Importance of Mental Health and Physical Health

Crime and violence is a serious issue, not only nationally but also socially and even in public health. Crime is inevitable and is still experienced in many communities. There are noticeable conflicting public attitudes towards crime and violence considering physical attributes and health as factors. When it comes to physical appearance and beauty, according to the NBER, being very attractive reduces a young adult’s propensity for criminal activity and being unattractive increases it for a number of crimes, ranging from burglary to selling drugs. This post will be mostly on how health and beauty relate to crime and violence.

How health and beauty relates to crime and violenceCrime and violence is also a public health problem. Exposure to violence occurs in many ways. People may become the direct victim, witness violence, or hear from other people in the community. This may affect not only the physical health of the person but also their social and mental health. And just recently, studies have shown that those people with mental health or other health problems tend to cycle through criminal justice systems.

Beauty and crime

As mentioned above, attractiveness and great physical appearance reduces a person’s propensity for criminal activity. Also, being the opposite increases someone’s inclination to a number of crimes such as selling drugs, robbery, or burglary. A couple of tests have demonstrated that this phenomenon happens not because beauty has become a proxy socioeconomic status. It is because having a good physical appearance or being fairly attractive has a positive association with certain adult test scores. This can then suggest that beauty may have an impact on human capital formation.

A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research demonstrates that a certain person who holds a constant beauty has a separate impact or effect on crome. Beauty is correlated with variables that gauge various and certain aspects.  This includes GPA, suspension or expulsion from school and problems with instructors or teachers. These results then suggest instances experienced by less attractive individuals. One is that the labor markey penalty often provides an incentive for less attrcative individuals toward crimes and criminal activity. Next is that the level of beauty in young adults has an effect on criminal propensity during the next years of their lives. This seems to be becauase of the impact of beauty on human capital and characteristic formation.

Mental health and criminal justice  

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Here at Product Rankers, we truly give importance to that. Many of us are aware that most of the people who cycle in and out thorugh our criminal justice system have consequential health care needs. Substance abuse being the most common one. If you do a background check using, you may see that half or maybe two-thirds of the criminals or inmates have substance abuse problem, psychological distress, or any mental health issues such as schizophrenia. Substance abuse and mental illness have greatly contributed to the occurrence of crimes such as homicide, rape, murder, among others.

Although jail, state prisons, or rehab centers offer treatments and counseling, experts suggest that health care advocates and proffesionals should expand that service to the community. In that way, people will be eventually get the necessary help and be guided, before getting themselves into trouble. It is important that we learn and discover more about mental health. Since they are often exaggerated and related to crime and violence. When in fact, what they really need is treatment, guidance, and counseling. A research has shown that being able to offer a wide access to treating mental health problems is not only a compassionate way. It is also a cost-effective procedure for reducing crime and violence rates.

Effects of crime and violence on public health

We all know that crime is a certain behavior which is certainly prohibited by law. Since it is considered offensice and especially harmful. That is why crime and violence experienced by a specific individual or a group of people living in a community is a very significant public health issue. Exposure to crime  and violence can happen in more ways than one. An individual can be directly victimized, witness violence causing trauma, or may learn and hear violence from other people.

So how can crime and violence have an effect on public health? First and foremorst, violence can result to severe injuries and even premature death. Individuals who often survive violence can endure  emotional and physocological trauma and physical pain and suffering dutring their lifetime. And since they get to experience these sufferings and mental distress, it will often reduce their quality of life. Repeated exposure to violence and crime is also relateed to an increase of negative health outcomes. An example is poor physical and mental health due to less engagement in physical activity in the outside environment.

Children’s behavioral and mental health

Individuals who are still in the developing stage such as children and adolescents are greatly affected by crime and violence. Not just because they are too weak to protect themselves. But also they tend to be more greatly affected and at risk for poor long-term mental and behavioral health outcomes. And this iwill be regardless of whtheer they are the direct victimes or just witnesses. They tend to suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Children who are unfortunately exposed to violence tend to be more aggressive, angry, and tend to make poor life choices. There are serious and long term and short term health effects from crime and violence exposure in the community. A good thing that you may now be able to easily access rime records of the state you are in through


Crime and violence is not just a problem of the law enforing agencies. Not just the policemen, and the authorites, it is our problem too. And it is not just an ordinary problem, since it is something that could greatly affect our way of living. Also our health, and how we look like and who are as a person. Fortunately, with the help of, a free criminal or arrest record site. In that way, we can do our part and try to  do a subtle background check on the people living near us. All of us wants to significantly reduce crime rates in our community. With proper knowledge, active cooperation and participation, we can certainly make things possible.