Where Does Lactic Acid Fermentation Occur?


You know that lactic acid is one of the best exfoliation ingredients, which is why you will find it in serums, lotions, cleansers, masks, and so on. You also know that lactic acid comes from fermented milk. And fermentation is something you want for your skincare because it helps give your skin the glow you want, which is why lactic acid skin care products are popular.

However, let’s talk more about where lactic acid fermentation occurs. You know that it comes from fermented milk. And, did you know that your body ferments lactic acid? Your pet does too, and that goes for all living things! So, let’s talk about a fascinating scientific topic which is lactic acid fermentation.

How Does Lactic Acid Fermentation Happen?

Let’s go over the general terms of how lactic acid fermentation happens. Lactic acid fermentation occurs when the cells in any living being produce adenosine triphosphate or ATP without oxygen. ATP is the cell’s molecule of energy storage. Does that sound like that is confusing to you so far? If it does, then let’s go over how lactic acid ferments in humans and animals, as well as in food. Finally, let’s talk about what lactic acid does for you and why your muscle cells can produce lactic acid. Therefore, as you see, it does not only come from sour milk. It may sound like it derives from a dairy source only. But it does not.

How Does Lactic Acid Fermentation Happen In Your Muscle Cells?

Think about those times when you were in high school and participated in a track and field event, which you probably dreaded. That is unless you are the athletic type. If not, then why did you likely dread it so much? That is because you know that if you ran too much without proper training or exerted yourself by other means, you would become breathless and face cramping in the muscles. That cramping happened because of lactic acid fermentation.

Your muscle cells produce lactic acid to help give you that energy boost when you have to exert your energy in intense ways. Examples are running marathons, races, walking up many stairs, or having to lift heavy weights. The activity has to be challenging for you for this to happen. That occurs in the absence of oxygen, and the fermentation occurs to get ATP because it is a way to access the stored energy sources. The stored energy sources are starches and sugars, breaking down and creating energy and simple molecules.

That is why exercise is one of the things that dieticians and doctors recommend to help with weight loss and maintenance. That converts the starches and sugars stored to the energy that you exert and expel. However, if you do not have experience doing challenging activities, the lactic acid will build up in the muscles and begin to ferment. It also ends up in the bloodstream. That creates what is known as lactic acidosis.

Lactic acidosis is the reason that you deal with muscle cramps after doing challenging exercises or after exerting yourself too much. You will also become weak, and you may become nauseous and have other aches and pains. Even though intense workouts and activities are to blame, liver problems, medications, and cancer can cause it.

The best thing to prevent lactic acid fermenting in your bloodstream and muscles is to start exercising lightly and drink plenty of water. In addition, it would be best if you built up your stamina before taking on challenging exercises. If you have enough stamina, then you will not suffer from lactic acidosis. Your muscles will flush it out of your system at that point with the more experience you get.

While you work out, if you are starting to feel the pain and cramping, you will want to take a break and rest for some time to allow it to pass. Then you can start working out again. Now you know how lactic acid builds and ferments in your body. What about other living beings? Let’s talk about that.

What About Lactic Acid Fermentation In Other Living Beings?

Lactic acid fermentation happens in your pets too, and the same goes for other animals. If they are not the types to exercise much and have no other option than to run around quickly, they will also experience lactic acidosis. If your dog, for example, is the type to lie around and you take him for a last long walk, he will be exhausted after and mopey. That is because he is in pain from lactic acidosis. That means walking him for shorter intervals with less intensity.

Lactic acid fermentation happens in bacteria, too, when oxygen is absent. Remember that bacteria require energy too, and also run on glucose. So when formation happens, it breaks down the sugars into hydrogen and lactate, which is how it gets its energy. What about lactic acid fermentation in food, such as milk, that enters your beauty products?

What About Lactic Acid Fermentation In Food?

Any anaerobic bacteria, which means it lacks oxygen and yeast ferment foods such as beer as yeast, is responsible for malt fermentation. For example, a common bacteria that ferments in yogurt is lactobacillus, so people like the tart flavor. And meats preserved rely on lactic acid. The lactic acid in action is also why pickles ferment as the bacteria grow, which gives pickles that solid taste. The bacteria fermenting in the pickle jars keep other bacteria from entering, which is why it does not spoil. That goes for any pickled food.


If you wonder where the lactic acid in your beauty products‘ comes from, then you will want to know more about how lactic acid fermentation happens and where it occurs. The lactic acid in beauty products usually comes from fermented milk and other food products, but you can make it too. Lactic acid is in your muscles, and when you are not used to doing too much activity, it spills out into your bloodstream and is in your muscles. That is why you end up dealing with cramps, pain, and you feel not so well after doing a heavy workout. Of course, your pets and other living beings, even bacteria, produce that too! I hope you enjoyed this fascinating article about lactic acid fermentation.