Zumba Clothes – The Do’s And Don’ts

Last updated: February 19, 2019
Published 12:25 am

A lot of people know the importance of regular exercising and indulge in different tasks such as running, going to the gym, swimming, 7-minute workout and more, but within a short span of time, they start to feel monotony setting into their daily routine. Do you also feel the same? Do you find working out dull and boring?

If yes, then switch to Zumba classes. This is a dance fitness program which has upto 11 different types of workout, allowing you to train your complete body without feeling monotonous. It uses a fusion of Latin beats and was created by Colombian choreographer and dancer Alberto Perez. The Latin beats have an energy of its own and it is almost impossible to resist movement.

While you must have read hundreds of articles giving out advice on what to wear to Zumba fitness classes, today we give you an insight on what not to wear to the class to stay comfortable. So read on!

Our Zumba Attire Top Tips


Females wearing vibrant clothes for ZumbaWhen it comes to picking up the right clothes for Zumba, you should steer clear of cotton clothes. This is an intense cardio workout and you will definitely sweat a lot. If you choose to wear cotton clothes, you will stay wet throughout the session as cotton absorbs sweat but does not release it quickly. Instead, you should go in with moisture wicking fabric to stay clean and fresh throughout the session.


Again when talking about suitable Zumba clothes, try to avoid low cut tops as it’s not the ideal time to wear revealing shirts. When performing Zumba fitness, you will be bouncing, jumping, and moving around a lot and a top that reveals too much might not leave anything to the imagination. Pick up snug fitting shirts to ensure no accident happens.


When it comes to bottoms there is an abundance of choice, and all are great! Provided you don’t wear your work trousers or favorite jeans, simply consider any of the following: capri leggings, long leggings, harem sweatpants, cargo pants, long shorts, hotpants.. The list is plentiful!


Whilst working out people generally prefer to wear form fitting clothes, and considering wearing tighter pants is usually the first choice, nobody likes the associated panty lines. Thus to avoid these panty lines, most women often choose to wear thongs instead. However, this is not the answer. Zumba workouts involve a lot of sweating, moving, bending and going around which give rise to sweat. Thongs upon getting wet can cause a lot of irritation further leading to infection in your delicate parts. Instead of going in with thongs, you can choose to wear seamless underwear designed with a sweat-wicking material.


A dancer doing up her Zumba shoesWhen it comes to choosing the best shoes for Zumba, do not go in with heavy weight sneakers or ones that make it difficult for the feet to breathe. Rather you should pick up high quality lightweight shoes that are specially designed for high impact dance. You can go in with canvas or leather shoes. However, it must be remembered that you should always get your hands on the right pair of dance sneakers, because unsuitable ones can lead to slips and trips which will lead to serious injury. Zumba do have their own brand, but you could also try the likes of Ryka, Puma, Bloch, Asics, Capezio and New Balance, all of which are great for a good workout.

To Summarize

Zumba is a fun, high energy and entertaining exercise regime that will keep you entertained forever. Therefore, it is important to pick up the right clothes and shoes to indulge in all the jumping, exercising, dancing and cardio movement with ease. By knowing what not to wear, you will get a clear picture of what exactly you should be wearing to the class. So are you ready to look and feel great during a fun and high energy regime..?