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Kids Teepee – Spark fun and creativity

Sara Fletcher
Published 4:34 pm

You might notice your little kids build a mini fort or a cute hideout in your house somewhere. They may do it with the use of your kitchen table, cardboard boxes, blankets, cushions and pillows with their favorite toys. Kids will just basically take anything they can see and use to build their very own makeshift fort, and this type of activity will undeniably help enhance your kids’ already amazing creativity. You can make it easier for your kids and at the same time let them have fun and explore their creativity, by getting them a really cute and adorable kids teepee. Not only that it will make them really giddy and happy, but you’re also giving them a safe playground where they can play, learn, and be creative all at the same time.

Kids teepees set-up indoor or outdoor also provide an imaginative, warm, and cozy play for your children. You can even join them too for really fun and interactive bonding time. An adorable kids teepee will also look good pitched-up in a playroom, in your kids’ room, or even in the family room. It would be an instant decor and play corner all at the same time. Kids teepee can become the best at leisure and function that is why it has become popular among children and the whole family as well.

Benefits of a kids teepee

Boost imagination and creativity during play time

Building something always boosts one’s creativity and imagination. Setting up a kids teepee with your child will help them learn a lot and explore their own sense of imagination and creativity. Let your kids help in decorating and beautifying your teepee. Children can let their imagination make magic in ways that you would not expect, and you may be surprised at how creative your child can get. They can set their teepee up as their own castle, workplace, a magical chamber, or whatever their creative minds set it to be.

Your kids can come up with the greatest and fun stories while playing inside their teepees. As a parent, you can boost their imagination by starting a plot for their stories to be and let them continue and play it out. In that way, you can also encourage them not only to have fun, but also have a creative play. There is totally nothing a perfect kids teepee cannot do to make your beloved little one’s playtime a little more imaginative and creative.

Socializing and bonding time

Best-Play-Teepee-Tent-for-KidsKids inside their teepee and creating their own world, tend to start a very imaginative play. Through engaging in such fun activity, your kids also improve their social skills. Teepee play time is when they get the chance to talk and share their stories with their playmates, siblings or even with you. They get a beautiful experience at socializing by wanting to share not only their teepee but also the toys and favorite pillows that they’ve brought inside with them. When children help in putting up a teepee, they get to learn the value of cooperation and helping to achieve a goal. During their playtime inside, they also get to know how to share, take turns, communicate, and listen to each other. They learn about the importance of interaction and how to negotiate rules and follow them.

It is also nice that you participate in what they do inside the teepee, get a role in their play like becoming their helper, cook or even their castle knight. Your kids will totally appreciate your presence but don’t restrict them, and you should avoid telling them what to do. Children tend to be more confident in a play structure that they helped in the building or a space that they can call their own. You will be surprised how your kid takes control of the environment he or she is in. And you’ll get nothing but a joyous smile and a bonding time that you and your kid will always treasure.

Physical and mental development

white tipi kidsChildren at very young ages tend to retain the knowledge they gained through a fun experience. When playing inside the teepee they learn many things from their friends and siblings, they learn new words and may develop new rules. If on their own, they also tend to manage and solve problems without your help. Child play can help a lot in cognitive development, they learn through thought, their experiences, and their senses. During your interaction with them, you can also teach them important things so that they can easily remember them. It is also nice if you incorporate educational toys during their teepee play time. Good educational toys include building blocks, color matching puzzles, interactive/electronic toys, and more. It is important that you let them play with toys that are appropriate for their age and should not be a choking hazard.

Playing inside a teepee would also require the little ones to move a lot, therefore developing them physically. For younger kids who are still not that stable on their feet, they can practice crawling and manage their tiny movements while moving in and out of the teepee. This can help the kids build confidence in their steps and at the same time help them build steadiness on their feet. For the older kids, they can use also their skills in tying and knotting the windows and door flaps of the teepee. They also get to develop their motor skills when helping to put up, clean and adjust the interior.

Picture-perfect nook

children room, beautiful white backgroundBelieve it or not, a fab-looking indoor kids teepee can be a picture perfect decor at the same time. Put them up at one place and brighten them up with fairy lights and cute stuffed toys and you’ll have a picture-perfect corner that you and your kids will totally love. If you are planning to have a kids teepee permanently put up in a room, it is important that you also train your child to keep it clean and organized. Do not let them leave without arranging the toys they’ve played with. If your teepee has lights that hung on them, educate them on how they should not play with the wires and electricity. Instill in them that their safety while playing is very important.  

Your kids will eventually grow up, and you can let them redecorate the teepee in their room. They can turn the teepee where they used to play with into a reading spot or even a study corner. A good and sturdy teepee can also be a place where your kids can squeeze in and watch movies together.

Play and nap corner in one

kids teepee green and white stripesWe all know that if kids adore a certain spot, they would also likely love to snooze in it too. In the morning, when kids have too high of energy, they can use the teepee as a play area. You can let them bring their favorite toys in or just simply let their imaginations run and play whatever fun and the safe way they want to. In the afternoon, when they eventually get tired, you can let them bring their favorite pillows, blankets, and stuffed toys inside the teepee too so that they can get a good nap and rest in their own little space.

However, it is important to tell your child that it is nice to take naps in a teepee when you can watch them but they should always sleep at night on the bed. We are aware that most children toss and turn when asleep at night, and that may cause unwanted collapsing of the teepee. A collapsed teepee can get your child covered in the canvas or material of the teepee without you knowing it. You should only let your child in their teepees to play and nap when you are around, or any reliable guardian is.

Kids’ own place

mamadrey88-teepee-little-girl-playroom with large windows“All children benefit from time spent alone. A peaceful mind is a fertile place for growing fresh ideas and creativity. Solitude is a must for all children to renew their spirits when they’re very tired from too many stimuli. We need to value quiet time and solo pursuits just as much as we value socialization and engagement in group activities.” (Michaels, J.)

You may notice certain moments that your kids want a place of their own. This makes them build their own fortress or just play inside their rooms. But the thought of your children being in their own private place without your supervision will really scare you. Then, worry no more since a kids teepee is a very great solution. Being inside their own teepee space can block sensory overload and overstimulation from an external environment, therefore, giving them their own private space with you still being able to look on them. A good kids teepee will give them they’re own safe and cozy spot to let them collect themselves and let them have their alone time.

Best kids teepee


Little Dove Kid’s Foldable Teepee Play Tent


70.9 x 47.2 x 47.2 inches.

Color: Taupe/beige or natural canvas color.

white large tipi for childrenThese teepee tents are made of 100% natural, unpainted and non-toxic canvas. The pinewood poles are also free of chemical odors and any harmful substances. This kids teepee has curtains and front flaps that can be completely closed. It also has inner pockets so that the kids may be able to store their trinkets and little stuff and even their milk bottles inside. Putting this teepee up is so easy that it could be done by just one adult. You can also effortlessly put this teepee up with your kids. The Little Dove’s teepee play tent is lightweight and comes with a carrying case making it portable and easy to carry around. When the teepee gets a bit dirty, you can wash it in cold water and steam-iron it afterward. This foldable teepee is great indoors but may also be used in plane surfaces outdoors.

Tiny Land Kids Teepee Tent


47.2 x 47.2 x 59.1 inches.


Available in white, gray zigzag stripes, pink and white stripes, black and white stripes.

white and blue printed tipiThe TinyLand Kids Teepee tent is great for both indoor and outdoor fun. This can be a great shade when playing out in the summer, or a private playing space inside the house. This kids teepee is made from 100% natural, non-toxic, unpainted, safe and breathable cotton canvas. The poles are also made of sturdy pine wood and free from harmful substances. The teepee can also be wider or narrow by moving the wood poles. The play teepees from Tiny Land are made of high-quality materials that will not easily wear out so that your kids can enjoy them for a longer period of time. The materials are also lightweight, so they are portable and easy to carry around. It is not recommended to bleach this teepee when cleaning, soap and water will do perfectly fine.

DalosDream Teepee Tent


48x48x56 inches


Available in gray stripe, navy stripe, pink stripe, white, and printed teepees.

gray and white tipiThe teepees from DalosDream are made of 100% breathable cotton canvas that are very durable and super safe as well.  They are strong and durable enough to be able to last for years. The poles are made of natural wood with plastic connectors for easy assembly. The poles and connectors are also strong enough to withstand child’s play inside the teepee tent. It is also very easy to assemble and set-up. This kids teepee are adorably adorned with flaps as doors, and it has windows too! It is mostly used indoors but can also be used outdoors such as the park or the beach. The material of the teepee is soft making it easy to fold for easy storage and portability.

Asweets Kids 5 Walls Tent Teepee


43.3 x 43.3 x 53.9 inches


Available in little bear blue and floral pink.

children tipi teepeh to play in, green color and wood frameThis 5 walled kids teepee by Asweets is made of heavy cotton canvas. It is super durable, thick, and even environment-friendly. The poles of the teepee are made of smooth wood that is strong and will not easily break. It is very spacious and could fit 3 children inside. This kids teepee is made to be used indoors. If you need to use it outdoors, just be sure to put it up on a smooth surface and not under the scorching heat of the sun. The Asweets kid’s teepee is also very easy to assemble, easy to dismantle, and easy to carry. It comes with a carrying bag for portability and easy packing.


KidKraft Deluxe Teepee


46.9 x 46.9 x 60.2 inches.


Available in navy/gray and pink/gray.

blue and white tipi for children bedroom and playroom


The KidKraft creates perfect little hideaway teepees for your kids. Their teepees are made from canvas and bamboo poles that are very lightweight and super durable. It has mesh windows and flaps that can be tied. In that way, your kids can have a bit of little private meetings inside. They are made simple and easy to assemble and store or carry around as well. These teepees are made for indoor use only.


Love Tree Teepee


43.3 x 59 x 70.9 inches.


White canvas with fun prints.

Love Tree Canvas Teepee With Carry Case Children Playhouse Canopy Tent Black and White Tree Style

This kids teepee can be used for both indoor and outdoor play. It is made of durable and thick cotton canvas that is flame retardant and mildew resistant. The poles used for this teepee is made from untreated New Zealand pines. These poles carry the relaxing scent of natural pine. This kids teepee is made from very strong and durable material. So it can stand long hours and even years of kids’ play time. The materials are also free from harsh chemicals making this teepee 100% safe for your little ones. This teepee has tie-down doors, a window on the side, and pockets on the inside. You can get this teepee up in just a few minutes since it is super easy to assemble. It is also easy to clean as well; it can be hand washed with mild detergent or soap and hang it up to dry.

Decorate your kid’s teepee

glow in the dark tipi, good gift item, reviewed item

Fairy lights

Added fairy lights will make the teepee make a more comforting and cozy zone for your kids, especially at night. Lights will also promote a relaxing environment and perfect for a magical and fairytale glow. You can wind the lights around the poles, or around the entrance area of your kid’s teepee. Check out: A Mustard Seed Toys Kids Teepee Tent Lights.

Teepee mat

The mats you put inside the teepee are not only for decoration but protection as well. These teepee mats provide a soft and comfortable floor for your kids when playing. It will also protect them from unwanted sudden falls or heavy sits. They will also become more comfortable to sit and lie down if you equip your teepee with a soft mat. You can choose a quilted mat for a more pretty effect or just a regular one. Check out: Cozy Culture Teepee Tent Play Mat.

Pillows and cushions

A comfy pillow will make a better kids teepee. Added pillows and cushions will help turn a boring teepee into a very comfortable place for your kids to play, lounge, and doze off. It will also make the surrounding more soft and safe. In that way, you won’t have to worry about head bumps on the floor, wall or poles. Check out: Phantoscope decorative throw pillows.

Stuffed toys

It is not necessary that you will buy a bunch of stuffed toys just for the teepee. You can let your children bring their favorite toys inside. But there’s no pain in adding a few items to your kids’ collection, anyway. Glow in the dark toys and stickers will be cool too. Check out: Bedwina Stuffed Animals.

Things to consider when buying a kids teepee

Usage: Indoor or Outdoor

You need to consider where you would want to put or use your kid’s teepee. Whether it be placed up in your garden or yard, or just inside the house or your kids’ room. Not all kids teepees are made from same materials. Some are made to be used outdoors, some only for indoors. There are teepees that can be used for both indoors and outdoors. The kid’s teepee that you’ll choose should be age appropriate as well.


Your area or room space is a very important thing consider when choosing a kids teepee. You would not want to get a teepee that is way too big for the room. It will occupy too much space, and it would seem like you have the room just for the teepee. If you have big space or prepared a space for a teepee in a playroom, then it is totally okay to splurge on a large one that you can easily accommodate.

Size and capacity

It is important that you choose a teepee that will be able to accommodate not only 1 or 2 kids. The teepee must be able to cater multiple children or all your kids, if possible. Size-wise, it will also be nice if you can get to crouch in there without destroying the teepee. So that you can join them during playtime or story time. If your kid also loves having friends or cousins over, you may opt for a teepee with a larger size. In that way, you can give them maximum enjoyment, comfort, and interaction. 


Every parent would surely love to give the best to their children. But it is also nice to know that giving the best for them would not necessarily mean that you need to splurge and spend too much. Considering your budget is very important. Choose one that you can afford without burning a hole in your pocket. You will be glad to know that there are kids teepees that are of excellent quality and are not that expensive.

Convenient and Durable

The teepee you’re going to choose should also be durable enough to support more than one kid inside. The teepee should be able to hold up if it gets hung with designs, trinkets, and tiny toys. It should also not fall down everytime kids get in and out of the teepee. The kid’s teepee you’re going to buy should be made of durable materials. So that it can last long enough to make your money’s worth.

Easy to assemble

You would totally want to set your teepee up with your kids, and it will be more fun if it’s easy to assemble. You would not want a kids teepee that would have way too much-complicated parts. A nice teepee should always be easy to put up and really easy to dismantle. It should also be easy to keep as well, to avoid stress for you and your kids.

Style and features

A kids teepee could be elegantly designed with lace or can be adorned with bolder colors and huge drawings. No matter what design, it should be perfect for you and your kids. It is important that you pick a style or design that will suit your kids’ taste. It is also nice if it will fit your preferences too. One notable feature that kids will love is the window in the teepee. They tend to love it since it gives a more realistic feel to the teepee.


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