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Best Hats in the World of Hip-Hop – 2019 Review

Michael Johnson
Published 11:02 pm

If there’s anything celebrities and other high-profile personalities prefer to use for disguise, that would be hats. For us, ordinary mortals, we use hats because they offer warmth and protection in the cold outdoors (save for the occasional we-don’t-want-to-be-seen-by-our-ex situations). But for the most part, hats are more than just headgear. They’re a standout accessory. Check out our top picks on the hottest hats this 2018.

The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-HopWhen it’s cold outside, hats are the perfect accessory. They’re functional, they serve a purpose (that is to keep our heads warm), and they’re a great fashion statement. In addition to its primary function of protecting our noggin, hats are a great embellishment. They’re a fashion detail and a great expression of oneself.

Hats can range from berets to cowboy hats; from balaclavas to beanie hats. For Parisians and a handful of celebrities, the beret is a coveted head adornment. It’s usually worn from morning to night. For cowboys (and cowgirls), there’s the cowboy hat. It’s big, and it makes a bold statement.

A balaclava is commonly known as a ski mask. Designed to cover the face, the headgear is common in outdoor winter sports activities like snowboarding and skiing. It’s popular among bicyclists and motorcyclists too. The wearer has the option to roll it up into a headgear.

On the other hand, beanie hats are a variation of balaclavas. They’re designed for cold weather wear and popular among seamen, hunters, fishers, and other outdoorsmen.

But rising trend of them all are baseball caps. Drake wears one. Wiz Khalifa was spotted with it. It graced the heads of Jay-Z and Kanye too.

The Hottest Hats to Watch in 2018

The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-HopIf there’s a fashion item that saw more highs and lows than a lowrider with impressive hydraulics, it’s the baseball cap. From the teenagers of the 90s to being Donald Trump’s campaign-trail fixture, caps are the preferred headgear of choice for many.

Despite the changes in fashion styles over the years, caps remain as one of the essentials in men’s wardrobes. It evolved from being a sun-shielding gear for baseball players to a critical piece of uniform in the U.S. armed forces. From there, it penetrated many subcultures.

If you’re looking to get a cap, choose one that has little to no branding. Keep it clean and simple, as they say. As to color, pick the neutral tones. Khaki, grey, and black ones are generally easy to pair up with any outfit.

You also need to factor the shape of your skull and the cap’s material. An important reminder: these hats generally belong in the casual look department. So it’s best to pair them with jeans or a casual shirt. Perhaps an unbuttoned Oxford shirt too.

Without further ado, here are some of the hottest hats and caps this 2018.

Ralph Lauren Polo Cap

The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-HopWith its long tradition of style and elegance, Ralph Lauren offers a cotton twill baseball cap that you can repurpose to achieve a cool streetwear look. You can style this gorgeous headwear with a plain white tee or a crisp Oxford shirt. Then pair it with wide leg trousers.






Stone Island Classic Embroidered Cap

The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-HopThis classic embroidered baseball cap can take on every condition and any occasion. Stone Island’s cap will no doubt keep you warm, cozy, and ready for the cold weather. And it’s ideal for the sunny season too.

The Stone Island features a curved visor and an adjustable strap back with its logo on the front. With its neutral colors and subtle branding, it’s perfect for any look. A timeless design for the new millenium.




New Era NY Yankee Baseball Cap

The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-HopFrom the likes of NY resident Jay-Z to Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe, the classic dark blue with NY logo cap is one of the popular sport heritage designs. And who does it better than New Era. With over 35 millions caps produced every year, the international lifestyle brand is the authority when it comes to the latest sports headwear and snapbacks.





Nike Swoosh Baseball Cap

The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-HopIf minimalist branding is what you’re into, check out the classic Nike Swoosh design. It’s one of the most iconic look and is great for everyday wear. Made of soft yet durable fabric, the cap features an adjustable strap at the back; there are six panels and vented holes for a buckle-and-clip custom fit.







Of course, this selection of the hottest hats wouldn’t be complete without fedoras.

The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-HopAnd no, we’re not talking about the ridiculous headwear that Pharrell wore during the 2014 Grammy Awards.

As fashion styles come and go, the fondness for fedora remained. It was very popular during the 1940s, adorning the heads of famous personalities like Humphrey Bogart and Harrison Ford’s character Indiana Jones. Fedoras continue to become more popular today.

Here are the top fedoras you should have.


The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-HopKnown for its craftsmanship and a timeless gentleman’s style, Bailey has Humphrey Bogart and Fred Astaire as its biggest fans. The American hat brand graced the heads of Hollywood aristocracy. To this day, Bailey continues to make the finest headwear.






The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-Hop From its humble beginnings in Pittsburgh, the U.S.-based brand Goorin evolved into an international brand with its slick collection of the hottest hats. Today it is still a family-owned business label and remains a trusted brand among aficionados.







The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-HopOperating since 1857, Italian brand Borsalino cemented its reputation as a luxury label. Its world-renowned fedoras are expertly crafted, turning them into timeless silhouettes of elegance and sophistication.








The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-HopNothing captures the essence of the countryside better than Barbour hats and caps. The enticing selections really sets the label from the competition. From flat caps to beanie hats, the British label takes pride of its well-crafted headwear. Offering a wide range of patterns, finishes, and colors, Barbour epitomizes the British heritage aesthetic.






Do you have the latest scoop on the hottest hats and trendiest caps today? Hit us up or comment below. If you would like for us to review your product and you consider that it would be good enough to be one of the hottest labels and trending clothing lines, get in touch with us at [email protected], thank you!

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