Best nursing shoes you should buy

Last updated: June 14, 2019
Published 11:15 am


Death is an inevitable part of our life. Sometimes it’s really your time to go and sometimes you’re lucky you get to have another chance at living your life the way it should be. Those people who take care of the sick or save people’s lives, such as nurses and other hospital workers, have got to have one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Imagine having that big responsibility for someone’s life in your hands. Thus, they need to have a clear mind and be at their best all the time. No room for mistakes. What they eat, drink or wear affect the state of their well-being. In this article, we will tackle just how important nursing shoes are, and how to choose the best nursing shoes.

As a matter of fact, no matter what profession you are in, comfortable shoes is very important- especially for whose work requires them to stay on their feet for a long period of time or requires them to run around and be active which is the case for nurses, health workers and etc. Comfortable shoes help support the arch and provide a cushion. This is very important for other parts of the body such as knees, hip, and back. You have to remember that our feet carry all of our weight when we stand that could be pretty stressful during long periods of time.

Struggles of being a nurse

Being a hospital worker is one of the most admired professions anywhere in the world. It is heroic and selfless in nature. These hospital workers include nurses, doctors, and many others. We all know that hospitals are open 24/7. This is where life and death hang in the balance, literally. These hospital workers work to save lives even at the expense of spending more time with their family and most often, time for themselves. They also often spend special occasions like birthdays and Christmas in the four walls of the hospital. This may sound sad but for them, it is enough. Enough knowing that they can continue to make a living for their family and care for the sick.

Nurses know firsthand how important it is to be healthy and fit. They know that everything that comes in contact with the body can affect how it will be in the long run. For example, the way how clothes make us smell when working for a really long time and how backpacks can affect our backs because of its weight. The same goes for shoes and this is why it is very important for nurses, doctors, and all hospital workers to have the best type of shoes while at work having long hours of standing, walking and the like. Read on as we discuss the importance of having the best nursing shoes.

Importance of nursing shoes

Working in a hospital requires all nurses to be vigilant and quick on their feet. Thus, being active requires a reliable pair of footwear. It helps lessen the stress of their job. Nurses anywhere in the world can attest to the fact that hard and uncomfortable shoes make their job harder than it already is. Since it is a known fact that the feet affect the rest of our body, it is nothing but vital for nurses to wear the best nursing shoes there is.

The best nursing shoes help in maintaining the proper body posture and at the same allows a usual range of motion for the foot which is very important. The best nursing shoes also prevent possible body pains such as in the most common areas like ankles, hips, knees and the back. Most importantly, it helps prevent accidents and injuries that nurses might come across with while on duty. When on the job, nurses need to be fast and patient- great shoes have a lot to do with that.  Continue reading as we give you a rundown of all the qualities of the best nursing shoes and in what brands you can find them.

Qualities of the best nursing shoes

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for the best nursing shoes. You can’t just buy a pair that’s cheap but not comfortable or a nice pair that’s too expensive but not the right fit. Here are some of the qualities one should look for in the best shoes for nurses.

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Did you know that based on research, on average, a nurse or a hospital worker walk more than 4 miles around the hospital in a half-day shift? Yes, that is indeed a lot of walking for a short period of time and not to mention very tiring. For this very sole reason, nurses need the best shoes for hospital workers. Best shoes for nurses that are comfortable are those that have built-in arch support or cushioned insoles. If you want to customize your shoes with orthotics that are specially designed for your feet, get those that have removable inserts. With that being said, biomechanics and arch support is very important.

Also, another aspect of comfortable footwear is weight. Nurses may have different tasks throughout the day like lifting a lot of hospital items, supporting other people when walking or helping patients get out of their bed. Ultimately, they don’t need extra or unnecessary weight to lug around. Shoes can play a large part in this extra and unnecessary weight.

For maximum arch support, you can get the Dakota from NurseMates.

Easy to clean

Being a nurse is not always glamorous. As much as possible, they need all the time they have off from the hospital to relax, rest and catch up with their friends and family. Thus, they need things that are not just convenient to use, but very easy to clean. Of course, this applies to footwear as well.

In the hospital, nurses deal with a lot of blood and other medical or bodily fluids that tend to become dirt at the end of the day on their clothes and shoes. Nursing shoes that are water-resistant are very efficient to use. In case they didn’t bring an extra pair when the first one gets soaked in the dirt- they don’t have to spend extra time cleaning when they can spend that for more important things to do.  Find a pair that will repel water and other forms of liquid rather than absorb it. Trust us, your life in the hospital would be so much better this way. Especially if you spent a lot of money on that pair, then you don’t want it to be ruined by dirt in the long run.

Good fit

There is more than just the size of a pair of shoes to be considered a good fit. Well, if you are looking for the best shoes for nurses then this one is definitely tricky. One question to consider here is- “should I get ventilated shoes?” For a nurse, you really don’t want to encounter spills even if it means your feet are gonna have to stay cooped up for hours and hours. With this in mind, try a leather nursing shoe that might just be the perfect fit for and at the same time will protect you from spills.

Another major thing to consider when choosing the best nursing shoes that are a good fit- non-slip shoes. As mentioned beforehand, hospitals deal with chaos most of the time and nurses may have encountered a million wet floors in their journey. These wet floors can be very dangerous when one is not in caution. It is the job of these nurses to care for the sick and injured, but it definitely will not do any good if you fall or hurt yourself while or on your way to care for a patient. This is why traction is very important when it comes to looking for the best nursing shoes. Your shoe’s soles must have great traction. You don’t have to worry though because as a matter of fact, most nursing shoes are specifically made to resist wet or slippery floors. Just make sure to ask the attending representative when you buy your nursing shoes or read the product catalog.

Be on the lookout for those shoes labeled with no-slip soles like this pair from NurseMates London available at Amazon.


Well, being a nurse should not limit the fashionista inside you. There are a lot of ways you can spice up your shoes as a nurse to make your look for vibrant and stand out from the rest. But you should keep in mind that while fashion is great and all, it should not become a hindrance to your work or make you uncomfortable in any way. It might reflect on your work and how you treat other people. Anyway, you can always save your glamorous look or style for a night with your friends or a dinner date with your loved one.

Some hospitals can be very strict when it comes to the shoe-color rules because if that is the case then white scrubs are the only way to go. But, you can always spice up the detail like go for those shoes that have lace details without, of course, sacrificing all the qualities that the best nursing shoes should have. However, if the hospital you work with is more open and lenient to the shoe color then you can definitely opt for those that have fun colors and different patterns.

Most of the nursing shoes being sold in malls come in whites or blacks but with enough patience and effort, you might just score the most stylish pair of clogs which are designed in abstract or floral. Just make sure though that they match with your nursing scrubs or else, you might look like anything else but chic. This women’s nursing shoe clogs from Rotan is both stylish and chic.


Last but definitely not the least important attribute, look for affordability in the best nurse shoes. Nurses may make a decent salary but that doesn’t mean they are living lavish lifestyles.  There is no shame in buying expensive nursing shoes but it should be reasonable. You get what you pay for. Keep an eye on several mall sales for you to be able to get the best deal possible.

With reasonable price comes durability. You can’t just purchase a pair that will give up on you very easily on the job. The best nursing shoes should last you a couple of months or even for a year. If you keep on buying new pairs every now and then, this will just be an added cost to your budget.  There are more important things that you should be spending your money on.

To get the best possible durable pair, always check out the reviews on various websites or do your research on brands. Know how long other users were able to wear the shoes you are interested in. Make yourself knowledgeable about materials and brands and again- keep in mind all the qualities of the best nursing shoes.

There you have it! Those are some of the most important pointers you should be looking at when shopping for the best nursing shoes. Now, we will dig deeper. At this point, we will discuss what types of nursing shoes are commonly used in the field and why.

Common types of best nursing shoes

There are 4 types of nursing shoes that are most commonly used by those working in the hospital. These are the clogs, sneakers, sports shoes and crocs. These four types of nursing shoes each have their own advantages and benefits depending on the situation of the nurses. Different hospitals differ from what they require their nurses to wear. Some may necessitate nurses to wear closed toe shoes with covered heels that would give foot protection and slip resistance which, as we have established, is very important for nurses.

Another thing to consider is that each of these four shoes is very different from each other.  Through this list, we hope to give a more in-depth look at what type is best for you.


First, let’s take a look at the clogs which is a very classic and most commonly used type of nursing shoes. Clogs are considered to be one of the best nursing shoes because it gives one the convenience of being able to simply get your foot in and out of the shoes. Imagine being able to let your feet breathe while you are resting. Another major advantage of this footwear is that you don’t have to worry about laces or tripping over them. Also, clogs will definitely match with your uniform.

In summary, clogs are a popular choice among nurses because of comfort, arch/heel support, and protective design. Clog manufacturers focus on giving answers to work-related problems in the nursing field. These problems include resisting slippery pathways, spills on the shoes and arch support. Usually, clogs are made of resin, leather, or suede. These materials affect how the shoes function interns of weight, stain resistance, and durability.

For comfortable and lightweight clogs, the nursing clogs from Natural Uniforms might just be what you are looking for.


Casual sneakers are best for nurses who spent not that much tie on their feet. Sneakers include walking shoes or slip-on. They are very comfortable to wear and has this flat, outer sole that is perfect for walking posture. Find a pair that can withstand that kind of requirement.

Sneakers protect the feet from fluid spills and are lighter on the feet than clogs. Also, the lace in the sneakers allows the user to adjust the fit of the shoe. It is also best for nurses who want to look trendy and stylish on the job. It will not only match your uniform but it is also great for your after-work get-up. Like going to the mall, club or coffee shop.

If we’ve convinced you to get a sneaker as a nursing shoe, the casual women’s loafers from Mewow is perfect for you- white and chic.

Sports shoes

We all know that sports or athletic shoes are best for people who lead an active lifestyle which is why sports shoes are considered to be the best nursing shoes. Athletics shoes such as running or tennis shoes give nurses the best of both worlds- comfort and performance. Comfort because these shoes are perfect for someone who has frequent physical contact with hard and dangerous surfaces. Hospitals are designed with hard floors, long staircases, and wide rooms. Walking under these circumstances can be hard on the feet so these sports shoes will come to the rescue.

These sports shoes are built with shock-absorption qualities also. It is also light on the feet and provides flexibility. Perfect for nurses. Each sports shoe is designed with numerous benefits like ankle support, memory foam insoles, ultra-lightweight materials and more.

This will come in handy for those nurses who at the same, lead a very active lifestyle. These nurses are so used to wearing these kinds of shoes so they can definitely attest to its comfort and speed support for foot movements. This Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe from Skechers will surely give you that.


Last but definitely not the least on our rundown- crocs. Crocs are made with a solid foam resin material with closed vented air portal in front and open or low-level heel design. At some times, like clogs, crocs also come with an optional rear strap. Crocs are very comfortable to wear because of the top or side vents which allow the feet to breathe comfortably. However, clogs that are best for nurses should be those that are without vents as protection.

Crocs are made of solid foam resin and that allows for flexibility as mentioned earlier. The foam or resin material makes it easier to conform and flex to the user’s foot. This is just about the right amount of comfort for nurses. Another great thing about crocs is its medical benefits as identified by certain podiatrists. Crocs are a recommended footwear for those people who are suffering from certain medical ailments. Lastly, crocs are a perfect sample of durability. People wear this to enjoy its durability for certain activities. Also, for those who just wear it as a plain fashion statement.

We suggest you get the Crocs Women’s Neria Work Clog available at Amazon.

Conclusion on the Best Nursing Shoes

There you have it! These are just four of the best nursing shoes and of course, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. We cannot stress it enough that choosing the best nursing shoes depend on one’s health, foot type or personal style. Some people don’t even realize the importance of footwear to how our entire body works in the long run. This is very important especially for those working in stressful and precarious jobs. The best nursing shoes will not only allow nurses to perform their job well but also minimize stress.

At the end of the day, you get to decide what is really best for yourself. The most important thing is to go for what you are comfortable with.