Super Nasya Oil: Ayurvedic Remedies That Helps You Get A Better Night Sleep

Last updated: February 19, 2019
Published 7:29 pm

Sometimes it can be impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

Many things can keep us awake at night but don’t let breathing be one of them.

Nasya Oil could be just what you need to ensure a comfortable night and keep sinus discomfort at bay for good.

Banyan Botanicals Naysa Oil is certified organic and is designed to support clear breathing.

By lubricating the nasal passage and decongesting the sinuses, this great product helps point its users toward optimal health and well being.

Not only that, but this fantastic multi-purpose oil can help with a variety of ailments.

Read on!

What is Nasya Oil?

Naysa Oil is a herbally infused oil designed to soothe and protect the nasal passages. Containing Sesame oil, Olive oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Brahmi, Skullcap, and Calamus, Nays Oil is the gentle yet effective choice for unhindered breathing and nasal dryness.

The Benefits of Nasya Oil

While the eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, the nose is considered the doorway to consciousness. And while the nostrils lead directly to the brain, we need to keep it clean and clear.

The main benefits of Super Nasya Oil are to shift sinus congestion, lubricate the nostrils and promote clean unencumbered breathing.

Not only that but Nasya oil will also significantly improve quality of voice and promote mental clarity.

Some say it can even strengthen vision and can even be used to heal sore cuticles! How’s that for useful?

Nasya Oil Directions

Banyan Botanicals Naysa Oil is so simple to use. It can be applied using your finger tips or with the attached dropper. Super Naysa Oil is so gentle is even helps to moisturise the fingers as you go.

Simply apply a couple of drops to each nostril and gently massage the outside of the nose. Some users recommend mixing with a little petroleum jelly for a thicker consistency, while others combine the healing aspects of Naysa Oil with the cleansing abilities of a nasal rinse cup.

This is such a sensitive product that it can easily be incorporated into a daily well being and skin regime. Naysa Oil is not to be used by pregnant women.

Use Nasya Oil for Allergies

Naysa Oil is ideal for those afflicted with sinus infection, nasal blockages and sores. It is also a great weapon against allergy, including pollen and pollution allergies, and sinus infection.

The oil works to coat the mucous membrane stopping particles from settling within the nasal cavity. Naysa oil lubricates the sensitive skin within, working to unblock the pathway to the brain, leaving the afflicted virtually symptom free.

This multi-purpose product can also relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. There are a number of Nasya Oils on the market, so It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by all the choices.

The handy 4oz bottle is now a permanent part of my beauty routine. I personally suffer from terrible allergies throughout the Summer, particularly irritating pollens and this gentle oil soothes me.

Sneezing is kept to a minimum and my eyes stream less because foreign particles can’t settle up my nose!

Nasya Oil is my favourite cure for my allergies and is so gentle. It’s a relief not to have to lean so heavily on medications that make me drowsy.

I also suffer from the usual stresses of life, like money and work related ones. When this happens I turn to Nasya Oil to calm and cure me.

A couple of drops from the bottle’s pipette straight into my nostrils is often all it takes to clear my head and make me feel much better.

This kind product is a favourite of mine, I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve slipped a bottle to my mother, who swears by alternative remedies. She’s also a big fan!

Banyan Botanicals strive to empower and inspire their customers to take personal responsibility for their spiritual health.

They believe complete mental wellness can be obtained through the wisdom of Ayurveda alternative medicine practices.

This is why they only produce the highest quality Ayurvedic products. All produce is certified organic and uses the finest fair trade herbs.

With the rising popularity in oils such as coconut and sesame oil for everything from oil pulling to deep hair conditioning, Super Nasya Oil has more than proved its place in my health kit.

It’s one of the best!

As far as I’m concerned this oil is a total must-have – one of the most impressive health tricks in my bathroom.

Please do let me know if you try this Super Nasya Oil and tell me how you got on!