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Best Fishing Kayak Under 300

Michael Johnson
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If you are new to kayak fishing (and kayaks in general), continue reading as we will let you know how much better off you will be in a kayak than in any other vessel. But, if you think you cannot possibly find and purchase a kayak of your own, worry not! We will show you that are so many high quality, best fishing kayak under 300 dollars. We will also show you why you need to consider Kayak fishing, its benefits, and some tips for beginners.

Why Anglers Should Seriously Consider Kayak Fishing

When you hear the word ‘kayak,’ the first thing that will likely pop in your mind is a nice, fun adventure in the water. You would imagine leisurely paddling down the river or breathlessly zipping through rapid waters, adrenaline coursing through your veins.  

However, you might be surprised to hear that, for many years, people have started using kayaks for more practical reasons. Kayak fishing has been gaining widespread popularity and serious anglers worldwide have started to take note. Even kayak manufacturers are getting into the game by designing kayaks specifically for fishing.

Innovative & Creative Designs

As the term clearly suggests, kayak fishing is when you are fishing in your very own kayak. It might seem like it is uncomfortable at first. After all, there is not much room on a kayak to move around all that much. However, most if not all kayaks have incredibly innovative and creative designs that make the watercraft appear small and compact. But, actually they are fully capable of holding all your essentials as well as keep you comfortable. You will be impressed with the kayaks listed in the best fishing kayak under 300.

More Reasons Why

Seasoned anglers who have been fishing on a motorized fishing vessel throughout their entire career have started to think about giving kayak fishing a try, if only to give themselves a bit of a challenge. Even interested first time anglers are eyeing kayak fishing as their introduction to the sport of angling and for very good reasons. Kayak fishing is not only a more active and vigorous way of angling. You also get more access to ample fishing areas that hulking fishing boats are not allowed to venture. More importantly, your fishing vessel itself, the kayak, is lightweight and affordable. So, it offers so many conveniences that it’s hard to resist.

Best Fishing Kayak Under 300 Dollars?

If you are new to kayak fishing (and kayaks in general) and are still not convinced, keep on reading. For we will tell you how much better off you will be in a kayak than in any other vessel. And if you think you cannot possibly find and buy a kayak of your own, think again! There are so many high quality, best fishing kayak under 300 dollars that you will have a hard time choosing the one for you.

Grab your fishing gear and your paddle. We are going kayak fishing!

The Benefits of Kayak Fishing

Despite its more recent rise to fame, people have been fishing from a kayak much longer than you might think. Indigenous people in North America (and various parts of the world) have used their traditional canoe to fish long before angling was even considered a sport. They knew that they could catch bigger and better fish in farther waters so they started using their canoes.

Besides that, there are several benefits of kayak fishing that might convince you to give the sport a try. Read on to know the benefits and advantages of fishing on a kayak. Later, you will find a list of the best fishing kayak under 300.

Kayaks are low maintenance

Probably one of the most annoying issues that come with owning a powerboat is that even after you shell out so much money to buy it, the expenses keep on coming. Fuel for the motor. Mechanical maintenance charges. And not to mention the trouble of finding the right place to store it. It is a major pain.

Kayaks are inexpensive

Kayaks, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. They are more affordable than a fishing boat. In fact, you can get the best fishing kayak under 300. That’s a steal compared to the thousands you would rack up on a boat. Kayaks do not eat up expensive fuel to run. Repairing them is quick and simple so you will not need to hire a mechanic to fix them. Storing them and transporting them is incredibly easy too since they are lightweight and comparatively smaller than a boat.

You can save money and spare yourself endless trouble with a kayak.

You’ll be comfortable and get a good workout

On a fishing boat, you mostly spend your time standing or running around. But on a kayak, you will be in a comfortable sitting position for the entire fishing trip. Kayaks have customizable and adjustable seats too so you can really sit back and relax. There is also the added bonus of getting ideal fishing positions when you are so low to the water. You can actually cast and retrieve better in your sitting position! Again, you will find comfy kayaks in the list of the best fishing kayak under 300.

However, even though you will be sitting down, you will also get a workout while you fish. Because your kayak is powered exclusively with your own strength, you are not only fishing for fun but for your physical fitness.

It is the best of both worlds!

Better for the environment

Kayaks do not need gasoline because it does not run on a motor which means that you will not be leaving a carbon footprint as you fish. If you are environmentally conscious (as anyone who enjoys being out in nature should be), you will know how much of a difference this could make on the aquatic environment you are fishing on.

Easy access to fishing spots

Probably the biggest advantage kayaks have over large motor fishing boats is that you can take your kayak anywhere to fish. Shallow fishing waters is no problem on a kayak. This is especially useful for spontaneous fishing trips in remote areas that you cannot possibly bring your fishing boat.

You can also squeeze into those narrow and winding passages that would be impossible to pass in a large fishing vessel. Kayaks are slim and manoeuvrable enough that you can breeze through any cramped spaces. You can explore just about anywhere on a kayak. And who knows? You might just find your own little fishing paradise during your little explorations. Continue reading, you are about to reach the list of the best fishing kayak under 300.

Quiet and Surreptitious fishing

Furthermore, because kayaks do not use loud motors, you can glide across the water as quietly as you can, not disturbing any aquatic life. The fish will not be scared away so you have an increased chance of catching them easily.

You can bask in the peaceful silence in your kayak. No blaring motor to disrupt your well earned vacation from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sit-Inside Kayak vs. Sit-On-Top Kayak

Generally, there are two types of fishing kayaks to choose from: a sit-inside or a sit-on-top. It is pretty easy to distinguish between the two since their names are self-explanatory.

A sit-inside (or sit-in) kayak is designed to shelter the lower half of your body so you will be “sitting inside” the kayak. They have enclosed cockpits and usually more efficient hull. A sit-on-top kayak, on the other hand, has you sitting literally on the kayak itself, your lower half exposed. The cockpit is open and easy to enter and exit.

What Anglers Have to Say

Most anglers would agree that a sit-on-top kayak is more preferable since you will not be restricted by your fishing craft. You can move around your kayak and improve your fishing performance. Of course this also means that your legs will likely to get drenched from the waves. But, that is kind of part for the course when you are out in the water.

A sit-inside kayak, however, is ideal in colder conditions. You will also find more stability in a sit-inside kayak since you have a lower profile. And if you really want to keep dry while you fish, you might appreciate a sit-inside kayak more. However, a sit-inside kayak is not self-bailing. Which means that if you somehow get water in your vessel, you will have to tip over your kayak on land to get it out.

Best Fishing Kayak Under 300

We have mentioned several times that a kayak is much more affordable than a motorized fishing vessel. This is good news if you are still unsure about kayak fishing and do not want to spend too much on a kayak just yet. While there are highly specialized kayaks out there that cost a pretty penny, you can still find the best fishing kayak under 300.

Intex Challenge K1

Starting this list of the best fishing kayak under 300 is this inflatable, durable, and puncture-resistant sit-inside kayak that you can take anywhere and anytime. The Intex Challenge K1 is super comfortable and functional, which makes it a great starter kayak. It comes with its own air pump and aluminium oars too, all for less than $300!

The Challenger K1 is made out of heavy duty vinyl and has a simple enough design. It has ample leg room and storage area and an inflatable backrest so you can really sit back and take it easy.

However, because it is an inflatable kayak, the Challenger K1 might not perform so well in choppy waters, particularly for first-timers. But if you are sticking to fishing on a nice, calm lake or other body of water, you will love this fishing kayak.

Lifetime Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak

From one of the best manufacturers of kayaks, Lifetime, comes this simple and low cost sit-on-top kayak that is perfect for newbies. The Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak is made out of polyethylene and comes with its own paddle.

Weighing roughly around 35 lbs, this kayak is easy to carry and transport. It is designed with multiple footrests to accommodate riders of different sizes. Storing your gear is easy with the Lotus’ tank well with bungee cord lacing that will hold any item you have.

The Lotus Kayak is a durable vessel that beginners of kayak fishing can fully appreciate, especially with its low price. It is definitely one of the best fishing kayak under 300.

Sevylor Quikpak K1 Kayak

Crafted for a quick and easy pack, this Quikpack K1 is an excellent kayak that you can get for an astoundingly low price but still get a high quality water vessel. This inflatable sit-on-top kayak boasts that setup will only take five minutes so you can spend more time fishing.

The Quikpak comes with a paddle and a hand pump, as well as its own backpack which, you’ll be delighted to know, actually folds into the kayak’s seat. Now that’s an insanely ingenious product design for such an affordable water craft.

This kayak is as durable as it is portable and the Quikpak is widely renowned for its portability so that’s saying something. And if ever you accidentally puncture this inflatable kayak, it’s designed with multiple air chambers so it can stay afloat even if one chamber starts to deflate.

The Sevylor Quikpak K1 is definitely a kayak to consider.

Sun Dolphin Aruba Sit-In Kayak

Around ten feet long and weighing close to 40 lbs, the Sun Dolphin Aruba Sit-In Kayak is a highly rated and extra durable kayak that is perfect for newbies of kayak fishing.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba is made out of high density polyethylene, designed with an easy access storage hatch, and even includes a water bottle holder. You will be sitting pretty with the Sun Dolphin Aruba’s enhanced back support. The seat itself is adjustable, as is the foot braces.

Although this kayak does not come with a paddle, it is still a one of the best fishing kayak under 300.

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

Now here is a kayak for those who want to go kayak fishing with a buddy. You will see why it is part of the list of the best fishing kayak under 300. The Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable kayak seats two people comfortably and comes with everything you will ever need. All for less than 300$. Besides the kayak itself, you will be getting a foot pump, inflatable front and back seats. You will also have two oars, a repair kit, inflatable spray skirts (waterproof covers for your legs), and a nylon carry bag to fit the entire deflated kayak. With all those extra features, this kayak makes for an incredible bargain!

The Sea Eagle 330 is fortified with an extra thick K-80 polykrylar material that is puncture-resistant and durable. This kayak’s impressive loading capacity is enough for you, your fishing companion, and your gear. Its interior is also comfortably roomy and guarantees a stable glide. Novice anglers will appreciate the extra stability.

More Info

Another great feature of the Sea Eagle 330 is its I-beam constructed floor that makes it resilient even in choppy waters, which is quite the feat for an inflatable kayak. The self-bailing drain valve is also very convenient. Furthermore, this incredible kayak only weighs 26 lbs, making it super portable.

Inexpensive, high quality, lightweight, and reliable – you will simply adore the Sea Eagle 330.

Blue Wave Sports Nomad Inflatable Kayak

Another incredible inflatable sold at an outstandingly low price, one of the best fishing kayak under 300. The Blue Wave Sports Nomad Inflatable Kayak is lightweight yet can hold up in rough waters. It comes with its own aluminium oar, a foot pump, a heavy duty fabric seat, repair kit, and a durable carrying bag.

This inflatable one person kayak is designed with maximum comfort in mind so you will never complain about sore muscles in this kayak. It is made out of 24 gauge PVC and constructed with three air chambers and two directional bottom fins. So, it is easier to control and balance.

The Blue Wave Sports Nomad is great for beginners and seasoned anglers. Although there is that caveat that you will not be bringing with you too much gear. Since there is not much storage space on this kayak.

This simple yet super efficient inflatable kayak will indeed amaze you.

Rave Sports Sea Rebel Inflatable Kayak

Though not as robust as other inflatable kayaks out there, for its tantalizingly low price, the Rave Sports Sea Rebel is a pretty solid option for a first timer’s fishing kayak. It is not hard to see why it is one of the best fishing kayak under 300.

Just like with all other inflatable kayaks, the Sea Rebel is all convenience, all portability. Its PVC construction allows you paddle through the water no problem and can endure calm and rough waters. Storage is simple too with its bungee cord lacings so your gear will be secured all throughout your fishing trip.

Besides as a fishing kayak, the Sea Rebel makes for a great recreational kayak too with its easy features and casual design. You can enjoy a nice day in the sun with this inflatable kayak.

Lifetime Youth 6 Feet Wave Kayak

Lastly, we have a little something for the kids out there. You are never too young to enjoy the thrill and excitement the water has to offer. And, Lifetime has manufactured one of the best fishing kayak under 300 dollars for budding anglers as young as five years old.

The Lifetime Youth 6 Feet Wave Kayak is a reliable, ultra lightweight, and extra strong kayak constructed from high density polyethylene. Kids will be guaranteed safe on this water vessel as the Wave is designed with a reverse chine that keeps it nice and steady on the water. The paddle that this kayak comes with is also light enough for your child to carry and use. So, you will not have to worry about that. Manoeuvring the Wave is a snap too with its twin fin design.

More Info

And if you are worried about your child accidentally splashing too much water into their kayak, rest easy. The Wave has self-bailing scupper holes that is actually quite impressive considering the ludicrously low price range of this kayak.

So, you want to introduce your child to the wonderful water sport of angling (or just kayaking in general). The Lifetime Youth 6 Feet Wave Kayak is the ideal kayak for you.  

If you are a beginner (or even if you are not), continue reading to learn a few tips on kayak fishing.

Kayak Fishing Tips for Beginners

And if you are fully convinced that kayak fishing is worth checking out, you might be asking yourself “well, what’s next?” Aside from getting a reliable enough kayak, that is. Well, for beginners to kayak fishing (or maybe even just fishing), we have prepared this short but comprehensive list of suggestions that can really help you in your first fishing trip.

  • Protect yourself

Sun screen, bug spray, sunglasses, and appropriate fishing clothes that cover exposed skin – these are just the essentials you need to always remember before you go out fishing. Lather on sunscreen before and regularly during your trip to avoid sun burns. Because, as we all know, the sun is at its merciless when you are near a body of water. It is best to wear sunglasses too to protect your eyes from the constant glare. Bug spray is very important, especially if you are exploring mangroves or places with dense vegetation. Do not underestimate how annoying (and possibly infectious) mosquitoes and other bugs can be. You would not want to be swatting away flies and mosquitoes all day.

Protective Clothes

As for what to wear, in warm and humid weather, anything that is loose and quick drying is ideal. Long sleeves and loose pants are great for shielding you from the sun. Colder weather means you will need to wear more. Look for proper fishing apparel that will keep you warm but also light.

  • Anchor

Imagine this: you are sitting in your kayak, line out, patiently waiting for a catch. Then suddenly you feel a tug. Then a yank. It is a big one, you are sure. You desperately try to reel it in but find yourself being pulled, your very light kayak easily led by that damned fish. Sounds funny, right? Well, it is an all too real possibility if you do not properly anchor your fishing kayak.

You can get yourself a specialized kayak power pole to hold your water vessel in place or rig your kayak by yourself with makeshift anchor. The most popular DIY anchor is a dumbbell. It may not look sophisticated but it gets the job done.

  • Get a good paddle

Remember, even if it is the best fishing kayak under 300, a kayak is one hundred percent powered by you and you alone so do not skimp out on getting a quality paddle. You will be paddling across all types of waters and you will need a strong and durable oar to really get you going.

  • Stay hydrated

Here is the thing. When you are out in the sun all day, paddling and sweating and generally exerting all your strength, you are going to regularly drink water or sports drinks to keep your energy up. You do not want to dehydrate in the middle of the water.

Most kayaks are equipped with bottle holders so make sure to use them. Stock up on drinkable water, sports drinks, juice, anything that will keep you hydrated and energized.

  • Safety first!

Finally, we have probably the most important thing to remember when you are out angling. Always, always, always bring the appropriate safety gear when you are going kayak fishing. Wear a personal flotation device (PFD) like a life vest in case of a capsize or some other unlucky incident. Bring a safety whistle, flares, visibility flag, and flashlight to get someone’s attention if in case you will ever need to. Cutting tools, extra rope, and a first aid kit are ideal to have as well.

As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Parting Words

That’s it guys. We hope you enjoyed and learned something from this short guide. If you have more budget for your kayak, try checking out our other articles:

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