How To Use Essential Oils for Wrinkles

Last updated: February 19, 2019
Published 11:05 am

I know that each year is a blessing. But one thing I could do without is wrinkles!

It was starting to seem like each time I looked in the mirror, there were more than there were the day before.

I knew I had to do something, before it was too late.

That’s when I came across essential oils for wrinkles.

How had I never heard of this treatment before? It’s affordable, easy to administer, and effective!

Keep reading to learn how anti-aging essential oils can turn back time and give you youthful skin again. 

Renewalize Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skin Moisturizer

When homemade recipes called for olive oil, I used to just reach for what I had in the kitchen cabinet. But then I learned that it’s best to use an oil that’s been made with beauty in mind.

When I started using Renewalize, I instantly noticed an improvement in my homemade recipes. It’s a great natural moisturizer, and can deeply penetrate the skin to provide long-lasting results.

Add a few of your favorite essential oils and you’ll have a serum that rivals the most expensive brands at department stores. It won’t leave your skin feeling greasy, and you can use it in the morning without having to worry about it making your makeup slide off.

How Do People Get Wrinkles?

Good skin is wasted on the youth. When we’re younger, our skin is able to retain moisture better. It’s also super stretchy.

But as we age, we lose the elastin fiber that’s crucial in maintaining elasticity. Collagen begins to break down and eventually, even the fat that we once hated in our faces begins to disappear.

This leads to sagging, which appears as deep creases and wrinkles. They’re common around the eyes and on the forehead. They can also show up around the mouth.

There are a few contributing factors that can increase your risk of developing wrinkles. There are the obvious culprits, like smoking and excessive exposure to the sun. But even things like sleeping on your stomach or chewing gum can make those lines pop up faster than they might have.

Our genes have something to do with it as well. Some of us are just more prone to visible signs of aging, thanks to our ancestors. But the good news is that we have our own secret weapon against wrinkles.

What Are Essential Oils?

This secret weapon is essential oils of course! Essential oils are liquids that are made from either leaves, stems, bark, roots, flowers, or other pieces of plants or trees. They’re usually steam-distilled from the source.

These oils don’t really feel like oils, at least not to me. Most are clear liquids and contain the true essence of the plant they were sourced from.

The oils are incredibly concentrated. A drop or two is all you need to turn back the hands of time and enjoy their amazing benefits.

Why Use Essential Oils to Get Rid of Wrinkles?

When it comes to getting rid of wrinkles, you have plenty of options. Department stores sell a ton of different creams and serums. You can also look into plastic surgery. Or you can just go with the flow and accept what nature gave you.

But if you’re looking for a treatment that’s affordable, painless, and effective, essential oils are the way to go.

At first, I wasn’t sure about using anti aging essential oils either. It seemed too good to be true. I had tried expensive creams and my results were minimal at best. I’m terrified of needles, so I wasn’t interested in scheduling time in the doctor’s office for a temporary fix.

I had just about accepted my wrinkle fate, but then I decided I had nothing to lose when it came to trying essential oils. I’m so happy I did, because they gave me the results I wanted without the inconvenience of other treatments.

How to Use Essential Oils for Wrinkles

Don’t just grab an eyedropper and cover your wrinkles quite yet. First, you’ll need to find which essential oil works best for your wrinkles. This can take a little trial and error. Refer to my essential oil reviews to see which were my favorite.

Once you have your essential oil, you’ll need to dilute it. Remember how concentrated essential oils are? Don’t ever put an oil on your skin without diluting it first. Use what’s known as a carrier oil to dilute it.

I like to use coconut oil, but almond oil or grapeseed oil will work, too. Add a drop or two of essential oil to each tablespoon of carrier oil. Mix them well and store the solution in a glass jar in a cool, dark area.

When it’s time to use your solution, rub a little on your fingertips and then gently massage it into problem areas. Make sure your face is clean and dry.

I recommend applying the solution at night, just before bed. As long as your skin absorbs it well, you can put the solution on in the morning as well. Just make sure you apply it at least once every day. Consistency is key.

How Long Does It Take for Essential Oil to Remove Wrinkles?

This will depend on how effective an oil you’re using and how deep and prominent your wrinkles are. In my case, I saw results in about two weeks, but it was several months before I was completely satisfied.

Essential oils are potent, but they can’t instantly transform your skin. It will take time to build up elasticity and collagen in your skin again.

The most important factor is your consistency. If you forget several days a week or switch up your oils frequently, it can be hard to see just how effective the oils are for you. If you’re in a hurry, try using some niacinamide cream at the same time.

Does It Work for Deep Wrinkles?

I had some pretty deep wrinkles on my forehead before starting my treatment. I can definitely say that there was a huge improvement.

I do still have some wrinkles there, but I would classify them as “normal”. I don’t think they give away my age or look unattractive.

I don’t want to have the Botox look. I want my skin to look fluid and normal. So if you have deep wrinkles, don’t be afraid to try essential oils. Although your skin might not look like it did when you were 16, you’ll still see an improvement.

Is It Safe for Pregnancy?

This is up for debate. Most scientifically based sources will tell you that pregnant women should avoid essential oils at all costs. Most essential oil enthusiasts will tell you that essential oils are safe in moderation for pregnant women.

It’s best to discuss your intentions with your doctor before administering essential oils. You should also speak with a certified essential oil representative, as there are some essential oils that have been linked to miscarriage.

If you’re currently pregnant, it might be best to wait until after delivery before worrying about treating wrinkles with essential oils.

Besides, you already have that natural glow that we’re all after!

Do Essential Oils Have Side Effects?

It is possible to react poorly to an essential oil. Never use an essential oil derived from a product that you know you’re allergic to.

It’s best to administer a patch test before applying the oil in high quantities. To do this, mix a drop of your oil with a bit of carrier oil. Apply the solution to the inside of your arm. Wait for 24 hours.

If you notice redness or irritation, you can either dilute the oil more and try again or go with a different oil. But if the skin looks neutral, you should be okay with applying the diluted oil to your face and other delicate areas.

If you do have a reaction to the oil, pour some vegetable oil on a towel and use it to remove the solution. Water alone won’t work, and some soaps could make the irritation worse. If you’re concerned about the degree of the irritation, seek medical attention.

But for the majority of users, essential oils are a natural and safe treatment, especially considering the alternatives.

How to Mix Essential Oils for Wrinkles

I promised an essential oils for wrinkles recipe, and here are a few! I’ve used these exclusively to smooth out my skin and keep it looking years younger.

Feel free to have a little fun and adjust the recipes as needed. The more you work with essential oils, the easier it becomes to develop your own recipes.

Eye Serum

2 drops lavender oil

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

1 tablespoon almond oil

Combine and mix. To use, pat a thin layer underneath eyes once a day, preferably at night.

Face Serum

3 drops jasmine oil

6 drops primrose oil

3 drops frankincense oil

7 drops carrot seed oil

3 teaspoons rose hips seed oil

3 teaspoons hazelnut oil

2 tablespoons avocado oil

Combine and mix. Store in a dark bottle with a dropper. To use, apply 1-2 drops to clean fingertips and massage into problem areas. This can be done up to twice each day.

Firming Serum

6 drops frankincense oil

8 drops geranium oil

8 drops cypress oil

3 tablespoons sweet almond oil

3 tablespoons rosehip seed oil

Combine and mix. Store in a dark glass bottle. To use, apply a small amount to fingertips and massage around eyes and other areas prone to wrinkles. This will moisturize and firm the skin.

Wrinkles don’t have to be a curse. Once you begin using the best oil to reduce wrinkles, you’ll wonder why you waited so long in the first place.

So smile as the years go by, but also make sure to use anti aging essential oils! Everyone will wonder where you keep the fountain of youth. You’ll know the answer—in your medicine cabinet!

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