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When you go to the internet and search argan oil hair treatment, many results will come up of people raving about argan oil. Most argan oil reviews revolve around the fact that this essential oil is worth the money and lives up to the hype. In this article, we will find out why.

We suggest you get these products before you do your argan oil hair treatment. This is to give you an idea of what brand of argan oil to buy and where to buy it. Also, it won’t hurt to add some argan hair masks and conditioners in your cart while you’re at it.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment Products

The Argan oil treatment from Agadir encourages healthier hair growth and repairs brittle and frizzy hair. Agadir specializes in argan oil but they have a lot more products to offer. You can check out their website here.

Key Features:

  • Made for all hair types
  • Hydrates and conditions
  • Enriched with vitamin E


Argan Oil Treatment
4 Oz
  • Makes hair shiny and smooth
  • Not oily
  • Too pricy for a single bottle

This hair mask and deep conditioner from Arvazallia is a professional salon treatment product that can instantly transform your hair’s texture leaving it soft, silky and easier to manage. This is part of the Arvazallia advanced hair repair system that was specially formulated by the brand to solve numerous hair problems. To know more about them, click here.

Key Features:

  • Repairs and restore damaged hair
  • Deeply conditions dull and dry hair


Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair
8.45 Oz
  • Makes hair soft and silky
  • Does not give consistent results

The Argan oil hair mask from ArtNaturals protects the hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun. With a combination of natural argan oil, protein, and amino acids, it can deeply moisturize and smoothen your hair. ArtNaturals is known for natural hair-treating products so one cannot definitely go wrong with them.

Key Features:

  • Protects hair from UV rays
  • For all types of hair
  • Has restorative formula


Argan Oil Hair Mask
8 Oz / 226g
  • Deeply moisturizes and conditions
  • Has essential oils
  • Fights hair loss
  • Inconsistency in delivering products
  • Problems with packaging

The argan oil treatment from One N Only promises to help protect your hair from chemicals and excessive heat from styling and as well as other environmental factors. Know more about One N Only here.

Key Features:

  • Has ion-saturated bristles
  • Gives maximum shine


One N’ Only
Argan Oil Treatment
8 Ounce
  • Is both hair and skin treatment
  • Pleasant scent
  • Not pure argan oil

It’s been proven that “Royal Formula”, hydrates as well as restores your weak and damaged hair. This hair mask from Nature’s Potent is clean-smelling and promises to give you the royal treatment.

Key Features:

  • Moisturizes and repairs damaged hair
  • 100% organic
  • Promotes natural hair shine


Nature’s Potent
“Royal Formula” Argan Oil Hair Mask
8 Oz
  • Works for all hair types
  • Promotes new hair follicle growth
  • Some ingredients are misleading

Renewing argan oil from Organix works to deeply heal damaged hair. Organix features hair and body collection containing essential oils for an effective product line.

Key Features:

  • Works well with damaged hair
  • Fights frizz


Renewing Moroccan Argon Oil
30 fl. oz.
  • Protects hair from heat and UV rays
  • Moisturizes and smoothens hair
  • Beware of imitations
  • Not pure Argan oil

What is Argan Oil?

Commonly known as Argania Spinosa kernel oil in Morocco, Argan Oil is considered as Liquid Gold by professionals because of its numerous healing and hydrating properties. It is one of the rarest oils in the world because it can only be harvested from a tree found in Agana Village.

The oil was already a popular oil even in the early 1550 BC. It was so rare and expensive that when it reached Europe, only the rich can afford to use it.

Many researchers and scientists have grown a fascination with argan oil because of its many benefits. Residents of Morocco used argan oil before to treat ailments and cook their food. Today, people utilize it as a cosmetic product and an in-demand one at that. It contains Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Antioxidants which are needed for our hair, for argan oil hair treatment; and skin, for moisturizing and such.

The demand for Argan oil caused the harvest to decrease gradually. Thus, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) gave it a Biosphere Reserve status to protect the rare tree and at the same time recognize its significance in the environment.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Since you are reading this article, you want to know how to use argan oil as a hair treatment. Argan oil has a lot of benefits, but using it for argan oil hair treatment is probably one of its most popular uses. This is very easy and professional hair stylists recommend you do a deep argan oil hair treatment once a month for better and more consistent results.

Treatments done in salons can cost a lot. That is why it is better to just buy argan oil and do your treatments at home like this at-home argan oil hair treatment. This will save you a ton of money and energy. This can also be a great way to relax at home and bond with your loved ones. If you have never done oil therapy before then you have to know that this might take up some of your time. But we assure you that this argan oil hair treatment is a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

For Deep Argan Oil Hair Treatment

1. Lather a small amount of oil into your palms
2. Comb the oil in your hair
3. Make sure to massage the oil into your scalp
4. Pay more attention to the extra damaged areas of your hair by applying more oil to it
5. Repeat the process until you feel like you have covered everything

It is normal for your hair to feel heavy and oily at this point of the argan oil hair treatment. Wrap your head with a plastic shower cap to keep the heat in. On top of that, cover your head again with a towel. Leave this on for at least 30 minutes.

You can do other things while waiting so you won’t have to think about the time too much. After 30 minutes, you can now rinse off and don’t forget to apply shampoo to remove any excess oil in your hair and scalp. That is how you do an argan oil hair treatment.

Aside from argan oil hair treatment, another treatment you can do is by using keratin. To get rid of frizz and for your hair repair needs, we have a Brazilian keratin treatment guide that you can do at home. This treatment also works for women with curly hair and those with natural black hair.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment Tips

When using argan oil in your argan oil hair treatment, the amount you put depends on how long your hair is and the kind of treatment you are making. For regular conditioning of the hair, very little argan oil is needed. On the other hand, when you are making a deep argan oil hair treatment, like the one we discussed earlier, a lot more oil is to be used to revive and rescue damaged hair.

These hair treatments are applied both to the hair and the scalp. They target damaged areas in the hair such as frizz, burnt hair and split ends. Argan oil hair treatment is effective and even celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and much more are raving about it. The secret is definitely out—Argan oil is the key to bringing back naturally beautiful and healthy hair.

Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil is not only great for the hair, but for the skin as well. Here are the most talked about benefits of argan oil. Read on to find out more about this so-called liquid gold.

Face Moisturizer

Because it is absorbed quickly by the skin, argan oil is great for moisturizing. After cleansing, pour a small amount into your palm then apply. Do this in a circular motion from your face down to your neck. You may need to use a little more than a small amount of argan oil during the dry season.

It is safe to use around your eyes because it is gentle to the skin. Since it contains vitamin A and vitamin E, it can greatly help in reducing fine wrinkles and keep the eye area moisturized. In addition to that, a recent study showed that argan oil also contains anti-aging properties.


If you are into skin care then you should definitely know that toners are very important. To achieve that natural glowing skin, add 2-4 drops of argan oil into your favorite drugstore toner. But, you can also make your own homemade toner- all natural and chemical free!

Let your green tea bag sleep in a cup of boiling water for at least 10 minutes. Then, remove the tea bag and let it cool. Afterward, add 1-2 drops of argan oil and another essential oil of your choice, may it be orange, lemon, tea tree or etc. Voila! Your toner is done. Use this twice a day for better results.


Since we are all about homemade products here, let us teach you once again how to make your very own exfoliator. Those in beauty shops are expensive so this will definitely save you money.

In a container, combine 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and few drops of argan oil. Place the mixture in your hand then rub it in your face. Do this in a circular motion for 5 minutes. Keep in mind to put more on your problem areas such as the acne-prone and dry parts of your face. When done, rinse with warm water then towel off.

Exfoliating your skin regularly helps in removing dead skin cells, wrinkles, and fine lines. Without these, your face will look younger and healthier. You can use this exfoliating formula on your elbows and heels as well.


Much like tea tree oil, argan oil has also been proven to work effectively against acne. Argan oil works by reducing the inflammation caused by pimples and well as those caused by rashes, infections, and bug bites while helping soothe the damaged skin all at the same time. This is made possible because of linoleic acid that is present in argan oil.
This is very easy to use. Just drop a small amount of argan oil into your problem areas then massage in circular motion. For best results, use the all-natural toner formula we mentioned beforehand.

Remedy for stretch marks

Who likes stretch marks, right? If this is one of your skin problems then worry no more because argan oil is the answer to your dilemma. Argan oil helps inhibit the appearance of stretch marks through improving the elasticity of your skin.

With just two to three drops of argan oil in areas where stretch marks are likely to appear such as stomach, hips, thighs and more, your skin will be revitalized and moisturized.

Bumps and burns treatment

To soothe those uncomfortable and unwanted razor bumps and burns, argan oil is your go-to remedy. These bumps and burns appear when men shave their beards or when women shave their legs. To effectively get rid of them, massage the affected area with one to two drops of argan oil. This should be done regularly.

Body Moisturizer

Moisturizing is not just for the face but for the whole body too! All-natural and chemical-free whole body moisturizers like coconut oil are important to relieve those dry patches in your heels, elbows and other problem areas. Just add a few drops of argan oil into your moisturizer for best results.


The argan hair oil treatment is not just the only way to make the best out of this wonder oil. You can also use this every day as a leave on conditioner. This non-greasy oil will make styling your hair so much easier. Also, it helps repair those unwanted split ends and serves as a protection from the heat of hair dryers, curlers or irons.

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, apply the appropriate amount of argan oil. Be sure to rub all around and massage on your scalp. Research also says that argan oil promotes hair growth. Check this out to know more about growing out new hair.

There are a lot of other conditioning hair treatments (even unusual ones like the caramel hair treatment) that you can try, click here for some natural alternatives for your perusal.

Lip conditioner

Bet you didn’t know this- Argan oil is a wonderful treatment for those chapped lips and as a lip balm substitute. Just rub one to two drops of argan oil into your lips and you are good to go! The oil can keep your lips smooth and soft. This will come in handy during the winter season.

Nail and cuticle treatment

The non-greasy nature of argan oil is a perfect treatment for cuticles and nails because it will help them be conditioned and moisturized. When applying, remove all nail polish and rinse your nails thoroughly. One drop directly into each nail will already go a long way. Rub the oil on your nail bed and cuticle then leave on for a few minutes.

Foot Treatment

Last but definitely not the least benefit of argan oil, it can be used as a foot treatment for those cracks in the feet or heels. Two drops of argan oil into the problem areas and covering them with a pair of socks should do the trick. But if your skin is really dry, you might want to apply more.

For other uses of argan oil, read this article to know more about why Argan Oil is such a bathroom cabinet staple.

Conclusion on Argon Oil Hair Treatment

To achieve naturally beautiful hair and glowing skin, one must also keep in mind to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Any natural product won’t do you good if you have vices and unhealthy practices and activities. At the end of the day, the change must begin from within.