5 Best Socks for Work Boots in 2019

Last updated: March 22, 2019
Published 7:30 am

Pure Athlete Heavy Work Boot Socks

Soxnet Eco-Friendly Thermals Socks

Fox River Compression

Published 7:30 am

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Wearing boots all day is already tough enough. What more if you put on the wrong pair of socks? We know, it sucks! Well, work boots don’t have to be a pain if you have the best socks for work boots. Without a doubt, your feet will thank you!

We know that you spent a long time looking for the best pair of boots. And yet, you still experience foot problems at the end of the day. Here at Product Rankers, we understand that socks make a huge difference.

It is essential that you find the right pair of socks for your work boots. In this article, we will show you our top picks for the best socks for work boots. We will also discuss the importance of wearing the best socks for work boots. In addition to that, we will tell you what qualities or factors that you need to look for in the best socks for work boots.

Read on and don’t forget to take notes!

Top Picks for the Best Socks for Work Boots

There are a lot of socks that are available now on the market. And we want to help you with your decision making. This review will help you find the best socks for work boots.

5 Best Socks for Work Boots in 2019

When it comes to giving the best in comfort, the Pure Athlete work boot socks are perfect socks to go with your boots. The Pure Athlete Heavy Work Boot socks are very thick. Their thickness gives the perfect padding and cushioning against the hard materials of your work boots. They’re the best socks for work boots because the padding on these socks will keep you comfy throughout the day.

The Pure Athlete work boot socks will keep your feet, ankles, and calves warm throughout the cold winter days.

Even though the best feature of these socks is their thickness, these socks don’t make your feet feel too sweaty. This is because the material of these socks is made to be breathable. The heat can escape while keeping your feet warm all the time.

In addition to those, these socks also come with moisture wicking technology. This keeps your socks and your feet protected from any external moisture. Therefore, if any extra water manages to somehow get inside your boots, it will not seep into your socks. Cool, right?

Key Features:

  • Best in comfort
  • Perfect padding and cushion
  • Warms the feet during winter


Pure Athlete
  • Very cushioned
  • Durable
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • Heavyweight
  • Hand wash
  • Air dry

These socks are made from 100% recycled cotton materials. This makes them very desirable and environment-friendly. The Soxnet Eco-Friendly Heavy Weight Recycled Cotton Thermals Boot Socks have a unique cushioning and padding. These are found near the toe area as well as the heel area which provides maximum comfort in hard work boots.

Compared to other work boot socks available on the market, these socks come with a much broader elastic which keeps them from slipping off the leg. The elastic is for maximum compression.

These socks come in a variety of colors available. And because these socks are thermal cotton, they are super absorbent of sweat. These cool socks also keep the feet incredibly warm even in the coldest temperatures.

Even though the material used in these socks is thermal, they are not very thick. This means that they have lesser weight and the bulk is reduced.

Key Features:

  • 100% recycled cotton materials
  • Unique cushioning and padding
  • Maximum compression


medium weight
  • Thermal boot socks
  • Fully cushioned
  • Thin but keeps feet warm
  • Some say that the socks are not that warm enough

These awesome socks are specifically designed to give support and provide comfort to all the muscles in your calves and feet. They come with special compression technology. The Fox River Military Fatigue Fighter Over-The-Calf Compression Socks are designed with graduated series of compression. This compression slowly increases the higher up on the leg, all the way up to the calf. This compression gives you a lot of support when you’re standing or walking around too long in your boots.

Another great thing about this pair, these socks also come with a Sentry technology. This helps eliminate all the bad odors from your feet. These socks have embedded microfiber in the fabric which seals and protects the foot from smelling bad. The socks also come with URfit technology. This gives your socks a custom fit to the shape of your foot by using knit memory compression in the fiber.

The best thing about the Fox River brand is that they also have an exchange warranty of one year. If you have any problems in the socks, they will be taken back, and the company will replace it with a new pair.

Key Features:

  • Provides comfort and support on calves and feet
  • Sentry technology
  • Exchange warranty for 1 year


middle weight
  • Supports the soldiers’ programs
  • Cushioned sole
  • Wick dry technology
  • Price is a little high

These amazing socks are one of the ideal winter hiking socks that can be worn under work boots. Most warm woolen working boot socks are very itchy. Some are not durable enough or often end up losing their shape and texture. But not this sock. The Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion Socks, however, don’t use wool like that.

These socks are made of premium blended warm Merino wool.  Without causing you any discomfort, this pair keeps your feet warm throughout a cold winter day.

They are designed to be seamless. So, they are smooth all over without any uncomfortable ridges. The right seamless design prevents the sock from slipping off or bunching up in one place. And lastly, these socks also give your foot a snug fit.

Key Features:

  • Ideal winter hiking socks
  • Full cushion
  • Blended with Merino wool


Darn Tough
middle weight
  • High density knit
  • Seamless toe
  • Ribbed support
  • Pricy but some say it’s worth it

There are many kinds of socks on the market that are designed to be worn under work boots. Most of these socks were made for maximum support and comfort. However, making the socks insulated is still a widely neglected area.

Many people think that since work boot socks tend to be thicker and have more cushioning as well, they might be warmer too. But, this is not true at all. Because even with socks’ thickness, many socks for work boot are poorly insulated.

This is where the TeeHee Heavyweight Outdoor Wool Thermal Boot Socks come in. With their thermal insulation technology, the warmth is locked into your feet. These socks achieve this by making use of a warm wool blend that locks warm air inside the socks. It also prevents the warmth from escaping out easily. This feature makes these socks ideal for wearing in the winter months under your work boots.

There is an elastic band on top of the socks. This is also made from unique materials. These materials hold the sock in place without being too tight or without cutting off circulation in the leg. These are one of the best socks for work boots because they also work great with mid-length boots. They are ideal for when you want to go hiking in the cold weather at higher altitudes, too.

Key Features:

  • Maximum support and comfort
  • Thermal insulation technology


  • Ideal for winter
  • Elastic band holds sock in place
  • Some say it’s rough on the skin

Why is wearing the best socks for work boots essential?

For some people, wearing socks is not necessary. However, wearing socks come with a lot of benefits. And we take all the benefits of wearing socks for granted. Our socks play an essential role in our daily lives.

Wearing socks, especially with your work boots, is crucial because it prevents odor, disease, and foot pain. Wearing the best socks for work boots can be beneficial to your hygiene, comfort, and protection. Continue reading to understand what we mean by these.


The best socks for work boots help soak up the sweat in your feet and dry it quickly. Wearing the right pair of socks will keep your feet dry and clean all day.

Odor Prevention

Our feet have 250,000 sweat glands. Compared to women, men are known to experience more profuse sweating. This is mostly true for those who have to keep their feet in their work boots all day.

When the moisture in the feet is not controlled, the sweat produced can lead to the build-up of odor. And this can be quite difficult to get rid of when you have a hectic day to finish. Wearing the best socks for work boots can help prevent the odor by absorbing this massive amount of sweat from your feet.

Disease Prevention

The right pair of socks can help protect your feet from the risks of being exposed to diseases. Examples of these are the Athlete’s Foot and other types of fungi. Wearing socks in your work boots can decrease the risk of contracting these diseases.


We are pretty sure that you have worn a pair of socks in your whole life. And most probably, you have figured out at that time that socks were made precisely for this purpose. Wearing socks make us comfortable while we are working. As simple as wearing the right socks at work can make us more productive, alert, and responsive.


Other than providing comfort, socks also create an added layer of protection from accidents and dangerous elements in the surroundings. If you work in the military, then wearing the right tactical boots and other proper gear will keep you safe, as well as comfortable.

Preventing Foot Pain

Wearing the best socks for work boots can help protect your feet from sharp objects on the ground and from hard surfaces that you may step on. Your socks provide the barrier between your feet and the earth. Wearing the right pair of socks helps prevent accidents and long-term foot pains.

However, you need to remember that socks cannot adequately protect you from harsh environments. It is still best to wear the right boots or shoes when you are in the outdoors. Or, if you work in construction, you should wear the best steel toe boots for your safety. You cannot just rely on your socks. You also need to be in the right footwear.

What to look for in the best socks for work boots?

You’ll want socks that are antimicrobial, breathable, and moisture-wicking like socks made from merino wool or other synthetic fibers. This way your feet can stay dry and odor-free throughout your day at work. Also, the best socks for work boots are durable, so they do not wear and tear easily.

When buying your socks for your work boots, you need to look at the following features to get the best pair.

1. Material

The kind of stuff being used for your socks is critical in keeping your feet dry, warm and comfortable. If you want the maximum comfort when you work long hours, don’t buy socks made of cotton. You must know that cotton is not the best material to use for your socks. Cotton tends to absorb moisture quickly and dries slowly. This material makes your feet feel damp and blister over time.

Do you know what’s more effective in wicking away moisture and keeping your feet dry and protected? The answer is wool and certain types of synthetic fibers like Lycra, Nylon, and Spandex. Some of the materials used for the best socks for work boots also have special features. These features retain better shape in the long run and keep your feet from getting blisters.

2. Padding

The next element of the best socks for work boots is padding. Padding is achieved by weaving type or by combining materials to create a thicker sole. Extra padding in your socks can help contribute to the comfort of your feet. The additional padding comes helpful when you are working on concrete flooring.

You need to make sure that the padding does not cause more problems by changing your shoes’ natural fit. If in case the padding creates your boots to fit too tightly, then, this works directly against the benefits of padded socks.

3. Support

With reinforced mesh, the socks can offer you with arch support. Even those without high arches, you can develop pain without proper support. You can find work socks in the market with ankle bracing to help support the movement of your ankle. And then, it can reinforce the protection of your boot.

With extended walking the joints in your ankles can be weakened, you will need more support to prevent any injury.

You can also buy compression socks if you suffer from poor blood circulation. Standing on your feet all day can worsen your blood circulation problems. Therefore, wearing compression socks for work can alleviate these symptoms without you having to put your feet up at inopportune times.

4. Sock Height

The height of your work sock can help alleviate the pressure points of your work boots. Taller or longer socks fit better around your calves. With this height or length, the socks can provide insulation for those people working in the cold outdoors.

On the other hand, work socks that are shorter can give ankle bracing. The height of your socks is important to prevent any abrasion from your work boots. You must always try on socks with boots to ensure that they prevent direct contact between your skin and the footwear.

Also, no matter the height of your socks, they should always stay up. You do not want to pull them up now and then.

5. Fit

When you buy socks, you must pay attention to how they fit on your toes and heels. Because not all socks have the same shape and size.

Remember that if the toe area is too large, it can cause you chaffing in the toe area. If this happens, you will find yourself in discomfort throughout the day. Meanwhile, if the toe area is too small, you might find yourself having blisters in between your toes.

Also, you need to mind the heels. Because heels that move up towards the ankles prevent your ankles from getting the right support. And if your socks slip below the heel placement, you will also have blisters in the heel area.

The socks that you buy should fit tight enough in the calf. This is to prevent them from slipping down as you move. Plus, they should not also be too tight, so you won’t get deep impressions on your skin.

The best socks for work boots are the most comfortable and have the right fit.

We won’t make this list long because now, we will proceed with our recommended socks that we think are the best socks for work boots. We hope these will help you narrow down your search.

Parting Words

If you are going to do a lot of hard, physical labor the whole day, then it is very important that you wear comfortable work boots. Many people try hard to get the best boots possible. However, a large number of people also neglect the importance of getting the best socks for work boots.

Your work boots are mostly made up of tough materials. It is only imperative to wear the right socks underneath them. Wearing socks will soften the impact of these shoes. You will need a good quality of socks for your work boots.

Remember that work boots socks are manufactured to be softer. They should be able to provide support, cushioning, and maximum comfort to you throughout the day.

The choice of your work boot socks must depend not only on the nature of your work. You must also base it on the type of work boots you wear, the weather in which you work, and the hours you work for.  As long as you understand why wearing socks are important, you can make an informed decision for yourself.

To help you decide, you simply list down all the characteristics you find essential in your work boot socks. Then, you can prioritize them by ranking. And soon after that, choosing the best socks for work boots will be much easier for you.