better suited for girls with wavy hair, curly haired girls can still have great results.

If you’re thinking about administering an at home keratin treatment for curly hair, the first step is knowing what to expect.

A treatment on curly hair will soften curls. It won’t permanently change the makeup of your hair though, so you can expect your curls to bounce back over time.

But an at home treatment on your curly hair can help give it a new lease on life by eliminating frizz and enabling hair to appear sleeker, shinier, and healthier.

Keratin treatments aren’t all created equal. You can choose from kits that are designed to target either the shape of your hair, the smoothness level of your hair, or a little of both.

So if you’ve tried keratin for curly hair in the past with poor results, it might just be the kit you chose.

When done correctly, a it can leave your curly hair with voluminous, frizz-free hair that has the perfect amount of curl. It will look healthier, be easier to style, and get you plenty of compliments.

So yes, keratin treatments do work on curly hair. It just takes a little more effort to get the results you want.

Are Keratin Treatments Good for Curly Hair?

There are always risks with a keratin treatment, no matter your hair type.

So before you even consider administering an at home keratin treatment for curly hair, make sure your hair is somewhat healthy.

It takes a bit of abuse during a treatment, and if you apply keratin to hair that’s already weak and brittle, you can expect the damage to worsen.

But if your hair qualifies as healthy, the results can be amazing.

First, the keratin treatment will help close hair cuticles. This will result in less frizz and smoother hair.

Also, treated hair requires less heat and product. This will prevent damage down the line.

Finally, keratin treated hair doesn’t require as much maintenance. You’ll be able to literally wash your hair and head out the door, confident in your hair’s appearance.

The bottom line is that these treatments should be administered with extreme care.

It’s not something you should try without fully understanding what you’re doing. If you’re interested in at home keratin for curly hair, I recommend you learn more about the procedure before giving it a try.

How to Apply a Keratin Treatments Good on Curly Hair?

Administering an at home keratin treatment for curly hair isn’t difficult once you understand the process.

Gather a few tools, like your keratin treatment, a comb, a towel, a hair dryer, and your flat iron before you start.

You’ll want to follow the specific instructions included with your kit, but here’s an overview of the basic steps:

1. Wash your hair at least twice, removing dirt and buildup. Allow your hair to dry almost all the way, hitting it with your hair dryer if needed.

2. Next, begin to apply the keratin, starting at the tips of your hair. Work your way up to the scalp but take care to avoid getting the keratin treatment on your scalp or skin.

Once it’s all applied, use your fingers to comb through your hair to even out the keratin. Then, if you can, run a comb through to ensure that every strand is coated.

3. Let the keratin sit for about 30 minutes. Then, blow dry your hair completely.

4. Working in small sections, run your flat iron gently down your hair. This will seal the keratin to each strand.

5. You’ll need to leave your hair as straight as possible for two full days. No ponytails or messy buns. Also, your hair can’t get wet during this period, so plan your treatment based on your schedule.

6. After two days, shampoo and condition as normal. Your hair should be smoother, sleeker, and full of healthy shine!

At Home Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair, Before and After?

So what can you expect from a keratin treatment on curly hair? Your locks probably won’t be perfectly straight and that’s okay. But your curls should have more shape and definition.

Also, your hair should look incredibly healthy and shiny. Chances are, a treatment will help you realize how unruly your hair could look on bad hair days.

Your maintenance and style time will be drastically reduced, yet your hair will look better. Once you’ve seen the results of a keratin treatment, it’s hard to go back.

Are There Any Side Effects When Using Keratin Treatments on Curly Hair?

There’s always the risk for side effects when treating your hair. Even a blow dryer can hurt your tresses. The following are some possible risks, but if you know how to properly administer an at home keratin treatment, your chances of dealing with them are rare:

● Hair damage

Hair fall

● Reactions

As long as your curly hair is somewhat healthy before applying the treatment, your results should be fabulous. Not only will your hair look better, it will be healthier, too. And once you combine the need for less product and fewer heated styling tools, you’ll create a domino effect for healthier hair that you’ll love.