What Is A Keratin Lash Lift?


You worry about your hair being brittle, undefined, frizzy, and unruly, which is why the one thing to do to straighten it out, figuratively and literally, is by having a keratin hair treatment. Once you have that treatment, then your hair is a lot more manageable and healthier looking. So why can’t you do the same thing for your eyelashes that appear brittle and unhealthy? Well, you can, and that is known as the keratin lash lift. However, you may wonder how necessary it is to do any effective treatments involving keratin to your lashes. That is since you can add extensions to your lashes. However, why not make your lashes strong, healthy, and vibrant? That is why there is the keratin lash lift. Let’s go into more detail about that eyelash treatment.

What Does A Keratin Lash Lift Entail?

When you are looking to add life to your lashes, you will want to have the keratin lash lift, which is a treatment that boosts, curls, and lifts your eyelashes immediately. You do not have to worry about eyelash extensions with this treatment. It takes about an hour to do, and it will last anywhere from two to three months which is the natural eyelash cycle. The way it works is that the practitioner will add keratin protein to the eyelashes to strengthen them not to break at all.

You also have an option offered by many salons that do keratin lash lifts to have color tint added to the eyelashes if you want. Some people think that a keratin lash lift is pointless, considering that you can use fake eyelashes. That is because you cannot compare your eyelashes to the hair on your head. However, that is untrue! Your eyelashes add a lot of life to your appearance. If you have brittle and dull eyelashes, it will cause you to feel tired, and it can also amplify aging, which is not what you want to do. Now that we are on that topic, let’s go over why keratin lash lifts are a thing.

Why Are Keratin Lash Lifts A Thing?

The purpose of the keratin lash lift treatment is to replace fake lashes and extensions and growth serums that take a lot more work to do when it comes to beautifying your lashes. Besides, keratin strengthens your lashes, whereas the other methods to beautify your lashes do not. In addition, you also have to remove extensions and fake lashes, whereas you do not need to remove anything if you have the keratin lash lift. That means there is less work for you if you go down this route. When you have to put and remove fake lashes or use growth serums, you risk damaging your eyelashes. You do not need to worry about any of that when you have this treatment. The treatment is not the same as an eyelash perm either. Now, let’s talk about what to expect with this treatment.

What Does A Keratin Lash Lift Treatment Look Like?

Let’s talk about what to expect during the keratin lash lift treatment so this way you will know whether it is right for you or not. Some people would prefer to stick to using growth serums and fake lashes and extensions, which is a personal choice. You will need to go to the salon where they are doing the treatment and prepare yourself to keep your eyes closed the entire time. The process lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. During that time, the technician will apply keratin to your eyelashes. Then they will lift your lashes, separate them one by one, and then take a curler with silicone pads and curl them up.

The great thing is that you can have the technician style them in any way you wish, which is why you will want to tell them how you want to style your lashes. There are various silicone rods to support different styles. For example, you may not want them to curl your lashes much, or you may wish for a very curly appearance. If your technician uses a large silicone pad, the lash curl will be softer. Different sizes of silicone pads are available depending on the size of your lashes too.

What Does The Keratin Lash Lift Aftercare Look Like?

Your eyes will have redness and irritation within the first 24 hours, and you will not want to use any eye makeup within that time. You also will not want to get them wet within that timeframe, which means not sleeping on your face. If your eyes are bothering you, you can apply a damp and cool cloth to the area to help soothe it. Unfortunately, that is the most you can do. After three days, you should begin to feel that the discomfort will leave. But you want to ensure you do not expose your lashes to UV lights and do not go into saunas as those will cause the effects of the keratin treatment to fade. The best thing to do is follow the instructions you get from your technician when it comes to the care after the treatment.


If you are looking for an alternative to eyelash extensions, fake eyelashes, or growth serums, you will want to try the keratin lash lift. The last lift involves the technician applying keratin serum to your lashes, which will help strengthen and style them, lasting anywhere from two to three months. The treatment is a much better alternative to other eyelash enhancers because it takes less work, and also, the other eyelash styling methods can cause damage.

Keratin is a protein that your body makes, and if your lashes are brittle and thin, then keratin will help liven them up and strengthen them. The process takes around 45 to 60 minutes, and the aftercare is straightforward. You will need to refrain from putting anything on your eyes during the first several days. The exception is a damp cloth if you are experiencing a lot of irritation. However, the reward for that is excellent.