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The Best Indoor Speakers – 2019 Guide

Michael Johnson
Published 10:35 pm

Not happy with your current setup? Are you looking for another set of speakers? One that brings out a high-quality sonic balance? Perhaps you want to give yourself a present. You might want to invest in an awesome speaker system. A speaker setup that will make the most of your music and video collection in your computer, tablet, or phone. Check our top choices on the best indoor speakers available today.

Are you no longer contented with your speakers? Not happy with the unpleasant sound it’s producing? Perhaps it’s time to change it. If you’re looking to invest in a new speaker setup, this article is for you. We selected some of the finest sound systems that will make the most of your audio and video collection. The speakers we picked is perfect for use on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. And did we mention we chose the affordable ones? High-quality and reasonably priced speakers are here on this list.

But before we go into our selection of the best indoor speakers, we want to discuss the key points to take into account when choosing one. If you can’t find what you like in our choices, at least you get an idea of what to look out for. You can go out and get a good set of speakers you feel is the best for your needs.

What, to you, makes for the best indoor speakers? Admittedly there are plenty of factors to consider when buying new sound system. First and foremost, it’s sound quality. Another crucial point of consideration is the price. Portability is another important factor. Let’s talk about these vital points.

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying

Buying a popular brand or good set of speakers doesn’t necessarily guarantee impressive sound or decent quality. If you want to get the most bang (or boom!) for your money, it’s definitely worth making the time to evaluate these factors in relation to your needs.

Before making a decision on which set of speakers to get, take a moment to read these considerations.

Sound Quality

This is based on personal preference. Think of speakers like food. Some like it salty; others like it spicy. Some like sweets; others, savory. With speakers too, everyone has different tastes. What may seem fantastic sounding to some may not be as impressive to others. To apply to your taste, other people’s choices may be so-so or it may be the best indoor speakers ever for you. Different speakers, different appeal, as they say.

When shopping for the best indoor speakers, try to listen to different makes and models. Have your phone or mobile device (or laptop) that contains audio that you’re intimately familiar with. As you play your music, identify the nuances that makes you say this particular speaker is good.

A good gauge for identifying a good set of speakers is the balanced sound quality. Not too much bass, not too much treble. Just the right blend of pitch and tone. One that’s perfect for easy-listening for long periods. Bring a friend to help you judge which speaker to bring home. And don’t feel rushed. When deciding on the best indoors speakers, make judgments slow.

Types of Speakers

You may come across a wide variety of speaker systems when you go in the store. To avoid having that overwhelmed feeling, do your homework beforehand. To help you narrow your choices, here are the common types of speakers:

On-Wall: Ideal for on-wall or in-ceiling positioning. These speakers are available as wired or wireless, multi-channel or simple stereo. The downside, however, is that it requires special fixtures or installation or enhancements if you want it to blend with the walls,

Floor-Standing: Also known as bookshelf speakers, floor-standing systems offer the best overall sound. The snag is that it may take up floor space; something to consider when you have limited floor space.

Satellite with Subwoofers: Known for being smaller in size, satellite speakers are best paired with subwoofers to achieve a more compact audio organization. The drawback is the cost; you need to buy the subwoofers to get the premium sound.

Sound Bar: Generally the sound bar system is no-fuss and without too much space used. It’s a convenient option and a perfect one if you want to enhance the TV’s audio.

Portable: This is a fun and easy option. Some portable speakers feature wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, often having rechargeable batteries. The pitfall is its lack of robust sound, if compared to other conventional types.


You need to consider the room size and acoustics if you want to get the best out of your speakers. For instance, smaller-sized speakers may not have the best audio quality when you use it in a bigger room; perhaps it’s ideal in a regular bedroom. On the other hand, bigger speakers will be too deafening in a small room.

Before deciding on the best indoor speakers, check the room’s dimension, surfaces, and materials in relation to the watt output of the speakers you want. Rugs and carpets are good materials that absorb the sound; bare floors and walls tend to bounce the sound off.



Our Top Picks on the Best Indoor Speakers

Sumvision Psyc Monic

Looking for a highly rated speaker that fits right on the budget? Check out the Sumvision Psyc Monic. It may seem smaller in size but it packs a mighty punch. For a petite audio equipment, the Psyc delivers great audio quality. It’s a bit heavy though; not entirely portable.



Dali Katch

Got cash to splurge? Check out the Dali Katch. The look, feel, and sound brings an air of luxury and elegance. The Bluetooth-enabled audio equipment has two tweeters and woofers on the front and back. Did you know it has a 24-hour battery life?



Sonos One

A multi-room functional speaker, Sonos One is easily one of the most versatile speakers available today. It’s wireless and gives out an excellent sound output, beating out a multitude of speakers in the market today.



Fugoo Style-S

Check out the king of Bluetooth-capable speakers. Fugoo Style-S delivers a booming sound that you only often find in speakers within the above $200 margin. At less than $100, this audio system packs a one-two punch. It’s got a rich bass and crisp treble.



Anker SoundCore 2

If you want to set your wallet limit to under $50, you’ll love the Anker SoundCore 2. Despite its low price, it doesn’t skimp on sound quality. You get a big, booming sound and a longer battery life of up to 24 hours. It’s water-resistant and cased in a wonderfully compact body.



V-Moda Remix

Speaking of Bluetooth speakers, the V-Moda Remix is a premium audio setup that’s very droolworthy. It looks and sounds amazing. For people with bottomless budget, this one’s a good pick. It’s got style and a lot of bass power.



JBL Xtreme

Tiny speaker, giant sound. That best sums up the JBL Xtreme. This version introduces an improved sound quality with waterproof feature and longer battery life. You can bring it to the beach or pool. Don’t let the diminutive stature fool you. If rich bass and treble is what you want, get this one.



Amazon Echo (Second Gen)

Designed to match your interior decor, the second generation Amazon Echo sounds as good as it looks. And it’s multi-function too. Use it to listen to your audiobooks or check the weather. Heck, you can even buy stuff online by simply giving it verbal commands.


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