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Shoes For People With Flat Feet and Fallen Arches

Sara Fletcher
Published 1:50 pm

A woman wearing running shoes for flat feetAlso known as acquired flat foot disorder or fallen arches, the unfortunate and very painful deformity affects approximately 20-30% of the worlds population. If you are suffering from pain in the heel, arch, midfoot, ankles, knees, hips or lower back, it may be due to a collapsed arch.

At we aim to help find the ideal shoes for people with foot issues such as plantar fasciitis, painful bunions, and also flat feet. So, if you have fallen arches do not despair, because there are plenty of specialist orthotic footwear out there to help cater for your condition.

Our informative buying guide and unbiased shoe reviews should hopefully help in your search for finding the best shoes for flat feet which can help reduce your pain and discomfort. We often pick the top product from a selection of low, mid and high price ranges. To keep it fair we often try to choose different manufacturers but sometimes this isn’t possible, so we’ll end up reviewing 2 or 3 of the same brand.

The Best Shoes For Flat Feet or Fallen Arches Compared

Flat Feet Shoes For Women

#Brand & ModelTypeStyleUpperPrice
1Adidas Performance Galaxy EliteRunningSneakersSynthetic & Fabric
2ASICS GEL-Contend 3RunningSneakersSynthetic & Textile
3Birkenstock ArizonaWalkingSandalsVarious
4Birkenstock BostonWalkingSlip OnLeather
5Brooks GhostRunningSneakersMesh
6Clarks Haley StorkWalkingSlip OnNubuck
7FitFlop F PopWalkingBallet FlatLeather
8Nike Free 5.0RunningSneakersMesh
9Vionic Walker ClassicWalkingSneakersLeather
10Vionic ActionWalkingSneakersLeather & Mesh

Flat Feet Shoes For Men

#Brand & ModelTypeStyleUpperPrice
1Asics Gel Lyte33 2RunningSneakersSynthetic & Mesh
2Asics Gel Super J33RunningSneakersSynthetic
3Brooks AddictionWalkingSneakersLeather
4Mizuno Wave CreationRunningSneakersSynthetic & Fabric
5New Balance M1260RunningSneakersSynthetic
6Nike LunarglideRunningSneakersMesh
7Reebok ZPump FusionRunningSneakersSynthetic & Textile
8Saucony HurricaneRunningSneakersSynthetic
9Vionic OrthaheelWalkingSneakersLeather & Mesh
10Vionic RyderWalkingSandalsLeather

An Effective Buying Guide

The simplest, cheapest and effective way of treating flat foot pain is by wearing the right footwear. This is the utmost important step forward for anyone with fallen arches. See below for some characteristics of what experts say would make an ideal pair of flat feet shoes:

– Change Those Old Shoes

A woman wearing old running shoes for flat feetIt’s easy to get sentimentally attached to your favorite pair, but as footwear gets old and out of shape due to continual usage they will gradually loosen in areas which are required to provide that all important support. If your shoes are no longer providing comfort and padding it’s time to buy a new pair. For example, the arches will begin to drop, the toe box will become too wide, and the heel padding will often wear thin. These will all lead to various types of foot pain, including fleet feet. It’s said that the average life of a pair of running shoes is 300 miles. Though this may sound like a high figure, in reality it’s not much for the average walker or daily runner. On the outside, they may look new but it’s the condition of the interior which ultimately determines whether the shoe is finished or not. So, even if you have been wearing the best running shoes for flat feet more than approximately 300 miles, perhaps it’s time to replace them.

– Stabilizing The Heel

It’s important that there isn’t too much play or roll in the heel whilst walking or running, so make sure the heel area of your shoe is stiff, firm and relatively close to your heel edges. Too loose is bad (because it can cause injury), and too tight is also bad (because it can lead to bunions), so look for something in-between. Finding a balance can be difficult, but a large majority of podiatrist designed flat feet shoes fit as expected due to the extensive research and professional expert opinions that go into designing them.

– Durable and Rigid

Fallen arches means a tendency for the feet to lack stability, so they need a durable and rigid shoe which has no play and doesn’t twist and turn with every step. In general, good footwear will not bend in the middle; only buy footwear that do not bend except at the toe. If there is too much bend and twist, eventually it will reach the affected midfoot area and pain in the foot will be excessive thus causing discomfort with every step.

– Good Arch Support

Orthotic inserts for flat feetThe best shoes for flat feet are most certainly always the shoes with good arch support. Without this your fallen arches will continue to make full contact with the footbed; the tendons and ligaments will continue to be strained and cause unbearable pain in feet. Arches in shoes are designed to lift the foot in the required area thus taking pressure off the upper body weight. Think of it as though the arches are like foundations in buildings, purposed for carrying your whole body weight. So without adequate arch support, your bodyweight will weigh down on your arches, causing them to eventually collapse. Some footwear, especially men’s formal and women’s heels have no arches on their insoles. This is not the type of footwear you should be wearing if you have a collapsed arch. Usually it’s running sneakers which prove to be the best shoes for fallen arches as they tend to have good arch support compared to everyday fashion shoes. However, there are other types of footwear which are just as good, but these kind of flat feet shoes have usually been designed with podiatrist input and specifically targeted for people with fallen arches. This latter type is most commonly associated with walking as opposed to the complex and expensive research which goes into the manufacturing of the running shoes mentioned earlier.

– Using Orthotic Inserts

Sometimes it’s just not enough even when you think perhaps you already have the perfect footwear at your disposal. They may be new shoes, or look to have decent arches, or perhaps they really are supposed to be good shoes for flat feet. In which case, the ideal scenario is when you can remove the original footbed and replace with separately purchasable custom orthotics. Occasionally you may find that having specialist orthotics is required to help reduce pain; infact they work tremendously well. This is because orthotics help distribute weight and pressure by offering additional arch support whilst walking, standing, and running.

– Running Shoes

With all the different styles out there it can be hard to know which one to buy. Running shoes make a good option for those with fallen arches. They usually have ample arch support to deal with the continual pressure placed on the feet caused by the motion of running. There are different types too, such as motion control running shoes which are for heavy overpronaters and offer the best support and stability. Stability running shoes are ones which aid gait and ensure good support and comfort at the same time.

Listen To The Experts

Dr Scott Kilberg discusses in detail how to select the best shoes for flat feet.

Reviews: Flat Feet Shoes For Women

Adidas Performance Galaxy Elite Running Shoes

adidas Performance Women's Galaxy EliteComfort and functionality are two of the most important things offered by the Adidas Galaxy Elite women’s running shoes. It has superb construction meant for women with active lifestyles. It was made with durable materials meant to withstand the demands of running and other activities such as training in the gym or as being used in class as dance shoes for Zumba. It provides great support for women with flat feet with its supercloud cushioning technology, and the Adiprene that helps in both propulsion and efficiency. It also offers superb movement with the breathable mesh upper that helps support different angles of movements. As for its outsole, it is made of Adiwear which is known for traction and durability designed to withstand different types of surfaces.

ASICS GEL-Contend 3 Running Shoes

ASICS Women's GEL-Contend 3The Asics GEL-Contend 3 running shoes for women are perfect footwear for those who love to run but have flat feet. What it offers is great cushioning from its removable insoles and fit that is perfect for those just discovering the sport of running, and especially good for entry level or low mileage runners. It also offers wide fit for people with wide feet which is good news for people with bunions and hammertoes. Not only is the Gel-Contend 3 great for someone with low or fallen arches, the design provides great support for someone who is already injured with plantar fasciitis or with knee concerns due to its motion control design.

Birkenstock Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandals

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona 2-Strap Cork Footbed Sandals The Birkenstock Arizona 2 Strap Cork Footbed Sandals are a good option if looking for stylish and comfortable footwear that doesn’t give your feet a constrictive feel. It is made of suede and the arch support is perfect for people with flat feet. It is open toe and has an overall medium width which gives your feet room to move around, and the two straps are fully adjustable to a loose or tight degree. What makes it the best sandals for flat feet is its anatomically correct cork footbed. In addition to this, the EVA midsole helps in absorbing the shock of every step, improving gait and providing pain relief to those fallen arches. Additionally, it has added comfort features such as a soft lined upper and a Birko-Floor upper that has a leather-like finish.

Birkenstock Boston Slip-On Clogs

Birkenstock Unisex Boston Slip-On ClogAnother easy-to-wear option that is becoming popular these days is the Birkenstock Boston Slip-On Clog. This slip-on footwear is perfect for times when you need to wear something more casual, however being clogs and extremely comfortable, these are a popular choice for nurses and have been seen in many medical institutes over the years. Aside from the premium feel suede material, it has an adjustable buckle that allows to tighten or loosen for a customized comfort feel. It comes with a contoured cork footbed which makes it ideal work shoes for flat feet, providing just enough support for those fallen arches without causing too much pressure. This anatomically correct design allows you to walk or stand without any pain even when worn throughout the entire day. In addition to this, it has a raised toe bar design which is meant to aid in your foot’s overall circulation.

Brooks Ghost

Brooks Women's Ghost 8Brooks running shoes have been the brand that continually delivered some of the best kind of support and comfort for serious runners. The Ghost 8 sneakers are another product by Brooks that delivers superb comfort and performance for women who regularly run. Although perfect for those individuals with fallen or low arches, the Ghost 8 is also built for neutral to underpronators. Perhaps one of the best running shoes for flat feet, the removable foam insoles can be swapped for custom orthotics if required which allows for easy cleaning and fresh foot health too. Additionally, the Segmented Crash Pad allows the absorption of impact as you run, taking strain off the hindfoot, thus easing pain around the midfoot. The elastic upper makes it perfect for long hours of running as it undeniably provides the comfort you need.

Clarks Haley Stork Loafers

Clarks Haley Stork LoafersThe Clarks Haley Stork is more than just a stylish loafer to make up your shoe collection. This 100+ year old brand offers footwear for both sporty and sleek looks, appealing to all ages and types of attire. Made of cow full grain upper, you can guarantee that Haley is a durable product that can sustain long periods of usage whether at work or during casual walks. However, it goes beyond your usual casual loafers because of the superb cushioning support on the midfoot and arches provided by the removable OrthoLite® molded insole makes them an ideal pair of flat feet shoes. Flexible, lightweight and with a good TPR outsole, these Clarks shoes for women are a decent choice for people with fallen arches who’d prefer something other than sneakers.

FitFlop F Pop Mary Jane Flat

FitFlop Women's F Pop Leather Mary Jane FlatIf you’re experiencing trouble finding feminine work shoes for flat feet, the FitFlop Women’s F Pop Leather Mary Jane Flat makes a great option. With a 1.5″ heel and 0.5″ platform, it is a relatively smart, classic, and timeless look that makes it the perfect office shoes, or even a casual set that fits well on dress and other attire. Designed using a smooth supple leather upper which is elasticated for an extra comfortable fit, it is guaranteed to last. What makes it undeniably good quality flat feet shoes is the uber comfy midsoles meant to absorb the impact of day to day use. If walking all day is your thing, you can try using your own custom orthotics for added comfort, however, as standard these Mary Janes will be suffice for taking away the pain.

Nike Free 5.0+ Running Shoes

Nike Free 5.0+ Running Shoes For Flat FeetThe women’s Nike Free 5.0+ running shoes are a combination of modern technology and style that Nike sneakers has been known for over many decades. It utilizes a clever asymmetrical lacing system that helps reduce the pressure on top of the foot, and also features the perfect cushioning and arch support for women with flat feet or those with injuries such as plantar fasciitis. But unlike any other running shoe reviews listed here, it offers strengthening benefits; it has diagonal cuts that helps encourage the natural motion (gait) and help strengthen the foot, placing less emphasis on inward roll of the foot (overpronation) thus reducing pain in the arch. For added ankle support there is a generous 2.5″ high shaft which is almost ankle boot high, but low enough to make the perfect sneakers for flat feet.

Vionic Walker Classic

Vionic Classic Walking Shoes For Flat FeetAnother option is the Vionic Walker Classic. The Podiatrist-designed casual walker offers incredible comfort for your day to day use due to its contoured arch support and heel cup that helps you on your stride. It makes use of shock absorbing EVA midsole and anti-bacterial removable orthotic insoles, not to mention breathable mesh upper that allows feet to stay cool despite hours of walking. It also has a flexible rubber outsole perfect for almost all kinds of surfaces. These motion control shoes are American Podiatric Medical Association approved which means you can place your trust in them and spend your money with confidence.

Vionic Zen With Orthaheel Technology Walking Shoes

Vionic Zen Walking ShoesIf you have plantar fasciitis, low arches, or overpronate, the Vionic Zen women’s walking shoes will feel great on your feet. The specially podiatrist designed orthaheel technology is second to none; it fits snug and pads every millimeter of your foot, offering that all important stability and pain relief. Compared to other Vionic shoes these are actually very good looking. Although they are advertised as women’s they can actually be worn by men too based on their relatively unisex external design, though they may run a tad small for males so purchasing a size bigger would be a good idea. For anyone seeking a pair of the best walking shoes for flat feet, the Vionic Zen is certainly a recommended purchase at a low price.

Reviews: Flat Feet Shoes For Men

Mizuno Wave Creation 17 Running Sneakers

Mizuno Wave Creation 17 Running SneakersMizuno has unveiled one of their greatest creations ever, the Wave Creation 17. These men’s running shoes for flat feet are made of imported synthetic materials, even the sole is synthetic. With 1 inch of platform height and flex grooves for the articulated forefoot, you are sure to enjoy any activity whether walking, running, or working out. Using lightweight material, Mizuno designed a neutral midsole and a Smooth Ride fluid motion that most importantly offers superior comfort and support which ultimately makes them a superior choice of flat feet shoes. The upper is created using a flexible mesh dynamotion fit technology, whilst the signature Infinity Wave design ensures maximum flexibility. The Wave Creation 17 comes in several colors and is available in both a men’s and women’s version in numerous variations.

Brooks Addiction Walking Shoes

Brooks Addiction Walking Shoes For MenBrooks shoes may be internationally considered one of the top rated and most popular running shoes, but they also produce excellent shoes for walking too. The Brooks Addiction walking shoes for men is available in white, black and bone, brown suede and white. It’s one of those additions which caused much hype when released. They are fairly priced and for the money you cannot complain given the amount of pros over cons. Designed to provide strong support, and a reliable, slip-resistant outsole mean these have all the traction you need. The podiatrist recommended Addiction’s provide perfect low arch support, combined with an award winning midsole comfort make these one of the best walking shoes for flat feet.

Saucony Hurricane 15 Running Sneakers

Saucony Hurricane 15This Saucony Hurricane 15 is no doubt a perfect choice for both men or women who are after a pair of the best shoes for flat feet. The imported synthetic material offers a powergrid midsole for excellent support; the frame provides a heel-locking technology for extra stability whilst the synthetic sole is designed for those that suffer from overpronation. Saucony designed the Hurricane 15 to be lightweight and offering superior support to those that suffer from flat foot pain. It was engineered with the active runner in mind and Saucony made sure to minimize the overall bulk of the sneakers but still ensure the proper amount of cushioning. This means that you have lightweight sneakers designed to keep you moving and active whilst being a pain free pair of flat feet shoes.

Nike Lunarglide 6 Running Sneakers

Nike Lunarglide 6 Men's Running ShoesWeighing in at only 2 pounds, the Nike Lunarglide 6 are extremely lightweight sneakers which are quite possibly rated one of the best running shoes for flat feet, but on the flipside they’re also very good walking shoes for the money due to the subtle design and amazing build quality. Talking about design, if you’re the indecisive type you may struggle to choose from the 28 different men’s variants, and there are even more choices for women. They are supportive, durable, stylish and come available for both sexes depending on your choice of color. The external aesthetics hasn’t been sacrificed or neglected in any way even with the emphasis on comfort and internal orthopedic support. These running shoes haven’t fallen behind when it comes to research and development; it’s perfect for overpronation and is from a trusted manufacturer. Overall, the Lunarglide 6 is a highly rated all rounder which is adored by all who own a pair.

Asics Gel Super J33

Asics Gel Super J33 With Seamless UppersThe Asics Gel range sneakers are an extremely adequate pair of flat feet shoes which has added much kudos to the already top end manufacturer. Full of detailed design and made of all the perfect materials that warrant its quality, the all new stylish, lightweight and comfortable Asics Gel has added the Super J33 to it’s range, and is currently reigning as one of the best running shoes for flat feet. Even if running isn’t your thing, like the Nike Lunarglide they are great for walking too and the various designs can blend with any outfit. The fitting is perfect, plenty of foot arch support, and general overall build quality make these top rated sneakers.

Vionic Orthaheel Walking Shoes

White Leather Vionic Orthaheel Walking ShoesThe Vionic with orthaheel technology men’s walking shoes for flat feet are perfect for motion control, featuring a contoured arch support and a deep heel cup that realigns your stride. The flat footed overpronation is better controlled due to the complex podiatrist influenced design. Though the aesthetics may not be everyone’s cup of tea, in fairness they could be much worse, and for the price your feet get plenty of pleasure for the money so looks may have been sacrificed slightly. These are a good pair of flat feet shoes which are built to last whilst also providing great comfort and support which is hard to rival.

New Balance M1260v3

New Balance 1260v3New Balance are known for their comfort, fit and support, which is why they are also known for producing some of the best running shoes for flat feet. Although it’s called the 1260v3, the M1260v3 is for men and the W1260v3 is for women. New Balance intended the 1260v3 to be lightweight and you are sure to notice when you slip them on because they only weigh a total of 10.8 ounces. They come with a rubber sole for increased traction and the collar is composed of a dual density soft foam which presses against a more firm foam to create plenty of all round support. The 1260v3 not only functions as perfectly good running shoes but more importantly they will prove to be a more than adequate pair of sneakers for flat feet.

Asics Gel Lyte33 2 SneakersAsics created the Gel Lyte33 2 using a blend of imported synthetic and mesh material. Fallen arches and flat foot pain is bad enough, so by using a rubber sole ensures that every runner or walker, every time, has the utmost traction to avoid unnecessary roll or injury. Featuring a high rebound SpEVA midsole, Asics also placed GEL in the rear foot to provide an amazing amount of cushion and shock adsorption to take the pressure off the arch pain. There is a guidance line flex groove improving gait and adding stability whether you choose to walk or run. Asics used their F.A.S.T. technology to provide a racing flat geometry and a minimal outsole in the high abrasion areas; F.A.S.T. technology also causes the sneakers to hug your foot and create a padded and comforting feeling giving you the confidence to forget about your arch and flat foot pain.

Reebok ZPump Fusion Running Sneakers

Reebok ZPump FusionThe hugely popular Reebok ZPump Fusion is made of mesh material for great breathability. Reebok installed their pump technology to ensure that you have the most comfortable running experience possible whilst alleviating flat foot pain. The rubber sole ensures that you will have great traction no matter what terrain your training takes you across. The sockliner is enhanced with 5.0mm cushioning offering superior comfort and fit with plenty of arch support. The midsole was created using lightweight material that is designed to withstand all day wear and tear which will be hard pushed to penetrate through to your sensitive feet. Overall these are a great pair of cheap sneakers for flat feet.

Vionic Ryder Sandals

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men's Ryder Thong SandalsThe stylish leather Vionic Ryder thong flip flop sandals unlike others will not hurt your feet even after hours of walking. With the three adjustable hook-and-loop straps they can help give the comfort and support you need. The contoured footbed made of triple-density EVA supports and aids gait realigning feet back to their natural position. What’s best is they are designed to help with many of the common lower limb aches and pains that people suffer from by incorporating smart design features like cushioned footbeds, adjustable padded leather uppers and high traction Vibram® outsoles.


Usually we struggle to choose one single shoe to favor and recommend, and today’s conclusion is no different. Thankfully it’s slightly easier to break down because we have 2 different types in question which are 1) for walking, and 2) for running.

To begin, our best running shoes for flat feet are the Saucony Hurricane 15. The simplistic outer design and beautiful aesthetics is only a disguise for this complex engineered running shoe. Also, available in almost every color and combination under the rainbow makes this appealing for people with different tastes. However it’s not just the aesthetics of course, more importantly it’s the support and comfort, the lightweight and perfect fit around every part of your foot, which makes the Saucony Hurricane 15 an ideal purchase.

The second part of our conclusion discusses the best walking shoes for flat feet, which we believe is the Brooks Addiction. These stylish pair fit like a glove; made with a leather upper and feature an orthotic footbed with a deep heel cup, causing the footbed to realign the feet back to its natural position. With ample arch support in the correct area, the Brooks Addiction is perfect for reducing pressure on the feet, ankles, and knees. The synthetic outsole is durable and comes with a flex groove patterned tread which offers the perfect grip on different surfaces hence making walking a pleasure, wherever you walk in any weather conditions.

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