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Remote Control Boats For Pools

Sara Fletcher
Published 12:49 pm

Explore the local pool and get the most out of it with remote control boats for pools. Remote control boats for pools are a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. It sure is a great investment.

There are so many types of RC boats available and some remote control boats for pools to choose from. But the number one challenge is getting the best one that’s worth the value of your money.

When buying remote control boats for pools, there are many things that you will want to consider. These considerations will ensure that you get your hands on the best one there is.

We wrote this guide for you to know the characteristics that remote control boats for pools must possess. We also included the best and top-rated remote control boats for pools available. Read on to find out what else we prepared for you.

What Are Remote Control Boats For Pools?

Remote control boats for pools are devices that are designed to look like a miniature boat. These mini-boats can float and be propelled on pool water with the help of a controller. But, remote control boats for pools can only be operated in waters that are not salty. Because of the materials used in remote control boats for pools, it is recommended to steer clear from the ocean.

Remote control boats for pools can work well on relatively calm waters as compared to the size of the boat. Because, if there are waves in the pool higher than the height of the boat, then it cannot operate like a regular, big boat. (Just in case you wonder, we are thinking of wave pools too.) So if the pool waters are calm, then the remote control boats for pools can move and work exactly like that of a real boat.

How to Use Remote Control Boats For Pools?

Remote control boats for pools are toy boats. However, they still need proper ways to handle them. In this way, you can preserve your remote control boat and have fun with it a little longer.

Use in Pools and Other Fresh Water

First of all, since they are for pools, you cannot operate them in beaches. There are some that can be operated in lakes, ponds, and rivers. But you must avoid salty water.

Avoid Being Electrocuted

Next, as much as possible, never operate the boat while you are standing on the water. As the controller works through battery power, it might electrocute you easily. But this can only be possible if you purchase the worst RC boat. Luckily, you are reading this article! We won’t let you have that.

Do Not Swim Towards It

Another thing, when the battery’s power is over and your boat is in the middle of the lake or pond, never swim to retrieve it. You never know what could happen to you. Wait for your remote control boat to drift to the shore. Or, you can use a floating or an inflatable boat to retrieve your RC boat.

Stay Far From Swimmers

Also, if you are not the only person using the pool and there are swimmers, stay away from them. It is always a good idea to control your RC boat far from the swimmers. You want to avoid any collision with people and end up hurting one of them and damaging your boat.

Hands Off The Propeller

Finally, keep your or little kids’ hands away from the propeller. Although the propeller is relatively small, it can still damage your finger. To avoid cuts or injuries, just keep your hands off this part of the boat, especially when the motor’s running.

Choosing The Best Remote Control Boats for Pool

As you know, gone are the days when a product’s color was the only thing that a shopper would see. Nowadays, wise shoppers compare a few things amongst many.  Today, they look into the specifications, durability of the materials used, the price, the brand of products, etc.

This may seem unnecessary but trust us, no remote control boats for pools were created alike. In order to get the best RC boat for pools, you need to go through this process. Manufacturers are now coming up with improved and unique products. In the following section, you will find the features you must check. And if you want to get ahead or stand out, read on to know how.

Things To Consider

Buying one of the best remote control boats for pool is no doubt a great investment. This fascinating toy can provide years of fun to children of all ages and adults. When kids grow up, they’ll look back and remember how having remote control boats for pools made their childhood. Therefore, it is important to choose the best one for them.

Selecting any of the remote control boats for pools available on the market is pretty simple. However, choosing the best boat for yourself or someone, which operates well and does not break easily, is not. But do not panic! We are here to help.

In this section, we will discuss the considerations you need to keep in mind when looking through remote control boats for pools. We have kept it brief and simple so as not to overwhelm you. Below are the characteristics of remote control boats for pools.

Remote Control

The remote control of the RC boat is the most important tool that comes with your purchase. It is very important because you need this to maneuver your boat on the surface of the water.

When it comes to your boat’s remote control, there are three things that you need to check with. These are the controller frequency range, the batteries, and the design.

Controller Range and Frequency

Remote control boats for pools communicate with its controller using radio waves that operate at 27 or 49 megahertz. The frequency is the one that determines the uniqueness of the signals for remote control boats for pools.

When a user operates a remote control boat, he or she must keep a distance from the other small boats. Users need to stay far especially if they are operating under the same frequency. This is important to avoid frequency interference.

Multiple Frequencies

There are remote control boats for pools that operate in multiple frequencies. What is awesome about this type is that they allow two or more people to operate next to each other. The players can have fun side-by-side without any frequency interference.

It would suck if the controller of one person is intermittently controlling the boat of the other person. In the case of best boats having different frequencies, their receivers only listen to the unique control signals from its controller.

Remote Control Batteries

Next, the remote control will not operate if it does not have batteries to power it. The batteries of remote control boats for pools can last for about three to five hours of continuous use. A battery’s exact duration will actually depend on the battery’s capacity, operational speed, and the range of the controller.

Therefore, a battery that has a bigger capacity will power a boat for longer periods. It will be able to power a bigger motor as well.

There are remote control boats for pools that are already powered by rechargeable AA or AAA batteries. But, there are pros and cons to this. Continue reading to find out.


A user will not have to keep on buying batteries. He or she can just recharge the batteries after they run out of power.


Unfortunately, charging the batteries will take time. You will not be able to play whenever you want to after it is out of power. On the bright side, this will teach you to be patient and focus on other things while you wait. So, it is all up to you to consider that as a con.

Design of the Controller

The controller’s design is also necessary whether the user is an adult or a kid. It is necessary that you look into remote controls that have an easy-to-hold design. This kind of design will prevent you or your kid from having pains in the wrist and fingers.

More importantly, your mini-boats remote control must have buttons that are straightforward. Through this, your kid or you will no longer need to search where the buttons for specific functions are.

Also, it is best that the buttons should have spaces in between them. This is so you will not make mistakes when controlling the remote control boat or when pressing the buttons.

Battery Performance

As your product runs on battery, this one is an important feature. We have already mentioned this previously in the controller part. We just want to reiterate it since there are also batteries in the remote control boat that you buy. It is not only found in the controller.

A battery life that is long will help you play with the remote control boat for pools for a longer period. The battery’s runtime will help you know how long you can use the boat and the controller after a full charge.

Batteries that charge quickly are preferable. You should keep an eye out for brands that give additional batteries and battery chargers. This is some sort of a complementary scheme, and it is always good to grab some deals like these. Awesome, right!?


The design is another important factor that you need to look into. The inner and outer surface of remote control boats for pools comprise their design. While reviewing their design, you need to gauge on the following features:


It is necessary to assess the materials used when checking the design of remote control boats for pools. Remember that the tougher the material, the more durable it will be. To help you make a decision here, have a look at its motor design and specifications.

Quick Turns

Take note if the device is fast enough to easily make turns in any of the directions. Be sure to check the control movements of the boat. The keys of the controller should be easy to move or rotate. It would be great if you have more options to control the movements. Definitely, you are going to have a great time experimenting with your mini-boat.


Color is also a great facet of your choice. Depending on your taste, go for a  color that does not fade away so easily. And, it would also be cool if the boat you buy reflects much about you, especially if you are going to be joining races.


Another major concern for many buyers is the top speed of the boat. If you plan on having speeding games with your pals, then you definitely would not want to lose because of the lack of speed.

It is highly recommended that you check the weight of your boat and its top speed. Products with strong motors and high speeds are unmatched qualities. It would be good if you can check the time in which your remote control boat reaches the top speed.


Again, never forget durability. You have to examine the durability of the remote control boats for pools. Do not just look into the features that a remote control boat has.

First things first. The body of the remote control boat must be manufactured from high quality, durable materials. The durability of the materials used in remote control boats for pools ensures that it can last regular usage.

Does Not Easily Crack

Keep in mind that it will be operated and played on water. So, if the remote control boat falls on the ground, it should not break easily. Or else, the boat will have holes and sink! That will be the case if the water gets in the boat.

No matter the age of the user, crashes will be unavoidable. So, it is worth paying that little bit extra for a boat that can withstand the knocks and bumps from everyday use. Also, try to check if the mini-boats manufacturer can offer you its services for longer periods.

Location or Type of Water

Remote control boats for pools are made very differently from each other.

Most of the more premium, adult-focused remote control boats for pools are made of high-quality, at the same time lightweight metals.

Most of the remote control boats for pools are not suitable for use in salt water. Although, there are also another lightweight yet cheaper models able to handle pools, lakes, and ponds.

The only difference is that salt water can cause decay, rust, or damage to your remote control boat. Therefore, it’s important to see if the boat you wish to buy is suitable for other locations other than pools. Check the product’s description or label when buying the boat to see what types of water it is suitable for.

Recommended age

If the remote control boat for pool you are buying is for your or you friend, then nothing much to worry about. But, if you are buying for a six year old or younger, then it would be great to buy age appropriate boats. Some boats come with small, detachable parts. And small kids do not have to get their hands on them. You know how curious little kids are.

There are also features that kids do not need for their boats. Extra propellers or stunt mode would not be of great use for little kids. As a purchasing tip, get a high-speed boat for an adult and a decent speed boat for a child.


Finally, last on our list of considerations is the brand of the remote control boats for pools. Before you purchase the product, you must check the brand of the remote control boats for pools. The name of the company can already tell you much about the quality and what the remote control boat can do.

Difficulties Of Using Them In Pools

There are not that many difficulties of using remote control boats for pools. Unless you choose not to follow this guide and opt to get the most complicated one available in the market.

But, as you play with your boat, you need to be careful to avoid hitting the corners of the pool. Because, if the boat gets damaged it will not be that easy to repair.

Some boats are not easy to control either. If your boat has more speed, this means that you will need more space to make quick turns.

Not all the boats are easy to control either. So, the more speed your boat has, the more space you need to make quick turns. Therefore, if your indoor pool is small, a high-speed remote control boat is not suited for this situation.

Recommended Remote Control Boats For Pools

Do you think you can remember all those factors when you are about to purchase your boat? We sure hope you answered ‘yes.’

Nevertheless, if you enjoy indoor games, then add remote control boat racing to those games.

We have a few remote control boats for pools listed here that we think you would love. These provide both kids and adults with an amazing way to entertain themselves. The boats we have listed here are convenient and offer a safe way to have fun in the water. Go ahead and check them out.

UDI007 Voyager 

This remote control boat for the pool is perfect for those people looking for fun ways to enjoy the swimming pool. Its top speed is up to 18 mph. Even though you are not going to reach that speed, it is not as difficult to control.

This remote control boat for a pool is also self-righting. Therefore, it is a perfect boat for beginners especially if that person is using it in a pool. A swimming pool is a great environment to learn controlling mini-boats.

The UDI007 Voyager has a low battery alarm. This means that it will not end up dying in your swimming. Also, you do not have to worry getting wet for retrieving it.


Fast RC speed boat: Beat other remote control speed boats out of the water at 18 mph or more

Gutsy toy boat: Strong water-cooled motor, the ABS anti-tilt hull keeps your remote boat racing

Low battery warning: Bring this electric toy boat back easily

Capsize recovery: Correct your boat fast with a flick of the wrist

2 batteries: Extra rechargeable 3.7v 1500 mAh Li-ion batteries for two times boat race time (must not use in saltwater; for ages 14+)


This remote control boat for pools is small in size and quite easy to control. It can be fast but not to the point where you will be having difficulties controlling it. This RC boat is relatively low in price but it does not mean that its technology is not top notch.

Pretty much, you can use this remote control boat almost anywhere. Definitely, the UDIRC Venom is a must-have remote control boat. Because whether you want to use it in your swimming pool, a lake or even try it out in the ocean, rest assured that you will have fun times. Features:

The newest USB-rechargeable electric RC speedboat from UDIRC.

Beats the others out of the water when it races by at 25 km/h (15 mph).

It features a rugged ABS anti-tilt hull, and a water-cooled, single-prop powerful 370-size motor

Low battery alarm warns when the boat is almost out of power

The self-righting feature lets you keep your boat in play even if it capsizes.

Babrit F1

The Babrit F1 is an awesome remote control boat. This RC boat can move in any direction. You can control it forward, backward, left and right with ease.

This boat has a 4.7V 800 maH battery. Approximately, it takes three hours to charge.

This remote control boat is a great gift to kids who want to take out his or her RC now and then. With excellent reviews, Babrit F1 makes for a great boat for swimming pools it is also very reliable.


Double powerful 280 motors

Driving speed is up to 15-20 KM/H

Has strong signal transmitter distance from 30 to 50 meters.

Precise port position and self balancing

Stable sailing

German Bismarck Military Battleship

The boat’s design is a replica of the Bismarck-class battleship used by Germans in the 1940’s WWII. So, it is very appealing. Its appearance is like that of a warship with an amazing interior. This boat can operate within a range of 120 feet.

The German Bismarck Military Battleship is unlike other boats. It does not require assembling which usually takes hours.

It has dual propellers in the boat that imply this product will move forward with more power and force. The boat can cover a distance of 25 feet in merely three seconds which is unbelievable!

It also has sensors which do not allow the boat to operate unless the propellers are already on the water. Its battery charges in 30 minutes which is less compared to other models.

The boat weighs 5.5 pounds, and its dimensions are 28 inches x 7 inches x 3 inches.


Full Functioning Radio Control Warship

Glossy exterior paint

Detailed exterior

Factory pre-assembled and ready to run

Perfect for pools, small ponds, rivers and lakes

Top Race TR-800 Remote Control Water Speed Boat

This one is a budget-friendly boat that has the features of a high-end product. The remote control boat boasts of features like the one-channel transmitter which prevents the boat from overheating. This remote control boat can swirl in all the four directions. Just make sure that the hull is fully immersed in water.

It has an auto-flip feature that puts the boat in the correct direction after an acute turn. The battery takes about an hour to charge and lasts for 7 to 8 minutes. It’s recommended to go for an extra battery to increase its run time.

The boat weighs 1.6 pounds only. It’s pretty light, so it fits for small kids. Dimensions of this product are 15.1 inches x 8.9 inches x 4.1 inches. This RC boat is suitable for use on all kinds of water and in every weather. Pretty cool, huh?

Parting Words

We hope this guide can help you find the best of the remote control boats for pools available. We suggest that you choose a reliable and automated remote control boat packed with developed features.

Always be cautious and do not ride your boat in salty water. Again, go for materials that are sturdy and durable so that you do not end up spending redundant cost of repairing.

Give yourself or your loved ones a great way to relax and have fun. Choose the boat that also fits your budget. Finally, the best things come to those who put efforts into researching. So, we hope your research does not end here.

And since you are still here, you might want to check out our other articles: remote controlled boats for kidstoy submarines, RC submarines, RC cars and RC monster trucks.


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