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Last updated: May 25, 2019
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Traxxas X-Maxx 4WD Monster RTR Truck

BFull Double Sided Flip Monster Truck

Exceed RC Infinitive Truck Sava

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A Guide to Remote Control (RC) Monster Trucks

Perhaps, you are new to RC cars, and you find that the monster trucks are the coolest-looking. So, the question that comes to your mind is: “which remote control monster truck should I purchase?” That is a great question. But, are you certain that you want a remote control monster truck? Hmm…

Before buying a remote control monster truck, it is best to gain knowledge of RC cars first. Do not rush into the hobby. You must get an overview first. And then over time, you can build upon that foundation.

What Are the Best Remote Control Monster Truck

Through this article, we hope to guide you in choosing the best remote control monster truck. We have listed a few recommendations of the most impressive remote control monster trucks in the market. But before any of that, we want to help you with understanding RC cars in the briefest way we can.

Read on to get a grasp of the world of remote control cars and remote control monster trucks.

The Best Remote Control Monster Truck


Traxxas X-Maxx 4WD Brushless Electric Monster RTR Truck

The Traxxas X-Maxx is probably one of the best RC trucks ever made. It has great strength that can allow it to roll over any terrain. This remote control monster truck has big shocks, 4-wheel drive, and Traxxas Stability Management. The latter makes this beast ready for any challenge.

This remote control monster truck can confidently rush through deep mud, snow or even dive under the surface. Thanks to its innovative waterproofing solutions. This truck is even more outstanding due to its modern clean-sheet design.

Traxxas has made a huge step forward in making this model. It almost has no downsides.The Traxxas X-Maxx remote control monster truck is one of the most expensive RC truck on the market, though. But, this purchase is truly worth every penny.

Key Features:

  • Self-Righting gets the fun back on all four tires
  • Traxxas Stability Management gives you confident -control over virtually any terrain
  • Clipless body mounting eliminates body clips and posts for hassle-free use
  • Massive GTX Shocks absorb every bump and jump with ease
  • Massive Big Block brushless power


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BFull Double Sided Flip RC Monster Truck

BFull also makes incredibly fun remote control trucks. If you are looking for a quality gift, then you might want to consider this remote control monster truck. The BFull Double Sided Flip Remote Control Monster Truck starts off flat. When it starts running, you can flip it over, and it can continue running. Cool right? This feature alone is fun. See how it fairs when presented in rough terrains. BFull Double Sided Flip RC Monster Truck has steering that is a little different to normal too. The steering is articulated along the body of the truck rather than the wheels.

This monster truck may not be the fastest on the list. This truck is best for younger children or those who are not yet comfortable of the 30mph. But 30mph for a remote control truck is ludicrously fast.

Key Features:

  • One Key Transformation
  • Both Side-Driving
  • Heavy Duty Wheels and Powerful Speed
  • Responsive Controls
  • Powered by Rechargeable Batteries


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Exceed RC Infinitive Offroad Truck Sava

This Exceed RC Infinitive EP Monster Truck is a great starter truck. It goes so well as a gift for an 8-year-old. But of course, you can add it to your collection too. This remote control monster truck is so powerful and durable.

This truck is best for beginners because it can take any shocks you throw at it easily. The Exceed RC Infinitive EP Monster Truck can take tall grass well. For small kids, you can adjust its maximum speed. This remote control monster truck is so easy to fix if it has broken element because parts are available in most online stores.
The truck features high ground clearance that is about 2 inches. Its big wheels are perfect when it comes to going over obstacles. This remote control monster truck can fight through muddy terrains too.

It is recommended that you get a few spare batteries. The battery of this remote control monster truck will hold on for about 20 minutes. And it would take about 4 hours to charge.

It has a transmitter included in the package. However, it does not come with the necessary AA batteries.

Once you start it, you can adjust the throttle and steering for the best power delivery system. If you’re looking for a starter monster truck, this Exceed Monster Truck is the best one available. It is pretty reliable and durable no matter the terrain conditions.

Key Features:

  • An aluminum center drive shaft
  • Powerful 540 Brushed Motor
  • Powerful Electronic Speed Controller
  • High-performance front/rear differentials
  • Adjustable front and rear suspension


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Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX

The Volcano EPX Truck by Redcat Racing is great for both children and adults. This remote control monster truck looks great as it is powerful. This awesome truck comes with some very interesting features. You will surely have a lot of fun playing with it. Much more, it is very affordable. It is one of the best remote control monster trucks under $200 on the market.

Its body is made of polycarbonate, and it is flexible and scratch-, shock-, and dirt-resistant. And you know that these features are valuable because the body of monster trucks is bound to reach a puddle or two.

What’s awesome is that the creators at Redcat Racing made all the electronics- its servo, ESC, and receiver, waterproof.
This monster truck comes in blue and red versions. Also, most of the parts can be changed, in case of accidents. Plus, they are easy to find for sale in many online stores.
Included in the package, its transmitter is one element to admire. It has all the necessary controls, forward and backward, steering and full throttle, and steering adjustments, etc.  

Batteries and charger are included in the box. However, you’ll need to buy the necessary AA batteries for its transmitter.

Key Features:

  • Electric Brushed 27T 540 Motor, Four Wheel Drive, High Torque Servo
  • Polycarbonate Body, Aluminum Capped Oil Filled Shocks
  • Transmission Forward and Reverse. 7.2v 2000mAh NiMH and Charger Included
  • 2.4GHz Radio Included. Radio requires 8 AA Batteries (Not Included). Now includes Waterproof Electronics! (ESC, Servo, Receiver)


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Tamiya TAM58372 Ford F350 Truck

This is hands down the coolest remote control truck kit available. It is the holy grail for most RC enthusiasts.
The Ford F-350 truck is one of the most popular pickup trucks. It is also one of the most sought-after models in Tamiya’s extensive line-up of electric RC cars. This Tamiya RC car is one of the most realistic ever. It even has a ladder frame chassis and 4WD system, similar to the actual truck.

This remote control truck has a 3-speed transmission that provides a lot of enjoyable setup options. It also includes plenty of metal components like the front guard, leaf springs, and aluminum friction dampers. These make this a very exciting kit to assemble and drive.

This RC truck’s large diameter tires give an impressive ground clearance. The highly accurate injection-molded resin body features many metal-plated parts including the removable muffler. With the quick release battery holder, you can easily and quickly change batteries without removing the body.

This cool-looking truck features tough metal diff gears. These can be locked to provide amazing off-road capabilities. It has an excellent low-speed performance and realistic gear changes. The slipper clutch protects the gears from shock to make sure that there will be a smooth operation.

This remote control truck has more features than it appears. You won’t regret making this purchase.

Key Features:

  • Durable ladder frame chassis features steel channel and resin cross members for high strength
  • 3-speed transmission allows gear changing and realistic low-speed driving
  • The differential may be easily locked in place to enable improved off-road performance
  • Required to Complete: 4-channel transmitter, ESC, and running battery and charger
  • Separately available Pick-Up Truck Multi-Function Unit MFC-02


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What You Need To Know

Let’s say you are new to remote control cars. And you have not decided yet that you want a remote control monster truck. So, your first question would be: ‘which RC car should I get?’ If you want to get serious with this hobby, you might want to change that question. So, it should be: ‘which type of car will I purchase?’

Car Type

There are several categories of RC cars that you can enjoy. Each remote control car has special functions. You can choose from major categories like street, drift, buggy, truggy, truck.

There are also other types of remote control cars such as pan, touring, scrawlers, SCTs, and others. However, these are more for the enthusiasts and special circuits. But don’t you worry, for you will undoubtedly learn about them if you get into building your RC vehicles or start joining competitions.


This type is your average street cars. Remote control street cars are typically unmatched regarding speed and cornering. RC street cars are the fastest and the best on paved and flat surfaces.

If you’re looking for something to drive in your backyard or you’re into cars with more power, don’t get this. Remote control street cars suffer tremendously on terrains that are rough. Some street cars are even useless on non-flat surfaces.


You have to be warned; drifting is not as easy as you might think. Remote control drifts cars are similar to on-road cars or normal cars. But these use slick tires for drifting around corners. Having slick tires could also be very useful on some tracks. You can slide around turns and can still get to be as fast as an on-road car. However, controlling an RC to drift correctly is quite a challenge.


Remote control buggies are a hybrid between the street and off-road RCs. This type of RC car works very well on flat surfaces. Buggies have the right height to handle off-roading.

A remote control buggy is the second fastest on the road. However, they are the slowest off-road. Usually, this is due to their low wheelbase.

If you were someone who could not decide yet what type of car they want, then a buggy is right for you. This is because buggies can be used for both. You can have it on-road or off-road.

According to one guide on RC cars, the off-road buggy is the vehicle that began the RC car craze. Off-road buggies have been very popular since.

What’s cool about this type of RC car is that buggies are of open-wheel design with lots of ground clearance. They have a full-travel suspension and knobby tires for lots of grips.

Buggies can travel almost anywhere and on any terrain. The rougher the terrain, the better ride it is.


Just like buggies, remote control triggies are hybrids too. They are a combination of the off-road buggy and monster trucks. RC truggies take the frame of a buggy. And, monster truck tires are put on it. Truggies are the third fastest on-road and the second slowest off-road.

Truggies have become just about the most popular type of RC vehicle. They have truck bodies and knobby truck tires on 1/10 scale off-road cars. Remote control truggies are very dependable, quite rugged, and very fast.


The last category on this guide is trucks. These are your remote control monster trucks. You must know that remote control monster trucks are pretty amazing off-road but can be very slow on the road. Remote control trucks may flip a lot when you try to make high speed turns. Therefore, remote control monster trucks are not the best for on the road.

Remote control monster trucks are your best option if you want to drive in the woods or the grass the most.

Although remote control monster trucks are not as fast as the buggies, they can climb, pull, and crush. Remote control monster trucks can make themselves known on any terrain.

Remote Control Monster Trucks are characterized to be extremely low to the ground and are designed for the full-size NASCAR and Indy-style cars. Monster trucks must have four huge, deep tread tires which are usually in 4WD configuration. Some designs even have four-wheel steering.

Was that able to help you? Do you still think remote control monster trucks are the coolest? Of course, you do. Remote control monster trucks are a real bad-ass. Monster trucks can take on any terrains, steep hills, and deep mud trenches. These are no problem for these beasts!

But no matter what type of vehicle you choose, the next part will still be helpful to your search.

Electric VS. Nitro

Now that you know what the major categories of remote control cars are, we now proceed to the power source of your vehicle. When it comes to the power source of remote control cars, you have two main options: electric or nitro fuel.

Electric Powered

Electric powered remote control cars are easy to get started with, cheaper, cleaner, and less maintenance. This is also better if you’re going to use your RC car at home. Electric powered remote control cars have faster acceleration.

However, having remote electric cars can sometimes spoil the fun. Your run time can be limited when you run out of power. And it takes five to eight hours to charge before you can play with your RC vehicle again.

One of the best thing that you can do is upgrade your battery pack. You can buy another with a stronger battery charger. But if you have issues with recharging, you can always choose to buy remote control cars powered by nitro fuel.

Nitro Fuelled

If you consider the nitro fuel alternative, you can refuel the car whenever it runs out of power. It is very convenient, and you have longer run times. These cars are loud but fast and powerful.

They are also more expensive compared to electric RC cars. These RC cars require maintenance, and you will have to buy oil and gas for these remote control cars.

If you are going to gift a remote control car to a kid, getting the nitro powered remote control car may not be a great idea. You have to consider the extra costs and work for maintenance, oil, and fuel.

What Brands To Check Out

Before purchasing the product, you also need to check the brand of the remote control monster truck. The name of the company can already tell you much about the quality and performance of what these remote control monster truck can do.


However, these cars and trucks start at about $300 and do not always include a battery pack and charger.

The Traxxas brand is part of remote control car history. Traxxas came to be as a result of wanting to offer a fully assembled, hobby-class RC car, back in 1986. The brand is the one responsible for the term Ready-to-Run. The term means that a car has a colorful body and is fully assembled right out of the box. However, Ready-to-run packages still offer the same perks as a hobby-class kit. These perks include a hop-ups, high-quality component radio system, and replaceable parts.

Traxxas has been able to continue innovating and pushing forward for over two decades. Traxxas remote control cars are very fast, durable, and of high quality. If you buy one of their models, you will rarely need to replace the broken or worn parts. You can buy their remote control monster trucks here.


The creativity of its design team is one of the company’s strongest assets. Since its inception in the 1980’s, the company has continued to perform so well. A big part of their success is that HPI has never been too afraid to take risks, especially in their design department. Because of taking those risks, it allowed the company, HPI to stand out from all its competitors. Their brave designers carved out an enviable reputation for the brand. If you want to take a look at their remote control monster trucks, you can check them out here.


Tamiya is the classic remote control car brand. The company has undoubtedly been making great RC cars for more than 30 years. Their cars do not easily break apart. Compared to other brands, the Tamiya cars start around $200. However, they are a bit slower than other brands for that cost due to their low-tech designs. To check out Tamiya remote control monster trucks, you can click here.


Exceed remote control cars are relatively the cheapest. However, they often require needing spare parts, and there is no need to have a rather high level of maintenance. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on your remote control car, then Exceed cars are definitely for you. To check out their remote control monster trucks, check out this page.


If you are new to this hobby, there is one thing you need to know about this company. Losi focuses on creating remote control cars that make getting started with RC driving as easy as possible. That is what’s awesome about Losi. The great cars they make are not just for the newbies. Even the most seasoned RC hobby veterans love their cars.

Losi also has a wide selection of accessories, fuel, electronics, and tools. They have parts that give the ability to customize your remote control experience as much as you like. If want to see Losi remote control monster trucks, check this page out.

Team Associated

Team Associated has a history that dates all way back to 1960’s. This amazing company knows exactly what it takes to create remote control cars. The remote control cars that they manufacture thrill the users that drive them. If you want to see the cars, they create including the remote control monster trucks, click here.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of which brands to consider. Continue reading to see the list of remote control monster trucks we prepared for you. We hope this could help you choose the best remote control monster truck that’s right for you.

Final Thoughts on Remote Control Monster Trucks

We hope you learned something from this article. Remember, it is not just the stunts nor looks that make remote control monster trucks so popular. It is also the customizability of these RC cars. We understand that picking the best remote control monster truck is not an easy task. You should keep in mind that the remote control vehicles that we have mentioned here, as well as those on the market, are not perfect. Each of them has its downsides. Again, we hope this guide can help you find the best remote control monster truck for you.