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The Difference Between Keratin Treatment, Smoothening and Rebonding

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What Is a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatments can help transform unruly hair into shiny, smooth locks.

Our hair naturally includes keratin, so administering a this type of treatment helps add this important protein building to weak areas of your hair.

It’s a temporary treatment, but it can give your hair a completely new look.

Keratin eliminates frizz and makes hair stronger and smoother.

It also adds moisture and makes hair easier to style and maintain.

What Is Hair Rebonding?

Hair rebonding is similar to a Brazilian blowout, at least when it comes to results. It’s a chemical hair treatment designed to transform hair, making it sleek, straight, and shiny.

But the best part?

This hair treatment is permanent. While this makes it more expensive than other straightening treatments, it can save you money over time, especially if your hair is very thick or long.

You will have to retouch your hair as new untreated portions grow in. This is because rebonding actually changes the structure of your hair, making regrowth more noticeable.

What Is a Smoothing Hair Treatment?

A smoothing hair treatment is a milder version of a keratin rebond procedure. It can still help you achieve smooth and silky hair, but instead of altering the makeup of your hair, this treatment allows your hair to retain its natural properties.

Hair will be much more manageable and easier to style. This is a great option for treating dull hair or split ends. It also eliminates frizz and adds necessary moisture.

The main difference between hair smoothing and rebonding is that there’s less chance for serious damage to your hair.

What Is the Difference Between a Keratin Treatment and Smoothing?

The most important difference between keratin treatment and smoothing is that there are no dangerous chemicals used in smoothing. This lessens the risk of damage.

However, another important difference between these two is that smoothing won’t last as long and you might not be as happy with the results.

Also, smoothing is a more enjoyable treatment.

What Is the Difference Between a Keratin Treatment and Rebonding?

When it comes to knowing the difference between keratin treatment and rebonding, it comes down to the chemicals in the treatment.

Keratin treatment adds a natural protein to hair, while rebonding chemically alters the makeup of your hair.

One other difference between these two which you need to keep in mind is that rebonding is permanent while keratin will need to be touched up more frequently.

What Is the Difference Between Hair Smoothing and Rebonding?

The main difference between hair smoothing and rebonding is that one is temporary while the other is permanent.

Consider the difference between these two before deciding how to spend your time and money. Smoothing is a great way to temporarily alter hair for those who are not ready to commit, while rebonding is a permanent procedure best for those who want less upkeep to deal with.

Keratin Treatment for Hair Pros and Cons


For Everyone

No matter your hair type, you can administer a keratin treatment and expect great results.


Because keratin is already found in your hair, it’s safer compared to other straightening techniques. As long as you don’t administer the treatment more than recommended, your hair will remain healthy.



A keratin treatment can cost several hundred dollars, especially if done at a salon (which is recommended if you’ve never administered an at home keratin treatment yourself).


You’ll need to keep up on your keratin hair therapies if you like the look. While some can stretch their treatments for several months, most will need another treatment in less than 10 weeks.

Rebonding For Hair Pros and Cons


Saves Time

Since this hair therapy is permanent, you won’t have to worry about plugging in your flat iron every morning. Your hair will stay straight until you cut it.

Good Bye, Frizz

If you deal with frizz on a daily basis, rebonding can get rid of it for good. You’ll save time and money as you ditch frizz control products.



While many look at this as a positive, it’s important to remember that you won’t be able to change your mind after having a this type of treatment.

Possible Damage 

Rebonding side effects can be devastating. If the treatment is not administered correctly, your hair can become severely damaged and even fall out.

Smoothing Hair Treatment Pros and Cons



The treatment process is more gentle, making smoothening a smarter way to straighten. Your results will also have a more natural look.

Less Maintenance 

Since your hair will look more natural, you won’t have to rush to the salon once new growth sets in. The difference won’t be noticeably drastic.


Possible Disappointment

If you’re avoiding a stronger straightening treatment simply because of the risk of damage, smoothing might not give you the results you’re after.

Not Permanent

If you like the smoothing look, you’ll need to have the treatment done every few months. Luckily, it’s easier to learn how to do a hair smoothing treatment at home compared to other treatments.

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