10 Steps To Healthy Feet

Last updated: February 19, 2019
Published 11:51 pm

Statistically its a common fact that most people neglect their feet. When people with foot problems are brought up to speed and advised on how best to proceed with further foot care, for most, the positive results are swift and fulfilling. For those who continue to neglect, it’s often the development of further problems that eventually gets their attention if not too late. Below we discuss the 10 easiest things to practice which lead to healthier feet:

#1 Overall Cleanliness

The key to healthy feet stems from hygiene. Without a sufficient knowledge and hygiene your feet will suffer. Therefore it goes without saying that first and foremost make sure your feet are always clean. This includes before you go to bed, but also before you wear any shoes or socks. Wearing shoes with dirty feet will dirty your insoles and eventually make this a breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn will add to the possibility of numerous foot diseases. The same goes for wearing socks with dirty feet. When you get sweaty feet mixed with dirt, odor and bacteria this will eventually lead to numerous foot problems.

#2 Keep Them Washed

A woman showing her healthy feetFollowing on from Point 1, wash them regularly, daily if possible, with warm soapy water. Scrub in between your toes gently without causing tissue damage, and then rinse thoroughly. Ensure there is no residue, dirt or other substance accumulated in between your toes after you rinse, because anything left behind can potentially cause friction which will have a detrimental affect on your soft toe inner area.

#3 Dry Thoroughly

Make sure they are always dried thoroughly with a clean towel after you wash them. The number of foot ailments which occur due to wet feet is surprisingly high. Foot bacteria thrive in warm, damp environments which means plenty of scope for infection which can be easily avoided by taking an extra minute to dry properly.

#4 Trimming Nails

If you need to trim your nails, using proper toe nail clippers it’s best to cut shortly after you wash your feet. This is because the nails are usually softer and easier to trim. Keeping your toenails short means less room for dirt to accumulate and infect.

#5 Protect Your Wounds

If you have any cuts or abrasions anywhere on make sure they are cleaned and covered with suitable dressings or plasters. This will protect the area and further prevent foot infection.

#6 See A Chiropodist

If you encounter any foot injury including sprains or other types of pain in the feet you must get this seen to as soon as possible by your GP. They can offer advice and medication in the form of ointments or gel; if need be they’ll refer you to a qualified Chiropodist. It’s important that foot pain isn’t ignored, because not only can it progressively get much worse if untreated, but can also lead to much serious issues such as knee or back problems.

A woman sat doing toe curls#7 Plenty Of Toe Curls

There are numerous foot exercises which you can perform to maintain strong and pain free feet. However the easiest way to benefit them is to keep your toes active by regularly pointing and curling them for 5-10 seconds at a time, with your shoes off. This will help prevent future foot problems such as toe cramps or spasms.

#8 Have A Rest

Avoid standing on your feet all day. Sometimes this is unavoidable, for example nurses may sometimes perform 12+ hour shifts which often involve lengthy periods of standing up. When possible, give those precious feet a rest, put them up and relax. Even if you’re wearing the most comfortable shoes, nothing beats putting your feet up for a little rest. Regularly doing this will prevent getting swollen feet, heel pain, lower back pain, and much more.

A woman using a foot massager#9 Pamper Them Occasionally

A regular foot massage once per week for 5 minutes can do wonders. Not only is it relaxingly therapeutic, it helps ease the muscles and toes of tension, and also improves blood circulation. Nowadays you can buy a foot massager for less than $50 online or from most high street retailers. If you can use your hands and massage yourself then great; better yet, get your partner to massage for you and then return the favor.

#10 Wear Only The Best

Characteristics of the shoes you wear has a massive effect on your foot health. Choose sturdy shoes with sufficient arch support to prevent a collapsed arch or flat feet. Also ensure they provide good grip, balance and padding to prevent any type of foot injury. The best shoes for your feet are ones that fit correctly. It’s important that shoe fitment isn’t too loose else you will struggle to get adequate support when walking or running. On the flip-side, when shoes are too small your toes will cramp up and eventually lead to the requirement for specialist footwear.