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Best Lighted Makeup Mirror: The Secret to Perfecting Your Beauty Routine

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There’s one rule for makeup that always applies. For best results, apply makeup in an area with natural light.

But what happens if there is no natural light?

Every Saturday, I go out dancing with my friends. Most of the time, the sun has already gone down by the time I start getting ready.

So without natural light, it can get a little tricky to make sure that I’m blending my makeup the right way so that it looks natural.

But then I heard about lighted makeup mirrors. How did I not think of it myself?

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I quickly began seeking out the best lighted makeup mirror and I came across a whole bunch of great contenders and plenty of lighted makeup mirror reviews.

If you find yourself wondering if you’re applying makeup smoothly and naturally in a poorly lit area, keep reading to find the best lighted makeup mirror for you.

Ottlite Makeup Mirror

The Ottlite makeup mirror is a dual sided mirror that features some really strong magnification, which is ideal for tweezing and eye makeup application.

The included lightbulbs are gentle on the eyes. There’s no harsh shadows or glare. This mirror tilts so you can position it perfectly.

I loved that in came in five different colors.

best lighted makeup mirror ottliteBuy for $$$ on Amazon

This makes it easy to coordinate with your room so that you don’t feel the need to hide it when not in use.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

At first, the price of this mirror almost scared me away.

But then I realized how great all of the perks and benefits that it offers were, compared to less expensive makeup mirrors with lights.

First, the tru-lux light system is as close as it gets to natural sunlight. It’s also twice as bright as most lighted makeup mirrors and it’s absolutely distortion-free, even around the edges.

best lighted makeup mirror simplehumanBuy for $$$$ on Amazon

You’ll see in some less expensive mirrors that they don’t seem very accurate around the perimeter.

But here’s the best feature of this mirror. It has a sensor that will automatically turn on the lights as you sit down to use it.

It may seem silly but trust me, when your hands are full of makeup brushes, eyeshadow choices and tubes of lip gloss, having a mirror that turns itself on is a really neat feature.

Overall, this is one of the top lighted makeup mirrors on the market and if your budget isn’t an issue, you should definitely consider it.

Jerdon HL65N 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

If you’re tight on space, this lighted vanity mirror is perfect.

It can be mounted directly on the wall and features a 14-inch neck extension so you can easily position it right where you need it to be. It swivels 360 degrees and has two magnification levels.

You’ve probably seen a design like this in a hotel, where they’re becoming as standard as hair dryers.

best lighted makeup mirror jerdonBuy for $$$ on Amazon

If so, you know how convenient they are and what a difference they can make in your morning makeup routine.

This was the one mirror that my husband was interested in using as well. It helped him precisely trim his beard so that it was perfectly even and because he could position the mirror directly above the sink, I wasn’t stuck cleaning up a mess.

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

This Jerdon lighted makeup mirror is ideal for anyone who travels on a regular basis.

It features four adjustable settings for daytime, evening, home and office environment so no matter where you need it, you’ll have a light source that works.

I also loved that this mirror folds closed so that when you’re not using it, it’s not getting dirty or reflecting light that could be distracting.

best lighted makeup mirror jerdon tri-foldBuy for $$ on Amazon

It also has a built-in electrical outlet, which comes in handy for curling irons and other heated styling tools. It can also be used for beard trimmers for the man in your life.

Overall, this mirror is ideal for travel but can find a permanent spot in your bathroom or bedroom just as easily.

Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

This Conair mirror was by far the most attractive in its design and appearance.

It would look great on a vanity or bathroom shelf. It features soft halo lighting and fog-free viewing so you can use it right after taking a hot shower.

The cord is five feet long so you have plenty of options in placement and don’t have to worry about a battery running out on you in the middle of applying eyeliner.

best lighted makeup mirror conair oval double-sidedBuy for $$ on Amazon

I loved that the mirror rotated a full 360 degrees and it featured the highest magnification level of any other mirror I tested out.

You won’t make a mistake tweezing your eyebrows with a 7x magnification feature!

Ultra-Thin Led Lighted Compact Travel Makeup Mirror

Don’t think that you can’t take the benefits of a lighted makeup mirror with you when you leave the house.

This mirror features an incredibly slim design. It fits into your purse or makeup bag easily, giving you a lighted mirror whenever you need one.

It features eight bright LED lights but they’re adjustable so that you won’t always draw attention to yourself when using it in public.

I always brought this mirror with when I went out dancing so that I could reapply makeup as needed, even in dark bathrooms and in the car.

best lighted makeup mirror ultra-thin led lighted compact travel makeup mirrorBuy for $ on Amazon

It was big enough that it was easy to find and use but didn’t weigh me down.

Why Use a Lighted Makeup Mirror?

There are so many reasons to use a lighted vanity mirror and I can guarantee that there are several that you haven’t thought of before. Let’s start with some of the more obvious and then dive into some less than obvious benefits.

  • Shape and Size: It can be difficult to position a wall mirror in a way that allows you to get close while still being comfortable. Reaching over a sink isn’t a very comfortable position for applying makeup. But a smaller and portable lighted vanity mirror lets you place the perfect mirror in the perfect place, like on your vanity or even in rooms where you might not do your makeup normally, like the living room or kitchen, so that you can get the best light possible.
  • Perfect Color: If you aren’t a professional makeup artist, you’ve probably applied makeup at home only to catch a glimpse of yourself at the office or out with friends and realized that your eyeshadow is two shades too dark for a Tuesday afternoon. With a lighted makeup mirror, you can make sure that your makeup shades match your outfit and occasion with precision.
  • Higher Confidence: When you know that your eyebrows are perfectly plucked, your eyeliner isn’t running and your blush is perfectly highlighting your cheekbones, you’ll feel better than ever and completely ready to take on your day. You won’t have to feel self-conscious, wondering if you’re pulling off the latest makeup trend correctly. You’ll always look flawless.

Types of Lighted Makeup Mirror

There are a few different types of lighted makeup mirrors on the market. It helps to know what’s available before shopping around so that you can find the best rated lighted makeup mirror for your needs.

  • Portable: This is probably the most common type of lighted makeup mirror. It’s meant to sit on a vanity, counter or desk. They vary in size but are meant to not take up too much space. Some are designed to stay out on display while others are designed to fold and tuck away. You will find plenty of variety with this type of lighted makeup mirror.
  • Wall-Mounted: If you’re low on space or just want a custom look, a wall-mounted lighted makeup mirror could be the perfect option for you. They fold almost flat against the wall so that you can keep them out of the way when not needed but when the time does come, they slide around easily, allowing you to position them perfectly for your needs. These types of makeup mirrors with lights usually a bit more expensive but have an exceptionally designer look.
  • Compact: If you really love the benefits of a lighted makeup mirror, a compact version is a must. They’re small and slim, allowing you to take them on the go. They’re great for dates, girls’ night out and even the office. They’re better than any mirror that might come with your makeup products. Just make sure you choose one that’s durable just in case it gets bounced around a bit in your makeup bag.

Different Lighted Vanity Mirror Magnification

You’ll come across a few different numbers when searching for the best lighted makeup mirror. These refer to their magnification level.

Most lighted makeup mirrors feature one side that’s a normal, lighted mirror. The other side is then magnified so that you can see your face close up, which helps with tweezing and makeup application.

But based on your preferences and needs, you might find that some mirrors are too magnified.

Most makeup mirrors with lights feature 5x magnification. Base your decision off of testing a mirror with this magnification level.

Do you need to see your eyebrows even more close up or is 5x too much? Try a 3x for less magnification or a 7x for more.

Some lighted makeup mirrors go all the way to 20x so there’s plenty of variety out there.

If you find yourself squinting when applying makeup because of a lack of light, a lighted makeup mirror is the easiest way to brighten up your routine. You’ll love the benefits, especially when you notice how easy it is to get your makeup picture perfect every day.

Start looking for the best lighted makeup mirror for your needs today. You won’t regret it.

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