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The Best Socks for a spartan race (or tough mudder)

Michael Johnson
Published 7:14 pm

Summary on Touch Socks for Quick Readers

If you’ve been training hard with an attempt for a Spartan run or any obstacle course mud run, having the best socks should be among the most important thing you have to consider. The best pair of socks is the one that will make your feet dry as you roll through the mud and dive into water, and you will be comfortable enough to experience the occasional rock or mud drop inside your shoes.


Before I will give the details on the best socks for tough mudder here is a brief information of how the participants of a tough mudder traverse a mile long course and that the best socks is important. But what is tough mudder? Tough Mudder is an event that requires endurance where the race participants attempt to traverse a 10-12 mile long course with military-style obstacle courses. Originally, tough mudder course was designed by British Special Forces to test not only the mental capacity but also the physical strength. The participants usually need to overcome obstacles that plays on human fears like fire, cold water, electric shocks and heights.

And so how important is your sock in tough mudder? Socks are one of the most important apparel for a mud run, but is often neglected because people think they will get ruined. If you spend only a little extra money on the proper socks that keep your feet cool and dry,  it may just thwart off blisters and the possibility of other foot injuries which may greatly affect your performance. When running a long miles, don’t cheap out on running socks choose the best one. While some athlete say that wearing two pair of socks help prevent blisters and basically it works and it didn’t even hurt. Whether you pick long or short socks it always depends on your personal preference. Long socks may increase blood flow but most runners wear short socks.

Below is the detail of the most popularly reviewed best socks for tough mudders to help you make sure your race day is as successful as possible because worrying about your feet is the last thing you want to do.

Drymax Run Mini Crew Socks

Price: $12.95 – $111.16

This new featured Running Socks were designed with a special Dual Layer Moisture Removal System that takes moisture off the feet through the inner Drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer instantly. We know that as a runner moisture is the feet’s worst enemy because it may cause blisters, discomfort, athlete’s foot and allows odor-causing bacteria to flourish. However, you can’t keep your feet from getting wet. When you sweat, stepping in a puddle, running across wet grass or getting caught in the rain. You can even get splashed at a race water station. But there’s a good news! This sock has a Medium-plus density protective pad which means that it has a dense padding and it protects feet without adversely affecting the fit of the shoes. It was perfectly designed to be used in cool to warm conditions, keeping your feet dry, comfortable and odor free.

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MudGear Trail Running Socks best for Men and Women

Price: $26.99 – $36.99

MudGear was started in 2012 to serve the growing needs and demands of Obstacle Course Racers. MudGear products stand out because of their solid construction, functional performance and toughness to better serve the outdoor athlete’s needs. Outdoor athletes excel on the open trail in endurance and adventure races, obstacle course racing and in outdoor training. This product is found to be super comfortable because it is made to provide comfort, wick water, and prevent blisters over long miles. It was also strongly constructed, made for outdoor sports like Spartan Race and Tough Mudder, but comfortable for running, hiking, training and all-day wear. It has a medium ankle compression that will help in keeping out trail debris and mud. Because of  its vented mesh top it has a breathable mesh that will reduce heat and increases comfort. And of course it is satisfaction guaranteed.

When you are in an obstacle race your feet will be covered with water and mud, especially in barbed wire crawls or river walks. This trail socks offer superior drainage that will keep you light and moving throughout the race like a champ. With a tight fit on your feet, the socks will also help keep any debris from getting into your shoes and in the way.

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Injinji Men’s Run Midweight Mini Crew Toesocks

Price: $14.00 – $1,432.80

The TRAIL Series is powered by Injinji’s 5 Toe Fit System and tailored for the uneven and unpredictable terrain of trail running to offer the best fit, feel and protection inside any shoe. This product guarantees a double elastic cuff and mesh top lock to keep dirt out and hold sock in place, this perfectly made socks will help you be ready to take on the trail ahead. This Toesocks featured a high-density padded compound with ultimate bolster. The padded heel and extra metatarsal support will ensure comfort you need for long distances and the most demanding of work outs. It is made with 30% COOLMAX®, 67% Nylon and 3% Lycra®. Fear of blisters? Don’t worry because this sock provides proper toe alignment with the best protective cushion to help prevent blister and hotspot.

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Injinji Run 2.0 Lightweight No-Show Toe Socks

Price: $36.00 & FREE Returns

This amazing socks offers a Coolmax Xtralife for ultimate moisture management. It was made with superior fiber that wicks sweat to keep feet dry and comfortable . It has also a light and breathable mesh top maximizes ventilation. It is so lightweight because it was made with ultra-thin fiber. With its minimalist style performance, this toesock allows your toes to align and splay naturally, as well as aids in blister prevention, It also has protective cushion and superior arch support to keep your feet healthy and feeling great during every workout.

This product was made to provide maximum comfort through minimizing bulk, moisture build up and friction with the RUN 2.0 Lightweight No-Show. This ultra-thin, minimalist style performance toesock allows your toes to align and splay naturally resulting in a more comfortable fit. Keep your feet relaxed with the light and breathable mesh top that maximizes ventilation.

The No-show rests below the ankle and features a heel tab to protect against chafing and keep the sock from sliding into the shoe. 200 Needle count for ultra-thin fit with added durability. Wearing in the sunshine? Fear no tan lines. Experience the ultimate in lightweight comfort!

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PROSOK Bamboo Socks Cylcling Racing Biking Running Athletic Hiking 1 Pair Small

Price: $14.97

Prosok Bamboo Socks was suitably created by athletes using a revolutionary design hygroweave proprietary bamboo blend that helps in the absorption of moisture away from the foot while you run. It was corporately engineered to form fit and massage your feet as you wear them in any condition. With the use of advance Technology and Nature it offers a powerful combination and certified organic bamboo, that is fast growing renewable resource that is natural, environmentally friendly, durable and as a living organism, it allows your feet to breathe. Professionals count on Prosok!!

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Darn Tough Vermont Men’s 1/4 Merino Wool Cushion Hiking Socks

Price: $17.00

This amazing product was made in Vermont and its durability and best quality was tested through skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking and running in the most unforgiving climate. With its finest Premium All Weather Performance Socks, Darn Tough is promisingly durable and guaranteed for life for all outdoor adventures. Constructed to endure the rigors of hiking and trail running, this sock has a legendary performance fit with solid cushioning along the bottom of the foot. Through-hikers logging hundreds of miles on the Appalachian Trail, they have been a living testimony and even sung a song of praises for this 1/4 socks. No slipping, no bunching, no blisters. The Fine gauge Merino Wool makes this a fast drying and breathable “all weather” sock that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And since Merino Wool is naturally antimicrobial this sock fights bacteria and resist odor.

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CW-X Ventilator Compression Support Socks

Price: $32.50

CW-X Ventilator Compression Support Socks has been the best choice of users in compression wear for years. These are scientifically engineered to protect the muscle and joints in your body. If you’re an athlete, you can best benefit from the added support and accelerated recovery benefits of CW-X’s Compression Support Socks. The patented built-in Support Web™ supports the calf and arch of the foot, and stabilizes the ankle joint for reduced fatigue. Whenever your feet are tired after an exercise, you can recover faster and your legs and feet will feel fresher the next day. This product has Anatomical Toe Design with a  non-restricting toe box that allows an increased functionality and movement.

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Balega Enduro V-Tech Quarter Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women

Price: $13.00 – $14.00

Have you tried wearing a sock that perfectly matches the curve of your feet without compressing it? Well, Balega VTech arch support system gives you that- a structured fit. It is made with 100% Other Fibers and U.S. made Drynamix moisture management fibers. It has non constricting compression bands with Sensitive rib top and extra deep heel pocket. With its mesh construction it adds comfort and ventilation. Its cushioning was provided for impact resistance and medium volume construction

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Choosing the right sock for race day requires a smart choice. Aside from your shoes that go on your feet, the second most important item you wear are your socks. They are the barrier between your feet and the elements. Having the best sock on event day can make a vast difference in your satisfaction on course and after the race.

After the review was made on the best socks, I was able to pick the perfect one that fits my feet’s demand. For me, the CW-X Ventilator Compression Support Socks is the best because it offers comfort and will make my feet fresh even after a tough work to be done and provides relaxation because of its anatomical design functionality and movement of your feet. Another one is the Prosok Bamboo Socks because of its material – the organic bamboo blend that aids in the faster absorption of moisture away from the foot while you do physical activities. It has a massage effect to your feet. Truly this product was made through the advance Technology and Nature that is natural, environmentally friendly, durable and allows your feet to breathe.

So there you have it! Make a wise decision. Choose the best that suits your needs. Consider those mentioned above and feel free to leave your comments on this article.

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