How To Sleep After A Keratin Treatment


You had a keratin treatment, and the one thing you want to know how to do is to sleep properly after having one. You finally straightened your hair after you endured too much of your time putting up with bad hair days. The last thing you want to do is ruin your treated hair by sleeping the wrong way. You don’t want to wake up with tangled hair after spending so much time and money if you went to the salon (or did the treatment yourself, the work) for nothing! The great news is there is a way to sleep after your keratin treatment that will not impact your hair. And no, that does not include sleeping in a chair. Let’s go over ways to sleep after a keratin treatment that will help keep your hair straight.

Don’t Sleep With Your Hair In A Bun Or A Ponytail

If you have had the habit of sleeping with your hair in a bun or a ponytail, now is the time to stop. You want to ensure that you have straight hair when you go to bed after a keratin treatment. If you don’t allow your hair down, you will not let the keratin do its job. That means for a while, you will have to stick to keeping your hair down and straight when you are ready to hit the sack. Doing so will also lessen the frequency of how often you need these keratin treatments. If the idea of keeping your hair down sounds dreadful, think of it as another thing you need to do to help keep your hair in the condition you want. Because when you want the best things, there are sacrifices you need to make.

Sleep On Silky Pillows

When you plan to have a keratin treatment, you will want to purchase silky pillowcases on the same day. You can use any pillowcase, even the ones you have with your standard sets. However, the reason that silk is excellent for your keratin-treated hair is that, unlike cotton or flannel, silk gives your hair a soft and smooth resting place that will not disturb your hair shaft and cause split ends. You may not realize this, but cotton and flannel can create friction on your hair, which will cause a lot of damage to it. Therefore, silk is best for your treated hair.

Never Go To Bed With Your Hair Wet

You don’t want to get your hair wet within three days of your keratin treatment, regardless. However, when you begin to wash your hair after your treatment, you will want to find time to do it earlier in the day or several hours away from bedtime. That is because if you sleep with wet hair, you risk that your hair becomes tangled in the morning. Therefore, there will be less time for the keratin to stay in your hair. If you don’t have the time to shower earlier in the day before bedtime, then you will need to blowdry your hair. Again, ensure that you keep the heat at a low level not to damage your hair.

Sleep On Your Back

The best thing you can do for your hair is to sleep on your back, and this may be hard to do if you sleep on your side. You will end up pulling on your hair if you sleep on your side or stomach, which can cause your hair to crunch up as you move around in your sleep, and you will end up with creases in it that you will not want to have. Therefore, if you sleep on your back, particularly after the first few nights of your treatment, your hair will not move much, which means your ends won’t have any disturbances. Therefore, you lower the risk of having split ends, unlike if you sleep in other positions. However, if you do not move much in your sleep and know this for a fact, you can sleep in other positions.

Keep Your Room Cool

After your keratin treatment, the best thing you can do is ensure that your room is cool, so you do not risk sweating as you sleep. Sweating will not be good for your hair as it can risk you developing tangles and can damage your hair. Instead, ensure that you keep your air conditioning on, keep a fan running, or open your windows. Whatever you need to do to help keep your room comfortable and cool keeps you from sweating and ruining your hair is the thing to do. Besides, sleeping in a cool room will also help you get good quality sleep, so you are rested well enough to take care of your hair.

Mask Your Hair

One of the best things you can do is apply some overnight hair masks that can help keep your hair strong to prevent breakage. The best type of hair mask is one with argan oil, which is also free of sulfates. You will want to get into the habit of putting on a hair mask and applying it to your bedtime routine, and the best one to use is the quick rinse one. Now, it is not necessary to do this. However, it is something that you will want to do so your hair stays strong. Additionally, you can enjoy having a spa-like experience before hitting the sack.


When you have your keratin hair treatment‘, you will want to ensure that you take excellent care of your hair, so the keratin has the chance to work. That also means changing some habits before going to bed after your treatment so you can maximize the chances of it working. That means you will want to start sleeping with your hair straight down, dry, on silky pillowcases, and you will want to sleep on your back unless you know you don’t move around in your sleep. Also, you want to keep your room cool, so you don’t sweat, and maybe put a hair mask on to strengthen it.