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Best Rubber Hunting Boots

Sara Fletcher
Published 6:10 pm

Gear up! It’s time to go hunting. Are you all set for this season? If not, then don’t worry because we’re about to give you tips on how to not get cold feet. (Pun intended) One thing that could keep you from getting your feet wet and cold is to wear the best rubber hunting boots.

When you’re out there hunting, you can’t avoid reaching all sorts of terrains.You may step into areas that are damp, swampy, muddy, dry, slippery, snowy and so on. This is how you get your feet wet and cold or how you get injured. It just destroys your whole hunting experience.

Yes, no doubt footwear is important. That is why you need to put on the best rubber hunting boots. Remember, your feet are the first point of interaction with the ground where all sorts of bacteria thrive. And without proper protection, you could contract an infection that might cause an end to your hunting activity.

Choosing the best rubber hunting boots can be quite a challenge as there are countless of rubber hunting boots available. In this article, we will give you tips on how to find the best rubber hunting boots. We will discuss the qualities that your footwear need to have. Also, we will list five of the best rubber hunting boots to help you narrow down your search.

Importance Of Rubber Hunting Boots


The best rubber hunting boots are not only used in wet conditions. In fact, rubber hunting boots can be used all year round on any ground and in any hunting conditions. Comparing them to classical leather or those made of synthetic materials, the best rubber hunting boots have many great considerations.

According to The Outdoor Pros, rubber is great at hiding your scent. Rubber hunting boots are almost impermeable to air while leather and other materials possess specific scents. These allow the animals to pick up the scent even from a distance. As you go on your game, you don’t want to get detected by the animals you are hunting.

It is important that you wear the best rubber hunting boots because they won’t easily get your feet tired. The best rubber hunting boots are lightweight as well as very flexible. Wearing the best rubber hunting boots, you are able to take longer treks less the hassle.

Another awesome thing about the best rubber hunting boots is that they are waterproof. Being waterproof, the boots are able to keep your feet dry on the hunt and comfortable.

Collectively, the factors that we will discuss in the following section are what makes this footwear the best for hunting. So, read on and don’t forget to take notes.

Factors To Consider For The Best Rubber Hunting Boots


Whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s boots, it pays to know what factors make the best rubber hunting boots. There are so many things to pay attention to when you’re making your choice for the best rubber hunting boots. Having said that, the best rubber hunting boots have certain qualities aside from being made of rubber.

These characteristics set them apart from the low and average quality boots. Therefore, if you want to get your hands (and feet!) on the best rubber hunting boots, you need to keep in mind these factors. Below are the factors that you need to know before making your purchase.

These hunting boots are not exactly cheap so you might as well spend your money wisely.

Rubber Construction

First of all, you need your boots to be rubber. Rubber has many amazing characteristics. The best rubber hunting boots are made using a vulcanized rubber. You have to know that this is not your typical, cheaply available rubber.

Vulcanized rubber boots boast a 100% waterproofness. In addition, vulcanized rubber is scent free. This makes vulcanized rubber ideal for hunting. As mentioned earlier, your scent won’t be detected by the animals you are hunting when you are using a vulcanized rubber.

Therefore, when you are making a purchase of your rubber hunting boots, make sure they are made of vulcanized rubber.


Next thing you need to watch out for is insulation. The best rubber hunting boots must have the capability to insulate your feet whenever you’re out on your hunting adventure. When you’re looking at rubber hunting boots available in the market, you’ll notice that insulation is measured in grams. This is mainly because insulation depends on the material used in the manufacturing process.

Generally, rubber boots were designed for moderately cold temperatures. This is why they’re not considered the best for cold weather boots. However, due to changes in customer demands, rubber hunting boots can now withstand temperatures.

Weather conditions like snowing can be detrimental. In severe cases, this leads to frostbites. To protect your feet, your hunting boots must be able to retain the heat. Meanwhile, hot terrains can make your feet sweaty. This would definitely increase the moisture level in your boots. Therefore, you want the best rubber hunting boots that can keep your feet cool, at the same time, comfortable.

Materials in Insulation

When it comes to insulation, the material used and its thickness play an important role. Some of the best rubber hunting boots feature neoprene uppers. And some have up to two kilograms of thinsulate. These rubber insulated hunting boots are able to withstand frigid temperatures.

There are some hunting boots designed just for hunters who hunt in both cold and dry seasons. The linings of these boots are removable. So when it is hot, you can just take out the lining, then it is ready for the hot terrain.

There is another thing you need before buying the best rubber hunting boots for you. In order to determine the type of insulation you need, you must consider the hunting environment you are going into. But for all-around hunting boot, go for the one with at least 1000 grams of Thinsulate.


Remember when we said getting wet feet could ruin your whole hunting adventure? Well, another characteristic that you would want your rubber hunting boots to have is being waterproof. Sometimes, the weather won’t go as exactly as you planned. Just imagine all that water seeping through your boots. As it accumulates in your footwear, the water will increase the weight at your feet.

Another thing that you want to avoid after getting your feet wet is getting fungus. How? Your feet are gonna get moist. Then, your socks will get soaked and so are your feet soles and tissue will be affected. But of course, that’s only going to happen if you are wearing the wrong shoes when exposed to moisture for quite some time.


The most important factor of all has got to be the comfort. The best rubber hunting boots need to be the perfect fit, no toe space too large or too tight ankle. You see, comfort also correlates with insulation. Without proper insulation, you will be so uncomfortable in those rubber hunting boots.

To ensure that the comfortable feeling stays and lasts long, you also need to make sure you wear the right socks. Socks that are thick will leave no room for your feet to breathe if you got boots that are too narrow.


You want a pair of hunting boots that would last for a long period. It’s not certain if you’re gonna be in a wet terrain most of the time or not. The durability of the best rubber hunting boots depends on the materials used and the soles.

Soles are important when it comes to the grip so you do not easily slip or lose balance. The soles of your boots have to be made of good quality material because that is the contact point. If they’re made of poor quality, the process of wearing out will be faster. So, make sure that the rubber hunting boots you buy are made of the best materials. And don’t forget to choose the one with a higher percentage of rubber in it.

Height & Weight

There are various sizes for the best rubber hunting boots for both men and women. Height is an important factor. But this is determined by your choice of hunting grounds. For instance, waterlogged terrain requires tall boots so water will not move to the top part.

Meanwhile, hot or dry terrains don’t exactly require tall rubber hunting boots. But, for better protection, it is advisable that you still get a pair that is high.

Shaft refers to the term used to measure the height from the middle of the arch up to the outsole of the boot to the boot’s top. This is what you need to measure to ensure it is tall enough. An average rubber boot will have a 10-inch shaft. The best ones will have an 18-inch shaft. It is preferable that your shaft is 14 inches and above.

The weight of the boots also affects the choice of the rubber hunting boots. This leads back to the features of the terrain. Lightweight rubber hunting boots are perfect when you are hunting on grounds that are easier to move about. It also makes your hiking pretty easy.


The boots that you buy need to blend in with your hunting grounds. Camouflage is the best friend of every hunter. Some of the best rubber boots available for men and women have camouflage features.

Camouflage patterns make the boots inconspicuous in forested and swampy areas.

Other Considerations

boots walking on grass

Outdoorever posted an article about the best rubber hunting boots. The blog included other factors to consider when purchasing the rubber hunting boots. We thought to include those considerations in here, too.

Aside from rubber construction, insulation, waterproofness, comfort, durability, weight and height, and camouflage, there are other features that you need to look out for.

You also need to consider the heel kicker. This is bonded to the heel and makes it easy to remove the rubber hunting boots.

Next is the shovel guard. This is a feature that allows for ease of digging and climbing.

There is also the side gussets. These are found in the best rubber hunting boots to improve the fit.

Lastly, being snake proof is another feature that you need to consider especially if you are hunting where snakes dwell.

Best Rubber Hunting Boots Recommendation

As promised, here are five best rubber hunting boots that you may want to check out. We hope this helps narrow down your search. Enjoy!

The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Bootblack rubber hunting boots

This stylish looking pair of rubber hunting boots accommodates both men and women. This is one of the best rubber hunting boots that are unisex. Cool right? The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot is approximately only 3 pounds. It is a very light-weighted pair of boots and definitely easy to walk in.

The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot is made of 50% rubber and 50% nylon. Its soles are made of pure rubber. This boots’ shaft measures roughly 15.5 inches from the arch. The heel measures approximately one inch. Its platform is approximately 0.75 inches and the boot opening measures approximately 17.75 inches around.

These dimensions make it relatively easy to put on. It is also very flexible because of the mixture of the materials. Indeed, it is very convenient to use. No doubt why blogs like Epic Wilderness included this in their reviews.

These boots are relatively easy to put on because of its dimensions. They are also very flexible due to the mixture of materials used.

Its inner lining is made of neoprene which provides warmth and comfort for your feet. It has great insulation even when in cold or wet places. The penetration level of heat in and out of the boots is low. You will hardly feel your feet getting sweaty.

These boots are also waterproof. It has a blown rubber outsole which is slip-resistant as well as shock-absorbing ability.  

Being one of the best rubber hunting boots, this has a very convenient way of removing it after use. You just have to kick the rim on a counter for a hands-free removal. No more difficulty removing your boots after a long, tiring day of hunting!

Another thing is that these boots are relatively affordable.

LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18″ Hunting Boots

mossy oak camouflage rubber hunting boots

The LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18 inch hunting boot is one of the best rubber hunting boots. You might mistake this boot for a nylon one at first glance. But this is an all rubber boot with a neoprene upper. Neoprene uppers are stretchable which makes them easy to put on.

This boots also have another great feature. And, that is the neoprene gusset. This gusset offers a customizable ankle fit and is good for shock absorption.

The inside of the LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18 inch hunting boot is also lined with neoprene for insulation. The carved neoprene lining of the boot makes it breathable.

Other than being comfortable, this boot is also well insulated. These boots can withstand temperatures of up to -70 degrees Fahrenheit. The boot is great for wading through water and in swampy areas. It’s all because of its 18-inch shaft which adds to this boot’s already long list of amazing features.

Kamik Men’s Hunter Cold-Weather Boot

This pair of boots by Kamik weighs 2 pounds. It has a height of 14 inches from the heel to the top. Its shaft measures approximately 13 inches from the arch and the heel measures about 1.25 inches. The platform of this boot measures approximately 0.50 inches and the boot’s opening measures approximately 16.75 inches around.

The Kamik Men’s Hunter Cold-Weather Boot is a relatively high pair of boots. It goes high up to the knee. This awesome boot has the capability to withstand cold weather conditions just like the others that we mentioned. Plus, it comes with the feature of an adjustable drawstring at the top of the boots. These allow you to easily adjust the fit according to your preference or size.

This Hunter Cold-Weather Boot by Kamik is made of rubber and nylon fabric which is the top part. This makes it more comfortable for users. This pair is highly waterproof so you won’t have to worry that much about snow or water seeping in.

The boots have the ability to tolerate up to intense -40°F. Definitely, this means that the insulation is awesome. Its 8mm thermal guard liner is removable, so if you need more warmth just simply remove it.

The traction against the snow and ice is amazing that you can avoid any slip. This boot was made specifically to endure the cold harsh weathers. Therefore, it is perfect for the winter time. With the function of the heel kicker, the boots can be easily put on and removed.

MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Glory Hunting Boots

The MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Glory Hunting Boots provide an efficient traction, warmth, and comfort when you’re in your hunt.

These awesome boots have 5mm CR flex-foam interior. It provides warmth to your feet, even down to -40 F degrees. Another thing, they are 100% waterproof and the rugged outsole protects your feet on rocky terrains.

The outsole makes the boots grippy. That makes them very stable even in snowy terrains. The Spandure uppers mean durability for the boots. The MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Glory Hunting Boots are also 100% waterproof.

It has a fleece lining that is comfortable. The triple-density polyurethane sock liner with top lining provides great support on the move. The cushioned EVA midsole simply adds up to easier hunting experience.

Its synthetic sole is durable and has a good grip. The boots have stability even through the most challenging hunting situations. You won’t have a hard time putting on and taking off these boots. The MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Glory Hunting Boots also have Inscentible technology which protects against bacteria growth. Plus, this will keep you undetected by the animals.

Bogs Men’s Classic High Boot

These boots can keep you warm enough through the coldest winter. And that’s one important thing you want from your rubber hunting boots. There is a reason why the Bogs Men’s Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boots is one of the best rubber hunting boots. Because it can sure do that.

The Bogs Men’s Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boots are knee-high waterproof and have allover camouflage pattern. It is with a durable hand-lasted rubber and four-way stretch inner bootie. The Neoprene upper will keep you warm and protected from water as well.

The classic high boots by Bogs are made of rubber and feature a rubber sole. These boots have a good traction. These are easy to clean as they feature a non-slip, non-marking, and self-cleaning outsole. Sliding in and sliding off these boots are easy because the opening is 16 inches.

This footwear also has anti-odor protection insole which is efficient. It also has removable moisture-wicking sock liner which reduces heat and eliminates odor. This boot gives great support because of its internal shank.

Bogs Men’s Classic High Boots are also comfortable and long-lasting. These are true to size and even allow space for some thick socks. These rubber hunting boots are lightweight and highly efficient in the very cold weather.

And lastly, the prize is also pretty amazing for the high quality you get.


Finally, you reached this part of our guide. We hope you learned from this and that it can help you find the best rubber hunting boots for you.

Nowadays, rubber hunting boots have many various features. You need to identify whether these features may or may not be useful for your hunt.

Before you go on your hunting adventure, know what you will be up against. Don’t forget to check the weather and the geographical area. If you think it is windy and likely to rain, waterproof and insulation is a must. If your location is submerged in snow or water, again, go for waterproof and with good insulation. That is very important.

For rainy conditions, your boots must have straps around the tops to keep water out of the boots’ tops. And soles that curl up the toes to protect your toes from bashing are only useful for rocky terrains.

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