Last updated: February 19, 2019

Best ECX RC Monster Trucks, Circuit Stadium Trucks, and Desert Buggy

Sara Fletcher
Published 10:10 am

As our world demands more of our time and our attention, our stress and anxiety levels are now at an all-time high. We have been bombarded with so many workloads and school work to the point that we are having a rough time managing these. Too much of these could result in various mental health issues, whether it may be depression or anxiety. This is the reason why more and more people are inclined towards various forms of hobbies.

Top RC Truck Selections – A Few of Our Favorites!

Hobbies let us escape our chaotic realities. Whether it may be anime, sports, or toys, these forms of hobbies help us cope up with all the pressure that we are facing. Even though the world torments us to pieces, these hobbies are some go-to place when we need to unwind and chill. Some of these hobbies are more physical like sports, mountain climbing, or yoga. Some other hobbies can be done in the comforts of our home like playing some board games, reading some books, or even just surfing the internet. No matter what type of hobby we are inclined to, it gives some adrenaline to manage all the stress that we have in our life.

Trending hobbies nowadays include playing some remote-controlled (RC) toys. Whether it might be RC submarines, boats, or drones, we cannot just resist these exciting little devices. Despite how small they are, the fun and thrill that they bring could not be measured. As we manipulate the controls of these devices, we feel like we move together with the device. As it maneuvers in the corner, our life goes with it. As it changes its course in the path, we feel our toy has given us some direction in our lives. These small things that our toys do give us the big joys that we all need. In fact, we also presented some of the dos and don’ts in buying RC truck in this post.

One of the most sought-after creators of RC toys in the market is ECX RC. With its track record, we can surely depend on them when it comes to our favorite toys. Considered to be a leader in the remote-controlled toy market, they are one of the most respected toy manufacturers in the market. Whether we are talking about their Circuit Stadium Truck or Ruckus Monster Truck, ECX RC provides quality and exciting products our family and loved ones will surely love. Aside from these, they are also selling Boost Buggy, Torment Short Course Truck, Revenge Type e Brushless Electric Buggy, and Type N Nitro Buggy. No matter what model we will toy, we will surely enjoy this.

What is ECX RC?

ECX RC is a proprietary brand of Horizon Hobby.  Horizon Hobby is an international developer, marketer, and distributor of ECX RC is a proprietary brand of Horizon Hobby.  Horizon Hobby is an international developer, marketer and distributor of radio control (RC) hobby products, model trains and a wide range of educational, toy and other hobby products.

An employee-owned company, Horizon employs nearly 700 people and sells products in more than 50 countries around the world. Corporate headquarters, along with the main distribution facility and product service center, are in Champaign, Illinois. Additional distribution centers are in Ontario, California; Harlow, England (site of Horizon Hobby UK Ltd.); and Elmshorn, Germany (site of Horizon Hobby Deutschland GmbH). California is also home to the Losi RC car division (Ontario) Elmshorn, Germany (site of Horizon Hobby Deutschland GmbH). California is also home to the Losi RC car division (Ontario) and the Athearn train line (Long Beach).

In addition to providing customers with the highest standards of product expertise and customer service, we have established lasting relationships with retailers by being exceedingly attentive to their needs. These factors, along with a high level of lasting relationships with retailers by being exceedingly attentive to their needs. These factors, along with a high level of integrity, have helped us earn a trusted reputation throughout the industry.

Bold and authentic, ECX RC represents the premier entry-level radio control vehicle brand catering to the ‘grip it and rip it’ Bold and authentic, ECX RC represents the premier entry-level radio control vehicle brand catering to the ‘grip it and rip it’ consumer by providing a simple to use, fun alternative to any other competitor in its price range.  Every vehicle in the ECX RC consumer by providing a simple to use, fun alternative to any other competitor in its price range.  Every vehicle in the ECX RC lineup was engineered to provide rock-solid performance matched by bulletproof durability and the drive to go faster, jump lineup was engineered to provide rock-solid performance matched by bulletproof durability and the drive to go faster, jump higher and push the envelope of providing a value priced product without sacrificing quality or performance.


What is the best ECX RC Model for Me?

ECX offers a wide array of RC cars and trucks, and because of this, choosing the best toy for our loved ones will never be an easy feat! We may think that they have same features and qualities, but if we try to look beyond the physical, there might be some slight differences. This is the reason why we need to choose the right model to ensure that the product will be suited to our personality. Some people even waste a ton amount of cash buying the toy that they cannot enjoy. This is the reason why we will be presenting some of the most popular products made this top-notch brand. After this, we will not be having a hard time narrowing down our options to guide in selecting the perfect ECX car or truck that is perfect for us.

One of the factors that we need to consider in choosing our ECX remote-controlled car is the vehicle size. For starters, they come in many sizes: 1/8th, 1/10th,1/12th, 1/18th, 1/24th, and 1/36th-scale. Most of their RC trucks and cars belong to the former, which is common for most RC car brands. Considered to be a standard for most RC vehicles, 1/10-scale is also said to be the more popular one, though the other one has its own set of advantages. Perfect gift idea for children, the 1/8-scale will surely be a hit among the youngsters. Because of its small size, our children will surely have fun controlling this easily. It’s also worthy to note that children can play this small toy inside and outside the house. It is easy to carry, so this will not cause a lot of damage in the area! If we are convinced to give our loved ones some ECX RC cars, they offer a great range of awesome products! Indeed, a perfect gift for all occasions!

First on our list is the 1/10-scale Ruckus Monster Truck. Coming in various sizes, it comes with a daring monster truck design, perfect for our boys who want to show their inner adventurer. This product comes with large, heavy-duty tires that are perfect for crossing the rough terrains because of its great grip. If our child wants to have some hours full of adventure and excitement, an ECX Ruckus Monster Truck is the perfect toy that we should be giving to them!

Next in line is the Torment Short Course Truck. Having the same Dynamite 380 motor of the Ruckus Monster Truck, it is still the same bold short-course truck that we love and enjoy. Available in many color schemes, it can easily attract kids and kids at heart who are inclined to this type of hobby. It runs on a Dynamite 15T brushed motor and a Tazer 15T ESC. Powered by a Speedpack 1800mAh NiMH battery, it will surely give us some awesome act as it runs in the terrain with its two-wheel drivetrain. What is better is that even though that this model is already powerful, ECX offers a stronger model for those who are not afraid to try something new.

As of this moment, more and more models of Torment are available in the market, always ready for us to be seen and played. This includes the 4WD Torment. As it is equipped with a stronger 550-sized 15T motor, it will surely make a mark in the course. Together with its four-wheel drivetrain, it offers better performance that its predecessor Torment trucks. It also offers some versatility as it travels off-road because of its sealed differentials. It is one of the best ECX RC cars on the market. Though it pricier compared to its predecessor, if we wanted to be more adventurous with our hobby, then it is more suited to our needs.

The Ruckus product line will not let itself be left behind. Like the Torment model, it also has larger-scale versions. Whether we want it blue or green, ECX offers Ruckus that includes the same electronics from largescale Torments in their miniature RC versions! We can still expect the same Dynamite 15T motor, Tazer ESC, and 1800mAh NiMH battery, exceeding our expectations to what an RC car can offer. Portrays itself as a heavy-duty monster truck, we surely want to engage in this kind of cars. Torment and Ruckus are always being compared to each other, but there seems to be a slight difference in performance when we try to evaluate what kind of driving we want to do. Perfect for traveling off-roads, the Ruckus will surely raise the bar for extreme riding. If we want to test our ultimate off-road adventurer, then the third Ruckus is suited to us!

The ECX Ruckus now has a 4WD version, which is like the 4WD Torment. Its motors work similarly with the 4WD Torment, so we can expect that it also does wonders on the road. A perfect partner for the serious off-road drive, it comes with a 550sized 15T motor and a Dynamite 2400mAh 7-cell battery preinstalled.


For Racers of ECX RC Trucks

Some are just not an off-road adventure type of person. Maybe we want to compete with our friends in a min race in our backyards. Reminiscing our childhoods, we were brought up to compete for our race cars to our friends every weekend to satisfy ourselves with some adrenaline. We do not need to go to our attics or basements just to look for our old toys because ECX also offers some stadium trucks! Designed for the RC car racer in us, their stadium trucks and buggies are ready-to-run models. Whether we are just neophytes on the battlefield or have a solid grasp of how stadium racing works, ECX has a perfect car for us. The first thing that we need to do for now is to know if we are more of a stadium truck or buggies type of person.

We will be presenting first the Circuit Stadium Trucks from ECX. Designed for racing, these 2WD trucks come with Dynamite 20T motors pre-installed, which work well with 1800mAh NiMH batteries (also from Dynamite). Installed in the model as well are the Spektrum DX2E transmitters, which connect to SR201 receivers. With its speed and agility, your RC car will surely be the winner in any race that it will join. Giving its bold appearance are its different color schemes.

For those who are traditionalists in the racing field, the Boost Buggies are vigorous. Suited for those who are still starting in playing race cars, the Boost is just for you. They also have ready-to-run with Dynamite 20T motors, Speedpack 1800mAh NiMH batteries, and waterproof servos. If we want to have the RC car that goes well with the tracks, the Boost is just what we need. Having a very low stance, it is perfect for our team!

No matter what type of RC cars we are looking for, ECX offers a wide range of product lines intended for different purposes. Whether we want to travel it off-roads or compete with other RC cars, ECX products are dependable and quality. Now that we are done listing the best products offered by ECX let’s go through the sellers on Amazon that offers the best ECX RC products and parts in the market.

1. ECX AMP MT 1:10 2wd Monster Truck

Let’s step our game with ECX AMP MT Build-To-Drive Kit. Assembling the RC car parts helps us on our adventure and gives us the opportunity to add some tweaks along the way. Neophytes in the hobby should not worry because it gives us the advantage with tools, transmitter, and power systems all included as well as pre-assembled shocks, differential, and wheels. We need to read the manual, and we’ll be ready to move forward in no time! The AMP MT is nearly unstoppable and features the hard-hitting durability that put the ECX brand on the map.

2. ECX Torment 4WD Short Course RTR Truck (1/18 Scale)


The 1/18-scale Torment™ from ECX; builds on the legacy of the bigger, 1/10-scale version and packs in all the short course fun and action you love into a smaller package. Designed with beginners in-mind the 1/18-scale Torment features durable composite materials in the design which can shake off curb hits, crashes and tumbles while coming back looking for more. Driven by a sealed 4WD shaft drive system the 1/18-scale Torment has the power and traction to take you about anywhere, and thanks to the waterproof electronics, which includes snow, puddles or other wet conditions! To make it easy to get up-and-running, the 1/18-scale Torment is a true all-in-one-box purchase and includes the truck, electronics, transmitter, battery pack and battery charger, all while not breaking the bank.

3. ECX Amp Db 2WD Desert Buggy RTR Vehicle (1/10 Scale)

From their pinpoint precision to their versatility, buggies have been a mainstay in RC driving for a reason. The ECX; AMP™ Desert Buggy pays homage to buggies of the past with a classic design and modern features that leave less capable rigs sidelined. There’s little that can slow down this no-nonsense buggy, not even Mother Nature thanks to waterproof electronics. Whenever you drive, you’ll be protected by the hard-hitting durability that put the ECX brand on the map. Best of all, the AMP Desert Buggy is upgradable so you can take your driving to the next level. Equally ferocious on a straightaway or kicking up dirt, the AMP Desert Buggy is sure to electrify your senses.

4. 1/12 4WD Barrage Doomsday 1.9 Scaler RTR

If we want to impress our loved ones as we take our course in the race tracks, then what we need is the ECX 4WD Barrage Doomsday. Taking its cue from the awesome ECX Barrage, it certainly calls for our attention and proves its worth with it’s with incredible features such as 4WD drive train, 4-link suspension, high torque 390-size motor, waterproof electronics, scale monster truck wheels and tires, and a post-apocalypse style body with LEDs. Surely, our call for a realistic thrill will be fulfilled as the ECX 4WD Barrage Doomsday unmatch performance with other priced vehicles will indeed stand out. Newbies and enthusiasts alike will love the incredible patina finish, composite roll cage, engine, exhaust, and LED lights. If we want to be irresistible in the race tracks as it runs with power in anywhere including tall grass, woods, mud, as well as your neighborhood creek and can clear rocks easily. What’s more? It is also friendly to the wallet.

5. ECX 1/18 Roost 4WD Desert Buggy

Our next entry will surely make a mark on the race track! 4WD 1/18-Scale ECX Roost Desert Buggy will surely dominate its competitors as it comes prepared with an unbeatable RTR package and distinctive buggy design that always seeks for attention. Despite the challenge that it tries to face, it will surely be protected as it features a relentless combination of waterproof electronics and a shaft-driven 4WD drivetrain that is meant to keep its wheels in the race track. What’s more is that the Roost plays like a real desert buggy and even looks the part thanks to a multi-panel body, high-intensity LED light bar and oil-filled shocks. Whether you want to sling sand, pulverize pavement or hit the maximum air, the 4WD 1/18-Scale ECX Roost comes ready to take on any and all challenges.

6.  ECX Circuit 4WD Stadium Brushed RTR Truck (1/10 Scale)

Dramatic drifts and pulse-pounding accelerations will be prevalent as you control your new ECX Circuit Stadium Truck. No matter what condition your ECX RC truck will be going through, its waterproof electronics, durable chassis, and unbeatable Spektrum will surely make sure that fun never stops! All kinds of the thrill will be expected with your ECX RC truck as it comes everything you need to get driving ASAP, including a Spektrum STX2 2Ch 2.4GHz FHSS Radio System, Dynamite WP 60A FWD/REV Brushed ESC, 1800mAh LiPo 2S Battery, and 10W LiPo AC Balance Charger (2 hour charge time). You can now dominate the race tracks without having to worry about consequences, thanks to ECX Circuit Stadium Truck.

7. 1/12 Barrage Gen2 1.55 4WD Scaler Brushed RTR

No matter what type of race track we’re going through, the ECX 1/12 Barrage Gen2 4WD 1.55 Scaler crawler is always to make its way through. It can take on all the challenges no matter what the skill level of the driver behind the wheel. It used a 1.55″ wheel and licensed Falken Wildpeak M/T tires significantly refining the look of the body to wheel proportion. It also utilizes the axle housings that no longer require the wide wheel hex extensions. This then gives some power to the axles and provides more consistent steering. A true 4-link suspension with improved articulation and strength is a substantial upgrade. From the brand known for its rugged durability, this scaler is a great introduction to extreme driving through any ruthless environment including rocks, woods, mud and your neighborhood creek. Plus, you get all of this excitement without breaking your budget or your drive train.


Final thoughts on ECX RC Trucks:

No matter what type of RC toy car we and loved ones want, ECX always have the perfect car suited for our personality. Whether we want it for off-road or circuit driving, as long as we know what type of RC car we want, ECX RC cars will always be ready to serve us to satisfy our needs.

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