10 Best Non-Comedogenic Foundations in 2021

Non Comedogenic Foundation
Maybelline New York Fit Me! Foundation Check Latest Price Aveeno Facial Moisturizers Clear Complexion BB Cream Check Latest Price Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Foundation can work wonders for our skin. It can help disguise acne, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and more. It can ... Read more

Emu Oil For Hair Loss And Growth

Emu Oil For Hair e

I love oils. I use essential oils every day and have always been intrigued by coconut oil and jojoba oil for hair growth. But what caught me by surprise was emu oil, an aboriginal healing miracle. It’s not as popular as other oils but I can’t understand why. Using emu oil for hair growth was an … Read more

Can You Color Hair After Keratin Treatment?

Can you colour hair after keratin treatment

I see it all the time. Girls get their first keratin treatments and instantly fall in love with the results. Then, they want to improve their hair even more and decide to change their color a shade or two is just what they need. If this sounds like you, then you need to ask yourself … Read more

Why Feet Do The Things They Do


The human body does some crazy things. Some are weird, some are strange, and others are funny. The human body is amazing and incredible beyond belief, even today we learn new things about it. One area of the body that gets a little less attention than other parts is our feet, which support us all … Read more

Does Probiotics Help with Acne?

Probiotics for Acne

Does your gut cause acne? In many cases, problems with acne can be partially traced back to the digestive system. Therefore, taking probiotics for acne can be one of the best steps towards clear skin you can take. I know, I was surprised by this information too. I would have never thought that my lunch … Read more

How To Grow Long Healthy Natural Hair

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If only growing long hair was easy. We’ve all struggled before. Eventually, it becomes easier to work with shorter hair. We give up on our dream of long, luxurious locks. But finally, there’s a way to grow longer hair without the headaches. When learning how to grow long healthy natural hair, you’re sure to be … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About A Japanese Straight Perm

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What Is a Japanese Straight Perm? Invented in—you guessed it—Japan, this revolutionary hair straightening technique offers a permanent solution for wavy, curly, or coarse hair. A Japanese straight perm works by using a combination of special chemicals and heat to reform the bonds of the hair. Those who are candidates for the treatment will enjoy … Read more

5 Best Mini Drones in 2021

Rabing Mini Foldable Drone Check Latest Price X20 Syma Mini Drone Check Latest Price Holy Stone HS170 Predator Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content In a technological context, drones are unmanned small aircraft. They are formally tagged and known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems (UASes). These miniature aircraft may ... Read more

Can You Use Non Comedogenic Lotion For Dry Skin?

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Can You Use Non Comedogenic Lotion for Dry Skin? When our skin is dry, itchy, or cracked, what’s the first thing we do? Reach for the lotion! When our skin is dry, itchy, or cracked, what’s the first thing we do? Reach for the lotion! But if lotion tends to cause breakouts for your skin, … Read more

25 Best Korean Skincare Products in 2021

korean skin care tips
Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser Check Latest Price AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner Check Latest Price Advance Snail 96 Power Essence Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content “What are the best Korean skincare products?” – this is a tough question, not because we do not have an answer to it, but because the ... Read more

10 Best Hypoallergenic Mascaras in 2021

Hypoallergenic Mascara
Show Contents Hide Contents Content Of all the makeup products available in the market, mascara has got to be one of the most popular and most loved of them all. It’s an essential product for a lot of people and for a good reason. Regardless of the look, you’re aiming for (natural to full glam ... Read more

Anatomy of a Running Shoe- How to Choose

how to choose running shoes

It’s important to know the anatomy of running shoes in order to understand what characteristics to look out for when choosing premium running shoes. Below we discuss the various parts of a common running shoe and offer advice on what to seek and what to avoid: Ankle Height – Finding the right ankle height can … Read more

How to Pick a Health Insurance Plan?

As the old saying goes, health is wealth. However, even the healthiest person in the world can get sick from time to time. This is why health insurance is so vital for everyone regardless of how healthy or how financially well-off they are. One can never really know or predict how much one will have … Read more

3 Best ARRMA RC Cars and Trucks in 2021

Granite BLX Check Latest Price Senton Mega Check Latest Price Raider-XL BLX Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content "Designed to be FAST, Designed to be TOUGH." Does that sound familiar to you? Well, that is ARRMA RC's very own tagline. If you have been into remote control cars for a while, then ARRMA ... Read more

How to Live Happy and Healthy with Your Family

On your own, staying healthy can be pretty easy. You could control your healthy diet, abstain from sugary treats, and exercise when you need to. And if you fall behind on your health regimen, you could always pick yourself back up and start over. With a family of younger kids, on the other hand, staying … Read more

10 Best Kitchen Shoes for Chefs in 2021

best chef shoes
Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog Check Latest Price Skechers Rockland Systemic Check Latest Price Skechers Mcallen Slip-on Check Latest Price Show Contents Hide Contents Content Professionals rely on specialty tools all the time because just anything off the shelf of a department store usually won’t suffice. For chefs, cookware and knives might be the first thing ... Read more