8 Best Nume Curling Wands in 2021

NuMe Titan 3

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NuMe is one of the most recognized hair and beauty brands in the world. They offer hair straighteners, curling wands, styling sets that include a straightening hair brush. Also, they offer some amazing personal hair care items that find their way to salon shelves, and eventually beauty gurus homes, all over the world. NuMe reviews have been featured in top fashion magazines like Vogue and Allure, just to name a couple. You may have seen some of their products featured on shows like Good Morning America and The Today Show.

A NuMe curling wand review is always intriguing and inviting to those who have never used one of their products because of how happy the reviewer always is with the product. If you’re finally ready to purchase your first NuMe hair wand, you might be a bit overwhelmed with all that they have to offer. This guide will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect NuMe curling wand for you, based on price and your personal needs.

Let’s get ready to curl!

NuMe Curling Wands

This NuMe curling wand set is made with 100% tourmaline-infused, ceramic coated barrels. This ensures long-lasting style and deep penetrating negative ion infusion, which will help keep your hair soft and manageable. Included with your purchase are five interchangeable wands so you can achieve the exact number and intensity of curls that you’re after.

You’ll receive a 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 13mm-25mm Reverse, and the Pearl barrel. This means that this single product is like receiving a NuMe curling wand 19mm, a NuMe curling wand 32mm and a NuMe 25mm curling wand all in one, plus two bonus products. This makes it an incredible value and a must-own product for the girl that changes her mind about which curl is her favorite (isn’t that all of us?).

You’ll love being able to curl your hair at night and still wake up with gorgeous curls. Imagine the time that you’ll shave from your morning routine with this NuMe hair curler! This set can be used with just about any hair type, so don’t think that just because other curlers haven’t worked on your hair that this one won’t. In fact, most curls stay without any hair spray! Because of how hot this curling set gets, a protective glove is included.

No need to worry about your teen burning themselves while they curl their hair. And remember, NuMe wands are designed to not just protect your hair from the high heat but actually improve its current condition. It doesn’t get much better than that!


NuMe Titan 3

This clipless curling set is made with 100% titanium barrels and includes three separate wands for incredibly curling capabilities. You’ll receive a heat resistant glove with your purchase to ensure safety for the user. The high heat means that your curls not only look great the first day you curl them but continue to earn you compliments two or three days after! Imagine going an entire weekend without having to recurl your hair. Spend more time having fun and less time stressing about your hair style.

If you’ve never been able to curl your hair with a curling iron before, give it one last shot. We promise this will be the last curling iron you’ll ever feel the need to buy. The curling power is undeniable and the straightest of hair can be instantly transformed in just minutes. If you’ve always pictured yourself with curly hair but could never quite achieve it, this is the curling set for you.

With a fun name like this, the Curl Jam is meant to grab attention. Made with 100% tourmaline-infused, ceramic coated barrels, this curling set was made to create intense curls and gorgeous hairstyles in the comfort of your own home.

It heats up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit and is known as a high-quality product at an average product price point. You’ll never regret adding this NuMe wand to your collection. Want to know what’s even more impressive about this set? It comes with a flat iron as well. Use the flat iron to straighten your hair or create soft, beach waves.

When you’re ready to change up your look, change to one of the three included curling barrels for intense curls in no time flat. If you don’t have a ton of extra space to store multiple styling tools in, this curling set will save you time and precious space.


NuMe Octowand

Now, this kit is for the curling enthusiast who just can’t get enough. If you only go with one NuMe curling wand, it should be this one. It comes with just about every type of attachment that you could dream about. It includes eight interchangeable heat barrels, in different sizes and styles, allowing you to create a wide variety of looks. Make tight, defined curls or stick with loose mermaid waves with this unbelievably versatile NuMe hair curler. No matter the look, you’ll love how easy it is to achieve with the Octowand.

The heat barrels are tourmaline-infused and ceramic coated. Your hair will be penetrated with 600% more negative ions, which helps to lock in moisture and create intense shine. Have you ever used a heating styling tool that actually left your hair looking better and healthier than when you started? After using a NuMe styling wand, you can say that you have.

The NuMe octowand heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and includes an easy-to-read digital temperature control panel. You’ll always have full control of the heat and your final style with this model.


NuMe Pearl Curling Wand

The Pearl is known as the NuMe wand for the adventurous curl-seeker, thanks to the creative engineers at NuMe that are always designing cutting-edge tools for hair and beauty. With its unique shape and fun design, this curling wand allows you to blend curls into a natural wave and experiment with long, stylish curls that have a mind of their own. Even though you’re using the same styling tool each day, you can walk out the door with a different style each day of the week. Now how many curling wands can do that? One of the reasons that this wand is so versatile is because it doesn’t have a clamp. If you find that clamps tend to get in the way of your styling, you’ll love the advantages of this clampless model.

You’ll be blown away with the amount of volume that this wand can provide you with and the curls last for days, looking just as impressive as they did on the first day. They’ll always look natural, thanks to the unique design of this wand. You get to control the size of your curls based on the amount of hair you put on the wand and how long you leave it on. You’re in complete control with this model!


NuMe Classic Wand

If you’re new to NuMe wands and want to slowly introduce yourself to the brand, start with the Classic Wand. This NuMe hair wand forms beautiful, romantic curls in such a short amount of time, you’ll wonder why you’ve wasted so much time with inferior styling tools in the past.

The gemstone tourmaline-infused ceramic coated barrel heats quickly and evenly, which means that your hair will remain healthy and undamaged. Negative ions are equally dispersed through the barrel so you’ll actually be conditioning your hair each time you use this wand. The price is great as an introductory product. Your small purchase will provide you with the confidence you need to try out NuMe’s more advanced products. But you’ll always want to keep your Classic nearby for those days where you just want to get in and get out with gorgeous curls in half the time than what you’re used to with other styling tools.

This NuMe hair curler will actually help you save money as well. The curls are set so well by this curling wand that you’ll barely need to use hair spray if any. While it’s always recommended that you use a heat protective spray before curling your hair, you won’t need to use nearly as much as you would with other curlers that don’t do anything to protect your hair. Let your expensive products last twice as long, just be switching to a NuMe curling wand.


NuMe Reverse Curling Wand

If you love the look of mermaid waves, which are everywhere these days, the Reverse Curling Wand is perfect for you. This NuMe hair wand is versatile and incredibly easy to use, even for beginners.

Even if your hair rarely holds onto a curl for more than a few hours, it will be completely transformed with the Reverse Curling Wand. This wand heats up quickly and even though it only has one heat setting, it’s just the right amount of heat no matter your hair type. This model is ideal for anyone who needs to be out the door in record time in the morning. If you don’t even have the time to get ready before you do leave, don’t worry. It’s easy to take your curling iron with you to the gym or even work for when you do have a few extra minutes.

It heats up quickly and curls your hair in minutes, so that’s all you’ll need. When you travel, this will be your go-to styling tool to keep your hair looking great, even on the road.


NuMe Argan Oil

Do you currently use argan oil on your hair? If not, it’s time to start! This remarkable product is known to prolong color treatments, including highlights, and shortens your styling time by eliminating frizz and serving as a leave-in conditioner. It can also aid in healthy hair growth and give your hair a shine that can’t be matched by other products. If your hair has become dry and brittle after using curling irons that damaged your hair (and not made by NuMe) then an argan oil treatment is just what you need. It’s the perfect quencher for dry hair.

Nume argan oil ingredients include vitamin E and plenty of other beneficial fatty acids that will change your hair almost instantly. Put a little in your hair after showering or use it where your hair is parted to prevent flyaways. If your hair doesn’t look absolutely perfect to you, argan oil is probably the ingredient that you’re missing in your hair regimen. Luckily, NuMe hair products include pure and organic argan oil that’s perfect for your hair and even dry skin. It can completely transform your beauty routine, saving you time and providing incredible results. You can pick up a bottle of NuMe Argan Oil wherever you buy your other NuMe styling products.


NuMe is an ideal brand to purchase all of your hair styling tools and products from, especially if you want to own the best curling wand you’ve ever had. Whether you want to straighten your hair, enjoy soft curls or produce tight, bouncy curls, there’s a curling wand out there just for you from NuMe. This impressive company stands by its products, offering warranties and providing impeccable customer service.


Whether you’ve never used a NuMe styling tool or own more than one, you’ll quickly understand their mission statement, which is to create innovative products that inspire young women to feel more confident. You’ll definitely feel more confident each time you use one of their styling tools to create the exact look that you’re after.

Ready to try out a NuMe curling wand? After your first curl, you’ll wonder why you ever waited so long to experience such a luxurious curling tool. Remember to search for a NuMe curling wand instead of a NuMe curling wand to ensure that you’re receiving brand new styling tools that will leave you happy and confident with your hairstyle. You’ll soon be part of the curl movement that’s sweeping the nation as more women learn about the advantages of styling tools from NuMe.