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The Best Tattoo Numbing Sprays For You

Sara Fletcher
Published 2:23 pm

I love getting tattoo’s but I sure wish it wasn’t so painful. I must admit. I am a massive wuss when it comes to needles

One cannot argue this, tattoos hurt. No matter who you are or what you do, getting a tattoo is painful. But if you’re trying to look badass here, then okay, getting a tattoo stings… a little.

Well, not everyone has the same pain threshold. So, depending on where you’re getting tattooed or how big it would be, if you need something that could minimize the pain or better yet numb it, there’s a tattoo numbing spray for you.

I needed to know if there was something that could help me with the pain. Then, I found that using the right tattoo numbing spray works great.

You need to be aware, though, that not all numbing products should be used on tattoos. Some formula could end up ruining our tattoo.

There is quite few out there to choose from. Today, you are in for a treat because I am going to review five of the best products available. Let’s go!

Quick Comparison 

Product Name



Editor Rating

Vasocaine Numbing Spray

4 fl oz​



2 fl oz​


Extra Strength PreTAT

​2 fl oz


GiGi Honee

1.5 fl oz​


Derma Numb

1 fl oz​


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First, how does numbing spray work

Tattoo numbing sprays contains something called lidocaine, a local anesthetics. Like other local anesthetics, lidocaine stops the pains signals from your nerve endings reaching your brain.

This allows for a much more comfortable experience during a tattoo session. Some sprays include ingredients like aloe vera which help sooth the pain naturally.

Other products like tattoo numbing cream and LMX cream also have a similar effects.

Tattoo sprays do not tamper with the artwork in any way at all. All they does is help you manage the pain.

With all sprays make sure that you follow the instructions properly so that you get the best results.

Vasocaine Numbing Spray

Vasocaine is made by US based company Dermal Source. They have been developing anesethetic products within their FDA approved facilities since 2004.

Vasocaine is a POWERFUL 5% lidocaine liquid based formula. It comes in a 4 ounce bottle with a spray top that allows easy application.

I found that 3 sprays every 20 minutes provided the best results. Make sure the spray tip is about 3 inches away from the area that will be worked on.

Leave it for 90 seconds and then wipe off the excess. Vasocaine takes about 5 minutes to kick in so be patience.

It is also important to remember that this tattoo numbing spray only works if the skin is broken. So it doesn’t really work on tattoo outlines.

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HUSH Tattoo Numbing Spray

HUSH has been part of the tattoo scene since 2008. This American based company supply a range of anesthetics.

HUSH have brought all of the GREAT qualities from there numbing gel and developed it into a spray. HUSH uses a natural blend of botanicals including aloe.

These ingredients help reduce bruising and speed up healing time.

HUSH Tattoo Numbing Spray is FDA approved. Also, none of their products are tested on animals.

For best results spray HUSH onto the skin about 1 hour before your tattoo and leave it onto until your ink work begins.

I love the message and branding HUSH is trying to achieve. However, their product just doesn’t match up to some of the other numbing sprays I have reviewed today.

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Extra Strength PreTAT

PreTAT is developed by TAT Balm. They are a bunch of body art enthusiasts based out Salem Oregon.

Expect for lidocaine, PreTAT is made only using NATURAL ingredients. I like this because this means that it is less likely to harm your skin.

The tattoo numbing spray is a 3 in 1 solution:

    • Numbing agent
    • Antiseptic agent
    • Painkiller

This combination not helps with the pain; it also reduces the bleeding and healing time. It also gets to work REALLY quickly – taking only about 10 minutes to get going.

Once it was on my skin it lasted for a good 2 hours! PreTAT is perfect if you long tattoo sessions.

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GiGi Honee Anesthetic Numbing Spray

Gigi have been creating products within the waxing industry since 1972. They initially created there numbing spray to reduce pain during waxing.

The product has 4% lidocaine which also makes it perfect for when you get a tattoo.

GiGi Numbing Spray isn’t as strong as the products with a 5% lidocaine. 

But it does still provide a GOOD result.

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It still defiantly takes the edge of when you get a tattoo…and doesn’t affect the ink/color.

It only takes a few minutes to work and last for about 40 minutes to a hour. If you have a long session then you will probably need a few top ups.

What I also like about this numbing spray is that it absorbs nicely into the skin.

Derma Numb

Along with Lidocaine Derma Numb combines yarrow root and yucca glauca root.

These are two very important Native American natural healing and numbing agents. They help to sterilize and rejuvenate skin cells.

For this numbing spray to work you need to make sure that the skin’s been broken.

Position Derma Numb about 3 inches from the area which is getting tattooed and spray once the work has begun. It should kick in after about 90 seconds.

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I found that this particular product helped a little but didn’t last for very long. I had to keep re-applying for Derma Numb for it to be effective.

It is only a 1 oz bottle so it didn’t last the whole tattoo session which was disappointing.

Will My Tattoo Heal Properly If I Use A Tattoo Numbing Spray?

Some of the numbing sprays I have reviewed in this article contain anti-inflammatories and anti-irritants. These ingredients relieve the pain and reduce swelling which help your skin heal faster.

As long as there are no complications then you should expect your skin to heal in about five days.

How To Apply Tattoo Numbing Spray?

It is important to remove all dead skin and oil before you apply the spray. Ask your tattoo artist to clean you up with some green soap. 

Green soap is a vegetable oil-based, environmentally safe soap that is normally used in parlours to get your skin clean and ready before for your artwork.

Once your skin is broken apply a generous amount of numbing spray to the area that is being tattooed.

Do not spray near your eyes or your mouth. If you are have a tattoo or piercing on the face then please spray onto a cloth, cotton ball or swab and then apply.

Keep applying the spray every 20-25 minutes depending on your pain threshold. This should keep the area nice and numb during the session.

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