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Are You a Trimmer or a Shaver? Finding the Best Bikini Trimmer for You

Sara Fletcher
Published 8:26 am

Are you a fan of keeping everything neat and trim “down there”? Looking for the best bikini trimmer to take care of the job? Or are you just curious about what pubic hair removal is all about?

Over the years, trimming pubic hair has become more common and sometimes, even expected. There are plenty of benefits to trimming pubic hair. Less hair can lead to improved hygiene, including less odor.

For some, hair removal is more about interest and novelty. It can be a fun way to add a bit of interest in a long term relationship or help you feel a bit more confident, even though the average person will have no idea why you’re suddenly a bit more flirtatious.

For some, the simple motivation for shaving pubic hair is sexual. Many believe that the opposite sex finds less hair more attractive. Whether this is true or not, finding the best bikini trimmer is on the minds of many and lucky for you, I’m here to help you.

Whether you need a trimmer, razor or just have a few questions about the removal of pubic hair, this in-depth article should answer your questions and have you removing hair like a pro in no time.

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Quick Comparison

Product Name



Editor Rating

Panasonic Bikini Shaper 



Philips Perfect Deluxe 



Cleancut T-Shape



Remington Bikini Trimer



Braun Silk-epil



Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle



Noxzema Bikini Razor



Gillette Embrace 



Twinkle Bikini Razor



Bic Soleil Shave & Trim



Gillette Venus




A bikini trimmer will help you keep the hair down there neat and trim but it won’t remove everything.

Depending on the included attachments and type of blade, it’s possible to get pretty close to the surface of the skin, enough so that you can be bikini ready in just a few minutes.

There are a variety of trimmers on the market today, many of which are suited for different needs and preferences. Finding the best bikini trimmer for your needs can take some trial and error.

Even so, choosing between a Venus bikini trimmer or a Schick bikini trimmer doesn’t have to be painful. Just take a look at this guide to help you find the best bikini trimmer.

Panasonic Bikini Trimmer

It’s a bestseller and is considered to be the best bikini trimmer for those with sensitive skin.

It features a sharp, hypo-allergenic blade that is designed specifically for those with sensitive skin and let’s be honest; doesn’t the skin down there automatically qualify as sensitive?

You can trim as close to the skin as you need to without having to worry about irritation or razor bumps. This was a huge plus for me.

Best Bikini Trimmer Panasonic Bikini ShaperBuy for $$$ on Amazon

It’s also lightweight and portable, making it great to take along on vacations when you spend more time in a bikini than jeans.

This particular bikini trimmer is incredibly easy to use and keep clean, which is a must. Using this trimmer will leave you clean and trim but not bald so it’s ideal for those who want to keep things in order without worrying about the heavy maintenance that goes with complete hair removal.

You’ll also love the automatic shut off sleep mode switch. If you don’t use your hair straightener for over half an hour, it shuts off for safety and to prevent wasting energy.

Philips HP 6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe

Now this bikini trimmer will cost you a little more in the beginning but it’s worth every penny. It’s rechargeable so you don’t need to worry about keeping batteries in stock.

Unlike most other bikini trimmers, this one is safe to use in the shower. Since it’s cordless, use it wherever is most convenient for you, whether it’s before you hop in the shower or while you’re in it.

The kit comes with six incredibly precise attachments that will help you remove hair like a pro.

Philips Perfect Deluxe Best Bikini TrimmerBuy for $$$$ on Amazon

Keep things incredibly trim and clean or have fun creating unique shapes and designs. You’ll also receive a travel bag, exfoliation glove and illuminating tweezers with your purchase.

My favorite part about this bikini trimmer was the way that it fit in my hand. It wasn’t awkward, bulky or heavy at all. I didn’t have to worry about a cord getting in the way and overall, I was incredibly impressed with the results.

This could easily be the best bikini trimmer for those looking for an excellent balance of portability, usability, and great results. If you’re tired of using a bulky trimmer, give this one a try.

Remington WPG4020C Body and Bikini Grooming Kit

The creators behind the Remington bikini trimmer certainly thought of everything. Not only is this bikini trimmer number one in my book when it comes to style, it also takes care of your basic needs and then some.

You can use it wet or dry, making it safe for the shower. It’s ideal for touch ups and even some basic shaping. The Remington bikini trimmer includes a hypo-allergenic angled foil shaver that provides you with a clean and smooth shave.

Remington Best Bikini TrimmerBuy for $$$ on Amazon

But the part that really impressed me was the exfoliator attachment. Use this baby to prevent pesky and painful ingrown hairs, which is one of the main downsides of trimming pubic hair. I immediately noticed less redness and razor burn when I used the Remington bikini trimmer.

Cleancut PS335

The Cleancut electric bikini trimmer is made with extreme confidence. It comes with a full one year guarantee that covers both replacement parts and labor.

This is a great bonus because this bikini trimmer was designed to be used all over the body without having to worry about nicks or cuts.

You can use it incredibly close to your skin, no matter the area.

Cleancut Best Bikini TrimmerBuy for $$$ on Amazon

Of course I use this for my bikini line but it’s also great to use on my underarms. If I know I’ll be spending a weekend at the beach, this is the bikini trimmer that I always bring with.

Just be sure to use long, smooth passes with this trimmer. It’s normal to have to make a couple passes. Overall, this trimmer leaves hair much shorter than other bikini trimmers, making it the best bikini trimmer for Brazilian styles.

Braun Silk-Epil

Now this sounds like a strange combination, but the Braun bikini trimmer is great for your private regions, along with those less private, like your eyebrows.

It features a precision head, enabling you to quickly trim delicate areas with incredible accuracy. It’s the best bikini trimmer for a close shave.

What really got me excited about this bikini trimmer is that it came with ten templates for shaping.

It was like having a salon employee in my home bathroom.

Braun Silk Epil Buy for $$$ on Amazon

I was really able to have some fun with this and with two trimming combs included, keeping things uniform was never a problem.

I especially loved how sleek and slim the design was. It’s incredibly easy to operate and even when getting pretty creative with my trimming, I never experienced any razor burn.


Are you into something a little more smooth? Removing hair completely takes a lot of commitment but for many, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Using a razor is considered a compromise between using a bikini trimmer or wax. It removes more hair than a trimmer but isn’t as painful or nearly as expensive as a wax. Choosing the best bikini razor for your needs is an important first step in creating that perfect bikini look. The wrong razor can lead to bumps, irritation, and even uncomfortable regrowth.

On the other hand, finding the best bikini razor will give you that balance between trimming and waxing that looks great, feels great, and doesn’t leave your skin stressed or irritated. Get the best of both worlds with any of these bikini razors.

Schick Hydro Silk Trim Style Moisturizing Razor

Now this was one of my favorite razors to try. It’s a hydrating razor that also includes a waterproof bikini trimmer. The Schick bikini trimmer helped me keep some areas neat and tidy while the razor helped me remove all the hair from others.

And talk about smooth skin. The razor includes a hypo-allergenic moisturizing serum, which helps to replenish your skin’s natural moisture for several hours after shaving. Let’s be honest; shaving can really dry out the skin, which kind of defeats the purpose of cleaning up the area.

So I was pretty impressed when I noticed how soft my skin was after using this razor.

So if you’ve been struggling between picking a Schick razor or a Schick bikini trimmer, the Schick Hydro Silk is the way to go.

Schick Best Bikini TrimmerBuy for $$ on Amazon

Noxzema Bikini Razor

Before trying this razor, I checked out the reviews. A common claim in most of the reviews is that after trying this razor, they wouldn’t use any other razor on their most sensitive area. I have to admit, I thought the same thing.

Even though each razor only has one blade, the closeness of the shave is amazing and I never was worried about cuts or razor burn.

I never experienced any ingrown hairs or discomfort.

Noxzema Best Bikini TrimmerBuy for $$$ on Amazon

I think part of the reason is that these razors are incredibly small, which helps them fit into every little curve, unlike other razors which force you to go over the same area several times.

Don’t let the name mislead you. Even though they are marketed as disposable razors, you can use them a few times before they’re too dull. As long as you keep the blade clean, you should get at least three uses out of each razor, making this an incredibly affordable razor.

Gillette Embrace Womens Razor

This razor claims that it will help you feel dramatically smoother for longer and I have to agree.

I was incredibly impressed with how smooth my skin felt immediately after using it but as the time passed and I expected the stubble to show up, it still felt like silk.

This must be due to its five blades that seem to move in perfect unison against your skin.

The handle features special grips so that you won’t slip and the razor cartridges are very easy to switch out.

This particular Gillette product doesn’t include a Venus bikini trimmer like others do but in my opinion, it isn’t needed. This razor steals the show all on its own.

Gillette Venus embrace Best Bikini TrimmerBuy for $ on Amazon

Twinkle Bikini Razor

This razor has a cute name but it’s all business. The design is simple and features a single stainless steel blade with a safety cover.

You don’t need to be an expert to use it because the safety cover will prevent you from cutting too close and removing more than just hair.

It’s marketed as an all-over trimmer so you can use it to trim up eyebrows or on your bikini area. Because it’s not oversized or bulky, it’s great to use as a shaper. It allows you to be incredibly precise without having to worry about leaving behind redness or irritation.

Twinkle Best Bikini TrimmerBuy for $$ on Amazon

While these may not work as a razor you’ll use every time, they’re perfect for quick touch-ups or when you need to be very precise. They’re affordable enough to keep a few in a bathroom drawer for when they’re needed.

Bic Soleil Shave & Trim

Here’s another disposable option but what makes it unique is that it features both a razor and bikini trimmer.

For the price, you’re really getting a deal with this product. It features three flexible blades and a pivoting head for safety. Its lubricating strips are full of nourishing and softening vitamin E that seems to leave your skin healthier than when you started.

The trimmer slides on and off. It’s important to remember that only the razors are disposable.

You’ll only receive one trimmer per package so be sure to save it when discarding razors.

Bic Best Bikini TrimmerBuy for $ on Amazon

Overall, I loved the convenience of this razor. I’m not sure if I would make it my everyday razor but it’s definitely the first I reach for when I’m planning a long weekend getaway.

Gillette Venus

If a razor and a bikini trimmer had a baby, the Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer would be it. This is great to use in the areas that you want to get completely smooth as a prepping treatment.

I never experienced any irritation or razor bumps when using this trimmer, which was a surprise for how close it got. Again, this trimmer won’t get your skin perfectly smooth but it does eliminate the need for having to use scissors to get the hair removal process started.

By eliminating a step and saving time, this product is already worth its weight in gold.

Gillette Venus Best Bikini TrimmerBuy for $ on Amazon

The Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer is hard to classify. Is it more razor or more bikini trimmer? I’m not sure but either way, I love the results. If you’re not sure if you should give this one a try or not, I’m confident enough to recommend it before most other trimmers.

Bikini Trimmer Vs Bikini Razor

So what if you can’t decide between a bikini trimmer and a bikini razor? You’re not alone. While both will give you impressive results, there are a few main differences between the two, including the following.

  • A good trimmer is an investment. While it costs more, in the beginning, it usually saves money over time compared to buying replacement razor cartridges.
  • Both have razors but trimmers usually have protective shields. This doesn’t mean you won’t ever experience a cut or irritation but it is much less likely with a trimmer.
  • Trimmers usually come with a variety of attachments, allowing you to really customize your look. If you’re interested in shaving pubic hair into specific shapes, it’s much easier to do with a trimmer compared to a regular razor.
  • Bikini trimmers require some sort of power, whether they need to be charged or operate off of batteries. For some, this is a major inconvenience.
  • For some, razors almost always lead to irritation. This could be because they’re using them incorrectly but in some cases, their skin is simply too sensitive.

How To Use A Bikini Trimmer

The main difference between a bikini trimmer and razor is that a trimmer will always leave behind a little hair. Because of this, most people find that a trimmer is easier and more convenient than a razor.

So if you’re okay, or even prefer, to leave some hair behind, a bikini trimmer is the way to go. Here are my favorite tips for using a bikini trimmer if you’re unsure.

  • Know if your trimmer can be used in the shower or not. While some prefer to use the trimmer on dry skin, some find it easier to work with wet skin. Make sure that your trimmer allows you to use it as desired.
  • Even if you want to use your trimmer on dry skin, take a few minutes to prepare the skin and hair by holding a warm, wet towel on the area for a few minutes.
  • Try to pull the skin tight when going over it with the trimmer. This won’t be necessary in all areas but in some, especially the bikini line, it can help you get the closest and smoothest results.
  • If you don’t trim in the shower, try to do so right before. This way you can wash the area and prevent ingrown hairs and irritation. Always finish by applying a moisturizer, preferable one designed for the area.

How To Use A Bikini Razor

Shaving is a popular and inexpensive method for removing pubic hair. It’s the best option if you want to have smooth skin but there’s a few more steps and the upkeep can keep you busy, especially during the summer months. Here are some basic tips and tricks for using a bikini razor.

  • Trim your hair with scissors beforehand. This makes shaving much easier.
  • Avoid using scented lotion after shaving. It can irritate the area, lead to razor bumps and might even burn.
  • Make sure to soften the hair before shaving. Either soak in the bath for a few minutes or let the moisture from a shower help to soften the hairs to prevent irritation.
  • Always use a shaving cream. There are creams made specifically for such a sensitive area. Never use just soap or even worse, nothing at all.
  • Always shave in the direction of hair growth.

How To Get Rid Of Bumps Within The Bikini Area

Is there anything worse than bikini razor bumps? I don’t think so. Bikini bumps are small, raised, red bumps that are a result of irritation, either from removing hair or from clothing rubbing on the area afterwards.

Some struggle with the bumps more than others but if you’ve ever had them, you know how quickly they can ruin your dream bikini outfit. The unfortunate reality is that even the best bikini shaver can leave bumps behind if used incorrectly.

Luckily, bumps far from inevitable! With the right knowledge in hand, you can take steps to avoid this uncomfortable and unsightly condition. Check out these methods for both preventing and healing these pesky bumps.


  • Never use a dull razor, which can snag hairs instead of cut them. This irritates the skin around the hair follicle.
  • At the most, shave every other day. Shaving every day can lead to bumps in a hurry.
  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Remove any dead skin cells from your skin before shaving. This will help you achieve a clean, close shave.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure when shaving. Pushing down on your skin will only irritate it, not provide you with a better shave. You should be gliding, not pushing.
  • Always use a shaving cream and never shave your skin dry (trimming can be done on dry skin if you’re not overly sensitive).


  • If you’re already suffering from bikini bumps, then stop shaving for a bit. Going over the bumps again will only make them worse. Allow the hair to grow for a few days while your skin heals.
  • Don’t scratch the area. Use a cream or lotion if the itch is unbearable.
  • Use an over the counter product to help heal the area. You’ll want something with either aloe, witch hazel or glycolic acid.
  • If there is any sign of infection, use an anti-bacterial cream on the area.

Finding the best bikini shaver on the market for your needs is only the first step in preventing bumps. Make sure to get the most out of your razor by following the steps above.

Bikini Trimmer or Waxing

But wait. What about waxing? Waxing is another viable option when it comes to pubic hair removal and pubic hair styles. It’s ideal for some and wrong for others. Here’s my quick list of pros and cons when it comes to waxing.

  • Waxing is less work for you, especially if you head to a salon. Even if you do your own waxing at home, it could be weeks before you see any hair regrowth.
  • Waxing can be expensive, especially when going above and beyond. If you’re removing everything or even having some “detail” work done, the price can quickly skyrocket.
  • Waxing prevents embarrassing stubble. If you have dark hair, shaving or trimming will always leave behind that stubborn black stubble. Waxing will finally eliminate this.
  • Waxing typically means less irritation but it doesn’t completely remove the risk for ingrown hairs or irritation. In fact, some women bruise from waxing if their skin is overly sensitive.

Only you can decide if waxing is the best option for you. I recommend giving it a try and seeing if it really fits into your lifestyle and budget. Many women who have previously waxed are beginning to look into home laser hair removal but I still think waxing is the better alternative of the two.


And there you have it. Everything you ever wanted to know about bikini trimmers, bikini razors and even waxing. No matter which method you choose, you now have an idea of which product to purchase and how to go about achieving your ideal pubic hair style.

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