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Best Shoes for Bunions

Sara Fletcher
Published 12:05 pm

A Painful Bunion On Right FootIf you’re one of the millions of people across the globe who have a large bump on your big or little toe, you most likely have bunion feet. If so, it’s probable that your feet are causing you much pain, and you’re therefore in need one of the many different types of bunion shoes for sale on the market. There are plenty to choose from, but choosing the right pair for yourself can be difficult. Because bunions on feet tend to protrude and are oddly shaped, they often restrict one’s choice of footwear. In this article we discuss everything you need to know about the condition, including causes and types, but more importantly for those men and women looking to ease the pain and walk comfortably again. In this post, we give you the most comfortable and best shoes for bunions. So if you want  to get a cute and fashionable shoes for bunions, keep on scrolling. We hope you find it helpful, as this is one of the most frequently requested posts, it seems that there are countless people in the world who are suffering from having bunions and we did our best to compile this information in an easy to access way.

What Are Bunions?

A bunion on someones right footIf you are still wondering what a bunion may look like, or you may think you have one, then read on.

A foot bunion is a condition of bony deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe. In medical language it’s named “hallux abducto valgus.” As pictured, if you see the telltale bone protrude inwards, most likely it’s a foot bunion, which ultimately is a condition when someone suffers from bony prominence. When this happens, the base of the big toe pushes outwards on the first metatarsal bone beyond normal limits (this is called the metatarsophalangeal joint) which is the bone directly behind the biggest toe. Moreover, if it occurs on the little toe and fifth metatarsal, it is then known as a bunionette. Pain is extremely violent and is more painful during walk, because it happens at a joint where the toe bends in normal walking, causing your total body weight to rest on the bunion at every step.

Symptoms Of Bunions

Like with many of the other foot pains and conditions that exist, there are multiple symptoms to consider. If you have any of the below, perhaps it’s time to consider buying some bunion shoes:

  • A bulging bump on the outside base of your big toe.
  • Redness, swelling or soreness around the big toe joint.
  • Thickening of the skin at the bottom of your big toe.
  • Corns or calluses.
  • Extreme pain anywhere in the big toe.
  • Restricted movement of the big toe.
  • Visible bump on the big toe joint.
  • Decreased movement of the foot.
  • If shoes are not fitting properly, especially around the toe box area.
  • Abnormal pressure on lower body joints and tendons.
  • Big toe pushing inwards towards other toes.
  • Extreme pain when walking with even slightly restrictive shoes.
  • Arthritis in big toe.
  • Second toe overlaps the first.

4 Causes Of Bunions

Although having any type of bunion feet is commonly accepted as a result of some deformity in the joint of the big toe, the exact cause is not clear. However, some of the possible causes may include the below:

1. Genetics

If any other members of your family have them, your risk of developing bunion feet is increased. However that doesn’t necessarily mean you will develop them too. According to The Framingham Foot Study, an inspection of foot disorders in humans looked at 3378 persons and suggested that though footwear could certainly aggravate the condition, the root cause was genetics. The study, which was performed across years 2002 – 2008, examined men and women with foot problems, as well as bunions, claw and hammer toes, and associated their frequency with those of close family members, which means some individuals are additionally vulnerable to having bunions than others.

2. Poor Shoe Fitting

A woman wearing extremely high heeled shoesIn certain places around the world, bunions on feet are particularly infrequent in people who do not wear shoes, as opposed to those who wear poorly fitting shoes which can and will no doubt accelerate the expansion of bunions. Tight footwear is not the sole cause of bunions, but can certainly aggravate them. Footwear that is too tight and do not fit correctly are likely to make an existing condition worse. Also, if too tight, the shoes may rub alongside your big toe joint and cause severe foot pain too. Another major culprit are the high heeled shoes, which generally push most of your body weight ahead onto the front of foot, and places significant strain on toe joints. High heeled shoes that are too tight will similarly push your overall foot forwards and thus squeeze your feet, affecting your big toe joint (or small toe) to remain in a bent position, which will ultimately stretch the toe, put weight on the nerves around it, and lead to all kinds of pain in the feet. Additionally, the big toe can also cause abnormality of the second toe by pushing it out of place which will then cause hammer toes to develop.

3. Arthritis

Stress and arthritis will almost certainly cause a bunion to create. This is often very true with those styles of arthritis which might cause disfigurement in a joint; after all, that is basically what a bunion is. Toe arthritis can develop as a foot bunion, but many never really cause problems. However, some may get worse if left untreated. There are numerous types of arthritis, but the ones which are the prevalent causes of bunions are:

  • Psoriatic arthritis – A common type of arthritis associated with scaly skin conditions which causes joints to become inflamed, stiff and painful.
  • Gout – Commonly affects the big toe due to crystals forming around joints.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – Inflammation and pain in the joints, due to the immune system attacking the joint liner.

4. Other Conditions

A number of additional conditions are also likened to increase your chances of developing bunions on feet. Conditions related with loose ligaments, stretchy joints and low muscle tone could increase the likelihood of them developing. These include neuromuscular conditions such as Cerebral Palsy and Marfan Syndrome.

The Different Types Of Bunions

Bunions come in all different shapes and sizes, and to classify them they have been given various different names. Please see below for some of the most common types and their characteristics:

– Tailor’s Bunion

A Tailors Bunion (Also known as a bunionette)The Tailor’s bunion, additionally known as a bunionette, happens when the fifth metatarsal bone at the bottom of the tiny toe starts to expand outward forming a tough bony knot close to the tiny toe. This type of swelling is sometimes caused when pressure is endlessly placed on the small joint because of a genetic foot abnormality or poorly fitted shoes. Footwear which are too slender within the toe area will irritate the bunionette thus inflicting redness, swelling and pain at the location of the enlargement. It’s possible, therefore, to have two bunions on the same foot, though it’s somewhat uncommon. Treatment typically consists of existing shoe modification, wearing specifically designed, new and good shoes for bunions, adding additional cushioning, taking medication, steroid injections, and the introduction of custom orthotics.

– Acute Bunions

People who have acute bunions widely experience sharp pains within the affected toe. Inflammation occurs when the fluid-filled sacks that cushion joints and permit movement becomes aggravated and inflamed. Continuous inflammation of the joint causes hardened skin to come close to the affected toes. High heeled shoes and also other types which are too tight fitting will increase the pressure on the toe joint and cause the fluid that surrounds the joints to solidify into a tough bony mass. Treatment sometimes consists of wearing orthopedic shoe inserts and custom insoles, or wearing specialist bunion shoes. In some cases bunion surgery is required.

– Hallux Valgus

A Hallux Valgus on someones left foot (chronic bunion)Hallux valgus is a chronic, however typically painless structural abnormality of the foot that involves permanent obstinacy of the bones. This type of bunion straining the foot, creates an irregular bulge at the affected toe joint, broadens the base of the foot, and interferes with standing and walking. Those who have hallux valgus are in danger of experiencing early arthritis due to the damage of bone and power in the foot. This kind of growth sometimes happens due to a faulty foot structure or more often because a bad choice of shoe fitting which eventually causes displacement of the toes. Treatment generally consists of what’s known as bunion surgery to realign the bones within the foot and relieve any pressure on the toe joints.

– Bunions with irritations

Some bunions can become red, itchy, and painful due to constant rubbing against your shoe or any footwear. If the joint on your big toe or your bunion is too large, it has a bigger chance of being irritated or even infected too, if this happens the level of pain may increase. Oftentimes, bursitis or an inflamed pocket of fluid, can occur and appear over a bump. If you notice that you have a quite large and irritated bunion, you need to avoid constantly wearing closed shoes, or you might want to look for a wide toe box. Once a bunion is already irritated you need to find shoes or footwear that should not cause further irritation and inflammation.

Suggested Types Of Shoes For People With Bunions

There are numerous orthopedic shoes on the marketplace that are particularly made for those who have bunion feet and other similar foot problems. They have been planned and manufactured with comfort in mind and will perform in a way to ease bunion pain, whilst also being fashionable and affordable. Below we recommend some styles which are worth considering:

1. Mary Jane Shoes

Good shoes for bunions (Mary Janes)The traditional and very popular Mary Jane is a good choice of fashionable shoes for women with bunions. A belt rather than a lace or solid upper and plenty of toe area is combined to make a perfect blend of comfort if you’re looking for a clog-type shoe but has an advanced back as opposed to opened. Ultimately it’s the ones with a wide toe box which perform best as bunion shoes, and the Mary Jane doesn’t lack space at all. Suitable for both work and casual wear, these come highly recommended.

2. Clogs

White clogs with wide toe box for bunionsClogs also have a wide toe box and are known for their ability to provide comfort for long periods of usage. Clogs have been around for centuries, but even in 2017 they are highly respected for the simplistic design and supportive nature. They’re also considered to be some of the best shoes for nurses both male and female, and are worn often in hospitals where the staff spend a good deal of time walking and standing all day on a solid surface. Due to the lack of additional cushioning (without orthotic insoles), this is a shoe that is not meant for running or walking over bumpy terrain, but serves as an outstanding choice if you will be doing either a large amount of walking or standing on a relatively smooth surface.

3. Rocker Bottom Shoes

Rocker bottom shoes which help aid walkingAlso known by many other names such as toning or rocker sole shoes, it’s one that not only makes walking more easy since the foot tends to rock forwards almost automatically once it strikes the ground, the thicker-than-normal cushioned rocker sole takes weight away from the front foot and toes. Primarily they are considered a good choice of shoes for people with bunions because of the ability to relieve pain and pressure from the first metatarsal bone. There are two types of rocker bottom shoes. The first is known as having a forefoot rocker sole. These are the better choice as bunion shoes because they work to reduce motion in the forefoot thus reduce pressure and usage in this area. The second type is known as a heel to toe rocker sole, which reduces heel and mid foot motion, thus reducing arthritis pain in ankles and mid foot area.

4. Stretch Shoes

Grey stretchable shoes for bunion feetThere are instances where you may need to wear modified shoes or ones which are prescribed. Not all may be of your taste, if so, one last type which may be worth considering is a shoe whose uppers are assembled of a stretchy material that conforms nicely to the foot. With these you can easily make room to insert specially made insoles for bunions if required, without making the shoe too tight due to the flexible nature of the stretchy upper. A soft, stretchable shoe such as this will often come in a style that is quite fit for the workplace but in actuality is probably more comfortable than a pair of slippers.

5. Running Shoes

Nike Revolution 2 running shoes for bunionsBunions and running have a close relationship due to the the increased usage and impact the toe joints, therefore a pair of good running shoes tend to be the perfect choice especially if they leave an open and spacious toebox area for the toes to be free of friction and painful rubbing. Meanwhile the sides are often stretchy enough so they won’t place undue weight on the hallux valgus, and the upper is usually seamless which reduces irritation. Running shoes also quite often have a sole which resembles rocker bottom shoes which are good for taking pressure off the forefoot and toe area.

5 Tips For Buying The Best Shoes For Bunions

There are at least 4 things which we discussed earlier that will cause bunions, but the most common culprit in today’s fashion is poor or wrong footwear. When wearing tight fitting shoes, they could force your toes along, and if it’s the large toe especially that’s being pressed on, it’ll tend to angle in eventually with the likes of a bunion being a possible result.

1. Choosing Your Activity

To find the best shoes for bunions, you need to consider not only the nature of the bunion itself, but additionally those activities you participate in wherever one might pose problem. If your activities are primarily confined to standing or walking for brief distances, perhaps one type of shoe is all you would need. If you’re a runner, a dancer looking for some ballet shoes, an athlete or concerned in another active endeavor, you will find yourself having to get many styles of footwear, a sort for every major activity you have interaction in. Some styles are simply found, whereas others might have to be specialized and might be harder to seek out, or in some cases, more expensive.

2. Identify The Culprit

Those who have bunions on feet can often mistake it as being nothing quite more than a blister, or even a type of corn. A bunion however, tends to be permanent and happens in a specific place on the foot. A blister or a corn, will appear in any variety of places. A puffiness may be a bony protuberance on the joint of the large toe. It happens once the toe for no other reason, angles in towards its adjacent toe. Because the toe angles in, its joint tends to angle out. Once this happens, shoes that fit snugly and well on the inside of the foot will no longer suffice. A bunion then falls into the firing line and the shoe places pressure on the toe bunion, inflicting discomfort and even pain.

3. Looks, Or Comfort?

Previously these were not always considered the most fashionable shoes on the market, and looked somewhat medical in nature. However, do not despair, because many of the bunion shoes we have reviewed below are very fashionable and look the same as any other type of footwear you’d see for sale. In general, they typically need to be a bit broader than standard and may also tend to be a slight boxy in look. The upper or vamp is good to be stretchy, and above all, the toes need to have a slightly more spacious area to roam. Sandals are typically reflected to be the best choice, though they are not always suitable footwear for all activities and for all events. They are at least a good choice to wear around the household, if not to the workplace or on a tennis court.

4. Shoe Anatomy

Insofar as work shoes or boots are concerned, while they are often made of stiff leather, they tend to be of the boxy type or wide fit, which is good for the toe joints and often will accommodate a bunion or bunionette. What you should look for is one that is made of such that it holds the heel in place and does not permit the foot to easily slide forward. A shoe of this kind, which repeatedly has a high back, has what is known as a heel counter, meaning the back of the shoe is organized to keep the heel and the back of the foot in place.

5. Keeping Your Old Shoes?

The best shoes for bunions are those which have been either designed or recommended by podiatrists. If you already own a pair, great, however if not, there are a few things to try in order to revitalize your old pair. For example, gel pads or linings can help. In other cases, applying moleskin around the bunion will keep it from becoming inflamed (though this is an exercise that would normally have to be done every day). For some persons, using a shoe stretcher may let them continue to use the shoes they already own. A stretcher will make a shoe better, but not markedly so as far as entrance is concerned. Alternatively, over-the-counter arch support inserts may be all that you need to keep a bunion from troubling you. In some cases, it may be essential to have semi-soft orthoses prescribed. These modified supports when located in a shoe keep the foot in the suitable place when it strikes the ground which adds to protection of the toe and joints.

Only The Best Shoes For Bunions

Best Women’s Shoes For Bunions

Dr. Comfort Marla Women’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoes

Dr. Comfort Marla Women's Therapeutic Extra Depth ShoeWomen suffering from severe edema or bunions don’t have to worry about the kind of casual shoes that they can choose. If you think that you will have to compromise style, think again! The Dr. Comfort Marla women’s therapeutic extra depth shoes make a great option for these scenarios. Aside from its classic look, it is functionally a lightweight and washable design which comes with removable insoles and has enough room inside to accommodate internal braces. As for the material used, it has a stretchable lycra upper and seamless padded lining for additional comfort, which externally is controlled by the adjustable velcro strap for tailored fit. Overall this is a very good option which offers great return on investment for people with different types of feet related issues.

Birkenstock Gizeh

If you are suffering from bunions, walking for too long on flip flops might cause discomfort and pain.  That is why it is important to choose the appropriate footwear to use during summer days. Rubber flip flops are not really great with bunions as they will not be able to fully support your feet, the key to having an enjoyable summer with pretty flip flops is to get one with wide sole and can offer full support especially to your toes. With the classic Birkenstock Gizeh, your foot is comfortably accommodated and your toes will never hang over the sides which is very important is you have bunions or bunionettes. This favorite from Birkenstock does not only look cool and cute, but also great for your bunions.

Orthofeet Springfield Women’s Stretchable Orthopedic Shoes

Orthofeet Springfield Women's Stretchable Orthopedic ShoesThe Orthofeet Springfield women’s Mary Jane’s are most suitable for anatomical support and maximum protection against pressure points. It is well known for ergonomic cushioning, enhanced stability and facilitating natural foot motion. The deep toe box design allows the foot to relax and spread out naturally for added comfort which make perfect therapeutic shoes for bunion feet and hammer toes. The lightweight cushioning sole is engineered with patented technology which softens each step, and helps facilitate foot motion, which in turn reduces stress on the joints of the metatarsal bones. Being pretty stylish and available in black, navy, and beige, it should suit any occasion whether work or casual. In short, the Orthofeet Springfield has been designed to cater for orthopedic and niche foot problems in mind, which has turned out to become one of the best shoes for bunions in 2017.

Clarks Emslie Monet Bootie

The Clarks Emslie Monet Bootie, keeps it fashionably classy design while keeping your bunions at peace. We understand how difficult it can be to comfortably walk in booties without worrying about your bunions. Most booties have narrow toe boxes, however, this Monet booties have a round toe so that it can accommodate your feet without pinching your bunions. Despite its round toes, these booties can still fashionably sexy, and they even come in wide widths which is great for those who sport larger bunions. Not only that they are comfy on the inside, they are  also easy on the outside. It comes with a low block heel with a sturdy out sole made of rubber to increase stability. It helps keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, the Clarks Emslie Monet bootie is truly a comfy bootie for a comfy bunion.

Arcopedico L2

Arcopedico L2 Flat Shoes For WomenArcopedico claim to make the most comfortable shoes in the world, which is a must have for anyone in the market for a decent pair of bunion shoes. Their L2 slip-on loafer is made of a synthetic sole, which offer traction no matter how far you are walking, with the height of heel being 1.5 inches. The insole offers a molded cushion to increase your foot comfort, combined with a padded topline that will prevent irritation of your hammer toes. The upper is made of polyurethane bonded spandex which stretches to offer a costume fit for your feet. The outsole is made of a lightweight, flexible polyurethane that offers a twin arch support that will not break down. These loafers are designed to last you a very long time and provide comfort for as long as you own them. Both the insole and the arch support are removable. Stylish and comfortable, these are sure to catch admiration among your friends and family members.

New Balance W1340v2 Optimum Control Women’s Running Shoes

New Balance Women's W1340v2 Optimum Control Running ShoesThe New Balance W1340v2 Optimum Control are a pair of wonderful running shoes for women, created using a synthetic upper and padded tongue and collar that offer users relief of pressure point pain on their feet. The advantage of having them made of synthetic means they are lightweight and comfortably cater for even the slightest protrusions and swelling. The insole is designed to offer the wearer shock absorption and also reduce normal day to day impact. The outsole is composed of a blown rubber material that offers a great deal of traction on any terrain. Specifically good for women who are suffering from bunions, corns, and hammer toe pain, if your foot does not fit right, you can remove the insoles and use custom orthotics instead. The sleek look of the women’s New Balance W1340v2 Optimum Control ensures they will match with just about any running attire in your closet whilst providing bunion pain relief.

Clarks Women’s Haydn Shipper Flat

Black Leather Clarks Women's Haydn Shipper FlatThe Clarks Haydn Shipper slip-ons are perfectly designed to help those with bunion feet or hammer toes. They have a cushion fit ortholite footbed and are made of supple leather that will stand up to everyday use whilst taking extra care to provide pain relief in you toe area. Unlike with most of the best shoes for bunions, the insole cannot be removed if you need more room for your painful toes, or would like to use your own custom orthotic inserts, but do offer superior comfort and superb shock adsorption. The 1″ heel is padded to prevent any irritation while wearing for both short or lengthy walks. A great value purchase in terms of comfort and style which will satisfy even the fussiest, these slip-ons can be worn anywhere, whether for personal or business use, with peace of mind and maximum pain relief.

Michael Kors Berkley Sandals

This Michael Kors sandals is a way to keep your bunions chill while strutting your stuff in fabulous heels.  This pair has a 4-inch heel with a 1-inch rocker-bottom platform. the Berkley sandals are created to eliminate bending at the toe area and allows your foot to comfortably rock while walking, thus helping ease and eliminate bunion pain. Although the heel height may seem quite high, the raised platform makes it feel lower. The block heel also allows comfort despite being on high heels. This will be best worn during formal events paired with a gorgeous gown or dress, you can even wear this on causal days paired with a plain blouse and denims. With the Michael Kors Berkley Sandals, your bunions surely cannot stop you from being fashionable and chic.

RYKA Dash Women’s Walking Shoes

Blue and White RYKA Dash Women's Walking ShoesThe Ryka Dash are a perfectly designed pair of bunion shoes. Helping you with its unique support systems such as heel stability and natural flex, it always aids the motion of moving forward that most running shoes for people with bunions lack. Innovative technology combined with ultimate customization has led to a great mix of comfort. The narrower heel, roomy forefoot, and a secure foot bed ensures all-day comfort. It is low profile, lightweight and provides enough stability for a versatile performance when needed. When it comes to styling these don’t lack either due to the 11 different types of color options. The final word is it meets all the requirements for your painful bunion feet because of the leather, mesh and high density foam working together to provide comfort and pain relief.

Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 Women’s Walking Shoes

White Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 Women's Walking ShoesSaucony, a company known for creating some of the best shoes in the world has been in business since 1898. The ProGrid Integrity ST2 is no exception and offers one the most comfortable shoes for bunions that money can buy. These walking shoes were created using imported full grain leather, and a rubber sole that will provide traction no matter the terrain or weather. Saucony installed a grid cushioning system that provides enhanced comfort levels; combined with a padded tongue and collar using durable materials, these are built to last whilst always performing to their fullest comforting potential. Available in 3 different colors, the sleek and modern design is sure to catch the eyes of those around you. The top lacing system keeps your foot fitting snug through your entire walk ensuring no unnecessary rub and abrasion. Overall, for the money, these are a great purchase which you’d most likely repeat and recommend to your friends.

Propet Olivia

Propet Olivia Women's Shoes For BunionsThe therapeutic Propet Olivia slip-ons are made with supple leather upper and features a stretchable vamp which is ideal for pain relief; being extremely flexible means the vamp will stretch to allow for toes as and when required without irritating protruding bony parts. The extra wide width shoes for women offer a seamless upper and roomy toe box for bunions and hammer toes to be free of friction and abrasion. Like most of the best shoes for bunions, the inclusion of removable insoles means custom orthotics can be inserted to allow for a personalized perfect fit. Available in both black and taupe, the style is smart casual so hopefully can be worn in many different scenarios and looks good enough for both young and older women.

BOBS from Skechers Women’s Pureflex Slip-On Flat

Skechers Pureflex Slip-On Flat Women's Bunion ShoesLooking for women’s flat shoes that can also be used even if you have bunions? If so, the Bobs Pureflex from Skechers might be an option that you’d want to consider. It is a high-quality product from the well known and established brand that has this time made use of woven strips of elastic and textile in these casual and stylish slip-ons. It also has memory foam insoles for utmost comfort and contouring of each foot individually, no matter what the anatomy. These stretchable flats are ideal bunion shoes being a relaxingly wide option that allows less stress and pressure points on your feet.

Skechers Cleo Sass

You can never go wrong with ballet flats. The class, style, and comfort ballet flats  provide never gets old. Many women who suffer from bunions totally fell in love with how the Skechers Cleo Sass can be fashionably classy and comfortable at the same time. It is a stretch and form type of shoe that will never restrict or pinch your bunion while wearing this shoe. The materials of the Cleo Sass are made up of really soft and flexible materials that can easily adjust to the form of your foot. The cloth and very soft leather is totally free of any rigidness and tightness in the toe box, which effectively eliminates discomfort and pain. These cute and sassy-looking ballet flats from Skechers feature a memory foam insole for maximum comfort and stretchy knit fabric that won’t rub and push your bunions the wrong way.


Best Men’s Shoes For Bunions

Apis Mt. Emey 728-E Extra Depth Bunion Shoes

Apis Mt. Emey 728-E Men's Therapeutic Extra Depth Bunion ShoesIf you are suffering from painful feet, one of the top rated therapeutic shoes that you can invest in is the Apis Mt. Emey. The soft leather upper with stretchable lycra create a friction free solution which is perfect not only for men dealing with bunions and severe bunionettes, but also for those dealing with severe edema or an inflamed Achilles tendon to name a few. Though it is slightly pricier than other bunion shoes reviewed here, it helps solve many lower leg problems by aiding in the mobility that they need. It has been cleverly designed with a flexible and expandable foam collar for extra comfort and support, and also there is scope for better accommodating and modifying the interior to suit the users need, especially by way of removable insoles for added flexibility.

Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Men’s Walking Shoes

Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Men's Walking ShoesAsics sneakers are well known for their comfortable fit and cloud like ride. Generally they are best known for their premium running sneakers, but these Gel Tech Neo 4’s are designed with walking in mind. This particular version comes in both men’s and women’s variants, and is available in black and white, with differing shades of blue logo to differentiate the sexes. The now famous gel technology is fabulous for your cushioning needs; it provides lightweight and excellent support due to the enhanced biomorphic fit, and delivers smooth heel to toe transitioning without placing too much pressure on the first or fifth metatarsal bones. Being relatively wide toe box shoes and with the included bunion window on the medial side, whether you’re after therapeutic shoes for hammer toes or bunions, these are ones to shortlist for sure.

Dr. Comfort Performance-X Double Depth

The Performance-X Double Depth by Dr. Comfort is not just cool-looking but also feels really comfortable as well.  Walking can be a very challenging task for people who suffer from discomfort and pain because of bunions. But with this pair of great walking shoes from Dr. Comfort, you should worry no more! The Performance-X will help you go through and complete the recommended 10,000 steps a day minus all the pain and discomfort. This therapeutic pair of walking shoes boasts extra depth and wider toe to accommodate larger feet and bunions.  It even comes with an arch stabilizer for additional support and comfort. In some stores and purchases, the shoes even come with gel inserts which can effectively add comfort when wearing your pair of Double Depth shoes. Many who have used the Dr. Comfort Performance-X Double Depth shoes have said that the ease and comfort that this pair provides is truly exceptional. While this pair is undeniably great and perfect for those with bunions, many people and podiatrists also say that they’re perfect for those who have foot discomfort due to diabetic neuropathy.

Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoes

Dr. Comfort Carter Men's Therapeutic Extra DepthThe Dr. Comfort Carter Therapeutic men’s extra depth shoes are especially made for people with feet that require special attention. It has a seamless upper for less friction and is made of stretchable Lycra which is perfect for bunions, bunionettes and hammer toes. Also being Velcro strapped as opposed to lace up means these are much easier to wear or remove, especially for those who may have trouble bending. The best feature about the Dr Comfort Carter is the enhanced extra depth, or double depth, which provides the perfect fit for people that require extra space in the toe box area. It’s worth noting that this shoe can also accommodate internal braces. Not only are these one of the best shoes for bunions, but also people with edematous feet and ankles will much welcome these casual Velcros.

InStride Newport Men’s Extra Depth Walking Shoes

InStride Newport Men's Therapeutic Extra Depth Walking ShoesThe therapeutic InStride Newport Comfort walking shoes were designed hand in hand with medical experts ranging from podiatrists to pedorthists. Successfully delivering a full grain leather Velcro strap sneaker which offers a contemporary look that can be worn in different occasions and various scenarios, these offer relieving functionality without compromising style. The goal of the company is to cater for people’s special needs when it comes to their feet, providing well fitting sneakers for even the most difficult foot conditions. The friction-free seamless upper, shock absorbing construction, tailored ability to accept various orthotic inserts, extra depth and roomy toe box and much more all add to their Custom Fit System which really works good for people with bunions, hammer toes, corns and diabetes related conditions.

Orthofeet Baton Rouge Men’s Boat Shoes

With this Baton Rogue men’s boat shoes from Orthofeet, looking casually smart is truly possible, even when you  have bunions. Whether you would want to wear this pair for work or for weekend wear, this nice and casual boat shoes look stylish while feeling easy and comfortable on the feet. Many boat shoes have narrow toe area and rigid insides but this one is an exception. Th Baton Rouge boat shoes have an orthotic insole, arch support, and a cushioned heel pad for pain-free walking and a wide toe box makes these a good choice for men with bunions and bunionettes. The shoes also help take pressure off of joints thanks to a lightweight sole with air cushioning. This is the best example when it comes to looking good and feeling good. This pair is not only great for bunions but also for other foot conditions, such as flat feet and neuropathy. The Baton Rouge is truly as comfortable as they are stylish and good-looking.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 Men’s Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 Men's Running ShoesThe Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 are an extremely good pair of men’s running shoes for bunions for more reasons than one. It offers a dynamotion fit that allows runners to use the motion control sneakers with comfort by aiding gait for overpronaters, which in turn evenly spreads forefoot strike and takes pressure off your bunion or bunionette. It also has a comfort-enhanced sock liner design and rather wide toe box with plenty of padding which gives your painful feet less stress even when you are running. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 is known to fit true to its size, not to mention a reputation for being durable and good at enhancing athlete ability.

New Balance Men’s M840v2 Running Shoes

New Balance M840v2 Men's Running Shoes For BunionsAnother pair of good running shoes for bunions is the men’s New Balance M840v2. New Balance is one of those companies that have made some of the finest sneakers for highly competitive athletes and concentrate on perfect fit as opposed to anything else. This time around, they focused on runners with special needs for their feet. The M840v2 is made in the US and has a synthetic sole, synthetic upper, and comes with a wide toe box perfect for those seeking pain relief from their previous running shoes. It has 10mm heel-to-toe drop and is extremely lightweight at only 12.2 oz making these all rounders hard to dismiss.

New Balance Men’s MX857 Cross Training Shoes

White and Black New Balance Men's MX857 Cross Training ShoesComing from the famous 850 series, providing superior stability along with total comfort, the New Balance 857 is a good choice of orthopedic shoes for bunion feet, not only for men, but also available in a women’s variant too. The specially included comfort zone for bunions is a real bonus which excels these all purpose cross training shoes. Classically styled and available in colors black and white, it gives you extreme support due to the high quality leather and mesh upper which adds to the comfort and durability. Whether you’re ready to reach your goal in athletics or just fancy some sporty looking walking shoes, these comfortable wide toe box shoes are well worth the money and a highly recommended purchase. Compared to previous versions in the 850 series, the MX857 is better than ever.

Orthofeet Avery Island Men’s Orthopedic Shoes

Orthofeet Avery Island Men's Orthopedic ShoesEver wondered if you can wear men’s oxford shoes that are not only stylish, but also comfortable and offer orthotic support at the same time? For these considerations, you have the men’s leather Orthofeet Avery Island. With gel insoles and made with anatomic considerations in mind such as the seamless foam padded interior lining, these wide toe box extra depth shoes are a great option for hammer toe and bunion feet, allowing for reduced pressure points and natural foot relaxation. It offers an easy gait and ergonomic stride design that allows you to have better motion and stability as you walk, primarily to deal with foot pain and other surrounding structures such as your knees.

Orthofeet Gramercy Wide Men’s Orthopedic Shoes

Black Formal Orthofeet Gramercy Wide Men's Orthopedic ShoesAnother pair of smart and comfortable Oxfords that you can happily opt for is the Orthofeet Gramercy. What makes it a great set of bunion shoes is its roomy toe box and extra wide construction. Not only is it engineered also for hammer toes and bunionettes, but caters to those who are suffering from arthritis, diabetes, and other conditions that need more volume from their orthopedic shoes. What it does is help alleviate the tension and pressure points in your feet, knees and also other parts of the lower extremities. It in turn deals with lower back pain, hip pain, as well as pain in the knees. Being lightweight and designed for easy gait makes walking easy and painless. It makes use of an air cushion that can absorb the impact of walking whilst the orthotic insoles provide relief for the forefoot and toes.

Propet Men’s Max Strap Oxford

Propet Men's Max Strap Oxford Bunion ShoesStylish, durable, and functional, these are the things that describe the men’s orthopedic smart Propet Max Strap. It is arguably one of the best shoes for bunions, hammer toes and bunionettes too based on the clever orthotic design, which has even been Medicare a5500 approved. It makes use of various features such as the padded tongue and double footbed for orthotics in order to provide better support and superior comfort whilst walking or standing. To accommodate edematous feet and other conditions, the stretchable suede around the edges of the forefoot make for a flexible protection which when combined with the adjustable velcro strap allows millimeter perfect fit.

Ways To Ease Your Bunion

Here are some helpful ways to calm and ease your bunion without invasive surgery and too much cost. (Source: Cleveland Clinic)

1. Maintain a healthy weight or normal body mass index. Your feet will carry you and it is important not to avoid being too heavy or overweight to avoid putting pressure on your feet and toes.

2. A moleskin or skin safe gel pad will be very helpful in protecting your bunion, you can easily purchase them at any drugstore.

3. Correct foot positioning is essential in keeping your bunions from constantly being compressed. Use appropriate and comfortable shoe inserts to aid in correct foot positoning.

4. Wear a splint at night to keep your toe straight. Do this under a doctor’s aid or guidance.

5. When the pain becomes too much, it is okay to take pain relievers or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

6. Use warm soaks, ice packs, and have it massaged to calm and ease your bunion.

7. Always buy the right footwear. Choose well fitting shoes with wider toe area.

Lastly, never put too much pressure on your feet and toes, never force yourself in wearing shoes that may irritate or cause pain to your bunions just because they look fab and cute. There are so many options and you can still wear fashionable and elegant-looking shoes without compromising your bunions and your comfort.


We all know how bunions can be really uncomfortable and painful, it can even result to irritations if you fail to take care of them and constantly choosing the wrong footwear. In this post, we hope that we have shared helpful information and offered great help in choosing the right pair for you with tips and tricks on how to ease your bunions. There are a wide range of great-looking footwear out there, all you got to do is choose the perfect fit for you. Never let your bunions and bunionettes stop you from being stylish and fashionable while staying comfortable and feeling pleasant as well.

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