Cholesterol Hair Treatment May Be The Solution For Healing Damaged Hair


There are many reasons that you have damaged hair. Perhaps you’ve been in the sun for too long, and the UV rays have damaged your hair. Maybe you have dyed your hair too often, which caused your hair to become brittle because of the chemicals used. Either way, you are looking for a treatment for your damaged hair that will not cost an arm and a leg and that you can do at home. You also want a treatment that will be straightforward, and that will not be time-consuming. That is why cholesterol hair treatment is becoming hot!

When you hear of cholesterol, you think of the substance that can increase your chances of ending up with a stroke or heart attack. However, there is also good cholesterol that your body needs too to protect your heart. In addition, there is also cholesterol that can help repair damaged hair, and that is the cholesterol that we will cover!

What Is In Cholesterol Hair Treatment?

As you know, cholesterol is what you associate with fats and lipids, which this type of hair treatment entails. Your body also makes cholesterol, so you want to ensure that the bad kind or the LDL is not too high, increasing your chances of heart problems. Good cholesterol or HDP helps your heart, and healthy foods can help improve it and lower LDL. The cholesterol you use for your hair to treat it because of damage consists of various fats and lipids, and the reason you want to use the cholesterol hair treatment is to add moisture and volume to your hair.

This form of hair treatment is not new, as it has been a way to repair damaged hair for decades. However, not enough people know about this easy treatment that can help revitalize damaged hair.

What Does A Cholesterol Treatment Do For Your Hair?

Cholesterol hair treatments can revitalize your hair in so many ways. However, spending a lot of time in the sun and allowing the UV rays to dry your hair out can create damage. The same applies if you have gone through various treatments that dry your hair, such as dying it, as well as using hot brushes or wands to style your hair. The heat and chemicals will, unfortunately, cause a lot of damage to your hair. Therefore, cholesterol hair treatments will help to reverse that damage.

Cholesterol consists of fats and lipids that will help repair hair and provide it with the proper hydration that it needs. That alone will help moisturize hair which makes it healthier. Additionally, it helps to flatten the hair cuticle. Your hair cuticle consists of three lipids which include ceramides, 18 MEA, and cholesterol. If the lipids are out of place, the hair cuticle will not lay flat, which can cause you to have many “bad hair days.” However, this treatment will fix that problem.

In addition to that, this treatment will soften your hair from it having the proper nourishment, and it will also help define curls. Damaged hair lacks the adequate sebum that you usually have in the hair cuticle’s middle and ends. However, cholesterol treatment will allow sebum to build. As a result, your hair will also possess that lovely shine as well after doing cholesterol treatments. The great thing is that this hair treatment is so easy and cheap that you can do it at home, which makes it more motivating to do these treatments.

How To Give Yourself A Cholesterol Hair Treatment?

Before cholesterol hair treatments were products in the old days, people relied on homemade treatments involving store-bought mayonnaise. They put mayo in their hair. However, there was one problem. The mayo caused their hair to smell like egg salad, so it was not viable to treat damaged hair. Luckily, now that there are cholesterol products for hair treatment, that will not be an issue. Your hair is guaranteed to smell much better than egg salad, regardless of the type of cholesterol treatment you use for your hair.

You can use a deep conditioning treatment or a hot oil treatment. If you go with the deep conditioning treatment, you will allow the conditioner to stay in your hair for 15 minutes, up to an hour. You will want to keep it in for an hour if your hair is severely damaged. Place a warm towel over your head, or you can sit under a hairdryer with a hood. You can also add olive oil to your hair if you like to smoothen the hair even more. That is optional. After the time finishes, you will want to shower to rinse and use shampoo designed to treat damaged hair.

If you prefer using the hot oil treatment, you will want to shampoo your hair and add it afterward. Put a cap over your head for 60 seconds. Then you will want to wash it off and then use your conditioner after. The hot oil treatment helps to bring back the natural moisture in your hair. However, the conditioning treatment is the most popular.

How Often Should You Do A Cholesterol Hair Treatment?

The frequency of doing cholesterol hair treatments depends on how much damage you have. If your hair damage is profound, you would want to do the treatments once a week. That means if there have been years of damage and you did not treat your hair at all within that time, you will want to do the cholesterol hair treatments once a week. If you make it the same day each week, it is easier for you to remember to do them. For instance, if you want to do your hair treatment on Sunday, ensure that you schedule that for each Sunday following.

Once your hair becomes healthy, you can do your treatments once a month, or twice a month at the most. You don’t want to do it too often if your hair is mildly damaged or if you want to do it for maintenance, or else it can cause your hair to become limp and weighed down. If you have fine hair, you also don’t want to do those treatments too frequently for that reason.

How Fast Will Hair Grow If You Do A Cholesterol Treatment Every Week?

When you use cholesterol hair treatments, it will not necessarily help your hair grow any faster. However, what it does instead is that it helps to revive, revitalize, soften, moisten, and increase the volume of damaged hair. If you are looking for hair growth, you will want to look into protein treatments and cholesterol hair treatments and have a diet higher in protein. However, don’t go for a diet high in cholesterol, as even though it is good for reviving your hair as a topical treatment, a high cholesterol diet is not good for your overall health.

Another thing you can do to stimulate faster hair growth is to massage your scalp as it helps the blood flow better in the veins as it dilates the veins. That can also help improve the quality of your hair. Finally, if you are very interested in growing your hair, caffeine-infused products can help with that. Therefore, cholesterol treatments help improve the quality of your hair, but they won’t necessarily help increase hair growth any faster than it usually grows.

How To Get The Most Out Of Cholesterol Hair Treatment

The best way to make the most of your cholesterol hair treatment is to follow directions for the type of treatment you are utilizing. It would be best if you did it at the correct frequency based on your hair damage level. If you don’t have badly damaged hair but need treatment, you do not want to do the treatment too often. Perhaps once or twice a month is sufficient. If you do it too often, it can cause your hair to become limp. However, if you have significant damage to your hair, you will want to do the treatment more often so you can make the most of it. You can always get guidance from a hairstylist for all of that.


If you have damaged hair from repeated treatments, sun damage, or frequent dying, you deal with dry, brittle, and unhealthy hair. Fortunately, there is an easy, quick, cheap, and straightforward solution that you can do from home. That is by utilizing cholesterol hair treatments, and there are different ways of doing that. For example, you can use the hot oil treatment, conditioning, or a DIY one. Either way, whichever is suitable for you, you will end up with voluptuous, soft, shiny, and moistened hair. Of course, you will want to ensure that you make the most of this treatment by utilizing it at a frequency that is suitable for the condition of your hair.