Avent and NUK Bottles – Battle of the Bottles 2019

Last updated: April 12, 2019
Published 10:08 am

Philips AVENT Glass Baby Bottle

NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle

Philips AVENT Anti-Colic Bottle

Published 10:08 am

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Getting the perfect milk or a good meal is important for the babies to get the essential nutrients they need. Some women will always choose to breastfeed but still, at some point, may need to bottle feed. While some mothers will need to bottle feed their newborns due to some problems with breastfeeding. All babies will, however, always need food and comfortable and close contact with their parents and this can be fulfilled even through bottle feeding with the right baby formula or expressed breast milk. It is important to choose bottles that are safe for the baby, easy to clean and use, and will help in preventing colic. The Philips Avent and NUK bottles come in a wide range of choices to help you select which one will best fit your baby’s need.

Philips AVENT and NUK Overview

Philips AVENT

The famous brand Philips came up with the AVENT line for mother and child care. They offer not only bottles but also different types of breast pumps and baby products for newborns to toddlers. Philips AVENT offers baby bottle sets and two categories of baby bottles which are the AVENT Natural baby bottles and the AVENT Anti-colic baby bottles. Their bottle capacities start from 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 9 oz, and 11 oz with materials of either BPA-free plastic and high-quality glass.


The NUK brand designs and develops trusted and high-quality products for childcare. NUK’s bottle feeding range of items will offer moms a wide choice of bottle options. They even have Disney inspired design for the bottles for a much fun-looking feeding medium for baby. NUK has two versions of their baby bottles which are the regular ones and the Simply Natural baby bottles. Similar to AVENT, they also make baby bottles out of BPA-free plastic and high-quality glass. They also offer NUK silicone protectors for the glass bottles. Baby bottles are available in 5 oz, 9 oz, and 10 oz.

Avent and NUK Bottles


Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottles (Plastic)

This variant of the bottle is a famous and popular choice for parents. One known trait of the Philips AVENT is that it is very simple and comprises only a few easy to assemble parts. This also comes with wide nipples to avoid nipple confusion when baby switches from breast to bottle.  It also has a twin-valve venting system that works to reduce gas during feeding.

More to love:

These bottles are wide-mouthed and marked with easy-to-read volumes to help in making bottle preparation a simple task. As mentioned, this bottle only has a very few parts so it will be very easy to clean, it also does not stain easily. The wide mouth will also give better access for cleaning the insides of the bottle. This bottle will also be great for first-timers, and for those parents who are still not fully sure about which bottle to choose. Additionally, AVENT products are completely compatible with each other. This will let you use any of your parts and pieces interchangeably, and be able to use them for an extended period, and it also makes every Philips AVENT product a good buy. The Natural bottles’ classic and simple design offers uncomplicated features which are great for parents who are still learning from their bottle-feeding experiences.

Philips AVENT has been known for decades to produce baby bottles that are of excellent quality. This Natural plastic baby bottles have made good impressions and continue to make a good name for the baby bottle industry. Plus, it is a relatively affordable and uncomplicated bottle that delivers on its promises.


These Philips AVENT Natural plastic bottles have limited colors, styles and designs to choose from. The bottles also tend to get scratched easily.


Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottles (Glass)

This baby bottle from Philips AVENT is best for parents who prefer glass bottles. This one is wide-necked and super easy to assemble with only very few parts. The Natural glass baby bottle features an anti-colic venting system with twin valves. These bottles are magnificently made from high-class quality borosilicate glass and feature a wide, breast shape silicone, no-collapse nipple with an innovative petal design to give it a more similar feel to breastfeeding.

More to love:

When it comes to cleaning and sterilization, these will not become a challenge since these wide-neck bottles are very easy to clean and they only have a few parts, and they are easy to assemble and disassemble as well. These bottles come in four and eight-ounce sizes and may be bought individually or in packs and are written with clear measurement marks. Upon purchase, these bottles come with slow flow nipples, but as your baby grows, you may have to purchase another nipple type but no need to worry as you can use any Philips Avent nipples with these bottles. The shape of these bottles is ergonomically designed to help make holding and handling easy without any hand discomfort.

The Philips Avent glass baby bottle is made of scratch-free borosilicate glass with a high thermal shock resistance which means these tough bottles can take and handle very high heat and even sudden changes in temperature. They can be sterilized using heat and can also be stored in the refrigerator, Philips does not recommend putting these bottles in the freezer though.


These Philips AVENT Natural glass bottles have limited colors, styles and designs to choose from. These bottles are also heavier than the plastic ones. Additionally, you need to keep an eye out if your baby is holding it to avoid unwanted glass breaks and possible injuries. They also don’t have a silicone case for protection.


Philips AVENT Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

What mothers love best about this anti-colic bottles by Philips AVENT is its simplicity. It is made up only of four parts making it super easy to assemble. These bottles are also super easy to clean as well, and all parts are dishwasher-safe. It also has clear volume markings on the bottle that are very easy to read. Despite its simplicity, these are truly high-quality and effective anti-colic bottles and are tested to reduce infant fussiness by 60% over conventional bottles.

More to love:

These bottles are also completely compatible with the AVENT products. This will let you use any of your parts and pieces interchangeably, and be able to use them for an extended period. The Anti-colic version of the Philips AVENT bottles only come in plastic material. The bottles and nipples are all made of BPA-free material. This bottle comes with a ribbed nipple which prevents it from collapsing. The anti-colic bottles feature an “airflex” venting system that is meant to help prevent colic and reduce gas. As your little one feeds from the bottle, the vent system flexes to stop air flow towards baby’s tummy. This is mean also to reduce burping and spit-ups. Mothers also love that these anti-colic bottles are super easy to hold not only for them but the babies as well.

Philips AVENT has been known for decades to produce baby bottles that are of excellent quality. Their anti-colic bottle creation is popular and trusted by many parents, not only because they are work efficiently and are reasonably priced but because they’re also easy to purchase and widely available.


The bottle’s neck is not that wide, so you might want to take extra care and be easy on transferring liquids or powder to avoid unwanted spills. These anti-colic bottles also have limited styles and designs to choose from. They also only come in BPA-free plastic, they do not have glass variants of the anti-colic ones.


NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottles

The NUK Simply Natural bottles work best for babies who switch from breast to bottle and vice versa. Parents love that these bottles do not leak and stain easily. It also only has a few parts that are very easy to clean and assemble. You also don’t have to worry about weird smells since the NUK bottles are made of Tritan plastic which is an odor and stain-resistant plastic.

More to love:

NUK designs their bottles to be very durable, simple and ergonomic. It also has a wide mouth that makes milk preparation easy and cleaning a lot easier as well. The bottle features an anti-colic system that helps in reducing colic, gas, and spit-up. NUK simply natural bottles tend to be a mom’s favorite since it is very durable and compact, it is also designed to be simple that is why the bottle is clear with not so much drawings and styles. The bottle is BPA and BPS free with a silicone nipple that is also BPA-free. This is also considered to be an inexpensive bottle option but with totally great features.

The NUK Simply Natural features a large and soft nipple that is shaped like a dome to mimic breast shape. The bottle also has easy-to-read volume markers on the side and is shaped with a wide base so that it will not easily tip over. Also, with a wide mouth and four parts, this NUK bottle is super easy to clean and use. This bottle also works well when traveling since it is leak-proof and it is made of durable plastic.


You may constantly need to check the positioning of the nipple so that it will flow properly during feeding. The cap of this bottle also tends to be super tight that it may give mommy a hard time when pulling it off from the bottle.


NUK Baby Bottles Perfect Fit

This is another version of the NUK bottles which tends to be more fun-looking with all the cartoon and colorful designs. They even have a Disney theme designed bottles. The NUK bottles with Perfect Fit also features the anti-colic system. But, the nipples are still more different than those of the Simply Natural.

More to love:

The asymmetrically shaped nipple of this NUK bottle comes with an angled top. These angled nipples accommodate baby’s tongue while sucking. It also encourages proper jaw positioning. These nipples are designed to fit the shape of baby’s palate and gums. It gives the tongue and jaw more room to move naturally while sucking. This feature promotes healthy oral development. Mothers claim that their little ones easily accept and love this bottle from NUK. These bottles also do not leak or spill. The Perfect Fit nipple of this bottle provides a closer to breastfeeding way for your growing baby.


Similar to the Simply Natural ones, you may constantly need to check the positioning of the nipple so that it will flow properly during feeding. The cap of this bottle also tends to be super tight that it may give mommy a hard time when pulling it off from the bottle.

Buying your baby’s feeding bottle

First of all, it is important to know the parts of a bottle, how to use them and its materials before buying one. From nipples to bottles being made from plastic or glass, and the cleaning or sterilization process of these bottles. It is important to consider what material would you prefer, whether you would want a plastic or the glass one. If you tend to travel a lot, you may want a plastic feeding bottle with a cap. Since it will be difficult to travel with a bottle that may break when you accidentally drop or bump your travel bag or breast pump bag. Also, choose ergonomically designed baby bottles. This is for the reason that you and your baby will have little to no difficulty in holding them.

The cost or price of the bottle is also important. If you are a new parent who is still figuring out which bottle will work best for your child, it is important that you try those that are not too expensive. Also, avoid buying too many if you are still trying out some bottles that will be best for your child.

The nipple also plays an integral part in your baby’s bottle-feeding journey, and you know that. That is why it is very important to choose the appropriate nipple for your baby’s age and preferences. Read here for more information on choosing the right nipple for your baby.

Final Note

Both Philips AVENT and NUK produces good quality bottles. They have both particularly amazing features that might work well for you and your little one. No matter what brand, it is always important that your baby will be comfortable. It is also significant that your baby is happy with the bottle he or she is feeding on. Happy kids make happy parents!