8 Reasons To Have Home Laser Hair Removal

Today we are going to give you 8 reasons to have home laser hair removal. 

According to a recent poll, shaving your legs is the most hated chore in a women’s beauty routine.

So, if somebody gave you the chance to never have to shave or wax again then you would probably bite their hand off. Cuts, razors burns and pulling dry wax off your skin can be an absolute nightmare. 

1. Long lasting results

One of the most compelling reasons to have laser hair removal are the long lasting results you can achieve. Although home laser hair removal is not totally permanent, users should expect to see between a 70% – 90% reduction in hair regrowth. Also, once you have completed a full treatment schedule the results should last for about 3 years. Home Laser hair removal technology was approved by the FDA in 2008. Since then the industry has gone from strength to strength.

2. Can save you money

Home laser hair removal can totally save you money. In Salon treatments can range anywhere between $75 – $250. If you were to buy a home laser device then you wouldn’t expect to pay any more than $450. Plus, you can treat your body as many time as you like. We have posted a blog on home laser hair removal reviews, click here to read it. You might want to also read this to find out what are the best models on the market are.

3. Compatible with more skin and hair tones

Up until recently, home laser hair removal was very restrictive in terms of which hair and skin color was suitable. Syneron Beauty have developed something called Elos technology, which allows laser to treat a much wider range of skin and hair colors. 

4. Home comfort

Home laser hair removal gives you the freedom to perform salon standard treatments within the comfort of your own home. With home laser devices you have more flexibility to schedule treatments around your lifestyle. No more waiting for appointment because it’s all on your own terms. Plus, doing  laser treatments at home prevents any worries about revealing your private parts to a complete stranger.

5. No more bleaching

Bleaching your facial hair is the last result for most women, however many still do. Bleaching doesn’t give you a smooth hair free surface like laser hair removal does. The results you achieve don’t last for very long. Plus you have to put up with the bleaches horrible odour. Consistently bleach your facial hair can leave your skin very dry and also make your hair very brittle. Most worryingly, bleaching your body can potentially mess with your skin pigmentation.

6. You will look great in a Bikini

Wearing a bikini can be a daunting prospect for a lot of women. So why not help yourself by permanently removing the hair in those sensitive areas. Having smooth hair free skin under your arms, and on your bikini line, will make you the envy of every women on the beach. Pose in confidence instead of worrying about razor cuts and rogue hair patches.    

7. No more Ingrowing hairs with home laser hair removal

Skin irritation and ingrowing hairs are the last thing you want to appear on your skin. They can be embarrassing which can effect your confidence. The most common cause for these issues are shaving and waxing. Home laser hair removal stops this problems because shaving and waxing is no longer required.

8. Men can do it too

The modern man is much more conscious about the way they look. Men are dressing better and being more aware of their personal hygiene. Laser hair removal is a trend that is growing more and more with men. With the introduction of unisex laser devices, men can start to keep them self looking neat and tidy