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The Best Outdoor Speakers – 2019 Guide

Michael Johnson
Published 10:34 pm

When the sun’s out, what better way to celebrate the awesome weather than to bring the party outside. Crank up the barbecue grill, bring out the great food, and pop the drinks. But if you want to get the party started, pump out the music. Take it a couple of notches higher by bringing out the speakers. Want to get the most boom? Here are our top picks of the best outdoor speakers available in the market today.

The weather’s great and your friends are all outside. Want to draw the party outdoors? Bring out your favorite tunes and let the party beats pump out. It’s the best complement to your food and booze. But to truly bring the boom of your music, you need an awesome sound system. In this article, we put together our top choices for the best outdoor speakers today.

Unlike the conventional sound systems, outdoor speakers are designed to withstand the environmental elements like rain, snow, or heat. Despite the extreme climate changes, they still give impressive tone, booming bass, and excellent overall sound quality (ideally, that is).

In our other article, we mentioned about choosing the best indoor speakers. For this one, we want to put emphasis on the opposing operative words: indoor and outdoor. There is a need to expound on this one. Indoor speakers are not ideal for outdoor use. What works for your living room or bedroom may not work for your backyard or patio. Plus, you need to consider the weather and other environmental elements, which could damage your audio equipment.

On the other hand, while they may be marketed for outside use, outdoor speakers may be used indoors. However, outdoor speakers may not deliver the same sound quality as the indoor type. Outdoor speakers are not made for the room size, surfaces, and acoustics that indoor speakers are designed for.

Key Factors to Consider When Deciding on the Best Outdoor Speakers

Want to achieve a high-quality compact audio output for your outdoor party? Are you looking to get an excellent blend of tone, pitch, and balance with your sound system? Here are some of the critical factors to consider when deciding on which are the best outdoor speakers available today.





Where Will You Use It the Most?

Are you buying outdoor speakers for mostly home use? Or do you need it in places where it will get wet or exposed to direct sunlight? When you want something that blends perfectly for a modern urban home, get the BOSE SOUNDLINK REVOLVE. It has an aluminum body, which is perfect if you like the contemporary design.

For a rugged, waterproof option, there’s the ULTIMATE EARS MEGABOOM. It’s something that you can bring to your next pool party. The Megaboom has power bass boom power with impressive battery life and an exterior shell that protects it from all the beating. Bring on the punishing heat of the sun or

But if you’re looking for the best boom for your buck, get the JBL CHARGE 3. Don’t let the smaller frame fool you. It’s got a powerful bass and waterproof. And that’s not it. You can charge your mobile devices even if you’re on the go. Isn’t that perfect for outdoor lovers and poolside loungers? The JBL Charge 3 is made of durable hard plastic. And like the Megaboom, you can submerge it underwater.


Form and Size

When choosing the best outdoor speakers, does appearance matter to you? It’s easy to get our attention caught with other features that physical dimension is often neglected as a decision-making factor. More often than not, a lot of people tend to get disappointed with the size of their newly bought speakers. The product may seem bigger on the picture only to realize it’s actually smaller. Or vice versa.

If you’re looking for a portable outdoor speaker that you can easily stuff inside your coat pocket or small bag, check out the BRAVEN BRV-1 PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER. It’s about the same size as a can of soda. On the other hand, the NYNE BASS OUTDOOR PERFORMER is the latter’s bigger counterpart. Roughly the size of a breadbox and weighing about 6 lbs.





Ruggedly and Durability

Looking for speakers that you can place on the patio? Perhaps bring it to the beach or poolside? It pays to have a system that’s durable. Check out the MONSTER NOMAD. It may not sound good for indoor use. But it’s a wonderful audio setup that works well in the outdoors.

If you want to pump up the pool party several notches higher, check out this boombox-style speaker. Get more oomph from your beats with the BRAVEN XXL. It may not be the loudest, but, for a Bluetooth speaker, it certainly gives a whooping boom. And at 14 hours of battery life, blast away with your favorite tunes.

The Braven XXL is water-jet resistant and shock-proof. It can easily withstand splashes of water and the heaviest of downpours. And did you know it also has a microphone jack? It’s perfect if you want to sing (or scream) along with your hits or make an announcement.

Portability and Multi-Functionality

Want to get the block party going? Fill your backyard with pumping beats from the JLAB BLOCK PARTY. It’s a portable and highly versatile speaker. You can use it outdoors, and it can also double for indoor, multi-room purposes.

The JLab Block Party sports a sleek and stylish look that’s waterproof and shock-resistant. It’s got a big, booming sound capability that you can connect with your phone or device via Bluetooth. You can bring it anywhere—on your patio, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, or in the living room.

Have you heard of the ETON RUCKUS XTREME? This one’s for the outdoorsmen and folks who love to go off the grid. If you want to rock out to your favorite tunes while your feet are planted in the most remote locations, this is it. This awesome speaker has a solar array, allowing you to charge it so you can jam to your beats all night long. Truly built for the rough terrain and weather conditions.

Do You Want It Loud?

Whether it’s a backyard barbecue weekend or a karaoke get-together, an outdoor party wouldn’t be complete without the resonant soundscape. What better way to pump up the decibels than kicking your outdoor party with SOUNDBOKS 2. It’s extremely loud and doesn’t need a power outlet.

Did you know it’s removable battery life lasts up to 40 hours? The speaker system includes two woofers, a tweeter, and a volume knob that goes to 11, blasting off at 122 decibels max. It’s literally earth-shaking!



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