What are the best Boys Knee Socks?

Last updated: April 24, 2019
Published 6:27 am

Things to consider for Boys Knee Socks

Here’s a list of tips on how to choose the knee socks that fit your feet and your style. We’ve also got some good suggestions on which one to buy. Plus some celebrities whose style you can copy when wearing those.

Lets Get Started

Do you remember what you looked like when you were 7 years old? I bet you wore the same kind of socks I did. Across decades, it has been a custom for primary students to wear knee socks with their uniforms. Go ahead, ask your dads. Even your grandpas may have worn the same kind. So what’s with these knee socks?

Turn-over-top socks, as what our British friends might call them, was popularized in the early 1900’s by boys, whichever class they belong to – upper class, middle class,or lower class. They wear it while they play and even in formal occasions. It was told that knee socks were accidentally invented because boys hated wearing stockings and so they rolled down their stockings just below the bottom of their knees.

Going a few years back, there were evidences that trace the knee socks being worn during the 1800’s. They were paired with Highland kilts or tunic suits. Some also say that they could have been paired with long pants but we never really knew because the pictures can’t prove it.

Girls also wear knee socks as much as boys do. And nowadays, even adults wear them for sports or for when they want to make a fashion statement. Young or old, a lady or a gentlemen, as long as you can walk confidently wearing knee socks, you rock!

Usually, knee socks are paired with shorts. Girls, pair them with short skirts. It does matter what you pair them with especially if you want to flaunt them. Because yes, they come in many colors and prints. The fancy ones will catch more attention, all the more when paired oddly with a contrasting piece of clothing. This is why it’s best to check your choices first before you wear them.

The following is a list on how you should pick your next pair of knee socks. Remember that it’s always your choice. This is just a guide. In any case, what matters is how you carry them.

Checklist in Scouting What Fits You

What’s it for?

First, ask yourself, what is it really for? Why am I buying a pair? Do I need it or do I just want it? If you can’t formulate your answers, let us help you.

Warm your cold calves and feet

Many people use knee socks to warm their calves and feet. They buy up to a dozen pairs for the winter season. And sometimes they just wear them with their PJs out of a habit, even if it’s steaming all around. If you easily get cold feet, literally, then buy thick knee socks.

Set the trend

If fashion is your last name, then definitely go for the bold styles. Some patterns are just eye-popping that either they want to know your personality or they wanna have your socks. However funky or plain your socks maybe, learn to own it. You are wearing it for a reason. Either you want them to adore you or you want them to avoid you. Either way, you need to wear them with pride so people will see that it’s not just about the socks, but about the wearer.

Sport it out

Many sports-lovers wear knee socks because they can lessen scratches and bruises when they get carried away in the game. Medically though, they are called compression socks. These lengthy socks actually make athletes perform better, as many believe. But even though there’s not enough evidence to prove it, sportsmen still use them. After all, there’s no harm in trying it out.

Be a good boy

Many school boys wear white knee socks because that’s part of their uniform. Aside from the school uniform, kneesocks are also required for boy scouts. Even during the late 1800’s, as mentioned earlier, school boys wear knee socks with their shorts. Until now, it has been as tradition for young boys to wear them to signify their status. It’s considered a social etiquette for parents to dress their child accordingly.

How often do I use them?

Some are required to use knee socks five times a week, that’s in school. So yes, they need to buy more than 5 pairs of whites. Maybe 7 pairs is good enough just so they have extra pairs.  Others just feel cold most of the time, so it’s good to have some stock of thick knee socks in their cabinets. If they sleep in it every night, most probably having 7 pairs is okay since you won’t sweat in them.

For the sporty type though, maybe a dozen will be good. Why? Because aside from heavily sweating in it, there’s always a possibility to tear them during harsh games or deeply stain them, making it impossible to wash. Fashion addicts will probably have more than a dozen just to mix and match with other apparels. They can portray different personalities, different styles, and different shades. This is why they are likely to buy tons of socks especially if they’re the kind speak with their socks.


In choosing socks, you also should keep in mind your specifics. You’ll waste time going in circles looking for something you don’t know about.


When it comes to socks, sizes are not that definite. They come in ranges. From this size to that size. Around 1-3 inches from your real foot size is okay. And of course, look at the length if you are very particular in buying knee socks.

Color / Print

The color, the print, the pattern, and the style – make sure you know at least what you want, a plain one or a patterned one. If you are quite unsure, go with your last choice, because you wouldn’t replace your first choice if you’re already satisfied with it.

Extra Features

Like other products, socks also have extra features. Make sure you check them out, Research all features, if possible. Ask questions from the vendor. Don’t hesitate. After all, you’re the one who’s gonna wear those socks. Here are some sample features you would want to inquire about:

What material is it made of?

Does it absorb sweat?

Is it breathable?

Are the soles non-slip?

Is it anti-bacterial (some socks are treated)?

Is it heavy-duty?

I don’t know what else you want to know, but you should ask why this brand is better than the other. Or you can just do your own research. In the next part, we provided a short list of knee socks preferred by boys.

We Suggest These Awesome Calf-Huggers


  • Price Range: $2 – $8

juDanzy sells knee socks for little boys. All their socks have anti-slip soles so the wearers won’t slide especially when walking on smooth surfaces. They also sell other items of clothing of little boys and girls. Avail of their free shipping if you live in the US.


  • Price Range: $3.07 – $13.99

These are what makes TCK socks unique:

proDRI technology

Compression technology

Blister Control technology

Anti Microbial technology

Aside from manufacturing socks, they are also raising awareness about Breast Cancer and Autism.


  • Price Range: $15.95 – $31.95

“Go far. Feel good.” That’s what their tagline says. And indeed, they allow returns within two years of purchase if we don’t get satisfied with their products, proving what they guarantee.

Sock It To Me

  • Price Range: $7.00 – $10.80

Sock It To Me produce socks with fancy prints on them. Their motto is “to be nice and work hard”, which is what they actually do. They have over 300 sock designs, where every personality is catered.

Joy of socks.com

  • Price Range: $11.50 – $15

Wacky socks are the kind that we can buy at joyofsocks.com. They started out in 1998 and ever since, they’ve created jaw-dropping sock designs that make our dreams come true.

If you’re still undecided, why don’t we run down the list of celebrities who tried out knee socks. You may probably get an idea of how you’d look like wearing those knee socks.  

Be Cool Like Them

  • Justin Bieber

The Bieber fever is as high as these knee socks. That’s right, Justin’s wearing it old school by pairing it with shorts and he looks cool on it, don’t you agree?

  • Jonah Hill

This actor is definitely a fan of knee socks & shorts. He’s been seen in this style many times and he nails it every time.

  • Russel Brand

This funny celebrity was caught doing his morning exercise in his sports socks. And he paired it with a classic short running shorts.

  • Ewan McGregor

Mr. Mouline Rouge occasionally wears a kilt and he doesn’t miss matching it with a knife inserted in his sock. Yes, he wears a knee sock too.

  • Gerard Butler

Image URL: https://hips.hearstapps.com/ell.h-cdn.co/assets/cm/15/11/55026e710ad80_-_gerard-butler.jpg?resize=980:*

These knee socks made of wool look good when paired with a Scottish kilt. It’s definitely a 10 out of 10 for Gerard.

  • Sean Connery

Sean Connery has hosted the Dressed to Kilt fashion show for many years. And of course, he wears a plaid skirt paired with knee socks every single time.

  • Kellan Lutz

Those black knee socks can definitely draw attention because of those shapey calves so you prolly wanna work those muscles out if you want to look as gorgeous as Kellan.

  • AJ Mclean

Backstreet’s back with a funky pair of knee socks. I know it doesn’t seem like AJ-ish style but hey, people still love him because once a BSB, always a BSB.

  • Prince Harry

There’s nothing formal about striped neon socks but it doesn’t make him look less royal-like. Because royal or not, nothing can stop you if really wanna wear eye-catching knee socks.

  • Prince George

And who doesn’t love our little prince in his shorts and boys knee socks? He wears it like a pro! In Europe, it’s not just for fashion. The wearing of shorts and knee-high socks by young boys is a royal tradition.

Your Judgement

So, have you decided yet? I hope you have. But if you haven’t, go on. Just buy a pair and try it out. Listen to your friends. No, I don’t mean your colleagues or classmates. I mean your real friends, those who can tell you the truth. If they say you look awesome, go ahead and try on some more pairs. If they stick their noses up, maybe change the style? Well, it’s really up to you.