What to Wear to a Concert – Men’s Guide

Last updated: May 3, 2019
Published 10:42 pm

So you are planning on going to a concert, maybe even a music festival, in a few days time. Naturally, you would be excited, especially if it is a concert by your favorite band or musician. But as the big day looms closer and closer, you realize something: you have no idea what to wear.

Obviously, there is not a dress code imposed in any kind of concert or festival. Most would not even really think too much about their outfit. Others think too much about what they will wear, insisting that a concert is a perfect place for an outfit that is loud, obnoxious, or even outright weird. But if you are the type of fan that cares about dressing appropriately while keeping up a personal style, coming up with a fashionable and comfortable wardrobe can be a struggle.

Fortunately, we are here to help you put together the perfect ensemble so you can enjoy the perfect night of music, fun, and passion. Concerts are basically avenues for people to enjoy and appreciate one of the fine arts, music. Why should not you go the extra mile to wear something artistic as well?

Get your mirrored sunglasses and different caps ready, gents. We are going to find you the perfect concert outfit that will get heads turning for sure!

Dress to Impress

First things first: what kind of concert are you going to? Apparently, the venue, as well as the type of music, are factors that you need to consider before you pick an outfit. You can’t wear a super casual shirt and jeans for an outdoor concert in the middle of winter. You also can’t wear plaid and boots at a reggae concert. Well, you can, but you will most likely be judged for your questionable fashion choices. It is also important to use premium leave in conditioner for that perfect look!

Here are a few things to remember about the different types of concerts and the outfits generally deemed acceptable (and advisable) for them.

Indoor Concert

Typically, if a concert is held in a large stadium, the chances are that the air conditioning unit will be on full blast. While it is a good idea to go for a more casual and comfortable look here, you might also want to consider bringing along a light jacket just in case it gets chilly. If you suffer from dandruff, here is our guide to find the best dandruff shampoos.

Outdoor Concert

This, of course, will also depend on when the concert is happening. If it is on a chilly season, wear warm clothes like jackets and sweatshirts. You can even go for hoodies if that is more of your style. Here is a great place to get the best hoodies to stay warm at a concert. If it is on the summer though, rock those sleeveless tees and shorts. You will not only look cool and fresh, but you will also be comfortable all throughout the concert too.

Local Gig

Not every concert has to be this huge production with big-name artists and performers. Attending a local band performs a gig at a bar is as important too. In this type of concert, the vibe you will be going for is dressy casual, meaning informal but also stylish. Since the crowd will most likely be smaller and more intimate, you will most likely want to be a little bit bolder in your fashion choices if you’re going to stand out. But nothing too bright though, otherwise you will be stealing the spotlight from the musicians. On the other end of the spectrum, if you wear something too informal, you will end up disrespecting the performing artists. Unlike in large stadiums, small gig performers can see their audience really well so if you wear something like a threadbare tee and jeans. You will give off the impression that you could not be bothered to dress appropriately for the gig.

Rock Concert

There are different types of rock music out there, and each has its own unique sense of style but, generally, you can be more adventurous in your wardrobe for this type of concert. Leather jackets, black jeans, or boots are pretty good choices that you can pull off. You can also choose to wear something more casual like the rock band’s T-shirt or other merchandise. But if you would rather wear something more unique but also want to show your support for the band, you can wear accessories that match the color scheme of the band. Socks, for example, are quite the trend these days. You can find plenty of cool and funky socks for men online too so you will be able to get them before the big concert.

Classical Concert

If you have more refined tastes in music, you will likely prefer going to classical music events. For this, the rule of thumb is it is better to overdress than to underdress. A full suit and tie might be too much, but a shirt and jeans is a fashion faux pas. It is best to go for semi-formal attires here. This means dress shirts, appropriate ties, leather dress shoes, and slacks. Concerts like these often draw in a more sophisticated crowd, and you do not want to commit a fashion mistake here.

Country Concert

No, you do not need to wear a cowboy hat for this type of concert. That would be going way too overboard. For this type of concert, plaid tops are always a good idea. Jeans and sneakers are good choices too. Basically, any attire that has a homey appeal to it is a safe bet.

Music Festival

Lastly, there is the ever-popular music festival to think about. Here your fashion choices are much more versatile though the general feel to go for is something bohemian. Sleeveless t-shirts and shorts are the standard garbs for music fests. If you are truly fashion forward, you will do well to accessorize. We are talking hats – from a typical cap to a daring fedora – sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces – anything that will give your outfit that extra flavor.

Another thing you need to remember though is that music festivals are not exactly the coziest places to be so you might also want to consider your comfort as well as style. Do not risk going with uncomfortable footwear. You will regret it before the day is even halfway over.

General Tips:

Besides everything we covered, there are a few other things you need to keep in mind when choosing your concert outfit.

  1. Find the balance of fashionable but comfortable. Most concerts go on for hours – festivals can go on for the entire day – so wearing something super snazzy but cramped and uncomfortable is going to ruin your experience.
  2. Choose the right shoes. Footwear is probably the most important aspect of your outfit you need to consider since you will be on your feet for the entirety of the concert. Wear something convenient but also appropriate.
  3. Prepare for all types of weather. Bring a light jacket if it seems like it is going to get chilly. Wear boots if it is going to rain. Cover all your bases so your time at the concert will not be spoiled by anything.
  4. Rock the band’s merch. Especially for up and coming bands. Wearing the performing band’s apparel, even if it is something as small as their bracelet shows just how much you support the artists. Plus, you will have the perfect remembrance of the concert.
  5. Do not forget your own personal style. While it is advised to consider the crowd you will be with during the concert, you should also consider your unique style. What will make your concert outfit truly perfect is if it also reflects who you are as a person? Dressing right is great but what is really important is being yourself and enjoying your time at the concert.