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Best Flat Iron For Black Hair: Ultimate Buyers Guide For Every Different Hair Type

Sara Fletcher
Published 8:38 am

Not all hair styling tools work for all hair types. The absolute best flat iron for black hair is up for debate. However, this article will help us find the top choices.

It seems that many flat irons don’t give you the temperature and options that you need and some companies just don’t seem to make a flat iron for black women.

Finding the best professional flat irons for black hair can be a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether your hair is natural, relaxed, or even cropped short, there’s a straightener out there that will meet your needs.

Together, let’s narrow down the choices and come up with the best options, whether your hair is short or you need to straighten a weave and everything in between.

Quick Comparison Table

Product Name


Editor Rating

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium


Infinity Pro by Conair


Chi Pro Air 1-Inch Ceramic


Keratin Complex Stealth IV


HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline


Remington S5500 Digital Anti-Static


Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener


Best Flat Iron for Natural Black Hair

The best flat iron for natural black hair is the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium 1-1/4” Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron.

Its ultra-smooth titanium plates conduct ultra-high heat but resist corrosion so you know that they’ll last for years to come.

best flat iron for black hair babyliss pro nanoBuy for $$$ on Amazon

The ceramic heater provides instant heat and heat recovery, should you accidentally turn the unit off. With LED temperature settings up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re sure to find the perfect temperature for your specific hair type.

The digital ionic technology emits natural ions, which help to keep your hair happy and healthy, even with daily use.

When I use this straightener for afro hair, I feel like I’m gliding air over my hair. It’s effortless and the results are unbelievable. I can either straighten my hair completely flat, add a flip or two at the end or add some perfect waves.

The price was a concern for me at first but after my first use, I knew I had made a wise investment. If you have natural hair, then this straightener really is the best flat iron for black hair, hands down.

Between the temperature options, extra features to keep your hair healthy, and high-quality results, this flat iron will give you that smooth style you’ve been after. This is the right solution and it will provide great results each time it’s used.

Best Flat Iron Short Black Hair

Your search for the best flat iron for african american hair will depend partly on why kind of hair you have. It’s hard enough to find the perfect straightener if you have long hair, but when your hair is on the shorter side, it can become even more challenging to find a flat iron that works. I suggest you try the Infinity Pro by Conair 1-Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron.

best flat iron for black hair infinity proBuy for $ on Amazon

Its tourmaline ceramic technology will keep your hair free of frizz and static, which is important when you go to flat iron short black hair. There’s no need to worry about damage either.

There are no hot spots to keep track of and it reaches an impressive temperature of 455 degrees Fahrenheit in under 15 seconds.

But if that’s too high for you, one of its 30 heat settings should do the trick. It’s auto-off feature will give you peace of mind, just in case you tend to leave your heating tools turned on.turned on.

One of this model’s claims to fame is that its surfaces are three times smoother than most tools, according to the flat iron for black hair reviews. I didn’t believe it until I tried it. I couldn’t believe how quickly the plates glided over my hair, which is important when your hair is short.

Any damage can be devastating to your overall style when going to flat iron short black hair and the faster a straightener works, the better for your hair.

I love how shiny and smooth my hair looks after using this flat iron and my bank account loved the price. If you’ve been searching for a straightener for African American hair, this is it.

Best Flat Iron for Relaxed Black Hair

Whether you’ve had your hair relaxed or it is natural, finding the best flat iron for black hair can be a bit of a challenge. You don’t want it to be too strong and singe your hair but you want smooth results at the same time.

In this case, the Chi Pro Air 1-Inch Ceramic Flat Iron is the best flat iron for relaxed black hair. It’s a little higher in price but well worth it. It’s ideal for all hair styling so whether you want silky smooth and straight or bouncy and wavy, you can accomplish it with this flat iron.

best flat iron for black hair chi pro airBuy for $$ on Amazon

The first thing I noticed when I went to try this flat iron out is how fast it heated up. It was almost instant. I loved how lightweight the flat iron was without feeling like it was constructed out of cheap materials. Just the construction alone makes it the right product for relaxed hair.

Once I straightened all my hair, I noticed immediately how shiny it was. I was also impressed by the amount of life and body that was still there. Sometimes, a flat iron can leave your hair looking a little lifeless but not this one.

In fact, the vibrancy and life that this straightener gave my hair might just make it the best flat iron for african american hair overall. However, if you’ve had your hair relaxed, this straightener is definitely worth trying out. You’ll love the results.

How to Straighten Relaxed Hair

Using a chemical relaxer can certainly help to straighten your hair but it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from using a flat iron as well. Besides, most chemical relaxers don’t leave your hair perfectly straight. Instead, they just help to loosen the tightest curls. When you want your hair completely straight and full of a shine, a hair straightener for black hair is your best tool.

In fact, professional flat irons for black hair can take your hair to the next level in ways that chemical relaxers alone might not be able to. By using a professional flat iron, you’ll also have more control over the day-to-day needs of your hair.

To get the look that you’re after, you’ll need to start by deeply conditioning your hair. You can make your own deep conditioning hair mask, buy one from a salon or just use a high quality conditioner.

But either way, this step shouldn’t be skipped. Remember that relaxing your hair can dry it out so before you apply excess heat, you’ll want to make sure that your hair is as moisturized and protected as possible.

Follow these steps to take your hair from relaxed to radiant using the best flat iron for relaxed black hair.

  1. Plug in your flat iron and set it to your desired temperature.
  2. While it heats, apply a thermal heat protectant over your hair. Brush it through to make sure that each strand is protected.
  3. Section hair into several sections. You will be starting with the bottom sections so clip any top sections out of the way.
  4. Start with a section that is about an inch wide, depending on the thickness of your hair. Place the flat iron as close to your scalp as possible.
  5. In a swift motion, guide the flat iron down your hair as you grip the paddles tightly. Repeat if needed. If you find yourself going over the same section of hair several times, work with smaller sections.
  6. Continue this process until you have straightened every section.
  7. Finish by applying a bit of hair serum. Start at the ends and work your way up, doing your best to cover all of your hair.
  8. Enjoy your straight, silky, smooth hair!

Best Flat Iron for Weaves

Straightening hair can be tricky but even more skill and technique is needed when you’re working with straightening a weave. Luckily, there are some professional flat irons for black hair that work well with weaves. It’s important to be careful when choosing which one to buy, as the wrong straightener can cause real problems.

The Keratin Complex Stealth IV Straightening Iron is the best product for working with weaves.

best flat iron for black hair Keratin Complex Stealth IVBuy for $$$ on Amazon

It’s not the least expensive on the market but when you consider the damage that an inferior product could do to your weave, you’ll quickly see that it’s worth the investment.

When you first use this flat iron, you’ll instantly notice how fast it works. For many, it cuts their straightening time in half. The less time that your weave spends in the grips of a flat iron, the better. You’ll get the results that you’re after without the risk of damage

If you’ve never straightened your hair with a weave before, keep reading for our detailed instructions that will prevent you from making any mistakes. You’ll be a pro in no time, as long as you use your Keratin Complex Stealth IV Straightening Iron.

How to Straighten a Weave

Straightening hair pieces can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. Here are some basic instructions for straightening a weave that will enable you to transform your look in virtually minutes using a hair straightener for black hair and weaves.

If you’ve never learned how to flat iron black hair, these directions are a good place to start. Make sure to read through and understand each step before getting started.

Note: Always remember that your weave needs to be made from human hair. One made from synthetic hair will melt under high levels of heat.

Ready to straighten? Here are the step by step instructions to follow.

  1. After cleaning your hair, dry it using either a hair dryer or allowing it to air dry.
  2. Gently remove any tangles from your hair, starting at the bottom and working your way up.
  3. Apply a heat protectant product to your hair, making sure that it has been distributed evenly.
  4. Separate hair into small sections, placing the top sections on the head with clips.
  5. Turn on your flat iron and start with the lowest setting. It’s always easier and safer to work your way up rather than starting with a temperature that’s too high.
  6. Working on sections of hair no wider than an inch, place the flat iron as close to your scalp as possible. Gently glide the flat iron down the section of hair. Repeat if necessary. You may increase the temperature but never go above 350 degrees Fahrenheit when straightening a weave.
  7. Repeat this process until all of your hair is straight.
  8. Enjoy your straight, silky, smooth hair!

Understanding how to flat iron black hair with a weave successfully can take a few tries. But don’t let that stop you! You’ll be a pro in no time, and once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be able to create gorgeous styles for any number of occasions.

3 Best Flat Irons For African American Hair

1. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline


Buy Now



The HSI flat iron is ideal for all hair types, including fine and coarse.

You can use this flat iron to straighten, curl, and flip hair with ease.

The swivel cord allows you to move freely, and the new design makes it easier to grip and style. More importantly, the solid ceramic plates help maintain an even temperature and lessen the risk of damage.

2. Remington S5500 Digital Anti-Static


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The Remington has smaller plates than I like to work with, but it’s still an effective hair straightener with high heat settings.

The digital controls and bright LED display let you customize your straightening experience. I loved the auto-shutoff feature, and the bright colored coating of the straightener definitely gets my design approval.

3. Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener


Buy Now



The Xtava uses infrared heat technology to heat hair from the inside out.

This helps protect your hair against serious damage. My hair always looks extra shiny when I use this straightener. The extra-wide plates are perfect for anyone with thicker hair.

How To Use A Flat Iron Without Damaging Your Natural Hair

If you aren’t taking the proper steps to minimize damage to your Natural hair while using a flat iron, then you shouldn’t be using one. Hair health doesn’t happen on its own, and you need to take a few extra steps to make sure that your desired style isn’t causing permanent hair damage that you’ll one day regret.

Here are my top tips for straightening hair safely:

Proper Prep

It all starts in the shower. It can be hard to keep hair straight overnight, so you’ll probably need to start your straightening routine again in the morning.

Start with a shower and make sure you’re using a shampoo and conditioner that’s geared towards smoothing. You don’t want to use one that’s designed to improve curls or add bounce as this would be counterproductive and increase the risk for damage by overwhelming your hair.

Use a Heat Protectant for Natural hair

You should never use a heated styling tool of any kind on your hair without first preparing it with a heat protectant serum or spray. These products help to evenly distribute heat and slow down the invasion of heat to each strand, keeping your hair from drying out and becoming brittle. Take a proactive step towards maintaining your hair health by making sure that you’re using the right heat protectant for your hair type.

Work in Sections

Never force too much hair into your flat iron. This will almost guarantee that you’ll have to go over the same section several times before getting every strand straight. You want to minimize the time your hair is exposed to high levels of heat, so by working in small sections, you’ll have a better chance of getting your desired look with one pass.

Skip Straightening

About once a week, try and skip the flat iron all together. Give your hair a little time to rest and heal. I’m not a fan of my natural hair, so I try and schedule these days off when I can stay at home for the majority of my day or get away with a tight bun or even a hat while I run errands or meet a friend for coffee. It takes a little time to coordinate, but it’s worth the added effort.

Blow Out & Flat Routine On Natural Black Hair

Need a little help achieving your dream style? Follow my detailed instructions for perfectly sleek and shiny natural hair.

1. Make sure you have all your desired tools within reach, including brushes and products.

2. Shampoo and condition your hair. Make sure you’re using products designed for straight hair. If you have time, apply a deep conditioner and use a hood dryer for additional protection.

3. After showing, spray in your favorite leave-in conditioner and detangle hair using a wide tooth comb.

4. Section hair into at least four sections using hair clamps.

5. Apply a silicone-based serum to each section.

6. Begin blow drying your hair, working on one section at a time. Using a paddle brush, start at the ends before moving the brush to your roots and back down again.

7. Once all of your hair is dry, resection your hair using horizontal parts.

8. Heat up your flat iron and begin working around to each section, using the lowest temperature setting possible.

9. Once all sections have been straightened, apply a small amount of natural hair oil for added shine.


The best flat iron for African American hair is out there, even if it seems impossible to find at first. With a little practice, you’ll be a pro at transforming your hair from dull and frizzy to shiny and smooth faster than you ever thought possible, all because you were able to track down the best flat iron for black hair.

If you still aren’t sold on purchasing a flat iron, you can always try the Apalus hair brush straightener, which is essentially a hairbrush that heats up, smoothing your hair in literally seconds. But don’t forget to try at least one of these flat irons. You certainly won’t regret it.

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