What You Should Be Wearing When Hiking

Last updated: February 19, 2019
Published 7:41 pm

It is a proven fact that in today’s busy world of smartphones and computers we do not venture into the great outdoors enough, and from a medical point of view that means we are missing out on important Vitamin D. Our bodies need Vitamin D to function properly. Sunlight can help produce more Vitamin D, which can enhance our moods by releasing endorphins. It can treat neonatal jaundice. For more than 100 years it was the prescribed treatment for tuberculosis. Not to mention that to be outdoors is also great for your general well-being and sanity.

One way to get outdoors, if you haven’t guessed yet, is to go hiking. I am a huge fan of this activity and think it is an awesome way to spend an afternoon. I love taking the kids out with me and they get to spend time getting in touch with nature, which unfortunately doesn’t happen enough. Yes we are all busy and stressing trying to make that deadline, but arrange a day, even if only one per month, and take your kids out; their questions and curiosity would surprise you.

My Average Hike?

A beautiful picturesque hiking trail high upNo matter where you live it’s important to check the hiking routes before you set off. While I live in a city we have mountains that are not too far. So I usually will get online and do some research before driving out. I also ensure that the path is appropriate when I take my kids with me. I recently did a hike that was extremely steep and am glad that I did not bring them along because they would probably not have made it up. So do yourself a favor by doing some research before you begin the hike.

What Shoes To Wear For Hiking?

Also it’s highly recommend that you have the proper shoes for hiking. The first time I ever went for a hike with my friends was wearing a pair of long distance running shoes, which I thought would be fine due to the durability and build quality, but 2 miles in and after encountering some mud and rough terrain, I learned that it was totally the wrong choice; they became ruined and soon ended up at the local goodwill.

Personally it’s recommended that you wear some ankle high boots for hiking. I think that the right boots offer great support and protection. You might be asking yourself, protection from what? Well in my area, snakes are extremely common and having the right boots could save your life. Check our hiking boot reviews for some of the top rated footwear on the market right now in 2017 for an idea of what you should be wearing for best results.

What Is Important In Hiking Shoes?

Besides the great support and protection that hiking boots offer there are other reasons to have the right pair before you hit the trails:

  • A person hiking on a rocky trailTraction is important and can save you from a tumble. If you are like me and don’t mind a steep hike, then you know the importance of good traction.
  • Good fitting is key, because you don’t want your feet sliding around inside. If your feet are sliding around, it could actually lead to blisters on your feet and ankle injury or worse.
  • Comfort is important and becomes more important the further you hike. Many trails can be miles upon miles long, so painful feet half way through your hike is not great.
  • Flip Flops, sandals, and any type of open toed shoe do not mix well with hiking for the obvious reasons. No support, No protection, and no comfort.

Where To Buy Good Hiking Shoes?

Many retailers offer hiking boots and shoes. A quick search on Amazon brought 1000’s of choices. REI offers a great selection. Dick’s Sporting Goods had a section of decent outdoor shoes as well. Walmart and Target even carried some but I would shy away from getting any from there. Please don’t misunderstand me I shop at those stores, but there just some things that I buy there and some things I do not, like hiking boots for example.

Why Should You Buy Hiking Shoes?

A pair of good hiking shoes are likely to last you longer than a cheaply made pair. I don’t buy the top of line, because, well quite frankly, I can’t afford it but I also don’t buy the cheapest pair either. I would prefer to spend a bit of money and have something that is going to last longer.

Hiking without the proper footwear would be like paddling without a paddle and using a long stick instead. Of course, you are going to be able to make it work, but it is going to take you longer and be a less than pleasurable experience.

So do yourself a favor and get some good footwear if you plan to hike, which if you made it this far into the article you are already thinking about going for a serious hike.

How Do You Take Care Of Your Hiking Shoes?

Walking down a muddy trailCleaning your hiking boots after each use will ensure that you get the most use out of them. This means don’t leave them at the door covered in mud; there are companies that make specific cleaners for this kind of dirt and mud. I recommend using these and making sure it is free of mud and all other debris.

Also, let’s face it, we all sweat and some of the worst places we sweat are our feet. So getting some foot powder to sprinkle inside after each hike can help. This way your boots don’t end up smelling worse than driving past a dairy farm on a hot summer day. If you haven’t experienced that yet, then you should give it a try, and my example will make more sense to you.

One other piece of advice when it comes to hiking shoes, or any shoe in general, is to invest in some insoles or inserts. Not only will it make your feet more comfortable, but it will make the naturally padding feel last longer.

We abuse our feet on a daily basis. They support us all day long, and depending on your job, that could be a very long time.  So be kind to your feet no matter what activity you are performing and consider getting the right shoes for the right job.