Why is my hair thinning? What can I do to slow it down?

Last updated: May 3, 2019
Published 11:28 pm

Hair thinning is not very unusual and has been experienced by a quite huge amount of population all over the world. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, a person loses an average of fifty to a hundred hairs each day, and that is considered to be normal. However, if you may notice patches and bald spots on your head, you may be experiencing some serious hair thinning. Hair thinning and even hair loss happens to both men and women, young and old – hair thinning is a possibility to everyone. For women, it can happen after giving birth and due to some hormonal changes, men, on the other hand, can also experience hair thinning commonly because of stress and genetics. Even though this experience or phenomenon is very common, it can still be disturbing and bothering too. If you have been experiencing hair thinning and is very not happy about it, we are here to help you in creating better hair days!

Hair thinning signs to look out for

Bald spots or patches

It is very easy to see hair thinning by noticing bald patches on your head. Bald patches are results of excessive hair thinning that may even progress to hair loss. If you notice that your hair has been falling more often than usual, a very noticeable sign to look out for is balding or thinning areas ion your scalp.

More visible scalp

If your hair has been constantly thinning, you may notice and see that your scalp can become very visible than it already is. It is normal that you see a portion of your scalp along the parting. However, when it looks like the parting has become wider and more of the scalp is visible, you are experiencing hair thinning. If it looks like you can easily see your scalp through your hair in certain areas, it can be a sign that your hair is thinning.

Hair in clumps

You will be able to thoroughly observe and notice signs of hair thinning or hair fall mostly when washing, brushing or styling your hair. During hair thinning, you may notice that you are losing or shedding off more than the usual. If it happens that when combing, your run your hair with your fingers or using a comb or brush, and it may come away with clumps of hair, also if you find more clumps of hair on your bathroom floor after washing, then your hair could possibly be thinning, be also careful if you have brassy hair as it requires a particular treatment and maintenance plan.

Lighter hair

You can effortlessly feel the weight of the hair on your head since you’ve been wearing it for the longest time. When styling, washing and combing your hair, you can easily feel its weight too. One sign to look out for thinning hair is the weight it gives. You might notice that your hair is lighter than usual and hair thinning could be the reason behind this.

Changes in styling

Every morning when you prep or style your hair, you will be able to determine if your hair has become thinner. An example is the need to tease your hair more or apply more styling wax to make it look fuller. Also, for women who often who wear their hair up or tied, you will easily notice that your hair has become thinner through a smaller ponytail or bun.

Prevent and combat hair thinning

Increase protein intake, take a balanced diet

Protein is good for your hair, it promotes healthy growth. Consuming adequate protein plays a significant role in hair growth since our hair follicles are mostly made of protein. A balanced diet also helps, always remember that you stay hydrated and consume and get your healthy fatty acids, fruits and vegetables. A healthy you for healthy hair! If you are using excessive methods to protect your hair, here are a few suggestions to tone it down a bit.

Practice good hair care

Taking care of your hair is truly necessary, and you can do that by keeping them in a length that you can easily manage. Keep your hair clean and wash them properly during the days they need to be washed – do not wash your hair every day. Never forget to wash and free your hair from any soap or shampoo residue. It is also advisable to use wide-tooth comb and hair brushes with soft bristles as these are gentler to your hair. We have gone through the exhaustive process of finding you the best shampoos to prevent hair loss.

Scalp massage

An occasional gentle and relaxing scalp massage effectively helps in stimulating hair follicles to increase and promote hair growth.

Essential oils

This is related to the above-mentioned massage. Essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, and peppermint, has shown properties to prevent hair thinning and balding. It is recommended to use essential oils while massaging your scalp and hair with olive or almond oils as a carrier oil. It is both relaxing and healthy for your scalp and hair.

Vitamins and nutrients

Getting the essential vitamins and nutrients can help your hair a lot. Biotin is the most common nutrient for your hair and you can easily have them through supplements and even special drinks, you can also get biotin from nuts, lentils, and liver. Healthy hair is dependent on your overall health too. That is why you need to take care of yourself, stay hydrated and get the right amount of nutrients.

Don’t be too harsh on your hair

Your hair can be fragile, that is why you need to be gentle. Avoid wearing caps most of the time or keeping them in a tight bun or ponytail. Also, it would be a treat for your hair if you stay away from heat styling and too many chemical treatments. If you treat your crowning glory right, they will stay and continue to grow healthy.

Use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner

Try to choose and use hair products that have less chemical content, opt for the natural ones. When you use the appropriate hair products you avoid loading your hair and scalp with harsh chemicals that can cause damage and hair thinning. Controlling the chemical damage that can be caused by harsh hair products can totally help you stop hair thinning.

Hair loss is related to the following factors:

Genetics and family history

This is the most common cause of hair thinning or hair loss. Oftentimes, it occurs with aging and shows in predictable patterns such as receding hairline.

Hormonal changes, imbalances, and other medical conditions

Significant hormonal changes may cause temporary and even permanent hair thinning. This can include hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menopause, and other conditions that may cause hormonal imbalance. Some medical conditions such as parasitic and fungal infections can cause hair thinning too.

Diet, supplements, and medication

Hair thinning can also be a side effect of certain drugs and lack of nutritious diet.

Radiation therapy

This can cause hair loss or thinning and the new hair may not grow the same way it did before.


It is true that stress has a lot of unpleasant effects, this includes hair thinning. Fortunately, hair thinning because of stress is temporary.

Chemicals and certain hairstyles

Excessive hairstyling with heat and tight hairdos can cause hair thinning. Chemicals used when treating hair can cause hair thinning to some people who have sensitive skin or scalp.