Why Feet Do The Things They Do

Last updated: February 20, 2019
Published 12:58 pm

The human body does some crazy things. Some are weird, some are strange, and others are funny. The human body is amazing and incredible beyond belief, even today we learn new things about it. One area of the body that gets a little less attention than other parts is our feet, which support us all day long and we rarely give it a second thought. That is unless something happens to them. Perhaps they become sweating or begin to smell, something we have all experienced. Sometimes feet swell, it’s their way of talking and telling us something. There might be a chance that feet peel and this again is a sign that something is amiss with your shoes. We have all experienced that feeling of pins and needles as feet fall asleep. It can be important to listen and watch for signs because you never know what they are trying to tell you.

In this short article we discuss some of the most common questions which are to do with swelling, peeling and sleeping feet:

Why Do Feet Swell?

A woman with swollen feetThe more we are stood throughout the day, the more chances of getting swelling feet. Normal swelling is common and nothing to be afraid of in most cases. Now if feet swelling is followed with experiencing headaches, pain, visions changes, or even nausea and vomiting, then you might have a problem. Sometimes women will experience swollen feet during pregnancy, although some swelling is normal during the stages of pregnancy. If you experience sudden swelling it could be a sign of high blood pressure especially if it comes with a headache or vision loss. If you experience some kind of ankle or foot injury, you may also later end up with swollen feet. Usually the swelling of injuries is accompanied by pain too. Swelling of the feet can be early signs of problems including kidney failure, cardiac conditions, and even liver failure. Those that abuse drugs can also expect feet swelling. What can you do about all this? Drink lots of water, reduce dietary salt intake, and rest your legs as needed, preferably on a table or stool above your sat down waistline.

Why Do Feet Peel?

Peeling skin from underneath toesAnother issue that people experience is peeling feet. It really should come as no surprise though considering the exposure that they experience; a hot, warm, and damp environment while in shoes. If you take them out and wear sandals, they get to experience sun, wind, rain, and all other kinds of fun weather that you actively protect the majority of the body from. Some common causes of feet peel include allergies, infections, and even cancer. Peeling feet could also be an indicator of athlete’s foot, a fungal infection, dermatitis, or just plain old dry skin. Many of these can be addressed with certain methods such as the use of lotions and medicated creams for example, address a fungal infection through the use of anti-fungal creams. However, if the dry skin is the result of an infection, best advice is to see a doctor for the proper antibiotics to treat the source of infection. No matter the source, it is important to address and if you feel unable to treat alone, it is important to seek the care of a doctor.

Why Do Feet Fall Asleep?

We have all been there, sitting enjoying a nice movie. Then as it ends, we attempt to get up only to find that a foot or both are numb. After the numbness dissipates the real fun begins and we begin to feel that feeling of pins and needles. It can be a tingling, a burning, or even a dull pain. Normally this feeling occurs after you have been in the same position for an extended period of time. What has occurred is that you have effectively cut off communication of that body part from your brain. The pressure which was placed on that part has squeezed the nuero pathways so tightly that the nerve impulses couldn’t flow from the brain to the body part. The pressure also cuts off the arteries which normally would supply nutrients to the body. That felling of your feet falling sleep is your bodies way of telling you that something just isn’t right. Therefore, it is critical that you force yourself to get up and get moving for at least a few minutes every hour, we know it is sometimes difficult to remind yourself to do that, and that is why there are so many awesome smart washes that can help you pre-program those instructions automatically. Lack of movement can cause some severe issues if it continues for multiple years, get moving if you can!