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How time flies! You are here searching for baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing. Nothing is more jarring and delightful than knowing that your brother or your sister is having a baby. Why it will seem like it was only yesterday. You and your sibling were practically babies yourselves, squabbling over your toys and crying for your mom every other hour. Now, you are thinking about your own sister or brother about to raise a tiny tyke of their own. That is definitely mind-blowing, especially if it is their first one.

If you are confused and maybe even a little apprehensive because you did not really imagine being an aunt or uncle so soon. Do not be ashamed. You are far from alone. The responsibility of bringing up a human being of your own flesh and blood is huge – even if you are not the parent!

Go Practical

Not sure what design to go for in baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing? You can keep it safe and buy a pack of baby bodysuits. Since bodysuits are so easy to put on, parents opt for their babies to wear them every day. And because they wear bodysuits regularly, having a nice collection of them would be beneficial. You sibling will appreciate them for sure.

Proud to be an Auntie or Uncle

Proclaim your new aunt or uncle status by getting your niece bodysuits or rompers with cute and funny prints.

Fashionable Baby

If you are an aunt or uncle that wants their niece to look adorable and stylish at the same time, going for more fashionable (but still functional and safe) baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing might be the right choice.

Cute and Cosy

There is always a chance that your sibling already has enough rompers and bodysuit. In that case, you can get those cute onesies or baby apparels that are wacky and maybe even impractical but will look great on your baby niece anyway.

Baby Clothes from Aunt and Uncle

Simple Joys by Carter’s has a pack of five long sleeved bodysuits in clean, neutral colors that’ll make it easy to clean. These baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothes are made out of 100% cotton and machine washable. These bodysuits will fit your baby niece comfortably. The stretchable neckline makes it super easy to put on even the fussiest of babies.

If you want your baby niece to have a more colorful wardrobe, Carter’s also has a pack of bodysuits that come in sweet pastel tones. And for hot and humid days, there’s the short sleeved pack of black and white bodysuits.

Moon and Back also has a three set of long sleeve bodysuits in a kimono-style side snap which makes changing in and out of as easy as can be. The bodysuits are made out of 100% organic cotton fabric too so it’ll be incredibly soft on your baby niece’s skin. Their organic rompers are also cute and comfy.

The fashion giant Calvin Klein also offers adorably colorful short sleeve bodysuits that you might consider. The bodysuits are a cotton and polyester blend but still machine washable.

Sassy aunts will adore this three piece set from Puseky. It is a romper with floral shorts and matching headband, an outfit that can charm just about anyone.

For new aunts, the simple “Auntie was Here!” long sleeve bodysuit from Baffle or “My Aunt Loves Me” colored short sleeve bodysuit from inkastic are solid choices. They are practical and show how much you adore your baby girl. Seven Young’s short sleeve “My Aunt is like my Mom but Cooler” is also a tempting choice. Since, it is adorable as well as cheeky (though your niece’s mom might not agree so much).

Uncles can get Heart Co Designs’ “If You Think I’m Awesome You Should See My Uncle” short sleeve bodysuit to tell the whole world who’s the really cool uncle. Southern Designs’ “Don’t Make Me Call My Uncle!” onesie is simple but effective too. But for uncles with a sense of humor, Fayfaire’s “I drink until I pass out” is a hilarious spin on the typical bodysuit.

For aunts or uncles who prefer a more fresh and summery feel, this ladybug style romper from Momsbabe is right up your alley. The frilly sleeveless is super charming and comfortable with snaps at the bottom for easy changing. Or how about this polka-dotted three-piece dress set from the trusted baby company Gerber? It is bright and fun and will make your baby niece stand out in the sun.

You can also choose a classier, delightful little sailor dress like the one from Spring Nation. It comes with a hat too to complete that charming and nautical look. Your baby girl will look so adorable in that stark dark blue and white outfit. A&J Design also offers a similar look but this one is a sailor bodysuit.

Bonnie Baby also has sweet a sailor dress but it comes in bright red instead of dark blue.

For a more every day look, Carter’s cotton floral sleeveless dresses are a good choice.

The Bangely pink dinosaur jumpsuit might not be something your little girl can wear every day. But, you have to admit that it is super adorable. Who can resist it? Animal onesies like BabyPoem’s cat pyjamas are equally as irresistible. Lanpan also has a fuzzy bear jumpsuit that’s too die for.

Your baby niece might have too many dresses but how about bathrobes? Baby Aspen’s Terry Shark Robe in pastel pink is an absolute delight. Bath time will be a blast with bath robes as fun as these.

Or you could go for Upsimple’s hooded unicorn towel. It is made out of pure organic bamboo fiber. So, it is super soft and super safe for your baby niece.

Congratulations! It’s a girl!

Babies are just the world’s treasures and baby girls, in particular, are little angels that deserve the best of everything so it makes sense that you’ll be a little nervous when faced with the privilege of being their aunt or uncle.

Well, put your worries to rest because although being an aunt or uncle to a little one carries with it some duties, most of the time it’s an absolute pleasure being around your baby niece. After all, like an aunt or uncle, your primary job is to dote and love and spoil your baby girl until your sibling gets exasperated at you. Being an uncle or auntie, above all else, is an absolute joy.

The Cool Aunt and Uncle’s Handbook on
Baby Girls and Baby Clothes

With that said, there are still some important things to remember when you’re a first-time aunt or uncle to a baby girl. Babies, you’ll soon learn, need a lot of attention and a lot of necessities. So much that the expenses will keep on coming. Lending your sibling a helping hand could make all the difference. Whether it’s babysitting your little niece to give your sibling some time for themselves. Or, better yet, give them a thoughtful and practical gift. You’ll not only be in the running for aunt or uncle of the year, but also the best sibling of all time.

If your baby niece is your first experience with a baby, you might not know how to babysit or even how to find the perfect gift for them. And who could blame you? Babies are deceptively complicated creatures that can stump even the wisest of men and women.

What You’ll Learn From This Guide

Stick around and we will give you some salient advice on being around and taking care of the latest baby girl in your family. We will also provide you some tips and suggestions on the best thing give your niece: best baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing.

Unlike toys or baby bottles and utensils, your little niece can never have too many baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing. Babies need to change their clothes several times in the course of a single day since they are prone to making a mess. Having a fresh wardrobe can really help. Their parents will appreciate getting baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing too since the baby can actually use them. And even if your niece outgrows them (and babies grow way too fast), your sibling can always save them for future use or donate them to someone else who needs them.

Baby Girl Aunt Clothes and Uncle Baby Clothing

We will help you understand baby girl clothes, what to look for in baby clothes, and where to find baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing.

You will earn your cool aunt or uncle status in no time!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Niece)

The first thing you will need to do when you are getting ready to meet your baby niece for the first time is to know what to expect. If you have never been around a baby before, you might get a little culture shock on your first meet up with the newest member of your family. Here are a few fun facts about babies that can prep you for your first encounter with your niece.

Loud Cries

Babies can be very loud. You might be surprised to hear such an ear-grating sound from such a tiny thing but since crying is the only way for babies to communicate (for a while at least.) They instinctively know how to do it well. When a baby does cry, do not panic and let the parents (your sibling) handle it. They know better what the baby is crying for. Lend a hand as much as possible but, in general, keep out of the way.

Sleep Through Anything

Most of the time, babies can sleep through anything… except when they do not. There is this strange phenomenon that people still have not figured out. Like, how a baby can keep sleeping after a loud sound. But, wake up immediately seemingly the moment you sit down.

Don’t Take It Personally

Do not take a baby’s lack of gratitude personally. You could shower your baby niece the best gifts money can buy, the cutest baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing. But, they still will not grace you with a smile. Babies, especially newborns, cannot really see anything, even if their eyes are wide open and you are inches from their face. So, no doubt they will have any idea what is going on. If your baby girl will not give you a smile or a giggle or any kind of response, do not take it personally. Wait a couple of weeks and they will be smiling, playful little angels.

Spoil Them

Spoil not just the baby but also the parents. Nothing is more stressful than the first few weeks of parenthood so treat your sibling and their significant other with sympathy. Bring ready-made meals whenever you visit. Offer to do a quick clean up of their house, maybe even watch over the baby while they get a few hours to themselves. You are not only being the best aunt or uncle, but also a great sibling.

Babies Don’t Care

Babies generally have low expectations. One of the best things about babies is that they do not care how you look and how you act. As long as you know how to cuddle them, you are good. Do not worry about looking like a fool in front of your baby niece. Chances are, they will love you for your goofiness even more.

Shopping for the Best Baby Girl Aunt Clothes and Uncle Baby Clothing

Although finding the right baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing might seem daunting at first – especially with the endless types, designs, and sizes. It is not nearly as difficult as you might think. Just keep these simple but essential, basic guidelines when looking for baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing.

Soft and stretchy are best.

Look for baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing made out of fabric that is gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin. Cotton is recommended but the organic fabric is even softer on the skin, albeit more expensive.

They should have elastic waistbands and neck holes too so that it will be easy to put on and take off, not to mention more comfortable for your baby niece.

Keep in mind the frequent diaper changes.

Babies need to have their diapers changed many times during the day. You need to choose baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing that are simple and easy to unfasten at the crotch area. As tempting as it is to get those cute but complicated ensembles, the parents will not likely use them since it will be extra work and time to change out of.

Speaking of complicated clothing…

Buttons, bangles, and other small accessories are choking hazards.

As adorable as your niece would look on a dress with all the frills and accessories, keep in mind that babies can easily choke on anything small they can get their hands on. And babies are extremely curious. They will keep pulling at their buttons and bangles and instinctively put them in their mouth. That irresistible fancy baby dress might just prove to be dangerous if you are not careful.

Avoid baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing with too many designs that can be removed. If certain clothes have a few cute ornamentations, make sure that they do not easily detach from the material.

Don’t buy too many of the same size at once.

Fun fact: babies grow really fast. A lot faster than you might think. They are constantly outgrowing their clothes. So, it is advised not to buy too many same sized baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing. In fact, it is practical to buy a size larger than your niece’s current size. They will grow into it soon enough.

Baby Clothes for Aunts and Uncles

If you are planning on getting your new niece baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing but do not have the time to go to the shopping center or the baby store. Do not despair. Online shopping has never been easier and there are countless types of baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing you can buy.

Tips on Earning and Keeping Your Cool Aunt or Uncle Status

Of course, giving your niece the perfect baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing is just the beginning. It is actually the easy part. You need to give your baby niece more than just material possessions to permanently cement your cool aunt or uncle status.

Here are some things you can do for your niece to be the best aunt or uncle you can be.

Spend time with your precious niece.

You should spend some quality time with your niece at least a few times a week. It is better than giving them physical gifts like baby girl aunt clothes and uncle baby clothing. You will get to know your niece and form a bond with her too. Being involved in your niece’s life will benefit you as well as them. You will have someone to mentor (or spoil) and having someone look up to you is one of the most fulfilling feelings ever.

Connect with the little one.

If you do not live within driving distance from your niece, a simple phone or video call can make a difference. Social media has made connecting to people quickly and easily so you have plenty of ways to stay in your niece’s life. Do not be the type of aunt or uncle your niece only meets and talks to during the holidays. You will be considered as a precious loved one.

A child’s formative years are crucial to being there for your niece and help them grow.

Be as fun and silly as you want.

Enforcing discipline is the parents’ job. As the aunt or uncle, you are practically obligated to be the antithesis to their fuddy-duddy personalities. Play their wacky games, join in on their weird antics, and just generally let yourself loose. Children do not judge people in the same way adults do. So, you can be as goofy as you want and your niece will love you all the more for it.

It should be noted as the fun, cool aunt or uncle, there is a certain type of responsibility that you should observe as well. While you might be there to encourage their free spirit and creativity, do not overdo it either. Make sure you do not unintentionally teach them any bad practices that could get them into trouble in the future. Your niece should be in safe and capable hands when she is with you too.

Respect parental boundaries.

On that note, you should always remember that, as much as you love your niece, you are not her parents. Respect your sibling’s decisions and rules when it comes to your niece. Do not overstep boundaries. You are just an aunt or uncle. Ultimately, as much time as you spend with your little niece, you are not the one raising them. Or, you are not the one who has to deal with them long after you have left.

It is best to remember that there are some rules that even cool aunts or uncles should not break.

Help your niece explore new things.

Whether it is camping, fishing, mountain climbing, or any outdoor activity, you should encourage your niece to explore the world outside of their comfort zones. Especially nowadays that kids are spending less and less time outside. In the age of technology, children are growing up sheltered and ignorant of all that the world has to offer. Make sure your niece will not end up like that.

Not only will you be spending time with your niece, but you will also be teaching them to appreciate and respect nature.

Parting Words

Babies can be a real handful, especially if you do not have experience. They need constant attention and cry like there is no tomorrow for seemingly no reason. And, they can be just unpredictable little creatures that can drain full grown adults completely. However, despite all of that, there is no question that taking care of them, raising them, or even just being around them is well worth the pains.

Being an aunt or uncle is a special type of privilege that you are lucky to have. Think about it. You get all the perks of having a kid but none of the long-term drawbacks that come with having your own little one. You can spoil and pamper your niece then send her back to her parents without repercussions.

You have a baby to cuddle and fuss over but do not have to deal with the endless chores that involve taking care of the tiny tot. You will know first-hand what having a baby would be like before you even decide to commit to the idea!

That being said, having a niece truly is an extraordinary experience that you should treasure for as long as you can. Once you are an aunt or uncle, you will have a tiny child who will admire and adore you, someone you can impart your well-earned wisdom to, and a young, bright new perspective you could learn a thing or two from as well.

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