How Do You Get Curls Back After Keratin Treatment?


The purpose of having a keratin treatment is to straighten frizzy, dry, and undefined hair, in addition to giving it the shine and gloss you want. However, if your hair is naturally curly, you may find that when your hair begins to grow, the hair at the top is curly while the bottom of your hair is straight. Of course, you could always allow your hair to grow straight hair out, but that will make your hair appear strange unless you keep flattening the top of it with a flat iron – which many people do if they want to keep their straight hair. However, if you’re going to have your curly hair back again, you can get your curls back after a keratin treatment. Again, though, it may be a drastic approach. Let’s go over how to do that.

Why Can It Be A Drastic Approach To Get Your Curls Back After A Keratin Treatment?

Here is the thing, when you have a keratin treatment because you want to straighten out your frizzy or curly hair, you have to accept the fact that the treatments may damage your curl pattern. That also depends on how many other straightening treatments involving heat you had before your keratin treatments. However, if you have areas of your limp or straight hair that have no curl definition, no matter how hard you try to bring it up by scrunching it up, that is how you know there is damage.

Additionally, if your hair appears stringy after those wash-and-go styles, that is a sign that there is no more elasticity in the curls. That is when you can no longer repair your hair, and there is only one solution for that. You will have to allow your hair to grow in and cut your hair simultaneously, which will promote your hair to grow faster. However, before you take that drastic step, you can utilize tips that can help you get your curls back quicker. The first thing to do is not to use too much shampoo.

Use Modest Amounts Of Shampoo

If you use too much shampoo, you will strip away the natural oils, ruining your curls. You also want to get a shampoo that has no phthalates because that chemical can destroy the chemistry of your hair, and therefore, it can alter your curls. You also do not want to shampoo your hair daily, which you do not want to do regardless of your hair type. That will take moisture away and cause dry and brittle hair.

Instead, you can wash your hair once a week, and you can also wash daily by using apple cider vinegar which will help cleanse your hair as it has antimicrobial properties. If you have naturally oily hair, you can wash your hair with shampoo two to three times a week but no more than that. You will also want to lay low on the heat.

Keep The Heat To A Minimum Or Better Yet, Don’t Use It At All

You know that heat can cause hair damage, and you will know if your curly hair has heat damage if you have dry, brittle, and fragile, loose hair. Therefore, you have fried curls because they have heat damage. The best thing to do is add heat to your hair no longer and do what you can to nurture it. The way to do that is by applying a deep conditioning hair mask to your hair and leaving it in for an hour to restore the moisture and lock it in.

If you do not have heat damage to your curls, then consider yourself fortunate. The last thing you will want to do is risk that happening. That is why you will want to lay very low on the heat. That means, for instance, if you must blowdry your hair because you got caught in the rain while walking to the store to run your errands without an umbrella, only use the low-level heat. Of course, the ideal thing to do is allow your hair to dry out in a situation such as that. But if you must blowdry your hair, keep the heat low. IN addition to doing that, you can use hair masks to help bring the moisture back.

Implement Hair Masks Into Your Weekly Routine

One way you can bring back those curls after your keratin treatment is to begin using a hair mask once a week. You will want to ensure that you look for hair masks that include the ingredients of botanical-based butter, such as shea butter, Aloe Vera extract, and avocado oil. If you can use hair masks once a week, you will be moisturizing and strengthening your hair follicles, and they can nourish your brittle curls, which will save them from breakage. If you begin to implement this new tactic into your hair routine, you will see that your hair will start to improve, and those curls may start to come back after a few weeks. At the same time, you will want to do everything you can to moisturize your hair daily.

Moisturize Your Hair Daily

The hair mask is a great idea to treat your damaged hair or to help restore your curls once a week. But it is not something you can do daily, or else it will clog up your hair follicles and cause breakouts. So what can you do in the meantime? First, you will want to add moisturizer to your hair that will not risk any breakouts. That means too by keeping your hair safe from dry cold air during the winter by putting a silk scarf over it. It will be worth investing in silk pillowcasess, too, so the moisture in your hair sticks will help.


It is a challenging task to restore your curls after a keratin treatment. That is because the purpose of the treatment is to straighten frizzy hair. However, that also means your curls disappear. You can help restore curls, but there is no guarantee those methods will help, considering it is not easy to break away from the straight hair delivered by the keratin treatments. What you can do is cut down on the shampoo you use, eliminate or limit heat exposure, implement using hair masks‘, and keep your hair moisturized daily. That may help you restore some curls. However, if all fails, the only thing you can do is allow your hair to grow out and make peace with the fact that you will need to cut your hair. Eventually, either way, you will get your curls back, but it will require patience and time.