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Best Boxing Shoes

Sara Fletcher
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Regardless of the sport, a pair of shoes alone won’t make a great athlete. However, shoes do help athletes achieve their best. And boxing is no exception. The best boxing shoes will offer you some of the most important qualities that you will need in the ring.

The best boxing shoes are specifically engineered to optimize your performance. So, as a boxer, especially if you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t think of boxing shoes as an expense. Rather, the best boxing shoes are an investment to reach your fullest potential.

We wrote this guide for you to know the benefits of wearing the best boxing shoes in the ring- whether you’re still training or in the actual game. This article also includes a list of qualities that the best boxing shoes must possess. We also wrote for you a short review of the best boxing shoes in the market.

What’s Boxing?


Boxing is a sport in which two competitors try to hit each other with their fists. Boxers play with glove-encased fists. The two competitors try to avoid each other’s blows. Often, boxing is called “the manly art of self-defense.”

Boxing as a competition is divided into a specified number of rounds. Each round is usually 3 minutes long. And it is with 1-minute rest periods in between rounds. Even though amateur boxing is widespread, professional boxing has flourished on an even grander scale since the early 18th century.

Why Do I Need The Best Boxing Shoes?


Because wearing the best boxing shoes in the ring bears a lot of benefits. The most important and most personal pieces of boxing equipment are boxing shoes. Perhaps, your best boxing shoes are the second most critical piece of gear after your boxing gloves.

The best boxing shoes help you move with absolute control. The boxing shoes you wear in your match give you explosive footwork, including anchored stops.

When you’re wearing the best boxing shoes, you will most likely to feel light. You need the best boxing shoes for you so will feel comfortable. It is as if the shoes are custom-made for your feet.

While the best boxing shoes help you feel like your one with the canvas, the worst pair will make you feel otherwise. You need to be careful when choosing your shoes because you don’t want to end with the worst pair.

If you feel like there is a foreign material underneath, that’s the kind of shoes you must avoid. The best boxing shoes should not feel like there are uncomfortable lumps and curves molding your feet.

You need the best boxing shoes because they are the most comfortable and easiest to use. Lastly, the best boxing shoes make you feel secure.

Read on to learn more the benefits of wearing the best boxing shoes.

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Boxing Shoes?

Many people like to start out boxing by wearing other athletic shoes. These can be shoes made for running, basketball, volleyball, or shoes for other sports. However, wearing the best boxing shoes is not the same. Shoes designed for boxing really make a huge difference in your performance.

It is a fact that using best boxing shoes instantly improves a beginner’s performance. So, if you’re just starting out, put on a real boxing shoe.  

The best boxing shoes improve a boxing athlete’s comfort, speed, power, and mobility. It’s not really that complicated. Shoes that are engineered for boxing positions and stances will allow you to move in ways that are typical for a boxer.

Most people, especially the beginners, don’t buy boxing shoes. They don’t purchase the best boxing shoes, not until later or when they are more serious. If you are planning to do this, don’t. You won’t get to enjoy the benefit of how it feels good to wear real boxing shoes.

In the next part of this guide, we will thoroughly discuss the qualities of the best boxing shoes. We hope that after reading this article, you will remember that the best boxing shoes will make your feet feel so much lighter and able to move around with much agility. So read on and take notes if you must.

Qualities Of The Best Boxing Shoes

We wish we could say that boxing is one of those sports where you can go with any pair of shoes you prefer. But it isn’t. Well, you can, of course, wear whatever you want. However, your performance will not be anywhere near its peak. Therefore, the best boxing shoes are necessary to get the most out of your performance.


Your boxing shoes’ flexibility has a much greater impact than what most people would normally think. Flexibility is the very base of each rotation and every movement. Whether you step forward or back, flexibility allows you to move naturally.

Flexibility is one of the little components that give you an advantage over your opponent. And if you lack it, you got the disadvantage. It goes out of the question that a rigid shoe is important to give boxers a firm stance. But, every movement of your feet is greatly affected by our shoe materials’ flexibility.

It is necessary that the sole flexibility will resemble the natural shape of your feet every time they flex. Because if they don’t, your impulse, as well as your speed will be affected. All because your feet were not moving naturally.

Where Do We Need Flexibility?

Normally, people would think that flexibility is something that goes on the sole. Although the sole crucially requires flexibility because it’s the base of every movement, flexibility must be something that should be present in the whole build of your shoes. It should also be included in the upper structure of your boxing shoes.

The arch and the ankle are the most important spots for flexibility. When you take a step, your heel always goes off the ground. The rest of the motion is done by the toe flex and the arch. Remember that when you are at this point of the step, you are using momentum and flexibility to move forward. You know you can’t run or walk without bending your feet.

Remember that even though the ankle and the arch are the most important areas of your shoes, they are other parts too. The best boxing shoes should be able to provide upper build flexibility, as mentioned previously. This characteristic is vital in medium-top and high-top boxing boots. Because your shin will be partially covered by the upper build.

Your movements will most likely be affected if the material covering your shin is not flexible. You won’t be able to lean forward without bending your knee and shin. So, a stiff upper build is not something you want in your shoe. The higher your top will be, the more you want your material to be more flexible.

Lightweight and Thickness

A desired weight and thickness is needed for the overall feel of your boxing shoe. The materials used in your shoe determines its weight and thickness as well as the mobility it allows. You get the feeling of lightness from a lighter and thinner sole and uppers. The shoe only starts to feel heavier when thicker soles and lots of fabric for the upper material are being added. Other than it feels heavy, your ankles will also become restricted.

This is the reason why there has been a huge reduction of weight in shoe designs. But it is still all up to you if you want to get a thick and heavy or thin and light pair. That’s if you don’t want to own and use the best shoes for your sport.

Light and Thin

The best boxing shoes are light and have thin sole. This is because thinner boxing shoe will feel agiler and most probably powerful. This way, it unifies your knees, ankles, and feet in every motion.

Shoes that were designed to be lighter are more comfortable and easier to move around as compared to heavy ones. The issue with heavy boxing shoes is that not only do they make athletes slower, but they also require more effort to move.

As long as the shoes aim for a minimalistic approach using the right materials, your boxing shoes are fine. You don’t exactly need the lightest pair available.

You just need to make sure that the minimalist fabrics used can endure what you will put them up to. For sure, synthetic materials can be much lighter. However, they are not as close as resistant as a full-grain leather build for instance.

Fortunately for us, chemical synthetization has allowed us to access materials that are both lightweight and efficient. Traditional rubber, vulcanized rubber, blown rubber, vinyl, and polyurethane are the most common materials for athletic shoes.

Shoe Height

The preference and comfort factors play a huge impact on your performance. Choosing the best shoe height for you isn’t something you can get right at the very beginning of the process. You will probably have to try on a couple of shoes before you know your style. However, it does not mean that you won’t ever reach your full potential if your shoe is not of your preference.

In boxing, you have three choices of shoe-heights. These are the low, mid, and high. Low-tops go as high as your ankles. Mid-high boxing shoes go a few inches higher than the low-tops. And finally, high-top boxing shoes reach almost to your calves.

Low Top

This type has the most mobile design. It has the average height and leaves your ankles uncovered. Low top boxing shoes resemble the size of a normal shoe. Low tops give your ankle more space and mobility for activities. An example of this is training. When your training for endurance, weight training, or jumping rope, a low top boxing shoe is definitely a great option. However,low-tops are not your best boxing shoes when going in the ring.

Mid Top

Mid-top boxing shoes are a popular option among boxers for the actual match. Boxers do not usually wear this type unless they are going in for a specific boxing action. Height may sometimes vary around both users and manufacturers. But usually, mid-tops completely cover the ankle. They generally go up to one-third of your shin. Mid-top boxing shoes are a strong choice if you are going to train strictly or when going in the ring.

High Top

Generally, high-tops cover half of your shin. In some cases, high-top boxing shoes completely cover the shin. A high-top shoe is strictly a combat boot. They are similar to the mid-top in terms of functionality. They work best for exercises that resemble a boxing fight scenario. But other than that, they suck especially when it comes to jumping or just exercising. High-tops may look like they will restrict your movements, but you don’t need to worry. This type of boxing shoes was designed not to restrict your feet actions.

Sole Thickness

Most people tend to forget the importance of finding the right thickness of the sole of their shoes. Perhaps, the sole thickness is one of the most underestimated characteristics in the best boxing shoes. Always remember that every person has a different taste. This is the reason why you find that there’s a variety when it comes to the thickness of the sole.

Thicker soles add better protection because some fabric is put between your toes and the boxing ring. However, you want to make sure that you are not going too thick on your sole. It’s important to note that the more there’s distance between the ground and your toes, the less balance you’ll have.

On the contrary, boxing shoes with thin soles provide a much better grasp of the surface. There are some veteran boxers who consider a barefoot performance. To them, it is the best choice. But then again, it is a matter of preferences.

The main downside of thin soles may be the lack of cushioning and heel resistance. Some boxers opt for thin soles, while some prefer thick. We hope we can tell you which one is the best boxing shoes for you, but this one is all up to you. We are just here to help you find the right one for you.

Pivot And Grip

Pivot and grip are two of the most basic things to look after in a pair of boxing shoes. These two are probably the most important and distinct feature of the best boxing shoes. Your boxing shoes must be able to get a good grip on the ground. You don’t want your feet to slide whenever you are transferring power. At the same time, the best boxing shoes always allow you to pivot so you can execute typical fighting footwork maneuvers.

Basically, pivoting is the moving of oneself around the same spot. Usually, it is the rotation movement. Pivoting serves a multitude of purpose. To dodge in a manner wherein you can make a counterattack or by simply rotating to create an attack angle are just a few purposes of pivoting to mention.

While some prefer more grip on their shoes, there are others who prefer greater pivot. Other boxers prefer an equal balance. Ultimately, it comes down to your own style. Your boxing shoes should match how your performance gets along with pivot and grip.

Best Boxing Shoes Reviewed

As promised, we have listed a few of the top reviewed boxing shoes in the market for you. We can only hope that this list will help you in choosing the perfect boxing shoe that suits your preference.

Title Speed-Flex Encore MidTitle Speed-Flex Encore Mid

The Speed-Flex Encore by Title is specifically designed after strength and velocity. This shoe is ideal for efficient and fast movement of feet. You can thank the engineers for combining the best materials and including cushioning.

This shoe has been reviewed in a number of blogs as one of the best boxing shoes. 

The Speed-Flex Encore is made of synthetic leather upper build that works along with a tight weave nylon fill. These shoes are very easy to move around with. They make feet movement much quicker. The frame of this Title Speed-Flex Encore is considerably light.

This pair delivers effortless performance. It comes effective at striking, dodging, and pivoting. Although it is not a quality training shoe, Title Speed-Flex Encore is a very efficient fighting one.

Reebok Boxing BootReebok Boxing Boot

Another best boxing shoes on the list are the Reebok Boxing Boot. This Boxing Boot by Reebok allows you to move fast and more efficiently. These boxing shoes are designed to endure whatever you put them up to.

This boot is suitable for training and actual matches. Its synthetic sole allows for flexibility while its leather upper facilitates mobility. It is very comfortable to wear because of its incorporated foam midsole.

This boxing shoe offers the most optimal materials for professional-level performance. And that is what you will be paying for. This quality product is considerably above the average price. But this pair is definitely worth every cent.

Ringside UndefeatedRingside Undefeated

Ringside offers quality shoes at an average price. This model consists of super durable materials and a high-quality design. The Ringside Undefeated is a high-top shoe that has great support for shin-high mobility.

Its entire upper is made of nylon mesh which allows air to flow throughout the shoes. The Ringside Undefeated boxing shoe is made for an elite-level performance inside the ring.

Once you try it, you will appreciate its compression fit. It has a comfy tight kind of fit.

The Ringside Undefeated has an amazing lacing system that is very innovative. It delivers extra compression. Their lacing system will keep both your feet in a neutral position and your stance won’t be altered.

You will also be amazed at its flexibility features. Your mobility is very much improved.

Otomix Stingray

Otomix Stingray

We have to inform you beforehand. This shoe is a bit pricey. But we want you to know that your purchase will be worth it considering all the uses it has.

The Otomix Stingray Escape is a multi-sports shoe for any mat activities. But keep in mind that multi-purpose sports shoes won’t affect your performance in boxing. The Stingray Escape by Otomix is designed specifically for any martial arts performance, with boxing included.

Its design includes an outsole that can support sudden rotation and sliding. Innovative technologies were utilized that is why this shoe can give you a solid grip.

Another feature that’s very interesting is its easy escape, especially if you’re also into wrestling. It has a slippery upper build. It makes it simpler for you to slip off your opponent in wrestling. This feature makes it harder for your opponent to get a hold of your feet.

The Stingray Escape by Otomix is also lightweight. You can easily and comfortably move around with it. Considering all those features and its uses, you won’t regret buying this pair. 

Asics Aggressor 2

The Asics Aggressor 2 is one the best boxing shoes with the best outsole grips. It was engineered to be super light which makes it flexible. It has great traction and is very durable.

Asics knows that the ankles are the very base of every movement in boxing. That is why they have designed this boxing shoe with an ankle strap closure. This gives it an added security and support.

This amazing pair has a firm grip. You are sure that you get stability and firmness no matter what direction your movement goes.

In addition to that, the Asics Aggressor 2 is a budget option. It’s considerably affordable when you consider its quality and features.


We’re glad that you reached this part of the guide. We hope you learned something from this article and that it will help you find the best boxing shoes for you. But before you go, here’s a short recap.

Always keep in mind that the best boxing shoes should provide you enough grip for stability without sacrificing your freedom to pivot easily.

Your boxing shoe soles should allow you to feel balanced and light.

The best boxing shoes should feel thin enough to be lightweight and agile. They also must be thick enough to provide the support you need for power transfer.

They should also provide you ankle support for power and safety while allowing to feel mobile. And finally, your shoes should be fit snug and comfortable. Your movements shouldn’t be restricted to avoid getting annoying and painful blisters.


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