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The Best Electric Hair Straightening Brushes – Find A Styler That Works

Sara Fletcher
Published 12:00 am

I am so bored of poker-straight flat hair, aren’t you? Move over, flat irons. You have been amazing, but we are ready for something new! The next big thing is here and I could not be more excited. I’m talking about the best straightening hair brush products.

We all want that sleek, straight hair but with a fuller and healthier natural look, and of course getting all glammed up. Well ladies, you are in for a treat, because brushes that straighten hair can do all of this! And if you keep reading, I am going to tell you how. Let’s go!

Top 5: Editors Pick Of The Best Hair Straightening Brush


Hair Brush Straightener 

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Asavea Heated Straightening Brush



Apalus 3 in 1



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Top 5 Brushes

1. InStyler STRAIGHT UP – Top Choice

The InStyler STRAIGHT UP Straightening Hair Brush will give you safe and long-lasting sleekness.

The brush heats up in only 30 seconds and provides a consistent, even temperature to protect your hair and provide uniform results.

With 65 ceramic heated plates, you can smooth and straighten 16 sections of hair with just one pass.

+ Best For All Types Of Hair​

+ Max Temperature 450 ºF​ (230 ºC)

+ 7 Temperature Settings

​+ Automatic Shut Off

+ LED Temp Display

+ 360º Swiveling Cord 

+ 65 Ceramic Heated Plates

+ Heats Up In 30 Seconds


Hair Straightening BrushBuy for $$$ on Amazon

The brush includes seven heat settings, so you can customize your straightening treatment based on your hair type.

I loved the swivel cord that let me straighten as needed without feeling like I was tied to the wall.

I agree with other InStyler STRAIGHT UP Hair Straighten Brush reviews that claim this is probably the best straightening hair brush on the market.

If you’ve been let down by a straightening hair brush flat iron in the past, the InStyler will make you a believer once again.

2. FemJolie (Flat Iron and Brush In One)

The FemJolie flat iron and brush in one packs quite a bit of punch for its price point.

It can be used to tame your daughter’s morning bed head or to get rid of that ponytail wave without having to rewash your hair.

I always recommend this flat iron and brush in one to family and friends. For most of them, one try is all it takes. They end up storing their flat iron away for the occasional use.

The FemJolie heated straightening hair brush is the only styling tool they need to get out the door in the morning with sleek, straight hair.

+ Best For All Types Of Hair​

+ Max Temperature 450 ºF​ (230 ºC)

+ Adjustable Temperature Settings

​+ Negative Ionic Charge

+ LED Temp Display

+ 360º​ Anti-Winding Cable  

+ 110-220v

+ Money Back Guarantee


FemJolie BrushBuy for $$$ on Amazon

RESULTS: See how the flat iron and brush in one performs on Natural, Thick, Frizzy, Curly Hair. Does it Really Work?

3. Dafni 

I’ll admit that the price of the Dafni made me a bit wary to try it, but it’s so easy to use and provides unbelievable results!

It heats up to 365 degrees in just a few seconds. All you need to do is brush your dry hair slowly for frizz free locks.

If you aren’t limited by a budget, the Dafni Straightening Hair Brush is a must to consider. You’ll never regret your purchase.

+ Best For All Types Of Hair​

+ Max Temperature 365 ºF​ (185 ºC)

+ Straighten in 3 minutes

​+ Insulator Scalp Protector 

+ 3D Ceramic Surface 

+ LED Temp Display

+ 2.2 metre Cable  


DafniBuy for $$$$$ on Amazon

4. Apalus 3 in 1 Hair Brush Straightener

The Apalus hair straightener brush makes your hair silky and smooth in just a couple of minutes.

I wasn’t sure it would live up to the hype but I am happy to say…it’s all true, it actually works!

It heats up in a matter of seconds and allows you to choose from various temperatures giving you control over how much heat you use on your hair.

+ Best For All Types Of Hair​

+ Max Temperature 450 ºF​ (230 ºC)

+ 3 Temperature Settings

​+ Anion Hair Massager

+ Dual Voltage​

+ LED Temp Display

+ 360º​ Anti-Winding Cable  

+ 12 Month Warranty ​

+ Auto Shut Off Protection ​


Apalus BrushBuy for $$ on Amazon

I used the Apalus brush hair straightener on one of my girlfriends who has afro-textured hair and it came out really nice. This is something that is not normally mentioned in reviews for the Apalus brush hair straightening.

It wasn’t completely straight, but much straighter than it would be from blow drying and only took a fraction of the time.

Moroccan and argan oil are great for your face, but they also make it easier for you when you use this product on afro-textured or very dry frizzy hair.

Apply a small amount of one of the oils for maximum smoothness.

An extra bonus with the Apalus brush hair straightener is that it automatically shuts off after 60 minutes, making it a safer choice if you’re a bit forgetful like me.

The Apalus is the most well known and the best straightening brush for hair option within big retailers. It’s amazing value for the money!

Electric Hair Brush Straighteners that Detangle and massage

These are for use on dry hair just like you would use a normal hair brush. Section off your hair starting from the bottom and brush your hair through to the ends.

It really is as simple as it sounds, just watch the magic happen! I find it best to brush on the underside.

You can even curl your hair under or out on the ends.

5. Braun Satin Hair 7 Iontec

This brush is perfect for when you’re going for a night out straight from work or when you don’t have time to blow dry your hair. You can just let it dry naturally, then give it a quick going over with the brush when dry.

The ones I have suggested all have ball tipped bristles because they are gentler on the scalp and kinder to your hair.

I won’t go anywhere without my brush that straightens hair these days.

+ Best For Natural Hair

Automatic Switch off

+ Cordless 

​+ Active Ion Jet 

+ Natural Bristles 

+ Removable Cushion Pad

+ Protection Pouch 


Braun BrushBuy for $$$ on Amazon

This brush really gives your hair amazing shine and helps with controlling frizz.

I like the result it gives. It leaves your hair nice and flowy, light but not at all stiff. The only thing I didn’t find it good for was curling the ends, but I rarely do that anyway.

Since purchasing mine, most of my friends have gotten one too.

I use mine every day and couldn’t be without it!

Best Hair Brush For Straightening Curly Hair

You might love your flat iron but do you love the time that it takes to get your hair as straight as you want it?

The best hair brush for straightening curly hair is the Asavea. This is because it doesn’t pull your hair out like some of the other electric brushes available.

It has several temperature controls so you don’t need to worry about damaging your curly hair. Plus on its highest level it stays really hot allowing you to do consistent strokes. You can have your curly tresses transformed into straight strands in under 20 minutes without any burn smell.

I really love how smooth my hair feels after using this brush. It’s hard to compete with the smoothness and shine that this brush hair straightener leaves behind.

+ Best Hair Straightening Brush For Curly Hair

+ Max Temperature 365 ºF​ (185 ºC)

​+ PTC Ceramic Heat Components

+ Heats in 60 Seconds

+ Anti Scald Technology 


AsaveaBuy for $$ on Amazon

Best Brush For Straightening Thick Hair

Is your hair on the thicker or curlier side? Then choose the Sela Beauty because it is the best brush for straightening thick hair.

I recommended it to a close friend with wavy, thick hair and her style has never looked better! She’s able to straighten her hair in less than five minutes and it stays this way all day.

The brush’s bristles are thick and sturdy, so if you’ve experienced problems with thin bristles in the past, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.

+ Best Straightening Brush For Thick Hair​

+ Max Temperature 450 ºF​ (230 ºC)

+ Toggle Between ºF​ & ºC

+ Anti Scald Teeth

+ LED Temp Display

+ Anti Static Technology

+ Auto Lock Function


SelaBuy for $$$ on Amazon

Heated Hair Brush Pros and Cons



Everything about a hair brush straightener is fast.

It heats up in virtually seconds and only takes a few passes through each section of your hair to work its magic.

It’s just like brushing your hair, so you’re really not adding any more time to your morning routine.


Most heated brushes will have a temperature selection feature.

Stick with lower temperatures if your hair is:

  • Thin
  • Soft
  • Fine

Stay in the middle for normal hair and crank it up for thick hair.

Always be sure to use a heat protectant spray before using your straightening hair brush.

As long as you’re taking the proper precautions, your device is safe for your hair.


My heated styler has saved my hair day on more than one occasion.

Sometimes, even when I straighten my hair in the morning, I need a little touch up later on in the afternoon or evening.

So when I know I’m headed to the gym after work, I bring my special brush to touch up my hair before heading to dinner with my friends.

Also, if you need to run out the door unexpectedly, a straightening hair brush can give you a quick and easy style in just minutes.


This is by far the most important advantage. These products aren’t just hype.

They really do give you smooth, sleek hair with a quick pass of the brush.

You brush your hair every day anyway. Why not brush it with a heated straightening brush and cut your styling time in half?


Not A Flat Iron

If you’re expecting to get flat iron results with a straightening hair brush, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

Unless your hair is very thin or fine, a brush won’t give you the same results as an iron.

However, using a heated brush will still help style your hair and keep frizz at bay. And it will take less than five minutes, whereas a flat iron can take half an hour or longer.

Hair Damage

Anytime you use a heated styling tool, there is risk for hair damage.

I’ve already mentioned using a heat protectant spray and choosing the right temperature to keep your hair safe.

But if your hair is unhealthy, the bristles of your brush can either cause split ends or make existing ones worse.

Be sure to keep up on trimming your hair if you use a heated straightening brush on a regular basis.


Start by using some heat protection spray. Work through small sections of hair at a time. Use a clip to keep hair pinned up out of the way and start from the bottom.

You might think it will take longer this way but actually, I find it’s quicker as you’re not just brushing over the same bits of hair and missing parts underneath and not getting anywhere.

Different Types of Straightening Hair Brushes

Now let’s talk about the different types of brushes available.

This should help you to choose which one is best suited for you and your hair.

There are several types on the market and it can get a bit confusing, but don’t worry!

My straightening hair brush reviews will help you find the device that will work best for you.

You could go for the electric type to use on your dry hair or a non-electric type with ceramic plates to use whilst blow drying.

Some of the electric hair brushes are even battery operated, so you can take them out anywhere with you. How cool is that?

Another bonus with a brush that straightens hair is that you don’t get the burning smell like you do with flat irons.

Luckily for you, I have tried and tested all of the top sellers to save you the hassle and allow you to find the right brush that will straighten your hair.

Carry on reading as I’m going to give you a couple of options for each different type, along with easy-to-follow explanations on how best to use them and which hair type they work best on.

Best Of The Rest

6. Simply Straightening Hair Brush Reviews

I have been reading a lot of straightening hair brush reviews for this product lately, so I wanted to give my own take on it.

The Simply straight hair brush is so quick and easy to use. It’s the ideal hair straightening solution for when you’re in a hurry!

Bear in mind that this is not really the answer if you are looking for poker-straight hair, but personally I think it’s nicer to have some body, especially at the roots.

+ Best For All Types Of Hair​

+ Max Temperature 450 ºF​ (230 ºC)

+ LED Temp Display

+ Ceramic Tipped Bristles

+ Auto Shut Off Protection ​


Simply BrushBuy for $$ on Amazon

It didn’t burn my head or anything, it gives out enough heat to straighten your hair but feels nice and gentle on your scalp.

The trick is to hold sections of hair from the ends, pull quite tight, and then brush down from top to bottom. You’ll get sleeker results if you also brush the underneath.

Also, I would advise you to thoroughly comb your hair before use.

Another great thing about the Simply straight hair brush flat iron is that it works on ALL hair types. It is best suited for shoulder length hair or longer.

It does take a little while to properly heat up, so it’s best to turn it on between 5 and 10 minutes before you want to use it. That should give you just enough time to get your makeup done.

It’s also excellent to have on hand for touch-ups.

Simply straight advises us not to use the straightening hair brush with any styling products. However, I would say that using a touch of heat protector spray before use is vital for keeping your hair in tip-top condition.

If you wish to smooth down the ends after straightening, just use a tiny amount of argan oil.

Great price for a fabulous product, you can’t really go wrong! As long as you realize it’s not going to be comparable to a flat iron then you will be pleased with the results it gives. Just think of it more like a sleek blow dry but without all the hard work!


Great for when you are trying to grow your hair so you can get away without the damage caused by blow drying and straightening.

Also make sure you always have some spare batteries at home as you don’t want it to cut out halfway through using it.

7. USpicy  

I love this electric hair brush! It features much thinner bristles than most designs, so it’s really able to penetrate each section of hair and reach more strands at the same time than most brands.

It’s also perfect for younger hair stylers. It’s easy to use, and with an auto shutoff feature, you don’t have to worry about any accidents.

Our Pick 

+ Best For All Types Of Hair​

+ Max Temperature 450 ºF​ (230 ºC)

+ 7 Temperature Settings

​+ Anti Scale design

+ LED Temp Display

+ MCH Ceramic Plate 

+ Auto Shut Off Protection ​


Uspicy Buy for $$ on Amazon

8. Babyliss Ceramic Straightening Brush Review

The Babyliss ceramic straightening brush is one of my go-to styling tools. It heats up in literally seconds and transforms my hair in just a few passes.

I’ll admit, it’s a little heavier than most straighteners. Fortunately, it works so quickly that this really isn’t an issue.

Remember that the faster a flat iron hair brush straightener works, the less chance there is for damage to your hair.

I always feel confident with this model that I’m getting the style I want without the damage that I don’t. There’s no tearing or snagging during use.

It’s a smooth experience all around.

+ Best For All Types Of Hair​

+ Max Temperature 392 ºF​ (200 ºC)

​+ Diamond Ceramic Fins 

+ Ionic frizz control

+ 3 heat settings


BabylissBuy for $$ on Amazon

Rotating Hot Air Brush 

Hot air brushes are to be used on wet hair. Well, towel dried hair to be precise!

To save a bit of time I recommend rough drying your hair a bit first with a regular hair dryer.

So how does it work? It blows out hot air from inside the brush while spinning the bristles around. Kind of like a hair dryer and brush all wrapped up in one.

Like the sound of that?

It is essentially blow drying your hair but without the nightmare of trying to hold a hair dryer in one hand whilst twirling a brush through your hair with the other.

I don’t know about you, but blow drying just stresses me. I often end up quitting halfway through, and all I’m left with is arm ache….


Best straightening hair brush for shorter hair and bobs, thin to medium thickness hair. To save time you can dry your hair 50% with your hairdryer first before using it.

For short hair that lacks volume, use a volumising spray on the roots before styling with the straightening hair brush.

9. Revlon Perfect Heat  2″ Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Spin Brush

If you’re like me, too clumsy and impatient for a brush and dryer, then this hot air spin brush is easy, fast and produces great results!

The heat is nice and powerful, so this straightening hair brush is brilliant for fast styling.

It gives great volume for sexy big hair and turns out looking like a pro did it.

The spin does take a bit of getting used to, you need to go easy on the spin button to avoid any tangling.

+ Best For Medium, Long, Thick & Wavy  ​

+ 2 Temperature Settings

​+ Cold Shot Button 

+ Multidirectional Brush Rotation

+ Ceramic & Tourmaline Technology

+ 900 Watts

+ Tangle Free Bristles ​


Revlon Perfect HeatBuy for $$ on Amazon

It sounds a bit scary, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it! Just make sure you consistently move it as if you are combing your hair, then it won’t tangle or grab your hair.

The handle is fairly large, so if you have small hands you might find it better to hold with both.

It even works well on dry hair if you need to quickly transform your look for a night out.

Really awesome product!

Double sided straightening brush

These are not actually plugin or battery operated, but they still bear mention. They are thermal double sided brushes which are designed to use whilst simultaneously blow drying the hair.

You can also use them with straightening irons after the hair is dry.

Wash, condition and towel dry hair. Comb through to get rid of any knots before rough drying until hair is half dry.

You have to clamp the brush down on sections of hair starting at the roots, then pull it down through to the ends whilst moving your hair dryer down the hair with your other hand.

10. Denman Thermoceramic Straightening Hair Brush With Boar Bristles

A bit more expensive than the Scalpmaster, so is it worth paying extra?

Well, this brush does have boar bristles, which are the most similar to human hair. They are known to strengthen and add natural shine to your hair.

It also has thermoceramic vented plates. These plates distribute heat evenly, and therefore avoid any excess heat damage.

This makes blow drying so much more manageable!

+ Best For All Types Of Hair​

+ Natural Boar Bristles

+ Hygienic and Durable

​+ Ergonomic Design 

+ Anti Static Grip Pad


DenmanBuy for $ on Amazon

Rotating Iron Hair Brush Straightener 

Wet to dry, curly to straight, straight to curly!

These products are very versatile.

Comb your hair as you style whilst the barrel rotates.

Clamp down on sections of hair so you have the barrel on one side and the straightening hair brush on the other.

Then simply pull down the hair to straighten, you can easily curl the hair under or out. I find it best if you turn it slightly as you go down the hair. This makes it more bouncy and natural.

It’s brilliant for bangs.

11. Instyler Wet To Dry Rotating Iron: 1-1/4 inches

I have to admit I was a bit wary the first time I used this product on my hair. It looks a bit weird and intimidating, and I couldn’t really get my head around how it was going to work.

I was surprised to find it actually worked excellently and was very easy to use.

+ Best For Curly & Wavy Hair

+ Max Temperature 410 ºF​ (210 ºC)

+ 3 Temperature Settings

​+ 30 Second Rapid Heat Up

+ Ionic Ceramic Technology 

+ 6 Inch Pro Swivel Cord  

+ 12 Month Limited Warranty ​

+ Auto Shut Off Protection ​


Instyler Buy for $$$$ on Amazon

Get your hair as dry as possible with a towel before using this brush that straightens hair.

If you have very thick hair, then you might want to let your hair dry off around 30% before using as it will work a bit quicker for you then.

This product does wonders for your hair. You really can create so many different looks!

The Instyler comes with a heatproof bag and a thermal guard. Do use the thermal guard as this product gets very hot.​


Don’t panic if you hear a crackle, it just means that the moisture is evaporating from the barrel.

Don’t try to rush, it works much better if you go slowly and take your time. For best results comb your hair thoroughly before you use Instyler wet to dry.

12. Infiniti Pro by Conair 2-Inch Tourmaline Ceramic-Coated Plates with Rotating Spin Attachment

If you can’t afford the Instyler, this is the next best thing. I have always found Conair products to be great quality and long lasting.

This one is not a dryer, so your hair does need to be almost dry before using.

It has bristles that separate the hair prior to straightening, so it is flat and stays gripped well while you pull it through your hair. The plate is also curved, so you end up with hair that some volume rather than being pin straight.

The Infiniti has tourmaline plates which made my hair look naturally smooth and shiny for a whole day after using.

It’s quick and easy to use and not at all heavy or clunky.

You will need to learn about the direction of spin. I put it on the “right” setting when I go into my hair from the right, and the left setting if I go in from the left.

Claims to curl hair too, but I didn’t find this useful. It’s excellent for straightening though!

Why use a straightening hair brush

We still love straight hair, but it’s much sexier if we also have a bit of bounce and volume, don’t you think?

It’s all about having silky, smooth hair that makes us look like we’ve just left the salon.

So how do we get this without spending a fortune on a professional blow dry?

I have found the answer, and it’s simply a hair brush straightener.

I don’t think my husband has ever complimented me on my hair as much as he has since I started using an electric straightening hair brush, and for him to notice is saying something!

One of the key advantages is getting rid of frizz without losing volume.

Another huge bonus with this technology breakthrough is that you don’t need to worry about damage to your hair like you do with straighteners.

With hair brush straighteners, hydrogen bonds in the hair are broken down, which is why they are so damaging in the long run. A hair brush straightener is a safer alternative without sacrificing the results you want.

These are ideal if you’re growing your hair out, as you don’t need to worry about hair damage and breakage. You can finally get the luscious locks you’ve always wanted.


As a former hairdresser, I have seen first-hand the development of straighteners over the last 15 years. We have come a long way since the huge chunky metal-plated brush hair straightener came about. Even before that, I remember my sister ironing her hair!

Luckily, with today’s technology we don’t have to suffer having those frizzy, bad hair days anymore (unless it rains, then god help us.) But, it’s all become a bit same and boring with everyone having super-straight flat hair.

It would be lovely to get blow-dries at the salon all the time, but unfortunately, that is too expensive for many of us, and also way time-consuming.

Using one of these straightening hair brushes really creates that salon look and feel, so you can be confident about looking your best with minimum effort.

So there you have it!

It’s hard to pick an overall favourite as they all have different qualities, and some are better for certain hair types than others. I hope this review helps you choose the very best hair straighten brush option for you.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions and I will do my best to answer them.

I hope you enjoyed my straightening hair brush reviews, and Good luck with finding the perfect one!

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