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Remote Controlled Boats For Kids

Sara Fletcher
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Remote controlled boats for kids are a great choice for gift giving. It is something that any child (and the child at heart) can truly enjoy the water. They can take it with them whether they are at the lake, pond, or even in the backyard pool.

There are so many options for remote-controlled boats for kids available on the market. And, having one is a truly exciting experience for kids. That is why it is so important to choose the right one.

There are so many features and factors that you need to consider first when buying remote-controlled boats for kids. In this article, we will try to give you a glimpse of those considerations. Also, we have included a list of recommended remote controlled boats for kids.

We hope that this guide can help you narrow down your search.

Info on Remote Controlled Boats For Kids

Remote controlled boats for kids are devices that are designed to look like a mini-boat. These mini-boats can float and be propelled on water. But, remote-controlled boats for kids can only function well on relatively calm waters compared to the size of the toy. Because, if there are waves higher than the height of the boat, then it cannot operate like a regular, big boat. If the waters are calm, then the remote controlled boats for kids can move and work exactly like that of a real boat.

More Info

The remote-controlled toy boats for kids are engineered to be used by children that are as young as two and a half years. Remote controlled boats for kids are small enough to fit and be operated in indoor pools. These remote control mini-boats can also be played on outdoor surface waters. Again, the water surface where remote controlled boats for kids is operated should be calm or not more significant than the boat’s size.

Things To Consider

Having one of the best remote controlled boats for kids is no doubt a meaningful investment. This fascinating toy can provide years of fun to children of all ages. When they grow up, they’ll look back and remember how having remote controlled boats for kids made their childhood. Therefore, it is important to choose the best one for them.

Choosing any of the remote-controlled boats for kids available on the market is easy. However, getting the best boat for your child, one that operates well and does not break easily, is not. But do not panic! We are here to help.

In this section, we will talk about the considerations you need to keep in mind when looking through remote controlled boats for kids. We kept it simple so as not to overwhelm you. Below are the characteristics of remote-controlled boats for kids. Read on and take notes.

Remote Control

The mini-boats remote control is undoubtedly the essential tool that comes with your submarine. You need this to maneuver the mini-boat on the surface of the water. There are at least three things you need to check in the remote control of the boats. These are the controller frequency range, batteries, and design.

Controller Frequency and Range

Remote controlled boats for kids communicate with the controller using radio waves that operate at 27 or 49 megahertz. Frequency is the one that determines the uniqueness of the signals for remote-controlled boats for kids.

When a kid operates a remote-controlled boat, he or she should keep the distance from other small boats. Kids need to stay far especially if they are operating under the same frequency. This is necessary to avoid interference.

Multiple Frequencies

There are remote controlled boats for kids that operate in multiple frequencies. What’s great about this type is that they allow two or more children to play next to each other. The kids can have fun side-by-side without any frequency interference.

It will suck if the controller of one kid is intermittently controlling the boat of the other kid. In the case of best boats having different frequencies, their receivers only listen to the unique control signals from its controller.

Remote Control Batteries

Of course, the remote control will not operate if it does not have batteries. The batteries of remote-controlled boats for kids can last for about three to five hours of continuous use. The exact duration will depend on the battery’s capacity, operational speed, and the controller’s range.

A battery that has a bigger capacity will power a boat for a longer period. Also, it will be able to power a bigger motor.

There are remote controlled boats for kids that are already powered by rechargeable AA or AAA batteries. There are pros and cons to this.


You won’t have to keep on buying batteries. You can just recharge them after they are out of power.


Charging the batteries will take time. Your kids won’t be able to play whenever they want to after it is out of power. On the bright side, this will teach your kid to be patient. So, that is up to you to consider it a con.

Controller Design

Design of the controller is also necessary whether the user is an adult or a child (most especially if the user is a child.) It is very important that you consider the remote controls that have an easy-to-hold design. This kind of design will prevent your kid from having pains in the wrist and fingers.

More importantly, the remote control of your kid’s boat must have buttons that are straightforward. Through this, your kid will no longer need to search where the buttons for specific functions are. Also, the buttons should have spaces in between them. This is so your kid won’t make mistakes when controlling the RC boat or when pressing the buttons.


If you know your little captain needs speed, then do not forget to check this feature. Compare it with speeds of other products.


Next, you also need to examine the durability of the remote-controlled boats for kids. Don’t just look deep into the features that come with the mini-boat.

First of all, the boat’s body must be manufactured from high quality and durable materials. The durability of the materials used in your kid’s remote control boat ensures that it can endure regular usage.

Remember, it will be played on water. So, if it falls, it should not crack easily. Or else, the boat will sink! That would be the case if the water gets in the boat and capsize it.

As a child’s toy, crashes will be unavoidable. So, it is worth paying that little bit extra for a boat that can easily withstand the knocks and bumps from everyday use. Also, try to see if the manufacturer can offer you its services for longer periods.

Location or Type of Water

RC boats are created differently from one another. Most of the remote-controlled boats for kids are not suitable for use in salt water. Although, there is another lightweight, but cheaper models can handle lakes, pools, and ponds.

The most significant difference is that salt water may damage your RC boat. Therefore, it is necessary to see if the boat you wish to buy is suitable for the location you plan to take it. Always check the product’s description or label when buying the boat to see what types of water it’s suitable for.

Safety or Age-Appropriate

When it comes to the right age of operating remote-controlled boats for kids, there is no age limit required. What is needed is for you to make sure that your child can operate the boat. Therefore, even if your kid is just two and a half years old, he or she will still be able to operate the boat with ease.

But, even though your two-year-old can easily operate the RC boat, you have to make sure that the boat you buy is appropriate for his or her age. Small children are very curious. They tend to chew and eat stuff. And, there are remote controlled boats that have small parts.

You need to make sure that the boat you will give your small kid does not contain small pieces. Or else, these might end up in their tummies or their younger sibling’s tummy.


Last on the list of considerations is the brand of the remote-controlled boats for kids. Before you buy the product, you must check the brand of the remote-controlled boats for kids. The name of the company can already tell you much about the quality and performance the remote control boat can do.

Recommended Remote Controlled Boats for Kids

Now that you know what factors to consider, we have listed here some of the best remote controlled boats for kids we found online.

Power Venom Boat

The UDI001 Venom is a fast and powerful remote-controlled boat. It has impressive features and speed that are sure to be a hit with the older kids and teens. The Power Venom Boat is a good mid-range choice with amazing features. It is a true delight for both kids and parents alike. Read on to know what this RC boat can offer.


These features include an impressive water-cooled single-prop motor. Its motor pushes the Venom racing boat to a top speed of 15 mph.

Battery and Charging

This remote controlled boat is ideal for kids because it has an extra battery that powers double racing time. Each of the battery only lasts up to 9 minutes in one charging which is ideal for your kid. The Power Venom Boat can be charged at home via a computer or even in the car because of its USB charger.

Low Battery Warning

Another great thing about this remote-controlled boat for kids is its low battery warning. This can only mean that there is no more swimming into the water to get a powerless boat.

Other Impressive Features

This boat has awesome four channels. Meaning to say, if your kid has a sibling, they can race one another. Or, if he or she is an only child, friends can race with them too! The Power Venom Boat is capable of flipping itself over if ever it capsizes. Therefore, not more lost races.

To keep it in good condition in between uses, the Power Venom Boat comes with a display stand.

Lastly, it is important to note that this remote-controlled boat for kids is not suitable for use in saltwater. So, better keep it away from the ocean.

H100 Remote Controlled Boat

One of the best top-reviewed remote controlled boat for kids is the H100 Remote Controlled Boat.


You will enjoy this RC boat thanks to its controls. The H100 remote controlled boat allows you to turn in whatever direction. This boat features an unbelievable 180° accuracy.

Appropriate Age

The H100 remote-controlled boat is recommended for kids aged 14 years and above.

Speed and Range

Your kid can race at 25 kph and blow other remote controlled boats out of the water. The H100 is a high-performance remote control vehicle that can be steered within a distance of 150 meters.


The boat’s body is lightweight because high-quality plastics are used allowing it to achieve high speeds. The plastic is ABS impact-resistant protecting your boat from inevitable crashes.

Important Notes

Before turning on the controller, the remote-controlled boat should be placed on the water first. This is because the boat has a motor protective device. It is only when the boat is put on the water, and the brass propeller is in contact with the water will the boat be energized.

You must not touch the motor. Always keep the boat dry after running to ensure the boat’s lifetime.

In case the cabin gets flooded while playing, open the lid to dry. Or else, the circuit boards will easily burn.

Charge the RC boat as soon as you open its packing. This is to avoid damaging the motor. After receiving this remote-controlled boat, you cannot be sure that it is fully charged before it was shipped out. A low voltage operation will damage and burn its motor. So, it is best to avoid it.

Kid Galaxy ‘Morphibians’ Amphibious Car

The Crocodile Amphibious RC car is a perfect first remote control toy for kids. These high-performance remote control amphibious creatures can go anywhere. Your child can play with it in the dirt, sand, pool, or pond. With this Amphibious car, there is not terrain too tough nor too wet.

Impressive Features

This Crocodile Amphibious car features durable 4×4 turf-digging tires for the land. It also features wake-forming paddle wheel treads for ripping through the water.

Appropriate Age

If your kid loves racing, then surely he will love this Morphibian and its friends like the Turtle, Snake, and Lobster. This Amphibious car is suitable for children ages three years and up.


Another reason why kids love this is that it has a fun shape and simple controls. As we have mentioned, this vehicle can navigate any kind of terrain ranging from sand to dirt to water with ease.

As this RC vehicle is geared towards younger kids, the range of this is not as far compared to the rest being reviewed here.


It is possible to race two morphibians. However, it cannot be more than that. Because this RC vehicle only comes with two frequencies. So, if you plan to buy more than two of this and you want to use them together, it is necessary to check which frequency they run on.

The Morphibian toy car comes in a range of models from crocodiles to killer whales. Therefore, there is something to suit all tastes. Plus, this remote control morphibian acts as more of a submarine than a boat. It is so perfect for crossing shallow creeks or for use in the bathtub. The Kid Galaxy ‘Morphibians’ Amphibious Car is an excellent budget toy. For sure, it will provide hours of entertainment for toddlers and young kids.

Blexy Remote Controlled Boat

This is a great remote controlled boat for kids and adults. If your kid needs speed, then the Blexy Remote Controlled boat is best for your child.

Speed and Range

The Blexy boat is a fun boat that features a super impressive 150-meter range. Its top speed is over 30 kph. Meaning to say, this remote-controlled boat is also suitable for large areas like lakes and ponds.


The controller of this boat can be changed. It can suit left-handed or right-handed people.

With the LCD screen on the transmitter, your kid will be able to read the relative data directly. This is more intuitive and very convenient.

Charging, Playing and Battery

It is equipped with a USB charging cable to charge the boat. For this remote-controlled boat, the charge time is around 100 minutes. And, it gives around 10 minutes of playing time. But, do not worry because replacement batteries are also available. Spare batteries can be purchased separately to provide even more race time.

Frequency and Special Features

This boat can work on four channels. Which means, this boat is perfect for playing with friends and family. It can support multiple boats racing at the same time without any interference.

Also, the Blexy Remote Controlled Boat has an automatic flip-over function. So, whenever it capsizes, your kid won’t have to come near the boat to flip it back. Plus, this boat can also travel backward! How cool is that!

It also has a water-cooling system that can reduce the boat motor loss.

Appropriate Age

No one can argue the fact that this boat is quite fast so you may think that this remote-controlled boat is not suitable for young children. But, with a little help and supervision, kids as young as 6 to 7 years of age can learn how to operate it.

Not only the kids can enjoy the impressive features of this remote-controlled boat, but adults can too. All in all, the Blexy RC Boat is a great boat. It has fascinating features that are ideal for any person who is just getting into the hobby.

Blomiky F1

This is the last on the list of the best remote controlled boats for kids that we recommend. The Blomiky F1 High-Speed RC Boat is a fantastic little boat that is packed with many cool features.

Appropriate Age

This is suitable for children of all ages.


This fascinating toy is the perfect company for summertime fun. This little boat is made from high-quality and durable plastics. The materials used for this toy make it ideal for use in the lakes, ponds, pools, and rivers. It can even be operated in saltwater.

Important Notes

Just a reminder, do not leave the battery to charge overnight. For your safety, the charging time is 3 hours.

And finally, please plug it off immediately as soon as you finished charging. We do not want to experience any accidents, especially around our kids.

One of the most critical aspects of life is spending our precious time with our family. Go outside and watch your kids have fun. Time is fleeting, and they will not be kids forever.

These remote-controlled boats for kids will keep your child active and away from their digital screens. Not only that but also, it will help them develop their social skills at the same time being able to bond with family members or with their friends. 

Parting Words

Hopefully, choosing the best remote controlled boat for your kid is not as difficult as it was before you read our guide. Just remember the factors that you need to consider when choosing a remote control boat for your kid. Do not forget to include their age. Keep in mind that some of the boats that we have featured here are best suited to younger kids. And there are also others that are more for the big kids and grown-ups.

Do take note of your budget and the special features that the boat has. And that’s it. We hope you learned something from this guide.

By the way, check out our other posts if you are interested in toy submarines, RC submarines, RC cars and RC monster trucks.

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