What Is The Difference Between Silk Press And Flat Iron?


There is one thing that everyone wants when it comes to their hair. People wish to have smooth, healthy, and voluptuous hair, and there are too many elements that can cause hair to lose its shine, volume, and strength. If there is an event approaching, the last thing that anyone wants is to attend with hair full of flaws. Flawed hair can mean hair that is frizzy, dull, and limp. That is why there are plenty of styling and straightening tools to make hair smooth and neat. The most common tools and products for straightening hair are the silk press or flat iron.

Are the silk press and flat iron the same thing? They certainly are not, as they may have similarities, but they are also different. So let’s focus on the differences between the silk press and flat iron and compare the two. But, first, let’s talk about the flat iron and silk press in a little more detail before reaching both.

What Is The Flat Iron?

If you love styling and straightening your hair, you undoubtedly know what a flat iron is. This styling tool consists of an instrument that holds two plates that heat up and straighten hair as you put strands of it between the plates for several minutes. There are various shapes and sizes of flat irons and they consist of plates composed of different materials. Additionally, some flat irons have multiple features that can help make the straightening hair experience more straightforward.

A flat iron works to ensure that the plates are in the tool correctly and then turn it on and allow it to heat up. Once you have the desired temperature set, you take the tool and place hair stands between the plates starting from the roots and working each strand down to the end. Before using the flat iron, it is a good idea to put some heat protectant on your hair before working with it. Heat damage can happen from frequent usage of flat irons. However, this tool helps to straighten hair and makes it appear glossy and healthy. What about the silk press?

What Is The Silk Press?

The silk press involves flat iron, but steps and other products are needed to impact the hair to make it smooth and silky. First, you need a shampoo and conditioner to help smooth the hair, and then you will wash your hair with those first. After washing your hair, you will blowdry it, and then after that, you will place an application of the glossing product. Ensure that you cover all of the hair with it, and then you will straighten your hair with a flat iron.

The one thing you need to do is have the correct hair products if you want to have silky and smooth hair. Not all products will give you the desired result. Now that you know the flat iron and silk press, let’s go over the main differences.

What Are The Main Differences Between Silk Press And Flat Iron?

There are several main differences between the flat iron and silk press. One of the main differences is that the flat iron is a styling tool, whereas the silk press is a styling technique. Additionally, the flat iron will stiffen hair as it straightens it. However, the silk press can bring more life and shine to your hair. And, if you use the silk press, you will enjoy results that last longer than if you used the flat iron by itself. Therefore, as you see, there is no sense in comparing both because you are comparing apples to oranges. However, let’s make another comparison to see if there are other differences to know.

Additional Differences Between Silk Press And Flat Iron

The one thing to know is both affect the longevity of styled hair. Even though the techniques have similar results, the results will last much longer by utilizing the silk press instead of relying on the flat iron alone. That is because your hair will appear straight at most for two to three days. Usually, that is not the case, as your hair straightened with the flat iron will appear straight for less than a day.

However, if you are going outside when it is windy or wet or touching your hair often, it will ruin the flat iron results. However, if you utilize the silk press, your hair results will last for a few weeks up to a month, even if you happen to touch it or encounter elements that can ruin it. Of course, that also depends on how well you care for your hair. If you wrap your hair overnight, then the results can last longer from a silk press.

You can use a flat iron or silk press on any hair type. However, the silk press works exceptionally well on those who have curly or coarse hair. A silk press is a much better option for permanent straightening because it is gentler on the hair than that. Additionally, you can use a flat iron at home, but if you want to have a silk press, you will be better off going to a salon to have that done. That is because the salon will have the correct products to use for it. However, you can always buy them and do the work at home. You have to expect to spend more money if you plan to do a silk press than only using a flat iron.


Comparing the silk press to the flat iron is like comparing apples to oranges because one is a tool and the other is a styling technique. The flat iron is a tool to straighten your hair which will last for several days at most. The silk press is a styling process involving unique products and a flat iron that will keep your hair smooth and straight for several weeks to a month. Neither one is better than the other. You want to use what is best for you. If you don’t have a big budget and don’t mind taking time to straighten your hair independently at home a few times a week, you are better off with the flat iron. However, if you have a bigger budget and don’t mind putting in the extra work to style your hair, the silk press is ideal.