A Nurses Guide For Comfortable Feet

Last updated: February 19, 2019
Published 11:32 pm

Nurses need to stay on their feet throughout the day serving patients and following the doctor’s command. This is the reason why some nurses may be dogged down with foot problems from the beginning of their career. If proper care is not taken on time, the problem will only worsen. A good pair of nurses shoes will make sure you feel comfortable throughout the day. Getting your hands on high-quality foot care accessories and shoes ensures that the time spent walking around is more comfortable. Thus it is vital to invest in compression socks, insoles, regular exercising and consulting a foot specialist at regular intervals.

A Typical Shift

An example of how long and involved in terms of standing a typical nurses shift can be; my normal shifts go as follows:

  • Two nurses sat taking a breakIt begins with getting the nursing report, this is usually done in either the nursing station or the patients room.
  • I am usually standing and taking notes.
  • Afterwards, I go and introduce myself to my patients, again, while standing.
  • I check on orders for each of my patients and as you may have guessed by now I am standing. Sometimes if the nursing station is sparsely populated, I may get a chair, but this doesn’t happen often.
  • Get each patients prescribed medications ready for administration.
  • Administer each patient their ordered medications.
  • Write a progress note on each patient and my interactions thus far with each of them. I usually get to sit through this part but sometimes there are no chairs in the nursing station and so would have to chart at the island computer which means again whilst standing.
  • Throughout the rest of the shift I will be answering call lights and administering any need medications and finishing up my charting.

As you can imagine, nurses spend a lot of time on their feet so having a pair of good shoes for standing is very important.

5 Top Tips For Comfort

Here are some ways through which you can keep your precious feet happy.

#1 Good Pair Of Insoles

What makes shoes even more comfortable? Yes, you guessed it, insoles. Therefore it is vital to invest in good pair of insoles that provides a cushion to the sole along with plenty of arch support. When planning to buy, make sure you know what type of foot problem you are experiencing and the kind of insole that will suit your requirements.

#2 Take Regular Breaks

Nurses need to stay on their feet for about 10 to 12 hours on a standard shift, therefore, sitting and taking regular breaks will help lighten the pressure on the legs, ankles, joints and feet. Sitting down for few minutes can also increase the health of your feet. While working you may feel that taking a break will slow you down but the truth is working non-stop can have a big impact on your legs and back health. So give some time to your tired feet and back to recover and relax.

#3 Do Some Stretching Exercises

Regularly exercising and stretching your muscles improve primary and supportive muscles, in turn, improving your posture. You should take your health seriously and indulge in 30 minutes of exercising session per day if possible. Exercising or simply starting a basic running routine at least, should form a regular part of your life as it comes with a number of benefits that you can avail throughout your later life too. Moreover, if you do not take proper care of your body, it will become difficult for you to complete even the simplest tasks.

#4 Think About High Quality Nurse Shoes

White nurses shoesNurses shoes are a great way to keep your feet supported throughout the day. You have the option to choose from a variety of shoes available in the market specially designed for nurses who are no strangers to standing all day. If you are unsure about a brand or the quality of shoes you are purchasing, you can always ask the sales person to help you pick up a comfortable pair or check our reviews on the best shoes for nurses.

#5 Soaking Your Feet

After the working day ends, one of the nicest feelings is to soak feet in a bucket of warm water and enjoy the experience while watching all the tiredness going away. Some natural remedies for soothing feet are easily done at home with household tools and ingredients, For example, you can even use a small amount of Epson salts or a few drops of essential oils in hot water to get amazing results.

Give your tired feet from standing all day some rest as they are the ones who carry your weight even when they may be screaming for a break. Do take small breaks, and get your hands on a comfortable pair of shoes or insoles as it will work to your advantage.