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Last updated: March 27, 2019
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In this reading, you will learn more about some of the most commonly known essential oils for skincare and more uses for them. Some skin care products and procedures nowadays are too expensive and not everyone can afford them (see skin therapy).

These essential oils are way cheaper and, not to mention, a better alternative. We have compiled six essential oils for skincare, let’s take a look.

Essential Oils for Skincare

To start off this list of essential oils for skincare, here we have the eucalyptus oil. Unlike other aromatherapy oils, little was known about eucalyptus until recent generations. Now, its abundant health benefits have caught the attention of the world and sparked the exploration to dig deeper into its importance and usage.

“Eucalyptus Globulus”

The eucalyptus oil came from the fresh leaves of the mighty and timeless eucalyptus tree, with scientific name Eucalyptus Globulus or also known as the fever tree, stringy bark tree or blue gum tree.

It may have different names in different parts of the world but it has the same wonderful benefits to offer- which includes it being an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and more. Keep on reading as we dig into them in detail.

Benefits of eucalyptus oil:

  • Heals Wounds- Considered to be one of the best essential oils for skincare when it comes to wanting to heal wounds because it has antiseptic qualities. It can also be used for cuts, burns, sores and abrasions and as well as insect bites.
  • Relieves mental exhaustion– It is a known fact that when you are not mentally healthy, it would eventually translate to bad skin. Thus, best this essential oil for skincare can be used to relieve mental exhaustion through increasing mental activity and activating blood flow- all good for the skin. Long story short, itis used to alleviate stress.
  • Skin Care– It is one of the best essential oils for skincare and often used in soaps because it has infection-treating properties and speeds up the healing process of wounds one might incur in their skin especially in the face area.
  • Helps prevent halitosis– What is more important than skin care? Yes, you got it- dental care. Eucalyptus essential oil is perfect for combatting cavities and other dental infections because of its germicidal quality. Eucalyptus is used as the main ingredient in dental products like mouthwash, toothpaste, and others.
  • Aromatherapy– Eucalyptus oil is used in spa and sauna treatment packages. With this, it can also be used as an air freshener to make rooms and enclosed places smell good.
  • Prevents other illnesses–  Eucalyptus oil is used to treat a number of respiratory problems, muscle pains, pneumonia and intestinal germs. It has been proven through years and years of experiments and research that those patients who were exposed to eucalyptus oil while experiencing all the said illnesses showed fast improvement in their health. Usually, it is applied in the body or inhaled in the system.

But of course, one must exercise caution in dealing with essential oils for skin care such as the eucalyptus oil. Always consult your doctor or do an allergy test.

Next up on this list of essential oils for skin care is the lemongrass oil. Without further ado, let’s discuss its wonderful skin care properties.

Benefits of lemongrass oil:

  • Used as Sedative– One thing most people like about essential oils is that can be used as a sedative which is useful for those people who suffer insomnia or as simple as having a hard time relaxing. Lack of sleep is bad for the skin and might cause breakouts or dark circles under the eyes.
  • Anti-inflammatory– This is one of the most important ingredients for essential skin care oil. It gives immediate pain relief.
  • Skincare– Of course, lemongrass oil is essential for skin care. One way to utilize lemongrass oil is by creating your homemade facial sauna in very easy steps. You just have to get a bowl with hot water in it and a few tiny drops of lemongrass oil. Afterward, just hover your face over the steam and voila- your own sauna. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after to complete the skincare routine.
  • Help combat diseases– another great thing with lemongrass is that it is not only an essential oil for skin care but it also helps combat diseases like insomnia, headache, heartburn and even cancer. Yes, you read that right- cancer. Apparently, lemongrass contains a compound called luteolin that has been linked to helping overcome cancer cells and as well as fight lung infections and multiple sclerosis.
  • Home care– For your dogs, apply a few drops of lemongrass oil on its favorite collar and it will eventually work to repel fleas.  Aside from that, it can also be used as an air freshener to make your home feel and smell fresh. To do this, you can combine baking soda and 6 or more drops of lemongrass oil in a small jar. Get a fabric and place it over the jar then seal.

Lavender, with scientific name Lavandula Angustifolia, is considered to be one of the niftiest essential oils for skin care. Though it is most commonly known for its relaxing benefits in our body and at the same time, it has also been discovered to have benefits for the skin. Owning a lavender oil is like owning a first aid kit and perfume all rolled into one. Read as on as we discover more about this wonderful essential oil for skin care.

Benefits of lavender oil:

  • Relaxing– As mentioned above, lavender is best known for its relaxing or soothing effects. With just about two or three drops of this essential oil in your palms then inhale deeply to bring the scent into your emotional warehouse or the amygdala- feel that calming feeling take over your entire mind and body.
  • Treats difficulty sleeping– Again with the use of the inhaling method mentioned above, you will be able to get that good night sleep.
  • Insect bites and cuts– This essential oil for skin care is great to treat insect bites and cuts that you might have in your skin. Just apply a few drops of this essential oil into the affected area to reduce the swelling of the insect bite and stop the itching as well. For cuts, apply the oil again to the affected area to clean the wound and stop the bleeding.
  • Heals minor burns and skin diseases– To lessen your pain from minor burns, just apply a few drops of lavender oil. With skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis, just mix several drops of lavender oil with other vegetable oil and use religiously.
  • Treats nosebleed– Get a tissue, lather it with lavender oil and wrap around an ice. Use this ice to push inside the base of the nose and keep it there until the bleeding stops but be careful not to freeze your lip and gum.
  • Revitalize chapped skin or sunburned lips– Simply rub this essential oil for skin care into your sunburned lips and skin. This will definitely help bring back the healthy skin.
  • Remove dandruff– Simply, drop a small amount of lavender oil into your scalp to help eliminate dandruff which is a huge problem for people nowadays.

Cannabis oil contains two very important chemicals that made it be considered as one the most effective oil for alleviating certain conditions and illnesses- cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabidiol or CBD for short can affect the brain without leaving the person high then tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short has the necessary properties to relieve the pain.

To fully redeem the beneficial effects of cannabis oil, it is important to note the following medicinal application.

Benefits of cannabis oil:

  • Cannabis Oil– First and foremost, cannabis oil is a great addition to your beauty routine. It is great for the hair because it stimulates hair growth and nourishes the scalp at the same time. As for the skin, cannabis is an essential oil for skin care because it has properties that can help treat acne which is something that skin-care obsessed people are always on the lookout for. Also, it has anti-aging properties.
  • Pain Reliever– When it comes to pain, cannabis oil is your go-to oil. This right here is the reason why cannabis oil is recommended to be used by cancer patients, or any cannabis-related products for that matter. These cancer patients need this to relieve themselves from the pain of cancer and treatments like chemotherapy.
  • Controls several diseases– For seizures, THC works its wonders. THC helps in controlling the effects of seizures through working on the brain cells that are responsible for relaxation and dying down the excitement. Research also suggests that cannabis oil has properties that can definitely slow the development of Alzheimer’s. THC also is able to slow the development of amyloid plaques by stopping the enzymes in the brain that makes them because amyloid plaques are what causes Alzheimer’s diseases and what kills brain cells. As for inflammatory bowel diseases, cannabis oil’s THB and CBD are chemicals that work on the cells of the body to make the immune responses and gut function strong.
  • Enhance appetite– It is a known fact that cannabis oil consumption can increase appetite. This is good for someone who wants to regulate their appetite and control their hunger.

Ah, one of the most popular and best essential oil for skin care. Like all of the essential oils in this list- tea tree is perfect to be incorporated into your beauty routine including keeping your hair, and nails healthy. See tea tree hair and body moisturizers.

Also, one of the best features of tea tree oil is that it is not expensive at all and safe to use. It is widely used around the world as a “neat” oil or what you call as undiluted oil. Now, let’s discuss.

Benefits of tea tree oil:

  • Hand sanitizer– According to several studies, tea tree oil has properties that can kill viruses and bacteria that make us sick. Additional research suggests that tea tree oil boosts the effectiveness of several cleansers. How great is that!
  • Heals minor cuts and scrapes– Viruses and germs that get inside an open wound can lead to infection. Use tea tree oil to treat your minor cuts and wounds. The oil kills the bacteria that can cause infection in wounds.
  • Fights acne– Probably one of the best features of tea tree oil is that it fights what we all hate- acne. It is considered to be a very powerful weapon against. Even some research shows that this essential oil for skin care was found to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide which is the most popular medication against acne. Tea tree oil infused anti-acne products is very easy to purchase at drugstores or online sellers.
  • Calm Skin Inflammation– Still on skin care, tea tree oil can help skin inflammation. Any contact with allergens may cause inflammation so make sure to apply tea tree oil on the affected area. It can also work on insect bites or anything that might cause the skin to itch and swell.
  • Treat Psoriasis– Last but not the least- tea tree oil helps relieve psoriasis. In case you didn’t know, psoriasis is a condition that causes the outbreak of red, scaly and itchy skin. There is no known cure for this condition but there are some medications that help alleviate the symptoms. To do this medication, just combine equal amounts of tea tree oil and coconut oil then apply this to the affected area. Do this religiously and you won’t have to worry about psoriasis for long.

Let me just get it out there in case some of you are still confused- lemongrass oil is different from lemon oil. If you want something that will cleanse you, increase your metabolism and nurture your skin all at the same time- lemon oil is for you.

Lemon oil is best known for flushing toxins out of your body, thus lemonades are popular among body-conscious people. According to several studies, lemon oil is the most powerful anti-microbial agent of all the essential oils. Now let us discuss the nitty-gritty of lemon oil’s benefits.

Benefits of lemon oil:

  • Teeth whitener– Having problems with yellow teeth? Worry no more, lemon oil is your easy answer. Research shows that lemon oil is not just great for skin care but also as a teeth whitener. To get the right mixture, just mix lemon oil, baking soda, and coconut oil in one bowl. Afterward, use the mixture and rub on your teeth then leave for two minutes, then rinse.
  • Promote Weight loss– one thing we all love unboxing a secret to weight loss. Well, lemon oil is one of those secrets. It has been said that it is advisable to put two drops of lemon oil in your water. Do this three times a day and notice some changes in the long run.
  • Mood booster– Science says lemon oil is good for fighting depression and an instant pick-me-up. Diffuse lemon essential oil into your bedrooms or your homes for a fresher feeling. Also, it will remind you of good memories. But at the end of the day, it’s always about a positive and healthy mindset.
  • Good facewash– Lemon is definitely an essential oil for skin care as well. Applying lemon oil can help improve the condition of your skin and leave it soft and supple. Lemon oil also deeply nurtures your skin and to achieve this, you can make your own mixture in the comforts of your own home and kitchen. Simply mix baking soda and honey with lemon oil for an anti-acne lemon oil infused product. This essential oil is also able to repair damaged skin. Very easy to use since it can easily be bought and smells good as well.

What are Essential Oils for skincare?

Essential oils for skin care are a huge hit to skin-conscious people nowadays. By definition, essential oils are an extremely concentrated form of the natural oil found in plants. They are extracted through a process called distillation through steam or water. In this process, a part of the plant is being used such as leaves, roots, bark or etc.

These essential oils are comprised of the true essence of the plant which it was extracted from which includes its healing properties and other benefits. This is why these essential oils for skin care are very useful when utilized in the proper way.

Six Essential Oils

Science already proves that these essential oils are good for physical and as well as psychological health. These oils do not only provide healing properties for wounds and diseases but are also good for the mind and emotional well-being.

Application guidelines:

  • Skin Test- Upon using a new essential oil for skin care product, do a skin test. Apply a very small amount in your hand and wait for a few minutes if you feel itchy or slightly uncomfortable. Always wait for a couple of days before buying something, do your research while you’re at it for a more satisfying purchase. As cliché as this may sound but it is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Simple and steam inhalation- Some essential oils for good for inhaling. Just apply a few drops on your palm or on a tissue then inhale. When you will be trying out a new oil for the very first time, do a test by simply inhaling one drop only to make sure you don’t get too much reaction. One way is through steam which has already been discussed in one of the oils mentioned above. If you encounter any discomfort or irritation while doing this, stop at once and consult a professional.
  • Use in a bath- When using oils in the bath, you can always use bath salts as the base. Oils, when mixed with water, don’t work perfectly but when added with bath salts, you have a perfect mixture. Avoid adding other products such as soaps so you can fully enjoy the benefits of bath salt and your choice of essential oil for skin care.
  • More is not always merrier- As a last reminder, it is always advisable to put a little amount of oil unless stated otherwise. Some oils are already strong with just a few drops. A little can already go a long way. By practicing this guideline, you will also be able to save on the quantity of your bottle of oil.


Essential oils exist to improve the state of our skin, body, and mind. But of course, it all goes with proper diet, healthy lifestyle and a bright outlook on life. One must not rely solely on these oils without doing your part for a better you. Being better always starts with you and ends with you, no other way.

To each their own

For best results, always remember to do the right thing and not deviate from the normal procedure of using these oils. It is best to look for a tutorial online, reviews of the products you are eyeing to buy and ask around from your friends. What will work for others might not work for your skin. We have different skin types which then reacts to differently to different products. You should be the one to assess your own skin because nobody knows it better than you.

Brands don’t matter, sometimes.

Also, you might find that some brands of these essential oils are slightly more expensive than others. But then again, invest in your skin because you wear it every day. Also, sometimes brands don’t even matter anymore.

As long as you have verified that it is a good and safe product regardless of the brand and price- then stick to that. Choosing what you put on your skin should be a tricky process.

Invest in your skin, you wear it every day.

Your skin is what represents you in the eyes of other people and truth be told, sometimes it is considered a status symbol. But the most important reminder of all is that you should always be comfortable in your own skin, literally and figuratively.

We hope you we have provided you with enough information and helped you in any way if you were looking for what essential oil for skin care to invest on. We know that what you buy with your money should always be worth it and we guarantee you that buying these essential oils for skin care, or even those that aren’t on this list, is always a good investment.